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  1. Usp adjustable sights
  2. Paging P30/USPc in for .40 owners.
  3. First 100 rounds of new VP9 and slide not locking back
  4. USP Tactical questions
  5. VP40
  6. P30ls lem
  7. New 9mm Expert
  8. USP 9- hybrid match or Gray Guns trigger.
  9. P30sk non shooting review or stipple review
  10. New guy with p30sks question
  11. P30 - P30SK trigger parts interchangeability?
  12. Opinions on P30L match weight
  13. Best source for HK USPf 9mm 10 rd magazines?
  14. My first hk pistol.
  15. HK P30 SK 10 round magazines ARE AVAILABLE ..... sort of
  16. HK45 LEM Frame Differences?
  17. how used is too used?
  18. USP Fullsize 45 - Variant 2 or 4 Levers?
  19. HK45T or HK USP 45T?
  20. Really clicking with my VP9
  21. My early Birthday Present from my daughter....
  22. New HK P30SK with V1 Light LEM...
  23. Adding another 45 to my collection... But which one??
  24. USPc 40 really likes HST ammo.....
  25. Promises made, Promises kept
  26. extended mag release not recommended by HK?
  27. LEM with spurred hammer?
  28. I have tasted upon the H&K Koolaid...
  29. So a guy walks into a gun shop.....
  30. Isnt there a picture thread regarding the P7 M13 somewhere?
  31. USP Dovetail – Red Dot Dilemma
  32. Current production USP Compact pistols
  33. VP9 interesting malfunction
  34. Any differenece between USP 9 vs VP9 for practice shooting?
  35. P30sk V3
  36. Siblings P7 and P7M8
  37. P30sk XS Big Dots
  38. New MARK 23 owner checking in!
  39. USP 9 Compact Question
  40. VP9 (SFP9) extractor coating
  41. 9mm USP Match
  43. Luminova for P2000sk?
  44. New USP 9c Odd Markings
  45. USP 9 Compact Question
  46. New to me P7 from TGS recent sale
  47. New P30SK and Trijicon HD sights Issue
  48. P7 front sight..
  49. Can we cover one more time: best P7M8 model opinion
  50. TFX sights for vp9 or vp40?
  51. All Metal Mags For USP9 - 10rd
  52. Just purchased a USP 45 COMPACT
  53. VP9 and Streamlight Contour Remote
  54. P30sk Trigger Travel While Slide is Racked by Hand
  55. Just got a steal on a VP9
  56. The HK pistol line......
  57. HK45 Compact Grip
  58. USP 9mm Tactical
  59. VP9: Which red dot for mounting on slide
  60. New HK Owner Here
  61. P2000 off to Gray Guns!
  62. One step closer... (USP Elite 9mm)
  63. Finally a buyable MK23 Sight mount!
  64. So HKP30 is a compact pistol for close encounters? I do not agree..:)
  65. Giving the P30L a shot
  66. p30sk Base Plates
  67. VP-9 Sight Install
  68. P2000 German police pictures
  69. So hideous you can't look away!!
  70. P30/P30LS and additional layer of safety on a LEM
  71. New master at installing the LEM in USP
  72. Thinking of a vp40.
  73. Stainless usp EDC?
  74. P7M8 detailed strip down with insturctions/pictures - not THAT complicated
  75. Calling all HK jedi's, advice wanted on P30
  76. P2000 History????
  77. Larry Vickers Shooting Results with HK VP9 with Custom Trigger Work
  78. Sell one to get a BIG ONE--What say you!?
  79. HK VP 9 edges of take down lever and slide stop
  80. P30sk magazine availability, oracle wanted! (They are becoming available again).
  81. Anyone shot both?
  82. New USP 45 slide wont lock back
  83. P30SK came yesterday
  84. Walked into my LGS with a Glock 27 and left with a VP40.
  85. My HK45T has a little buddy
  86. 2 HKPro tutorials, 3 YouTube videos and 2.5 hours later....
