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  1. P2000sk flat floor plate question
  2. P30 9mm mags on the way!
  3. VP9 Questions
  4. VP40
  5. P2000 LEM vs USP LEM vs P30 LEM
  6. Help me identify my USP
  7. NEW Truglo TFX hybrid night sight for H&K Tritium and fiber optic/ white FS ring
  8. VP9 backstrap slight play.
  9. My KF USP has a little brother now!
  10. Issue installing match hybrid lem
  11. Which one goes my HK4 Anniversary or standard HK4 in great condition
  12. 3 Gun pistol complete
  13. P30 POA vs POI
  14. New Addition
  15. Should I trade my P30s for a VP40?
  16. Does anyone use a GG&G flashlight adaptor for USP .45
  17. RMR sight?
  18. DA/SA vs. LEM - An Analogy
  19. FO sights for USP - LPA ($159) vs. Williams Firesight ($52) - your take?
  20. VP9 slide and recoil spring issues
  21. HK .45SK
  22. Add me to the list: New VP9 and love it!
  23. Match trigger and collector's value
  24. Light/Laser for USP45T
  25. New To HK - Took The USP9 V1 Plunge Yesterday
  26. p2000 becoming cheaper?
  27. HK USP 9MM Compact Question
  28. VP40 Serial Number
  29. P30S going to Grays
  30. HK P30Sk magazine compatibility and parts interchange
  31. Buying a usp compact now quick question
  32. Mark 23 Spotted at the Navy Seal Museum!
  33. USP Compact 45 Damaged Slide
  34. VP40, P2000 and USP questions.
  35. HK P9s date code?
  36. HK P 30 9mm trigger DA
  37. Looking for armorers mauals
  38. mag compatibility chart
  39. psp serial # oddity?
  40. Improving p30 da/sa trigger
  41. P7 PSP grips..
  42. DA trigger grit
  43. USP compact tactical question
  44. P2000 v2 lem?
  45. Three Gun Tale
  46. P2000SK vs. P30SK
  47. German Snipers Hate the p30...
  48. P2000 V2 , how to lighten trigger?
  49. HK45 Tactical
  50. Recoil system form your HKVP40 works on your HKVP9 ?
  51. Trijicon HD & P30SK
  52. HK mark 23 box´s foam ....
  53. New P30SKS
  54. Stainless USP's are back
  55. A question for long time HK fans
  56. P30sk LE packages
  57. VP40 LE on the way - so newbie questions
  58. Which USP dilemna
  59. Grease or oil for your hk?
  60. My brother converts to HK :)
  61. VP40: To Buy or Not?
  62. Custom HK45 work
  63. WWB + USP40 = Gas Blowby, Case Scoring, Stretched Brass, Brass Shavings?
  64. HK45 Full Size---Give Me The Good And The Bad
  65. Magazine question
  66. H&K Mark 23 CCF import
  67. VP9 size and capacity
  68. HK P7M8 Threaded barrel...
  69. VP40 LE
  70. Lighter recoil spring for VP9 for competition
  71. P30SK IDPA BUG Gun?
  72. HK45 Range Time
  73. Happy Father's Day to me-New USPc 45 to comlete the USP collection!
  74. Hk mark 23 lam replacement
  75. Where can I get a Tactical Recoil Spring Assembly?
  76. Usp9 issue
  77. Quality issues on new HK P30? (peellng plastic on frame)
  78. Can HK light LEM triggers be made "always light" (ie, does not require cocking)
  79. Picked up a 45C today
  80. P30sk v3 finally
  81. Got my Holster, modified my mags, went to the range! P30sk V3
  82. Single stack subcompact
  83. New to the forum, new to HK (VP9)
  84. PSA: Installing sights on P30SK with pusher
  85. USP Markings Changed?
  86. Behold!.....
  87. HK45CT V1 to V3
  88. P30sk in limited production?
  89. Noobie USP/USPC sight question
  90. question about sights...
