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  1. That was easy...
  2. KE date coded P7 commercial.
  3. New to the hk familia
  4. vp 9mm rail removal
  5. Difference in LEM Reset lengths between USP and Compact?
  6. P30SK Mag/Grip Extension?
  7. P7 Gas Port
  8. P30SK Launch Date?
  9. Dawson sights for USP c
  10. HK 45 or HK 45 Compact
  11. P2000(sk) vs USP9c help me decide
  12. P2000 - USPc magazine questions
  13. I Took in a P30 LEM On a Trade
  14. Have any LEA's adopted the VP9
  15. New USP and having jamming issues
  16. HK 45C vs USP 45
  17. So What Exactly Do I have Here?
  18. Quick Question: USP Compact
  19. USP Tactical Variants
  20. Are the full size USP 9mm magazine compatable with the compact?
  21. P30 - TGS conversion
  22. HK 45 Compact - Major Cleaning
  23. sights and springs questions..
  24. Want HK45C tactical in OD Green...but
  25. picked up a HK45T V7 today
  26. Why did you buy your first HK?
  27. Odd question of day on VP9
  28. What to get next? Help!
  29. HK USP45T from HKPRO himself
  30. Which VP9?
  31. Mark23 Question
  32. slim slide release levers=success
  33. P30L drawings
  34. HK45 cracked or scratch?
  35. VP9 threaded barrel
  36. What is limiting the VP9's round capacity?
  37. Usp 45 kf
  38. A trip to Ford's for bling.
  39. P30sk article and first look
  40. Custom VP9/P30 magazine floorplates?
  41. Great used HK45, with site replacement near!
  42. Hk 45 Tactical is this normal?
  43. HK45c V1 vs. V7 Question
  44. Just bought a USP 9c... some questions.
  45. VP9 vs USP-T 9mm
  46. what do you think about the color
  47. HK45
  48. HK Pistols With "Standoff Capability"
  49. Why I like VP9 so much
  50. MARK 23 : Finally !!
  51. Trijicon HDs for USP Compact--Fit Issue
  52. Only replacing standard springs with match trigger springs on usp 9mm?
  53. My newest Family member USP 9mm Tactical
  54. 45 super in a HK 45 compact?
  55. Non-threaded barrel for HK 45 compact
  56. P30L Ultimate Beta
  57. Red Dot Scope
  58. HK USP Full size 9mm,
  59. New H&K VP9
  60. Tlr 1 mod for hk 45c mod help!
  61. P2KSK and VP9 -- FTB's
  62. Can I swap slides between .40 & 9mm USP compacts?
  63. Uspc9 & vp9
  64. Don't click here if you're wearing tight slacks...
  65. Difference between VP9's
  66. Trigicon hd night sights for VP9
  67. P30LS...DA Jam Puzzler
  68. Present VP9 magazine shortage: All questions answered Thread!
  69. P30 vs VP9 trade
  70. P30LS...DA Jam Puzzler
  71. Thinking about P2000 LEM for small wife
  72. Safety won't engage with hammer down after converting LEM back to V1
  73. Looking for datasheet / brochure for P8
  74. New to HK
  75. Darn VP9
  76. What to do after missing out on Flagman's P30SK pre-order?
  77. Thread protector question
  78. The Great HK Pro HK Mag Confessional
  79. Vp9 trigger question
  80. Cali Alert: HK USP Stainless Compacts are GTG!
  81. Hk vp9 fireing pen cable
  82. Tried to lighten up a V1 45acp full size trigger pull
  83. Gray Guns USPc9 = greatness!
  84. USP 9 Tactical - Question & Thoughts
  85. Not sure what my next HK will be
  86. Can't get my USP trigger right
  87. porting and cerakote vp9
  88. So I bought an expert....:)!!!
  89. P7 PSP Refinish
  90. P7M13
  91. Which model?
  92. rail mounted lights for P2000sk
  93. P2000SK Flat Magazine Floor Plate: What a Difference Such a Little Thing Makes
  94. HK45
  95. picked up new usp ss 45
  96. Breaking in VP9
  97. P30 and LEM rentals in Tampa Area
  98. Thread Protectors USPT 45 choices?
  99. The Heckler & Koch USP and the Evolution of the H&K .45 Auto Caliber Handguns
  100. Questions for those with an expert...
  101. VP9 mags
  102. It is here: USP Tactical 9mm
  103. Rainbow after the storm
  104. Expert 9mm mags
  105. HK45CT Question
  106. limited edition HK45 tacticals
  107. Set up a new Seahorse case as an HK range box!
  108. None of my friends understand...
  109. Discoloration on colored frame USPs
  110. Used HK p30L V1 trigger concerns...
  111. 9mm similar to HK45c ?