  87. My first HK, P7M8
  88. Ambidextrous
  89. Extended base pads Hk45 and VP9
  90. My First HK, a new to me VP9
  91. Quick Question About HK Days (2014)
  92. Any chance for a VP10?
  93. Grips For USP - Tested Hogue Handall And Pachmayr
  94. HK VP9 Grip Mods
  95. It's all your fault.
  96. What to Buy Next?
  97. One little question on the P30Sk
  98. Another idea about the MARK 23 LAM .....
  99. What back/side grip combo are you rocking on your P30sk?
  100. Fixing the VP9 - is it just me ?
  101. Meps on the P30sk
  102. P30sk just as I expected
  103. Which Stainless?
  104. P2000SK V1 Lite vs P30SK V1 Lite
  105. HK P30
  106. P30SK with Trijicon HD Night Sights
  107. Possible mark 23
  108. X-grip for VP9 mag in P2000SK?
  109. P30sk V3 Initial Impressions
  110. Colion Noir's initial impression of the P30sk
  111. Hk usp compact 45acp
  112. PoliceOne's Thoughts on the new VP40
  113. Usp tactical le version 3 mags and night sights. Sights off center? Where to find one
  114. My rattle mod
  115. My P30SK V1 LE is on the way - Woo Hoo!
  116. Goodbye, VP9...
  117. P30SK observation
  118. Anyone tried the stainless steel guide rod in the VP9?
  119. VP9 Authorized LE Duty Carry
  120. P2000sk LEM with a decocker?
  121. HK45 trigger question
  122. Do you think HK will make a 10mm HG
  123. VP9 Backstrap & Panels
  124. How Are the Taylor Freelance Mag Extensions Working Out for You?
  125. VP9L in the near future?
  126. Looking for V3 ignition system (p2000) function animation/descriptions.
  127. P30 SK Night Sights (Installation of Trijicon HD)
  128. VP9 or VP40 ?
  129. Is HK making stainless USPs again ?
  130. Will a P2000 mag. fit in P30SX?
  131. From safe queen to one of my favorite shooters....
  132. 10-8/Dawson P30/L sights setup
  133. Hk vp 40
  134. Do they still make the USP Elite?
  135. H&K USP9 LEM Jet Funnel
  136. Used P2000: I can't make it malfunction, malfunctions every shot for lady...
  137. Order of Operations
  138. HK USP Compact 40
  139. Hope I Didn't Harm Anything
  140. USP 45 tactical owner wants a Mark 23.
  141. P30SK V1 LEM Ordered
  142. And now this.
  143. HK .22
  144. New USP9 HST 147 +P OK To Start?
  145. USP Accessory Rail Question
  146. My HK45 already reproduced
  147. New USP Compact 9mm LEM question (I searched and finished more confused)
  148. LEM kits for P30
  149. new to me p2000
  150. General USP Questions
  151. HK P7 series
  152. USP 45 Tactical barrel o-ring
  153. The difference between a break in and fighting design specs.
  154. Issues with shooting low with VP9
  155. VP9 article in Combat Handguns
  156. VP9 has some rust, need some advice
  157. First Handgun, VP40
  158. hk mark 23 / usp tactical threads ....
  159. Question About Cerakote coating.
  160. P7 PSP night sights...
  161. USP grip
  162. Decocking USP Question
  163. VP40 Slide Filler Piece Size
  164. P2KSK First Outing
  165. Two questions on markings.
  166. Larry Vickers on HK Grayguns
  167. Lubricating My First HK (USP)
  168. 11 Months 11 HK's! I think I might be addicted!
  169. My "boomerang" USP9 has returned
  170. Bad Mouthing the HK trigger system
  171. HK USP40 match trigger questions.
  172. Because I'm bored. VP9 vs VP40 size
  173. Latest HK addition - USPc 357SIG
  174. Weird USP question..
  175. New Addition to my HK Family...
  176. At the LGS today, Used USPc - too good to be true?
  177. Trijicon HD night sights for a VP40
  178. vp9 barrel/bullet diameter
  179. Rough Trigger Pull - USPc
  180. Weight - I Know It's All Psychological But…….
  181. Did I buy the wrong P30SX model?
  182. New to H&K, first one of many to come....
  183. Damn you Gunbroker!!
  184. Added a USP9 Stainless Compact today
  185. VP9 Slide Cracking Issue
  186. Hammer springs and perceived recoil
  187. VP9 sights
  188. What options for USPC 9 tall adjustable night sights for suppressor?
  189. What is the story on this P7M8?
  190. Talk to me about the HK4
  191. HK USP 45ACP vs. HK45
  192. Coming full circle with HK and the Svelte Striker Fire
  193. VP40 magaziines
  194. P30SKS V3 trigger/safety conversion
  195. P30 Frame Question
  196. Man was I wrong...
  197. Just passed the 1k round mark with P30SKS
  198. Rail dimensions on USP/ USP.45 vs. Mk.23
  199. VP9 trigger fails to reset
  200. New P30SK and new to the forum
  201. P30SK Weapon Light Options
  202. Add me to the list.
  203. P30SK-P2000SK Magazine Compatibility
  204. SS USPs are multiplying!
  205. P30SK Floor Plates
  206. P30 trigger..
  207. Help on this MP5k
  208. New "BF" Stainless USP 45 Compact
  209. New VP9 LE, Some questions
  210. HK45T and HK45C
  211. P30SK question..
  212. P7M8 - 13 owners a few questions.
  213. USP (DA/SA) vs. P30L LEM & The search for the 'one gun'
  214. new P30sk - failure to eject with anything but a death grip
  215. Finally got myself a VP9, or sort off...
  216. Im sorry...
  217. USP Expert - Changing Adj sights to Trij HD
  218. VP40 - Opinion LE or standard?
  219. Big mistake but recoverable I think
  220. Heckler & Koch HK4
  221. Best "tactical" light for USP?
  222. P2000sk flat floor plate question
  223. P30 9mm mags on the way!
  224. VP9 Questions
  225. VP40
  226. P2000 LEM vs USP LEM vs P30 LEM
  227. Help me identify my USP
  228. NEW Truglo TFX hybrid night sight for H&K Tritium and fiber optic/ white FS ring
  229. VP9 backstrap slight play.
  230. My KF USP has a little brother now!
  231. Issue installing match hybrid lem
  232. Which one goes my HK4 Anniversary or standard HK4 in great condition
  233. 3 Gun pistol complete
  234. P30 POA vs POI
  235. New Addition
  236. Should I trade my P30s for a VP40?
  237. Does anyone use a GG&G flashlight adaptor for USP .45
  238. RMR sight?
  239. DA/SA vs. LEM - An Analogy
  240. FO sights for USP - LPA ($159) vs. Williams Firesight ($52) - your take?
  241. VP9 slide and recoil spring issues
  242. HK .45SK
  243. Add me to the list: New VP9 and love it!
  244. Match trigger and collector's value
  245. Light/Laser for USP45T
  246. New To HK - Took The USP9 V1 Plunge Yesterday
  247. p2000 becoming cheaper?
  248. HK USP 9MM Compact Question
  249. VP40 Serial Number
  250. P30S going to Grays