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  1. Importing an HK P10
  2. EFK Fire Dragon .357 conversion barrel
  3. USP .40 to .357 Sig- Better luck with the newer steel JF mags?
  4. VP9 makes me unhappy with P30--Gray guns here it comes
  5. Pulled the trigga today
  6. P30 V1 Trigger Pull
  7. USPc series question
  8. First HK for me today!
  9. Vp9 trigger and glock 30 trigger
  10. If you could choose ONE HK Handgun excluding the Mark 23 which would it be?
  11. New TB for my 45c
  12. Using MagSafe ammo in a HK
  13. At the range with my new USP 45 Tactical
  14. Military pistol contract
  15. HK USP tactical sight question
  16. 10mm pistol
  17. USPc 45 trade for PSA Ar 15
  18. P7M13 Long Slide
  19. P30 LEM trigger - smooth?
  20. HK 45
  21. Accessories For New Mark 23 (Light and Suppressor Choices)
  22. After a year away
  23. P30 or P30L 40 S&W for HD/ range/ CCW - what's your logic?
  24. Disappointment?
  25. Stippling
  26. VIDEO: USP "The 9s"
  27. Vp9 Le version
  28. HK45 Tactical - 'can determine Trigger Variant by Serial #' ??
  29. Factory weight of blue P30 mainspring?
  30. School me on the P2000sk
  31. VP9 Factory Tactical Barrel - Pic
  32. P30 suppressor sights
  33. VP9 Sights Pics
  34. Selection, selection, selection!! Help
  35. HK 45 dt
  36. Progress with my HKs
  37. USP45CT
  38. SFP9-SF (VP9) released in Europe!
  39. HK USP .45 SS score
  40. Need to replace extractor and spring. Anything else I should consider? Wear items?
  41. HK factory support for P7 series guns
  42. P30 threaded barrel: Factory or RCM
  43. Match Trigger Upgrade - Local vs Other
  44. VP9 Charging Support Insert Missing
  45. I'm missing out on the rebate....
  46. Please help me make a decision
  47. Newb LEM vs DA/SA reset question
  48. VP9 Sights
  49. VP9's's' purchased, what ammo to use?
  50. New to HK
  51. Chicagoland member with match trigger install experience ?
  52. New P30 LEM ordered and sent directly to Gray Guns
  53. VP9 Tactical
  54. Questions about RMR sights for an H&K.............
  55. usp just landed, super n00b questions
  56. New to me USP Compact 45
  57. P30L SD possible to order in Czech
  58. I've been gone a while. How are LEM guns running?
  59. New P2000, some FTE's?
  60. Swapping in a threaded barrel vs. dedicated USP tactical?
  61. Life span of a .40 HK P2000?
  62. Which detent plate...
  63. HK45 with the colored slides any good?
  64. Solved: P2000SK slide release rattle
  65. Does Anyone Know of Range in NoVA Area That Rents USP or P2000 9mm?
  66. VP9 Sight Paint/Plastic
  67. P30 variant differences???
  68. P30S safety functionality
  69. USP Grip difference
  70. My thoughts on my new H&K VP9
  71. How many guns did you buy with the rebate?
  72. Considering the USP 9mm Full Size But Is It Too Old Tech.?
  73. My rebate gun - homie ain't gettin' MY bag!
  74. Serial number manufacture date question: P2000 .40 LEM
  75. Light LEM question
  76. Why Aren't the P30 & VP9 Have 17 Round Magazines?
  77. Brand spank'in new Hk VP9
  78. Magazine spring issues
  79. Just wondering if this is unusual..
  80. Why I Love My HK Firearms! Why Do You Love Your HK(s)?
  81. firearm sitting - reoil or leave alone?
  82. VP9 10rnd mag problems?
  83. Any problematic ammo in VP9?
  84. New VP9 came home today (and brought a friend...)
  85. LEM Trigger P2000 or USP C 9mm Question Racking Slide
  86. so the local Gander Mtn has 2 police trade in USP 45 (v.7) for $750 each
  87. Dang rebate+Cabela's Black Friday got me: P30S
  88. HK Slide Made from Cast?
  89. Help me pick a color.
  90. usp compact 9mm mag sizes
  91. P2000 vs. USP Compact 9mm Question
  92. P2000 9mm Question
  93. caliber conversion question...
