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  1. USP 9mm Full Size or P30L 40 S&W - Decision! Decision!
  2. USP Compact 9mm - Match/LEM Hybrid??
  3. The VP9 was VERY expensive.
  4. Good excuse(s) for a second VP9???
  5. P7K3, changing barrels
  6. Added one more to the collection.
  7. Well...I *almost* succeeded in resisting the temptation of the rebate
  8. WTK: USP improvements over the years
  9. Non Tritium Heinie Sights for HK's?
  10. Which Pistol should I LEM?
  11. VP9 Slide Release Issues
  12. HK45C & TLR-3 - What Key??
  13. what's cooking for 2015?
  14. H&K 45 Tactical
  15. USP L.A.M.
  16. P30 - Different grip configuration for LEM vs DA/SA?
  17. couple questions about a usp lem
  18. Which LEM?
  19. Which LEM?
  20. Has HK ever offered this rebate before?
  21. Vp9 american rifleman article
  22. HK VP45
  23. Which current USPs have the match trigger?
  24. USP... Make it a "tactical" or sell and buy the real deal?
  25. USP 9mm - can I cut down the FPB spring to lighten the trigger pull?
  26. My new addiction
  27. P7M8 Refinish: I want your opinion
  28. 9mm 2000sk POI with HD sights
  29. P2000SK Has Arrived
  30. HK45C extended mag release and polymer mags
  31. New pistol day!- HK USP .45
  32. We'll have to try one out - 9MM Expert
  33. Magazine not freely ejecting
  34. Something to buy next year...the SFP9!
  35. Rebate form
  36. VP9 with 10 Round Mags?
  37. P9S in 7.65x21.5
  38. HK45 Variant with the Best Trigger?
  39. Score!
  40. The rebate hasn't been kind to my wallet
  41. Might become a P30 owner
  42. me another P2000sk 9mm
  43. Need Help w/ a Very Tough Decision! Combat Competition Owners in 40 and Expert 40s ?
  44. P7 parts missing
  45. HK USP compact 45 vs HK45C
  46. HK45 model differences
  47. HK Rebate P2000 Jan 15
  48. Thread pattern on the USP Tactical
  49. Used usp 9c
  50. Check out this paint job boys.
  51. Well, I went and did it... (P2000SK)
  52. Meprolight nightsights from HK Webshop
  53. VP9: Charging Supports + Slingshot Technique = OUCH! What am I doing wrong?
  54. 10,000 rounds on a VP9 12-18-14
  55. Mark 23 Night Sights
  56. Recognition & Thanks (TooSixy)
  57. P2000sk grip issue, V1 nickel sear spring
  58. WTK: Mark 23 Owners - is your barrel chrome plated?
  59. P2000sk with Pics / New Member Hello
  60. Anyone know if the streamlight tlr-3 for uspc will also work with the full size?
  61. my first California gun purchase is...
  62. Yes, it looks like mustard
  63. On blind faith I...
  64. Slide Lock Problem?
  65. P30 DAO Conversions
  66. HK #10: Mark23 v. P7M8
  67. Okay, the VP9 has convinced me.
  68. How much are used VP9s going for?
  69. New to me USP!
  70. H&K45 Tactical sight specs
  71. The HK I'd Like To See
  72. New-to-me P30L in LEM in the house!
  73. HK VP9 LE model backlog
  74. Hk45c LEM conversion kit........
  75. HK USP Compact weight w/efk match barrel
  76. Fun USP Match Compact .40SW inprogress
  77. HK45C arrives!
  78. It's not often I am disappointed after shooting a new HK.....but
  79. Broken sear spring in my p30, is this common?
  80. SHOT Predictions?
  81. Need help: nickel plated sear spring h&k part number
  82. Newbie Here Made a Huge Mistake......
  83. P2000sk
  84. Need Help, New HK USP Compact 9mm Constantly Jam
  85. LE Package ??
  86. Which P30 do I keep?
  87. VP 9 with Meprolite Sights?
  88. Picked up a Tan Mark 23 yesterday
  89. evolution of the USP?
  90. hk fever
  91. Just got a P30.........and a VP9 the day after.
  92. 2 Spent Shell Casings?
  93. .........................
  94. Is it in bad taste to Cerakote a HK?
  95. Just ordered P30L LEM "LE" and have a question.
  96. hk45ct factory lem trigger weight?