  112. Modular VP9
  113. Your thougts on HK Match Flat Sear Spring
  114. USP 9 rattle
  115. Another Hk
  116. HK45T OD Green with RMR
  117. USP 9 trigger issue?
  118. Front sight
  119. VP9...If I buy you, will you disapoint me?
  120. what every new HK owner should know
  121. HK VP9 Finish concerns
  122. USP45 Question
  123. Sell SK for VP9?
  124. Rectified a mistake, and I promise this time, last one
  125. SP89: How many produced & imported?
  126. P2000sk - 18 rounds !
  127. Do you use tactical sights?
  128. question regarding P30 teade
  129. His and Hers Grayguns
  130. SFP9
  131. New to H & K- USP .40 suggestions?
  132. Match Trigger enhancement over stock on p30 v1 Lite, VP9,HK45CT
  133. Swap USP Tactical/Expert trigger with standard USP?
  134. What's with the P30 trigger?
  135. Recoil Spring Replacement?
  136. HK45c Crack, Defect, or Normal?
  137. VP-9-P30 magazines
  138. Weird P30L issue
  139. VP9 trigger bar spring dangling
  140. HK45T conversion
  141. Is it possible to put a USP Compact 9mm barrel into a .40 USP Compact?
  142. VP9 Factory night sights aiming picture... pumpkin on a post or combat sighted?
  143. New Owner
  144. HK45CT or USP-T45
  145. Is there anything better than...
  146. Thought I'd show off my HK45CT
  147. Need help identifying a spring
  148. bobbed hammer for V3 ?
  149. Any rumors on additional striker fired pistols?
  150. New to ME HK USP45
  151. New to me IG Chantilly P7M13
  152. Slide over grip. want slim for USPc .45 pachmyer or hogue or suggestions?....
  153. FDE HK45c from group buy, color changed?
  154. P7m13 buying caution?
  155. HK USP 45 threaded barrel question
  156. SA Defense Journal HK USP/45/45c
  157. Shooting a VP9 after full water submersion and burial.
  158. Hello and help
  159. Just what am I doing wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  160. USP9 Full Size Cerakoted
  161. My spring fling love affair with the HK4
  162. USP Hammer Rebound Spring?
  163. Small backstrap and grip adjustment make a world of diff with VP9
  164. how to lighten a v-1 H&K 45 full size trigger
  165. Introduction of my rebate USP
  166. first HK USP45. opinions on sights and trigger
  167. VP9 Trigger Results are IN!! - GG vs 'Ultra Match' vs Broken-In vs New
  168. Threaded barrel question
  169. HK Magazine Blow-Out ---
  170. Serial number on M8 box?
  171. A good review on the VP9 and HK for folks new to HK
  172. New to H&K. New to me H&K P30 V1 9mm
  173. my bride, a midlife crisis, and HKs...
  174. HK45T = Best First .45 ??
  175. USPc Tactical 9mm and VP9 mags
  176. So I guess I wasn't done...
  177. I bought a Compliant VP9
  178. My start into HK pistols (.45 and 9mm)
  179. My New H&K P30 and the case
  180. My first HK Hand Gun !!
  181. New VP9 Owner...Initial Accuracy testing results
  182. USP45 Question
  183. 9mm USP Compact trigger weight
  184. Trigger reset on USP
  185. VP9 owner..... What's next?
  186. My new VP9 through Costa's HET1 course.
  187. Usp match
  188. VP9 Too Large For EDC?
  189. P30SK - Made for Women
  190. Which 9mm HK for suppressor host?
  191. Soliciting Opinions - What would you do?
  192. VP9 Trigger
  193. Which P30?
  194. Oh for a thousand bucks to spend
  195. P7 PSP ?
  196. VP9 queston
  197. Heinie sights for VP9?
  198. Here is my new darling
  199. My New H&K P30S V3's
  200. Which P7m8 is the better deal?
  201. vp9 buyer
  202. Swapping slides & frames on VP9
  203. What is an Armorer's Puck?
  204. HK P7 cracked welds
  205. Is it possible to use a USP magazine release on a P30?
  206. Loving my p2000sk
  207. The latest from HKD
  208. VP9 Charging Supports don't Support one handed operation.
  209. HK Family Growing
  210. Possible vp9 problem
  211. Best P30 line up
  212. VP9 LE Authentication Help
  213. Where can I find metal USPf 9 magazines?
  214. HK p30 lite LEM
  215. My HK45 w/ RMR back from Ashbury Precision Ordnance Custom Shop
  216. What HK have you sold that you really regret
  217. VP9 Buyers Remorse... Advice needed?
  218. My doesn't MacGar or Mag Guts make higher cap mags for HK?
  219. P7 piston condition
  220. Pointers on where to find VP9 magazines
  221. Offered in Trade?
  222. P7 Slide 'damage'?
  223. Pick up my VP9 Friday, can't wait.
  224. HK 45CT Recoil Spring Assembly
  225. just bought my first HK(P8)
  226. Well, I got it.
  227. P30 Recoil Spring Guide-rod Question
  228. P9S price check
  229. match trigger USP needs remedy
  230. Need advice - which barrel to choose for USP Match clone - HK vs Jarvis
  231. P30L slide not catching?
  232. Full size Stainless USP 45: rare?
  233. Groups with VP9?
  234. P30SK pricing
  235. New to me P30 40sw
  236. HK P7M8 - using of 9mm +P+ ammunition
  237. New member, first HK: P7
  238. Help me figure out what this mag is for?
  239. Stainless or HE?
  240. Newbie Question: HK45 pending kitchentable worklist
  241. Question about USP Match Trigger
  242. P30L USPSA video
  243. P30sk V3 to V1
  244. Still thinking P2000sk over the P30sk?
  245. VP9 Mags in stock
  246. uspc 40c mags in 357 uspc
  247. best way to carry hk45c, or safest way???
  248. You might be desperate if....(flat base plates)
  249. VP9 Crooked Slide
  250. VP9 Barrel... Is this normal?