  94. New to me USPC 45
  95. Trading HK45T for 45C
  96. P2000sk questions
  97. New member w p30s & vp9 checking in
  98. Hitler reacts to the new VP9
  99. New V9
  100. P30 Slides
  101. USP Compact 45 Vintage 1998
  102. p2000 Recoil Question
  103. P30/VP9 mags not loading to capacity...anyone else?
  104. USP Compact Trigger Not Resetting
  105. Dry Firing the VP9
  106. Slim, single stack VP9?
  107. Recoil Spring Weight of HK 9mm. Does Anyone Know?
  108. New guy new USP
  109. Is it Ok to Leave Slide Open P30LS to Help Break In?
  110. My VP9 I'm really enjoying it.
  111. P30 40 cal - Can You Use 9mm Barrel?
  112. I Think I May Have Found A Gem
  113. What price to sell: 50 shot HK45c + threaded barrel 3 8 rounders 2 10 rounders?
  114. So my father-In-Law just got his CCL
  115. Base plate on P30/VP9 10 round mag??
  116. Two P30s?
  117. USP trigger axle walking out....
  118. Safariland 6378 for USP Expert - make your voice heard
  119. HK45 LEM Conversion Question
  120. Calling all HK Armorers (just for fun)
  121. VP9 Stippling- Head Count??
  122. USP match trigger in IDPA - ESP vs SSP?
  123. Hk rebate +100.00 Woodbury Outfitters
  124. HK & Leupold Delta Point
  125. P30 Trigger Job
  126. Advice Needed: A P30S in Addition of a P30LS?
  127. VP9 impulse buy ...and why I know I won't regret it!
  128. P9 buffer questions
  129. Woo hoo! New owner, first post.
  130. Any reason to choose a p30 over a vp9
  131. Which HK 9mm?
  132. VP9 Mag Over insertion
  133. USP 9mm SD Trigger vs USP 9mm Expert trigger
  134. VP9 Love- How do love the gun even MORE!?
  135. P30 Trigger - Your Favorite ?
  136. New USP Question/Night Sights
  137. Please humor my stupid question about the rebate
  138. HK Armorers need info, USP Tactical 45 Front Sight Height?
  139. p2000sk .357 sig barrel current value
  140. Soooo I got a mark23 today
  141. Going to look at a P9S in 45, what to look for
  142. P9s sights
  143. Breaking in the new pistols
  144. I think I have a messed up my 45C. Help with a question PLEASE.
  145. General Question: why are HK Handguns not well accepted
  146. Best Trigger Set-Up
  147. Please help - got a new HK 45CT, but cannot shoot it accurately
  148. P30 V3 vs V3L
  149. Sad, sad day
  150. P30 with short slide release
  151. Question on the new Cerakoted HK Pistols
  152. Is the HK Rebate more Infectious than Ebola?
  153. Am I crazy?/talk me down from the ledge
  154. HK45 Barrel question?
  155. CRDC On Duty II PRO LE
  156. Advance notice of new HK products
  157. Does HK45 or HK45C Feel Like P30S?
  158. Thinking about an HK45.
  159. The rebate strikes again!
  160. Funky looking rear sight on HK USP Expert .45? Please help
  161. BUZZKILL - Revenge of the "Stock Photo"
  162. Need an diagram view of P30
  163. Similar Boat to Many!
  164. USP problem i cant find a answer to
  165. Value of a Like-New SP-89 pistol?
  166. A woeful and lenghty tale of a fool and his grail...
  167. Hybrid trigger question
  168. P7M8 - "I despise this gun..."
  169. Hk45c - mags not dropping free.
  170. Stepped chamber and snap caps/soft-cased ammo
  171. HK Magazine Prices
  172. USP compensator 9mm.
  173. USP match trigger - different across models?
  174. Hard time deciding between hk45ct or hk45t
  175. New to me USP .40
  176. Not sure what to do with my USP...
  177. Instant excitement...just add ammo.
  178. Ok, the rebate made me do it!
  179. All is right in my HK world
  180. My second HK, probably a third and m/b a fourth
  181. P7M8 gunshow find
  182. Question about trigger groups
  183. VP9 shooting class
  184. which HK? planning on 2 soon one a usp9 the other?
  185. Old style USP compact 9mm trigger reset issue
  186. First Time HK Owner - Fresh VP9 From Bruce Gray (pics)
  187. Used USP 45; good price?
  188. HK USP EXPERT 9mm
  189. HK USP .45 Expert
  190. HK Finish questions - USP CT - blotchy?
  191. p7k3 failure to have slide lock back
  192. HK Rebates... How Frequent?
  193. Rebate: Aarrrggghhh: Which frikken guns, I'm obsessing!
  194. USP Advice
  195. I am doing something sacreligious today.
  196. HK 45 CT: False reset?
  197. I should have never came back to this forum: Look what followed me home today
  198. USP 45CT Heinie Sights on HK Webstore - Question
  199. IDPA - USPSA and the HK USP 9 Expert
  200. Finally shot the P30...
  201. vp9 continues to impress
  202. Nutnfancy "Reviews" the VP9
  203. HK Changing Color, Grip Texture on HK45 Tacticals?
  204. Rebate makes it hard to pass up a new toy.
  205. P30 Date Code Question
  206. Just got my OD HK45 and...
  207. USP safety mod
  208. VP9 November Atlanta 3 Gun
  209. Hk VP40 when ?
  210. HK45CT question on nite sites
  211. LEM Competition Hybrid Trigger Installation Trouble
  212. HK P7M8 in the wild
  213. HK45CT included in HK $200 rebate?
  214. Deciding on a HK pistol
  215. HK P2000sk: what key adapter for a VIRIDIAN C5?
  216. I got the rebate!
  217. Seems like a good time to buy P7s
  218. ANY higher cap mags for VP9?
  219. USP Compact 9mm Range Report & Questions
  220. New VP 9 , 9mm
  221. Hk's for lefties?
  222. Review: HK 45 Compact Tactical
  223. USPc 40 Mag in a USPc 9?
  224. Hk usp 9 sd
  225. Some random pictures of 6K plus rds on a VP9
  226. Gray Guns HK45 vs USP 45 with match trigger
  227. P9S 45 Target Current Value
  228. USP 45 or How I Learned to Love the .45
  229. VP9/P30 mag group buy please
  230. I have a question
  231. VP9 sights: have 10-8 Rear--which Front?
  232. The rebate made me do it!
  233. Latest HK Acquisitions (HK Rebate on one of them)
  234. A Victim of the “HK Days” Promotion
  235. VP 9 trigger bar
  236. HK USP45 Compact w/Night Sights
  237. Hello New HK VP 9 Owner
  238. Looking to do some HK pistol work LEM repairs etc..
  239. LEM conversion
  240. VP9 Trigger Take-Up Question and "False Wall" kinda Issue!
  241. Want new sights for my p30l
  242. USP 45 trigger ?s. and deciding on which next hk purchase
  243. Shooting my vp9 tonight in USPSA
  244. VP9 Review Posted on
  245. Better buy?
  246. Prepping USP40F for duty use?
  247. Thinking of replacing the p2000
  248. What gun to LEM
  249. Just got a MARK 23
  250. Would someone help me find the right p30 version