  91. I'm Happy .....
  92. Father's Day Free Shipping a HK
  93. P30 malfunction diagnosis
  94. My only problem with my hk pistols...
  95. H&K Expert slide?
  96. Just ordered an HK USP Tactical 9mm..... Question...
  97. Different P30 bbls
  98. HK 45 compact - any issues with using lead bullets?
  99. Hk p30sk
  100. Mag Changes with ambi mag release
  101. Picked up the pace...............
  102. HK P7
  103. Factory and aftermarket threaded barrels for P30L and VP9
  104. My HK P7M8 with factory extended barrel
  105. Need some help
  106. Hooked already
  107. VP9 Flush Mounted cocking ear inserts -- anyone seen them
  108. They're coming...
  109. Vp9L
  110. Mark 23sk :)
  111. P2000sk Mag release question
  112. New member and p30sks owner
  113. Convert USP9 & USP45 From DA/SA To Light LEM
  114. What causes a gun to send shells towards the shooter's face?
  115. Hk usp ct 45
  116. P30 parts maintainance
  117. Usp 9compact or p2000
  118. Ever see one of these with a BF date code?
  119. Any chance of a VP357?
  120. Dry fire?
  121. VP9 hot after shooting??
  122. Is a VP9SK in the works or feasible?
  123. Match LEM Hybrid in P30sk
  124. 500 rds on my VP40
  125. P2000sk 9mm xgrip question
  126. Holy Mag Prices!
  127. Seeking LEM advice
  128. Why do my sights on my vp9 differ from others
  129. Another MARK 23 question ......
  130. Where are all the H&K's
  131. How to get extra P30 mags...
  132. Quick night sight question
  133. LEM: To stage or not to stage?
  134. HK P30 9mm Perfection-Range Tests
  135. Please don't ban me
  136. Why is the HK P30 so much more expensive than the VP9?
  137. P30sk and P2000sk preferences
  138. Hk USPf .40 Question
  139. For your viewing pleasure....
  140. 5/6 detent plate woes
  141. Offical P30SK Video
  142. Trijicon HD night sights for HK45
  143. Review of P30sks Vs. P2000sk...
  144. VP-9 Sear Housing
  145. P30 DA/SA with no safety conversion to DA/SA with a safety
  146. P30sk or??
  147. New VP9
  148. USP 40 Variant 7 conversion
  149. Info P 30
  150. Mark 23
  151. New P30 SKS owner
  152. Those who have an HK 45c with a Viridian C5L - which key do you use?
  153. My review of the HKP30sk Lem
  154. first HK pistol Mk23 USP T or 45T?
  155. Double Trouble ( 2 VP40's ) just arrived !
  156. Following up on a bad day at the range
  157. Flush mags for USP .45 fullsize
  158. HK p30sk
  159. HK P30SK right slide release lever slop?
  160. HK 45 USP shooting left low
  161. Really like my P2000 357, but...
  162. How do I tell if a USP 9mm SD is an SD or just a USP 9mm with a threaded barrel
  163. Did you know... P30SK barrel
  164. Spare parts list for P7M13.
  165. New to HK and New to the forum
  166. P30SKS V3 now in hand!
  167. The importance of date codes
  168. Possible issue with USP match trigger?
  169. USP45 question
  170. HK usp compact 9mm safety lever
  171. HK P30s v3 (hk 730903slea5)
  172. New Hk45c and threaded barrel upgrade?
  173. HK Novak Combat Competition Sights?
  174. HK in Europe shooting the USP 40
  175. USPc 40 replacement sights?
  176. P30 SK Night Sights
  177. HK45
  178. (Im not dead) P30sk/P2000sk question?
  179. HK P7M8 vs P7M13
  180. P30SK mag extension
  181. Grinding down P30 safety lever for comfort?
  182. Do I want the HK P30LS 9mm?
  183. Hk p30 mag well/ jetfunnel
  184. Heckler and Koch P30SK V1 Light LEM DOA Pricing?
  185. Just went range with HK P2000 LEM...
  186. This darn expert I got......
  187. Jet Funnel mag trouble
  188. Improved my VP9 trigger pull dramatically
  189. P30SK extra roll pin
  190. HK45c mag info
  191. HK 45 USP new owner thoughts
  192. New to Forum-New P30sk-Range Report
  193. Trigger Job
  194. USP Grip Size vs. P30/VP9/HK45
  195. VP9 Dawson Competition FO Front with 10-8 Rear
  196. Added a bike tube grip to my PK30SK
  197. Talk me into, or out of a USP 9 Expert.....
  198. OK, yeah, me too ... with a twist
  199. HK USP 45 V3 to V1
  200. First full video review of P30sk
  201. New
  202. Can someone explain the differences between the HK 45 Tactical, Combat Tactical and
  203. P30sk ?s
  204. Why won't a Surefire fit on a VP9?
  205. VP40 released
  206. P30SK V3 w/Safety Question
  207. Just picked up a P30SK V1 today
  208. Interesting Post in Hot Scoops
  209. Finally took the plunge...
  210. Best rail adapter kit for HK USP 45 pistol?
  211. Holster wear gives VP9's character
  212. vp9 continues to impress....and why I hate HK:)
  213. VP9 Cleaning/Lubing
  214. Grip size HK P 30 9mm
  215. VP9 Sear Release and Trigger Bar
  216. Excited re: my first HK (USP45T LE Package). How to prepare in the meantime
  217. USP 45c swap with HK45c LEM
  218. Handled a P30sk today
  219. USP match trigger reliability question
  220. new HK break in
  221. P30sk?
  222. VP9 Greyguns trigger work questions.
  223. VP9 Greyguns trigger work questions.
  224. HK 4 buffer question
  225. Question about P30sk V3???
  226. Will HKCS replace USP firing pin?
  227. NIB P7M8 in serial matching box that's fit a P7
  228. P2ksk Mep front sight question
  229. USP9 Tactical - over travel screw
  230. Threw some Dawson's on the VP9
  231. VIDEO: USP 45 compact stainless steel re-release
  232. HK .45 Tactical Optics
  233. P30SK Sights
  234. 1st Time HK owner!
  235. Got an itch for a new pistol, need advice
  236. Question for P30SK owners who ALSO own a standard P30
  237. Handled a VP70
  238. Are uspc's outdated?
  239. Exporting HK parts from USA to Australia
  240. VP9 Loaded chamber indicator????
  241. Quick review of my P30SK - 149 rounds
  242. Is There Such a Thing as a HK45 Trigger Extension?
  243. VP9 with standard sights or night sights
  244. Rank the HK Pistols
  245. USP40 Full Size question on Jet Funnel Mags
  246. HK45c LEM install issues
  247. HK USP 45 Expert Sight question
  248. HK USP9 or 45
  249. HK P30 SK Light LEM Range Report
  250. My USPc 9mm firing pin