  97. Which Cerakote or Robar Poly T2 color?
  98. 45C OD frame/black slide
  99. P30 Function Check?
  100. Mk23 with polished barrel hood
  101. Getting USP 9 Full Size AFTER a USP 9 Expert - a Different Perspective?
  102. HK45c V7
  103. When will the USP9 Tactical (Not SD) Be Available?
  104. My VP9 CCW range test performance
  105. Reducing USP Match Trigger's DA pull weight?
  106. P30 Trigger - What To Do - Gray Guns Trigger Job vs. Buy VP9
  107. Just picked up two P7's
  108. P2000SK LEM First Impression
  109. Any way to tell how old my VP70z is?
  110. VP 9 production mods on later serial numbers?
  111. To Cerakote or not to Cerakote new VP9 LE...?
  112. Any of you shoot both the regular USP 9mm and the USP 9mm Expert?
  113. P30L Break In Period?
  114. Nice VP9 write up in guns
  115. Scored my first MARK 23 last week
  116. VP9 Owners. ...
  117. VP9 Owners. ...
  118. New Member/P30LS Owner Question
  119. HK45 sights
  120. I simply cannot rave enough about the VP9!
  121. Will USP V1 safety fit a USPc
  122. New VP9
  123. P2000SK BackStrap Quick Quection
  124. Are brass kisses the same as slide wear?
  125. HK45 ambi safety.
  126. New Hk45C color
  127. New to me HK45
  128. VP9/P30 mag over-insertion in USPc/P2K/P2Ksk?
  129. When buying a new hk with night sights will the "born date" of the sights be on box?
  130. adding a safety lever to LEM v7
  131. USP Expert Dawson fiber optic front sight ordering tips
  132. Nill wood grips causing an issue with my P7
  133. Anyone here make a USP 9mm Match Clone?
  134. Frame flex problem???
  135. USP Expert 45 slide question
  136. HK USP rear sight dovetail cut sizes?
  137. Appraisal for an HK USP .45 w/ an OD Frame?
  138. Opinions on P2000sk in .40
  139. I probably have the dumbest question ever asked in this forum
  140. Interesting P9S barrel weight
  141. So I keep thinking I need a usp expert....
  142. Bought myself a VP9 yesterday!
  143. My VP9 crookedness
  144. First H&Ks, first post, first range trip
  145. VP9 Threaded Barrel Inquiry
  146. hk45c extended mag question
  147. Zeroing TLR-2 on P30
  148. back to HK
  149. Grayguns p7 value
  150. USP Triggers
  151. USP Combat Competition Stainless Steel Value?
  152. If your name is "Ami762"...
  153. Quick question on sights for a USP Expert 9mm
  154. USP 45 and USP 45c - V1 with safety or V7 LEM?
  155. HK pistols
  156. New to me P2000
  157. HK VP 9 in 40 caliber for Police??
  158. New VP9 - First HK
  159. MK23 availability
  160. HK USP Tac in action
  161. Replacing the sear on a P7
  162. Where to find Hk45 in OD Green?
  163. I like Swag
  164. P2000SK Ejection problem
  165. USP Expert 9mm or .45?
  166. P30 and P30L V2 9mm
  167. Replacement Barrel for USP 45 Tac
  168. USPfs vs USPc
  169. Cerakote
  170. Dawson VP9 rear sight on P30?
  171. VP9 w/RMR equipped- Picture Request
  172. HK45 Love
  173. 2000sk
  174. New guy, new MK 23, and a question
  175. New Handgun HK45 Compact - First HK Pistol - Question
  176. P2000 LEM vs USPc V1 my impressions (sorry no pictures)
  177. Trigger weight Measurement HK VP 9?
  178. hk p30 .40 stupid price, is it worth it?
  179. Recommend a machine shop that can outfitted a VP9 with a Trijicon RMR?
  180. USP slide action...
  181. P30s issue
  182. Hk45c le? (745031le-a5)
  183. 45 Super in a USP Compact
  184. USP 40 Info Request
  185. Change a V9 to a V1
  186. Are there variants of the VP9?
  187. February Guns Magazine and September Guns&Ammo articles on the new HK VP9 ?????
  188. New member, new VP9LE
  189. Importing an HK P10
  190. EFK Fire Dragon .357 conversion barrel
  191. USP .40 to .357 Sig- Better luck with the newer steel JF mags?
  192. VP9 makes me unhappy with P30--Gray guns here it comes
  193. Pulled the trigga today
  194. P30 V1 Trigger Pull
  195. USPc series question
  196. First HK for me today!
  197. Vp9 trigger and glock 30 trigger
  198. If you could choose ONE HK Handgun excluding the Mark 23 which would it be?
  199. New TB for my 45c
  200. Using MagSafe ammo in a HK
  201. At the range with my new USP 45 Tactical
  202. Military pistol contract
  203. HK USP tactical sight question
  204. 10mm pistol
  205. USPc 45 trade for PSA Ar 15
  206. P7M13 Long Slide
  207. P30 LEM trigger - smooth?
  208. HK 45
  209. Accessories For New Mark 23 (Light and Suppressor Choices)
  210. After a year away
  211. P30 or P30L 40 S&W for HD/ range/ CCW - what's your logic?
  212. Disappointment?
  213. Stippling
  214. VIDEO: USP "The 9s"
  215. Vp9 Le version
  216. HK45 Tactical - 'can determine Trigger Variant by Serial #' ??
  217. Factory weight of blue P30 mainspring?
  218. School me on the P2000sk
  219. VP9 Factory Tactical Barrel - Pic
  220. P30 suppressor sights
  221. VP9 Sights Pics
  222. Selection, selection, selection!! Help
  223. HK 45 dt
  224. Progress with my HKs
  225. USP45CT
  226. SFP9-SF (VP9) released in Europe!
  227. HK USP .45 SS score
  228. Need to replace extractor and spring. Anything else I should consider? Wear items?
  229. HK factory support for P7 series guns
  230. P30 threaded barrel: Factory or RCM
  231. Match Trigger Upgrade - Local vs Other
  232. VP9 Charging Support Insert Missing
  233. I'm missing out on the rebate....
  234. Please help me make a decision
  235. Newb LEM vs DA/SA reset question
  236. VP9 Sights
  237. VP9's's' purchased, what ammo to use?
  238. New to HK
  239. Chicagoland member with match trigger install experience ?
  240. New P30 LEM ordered and sent directly to Gray Guns
  241. VP9 Tactical
  242. Questions about RMR sights for an H&K.............
  243. usp just landed, super n00b questions
  244. New to me USP Compact 45
  245. P30L SD possible to order in Czech
  246. I've been gone a while. How are LEM guns running?
  247. New P2000, some FTE's?
  248. Swapping in a threaded barrel vs. dedicated USP tactical?
  249. Life span of a .40 HK P2000?
  250. Which detent plate...