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  1. USP Match 45 and test target
  2. P30 trigger question
  3. P2000SK, what other magazines will work?
  4. HK P30L Light LEM LE with night sights and 3 mags
  5. H&K Service Options
  6. VP9 question, how's your trigger finger?
  7. 880 & 881
  8. ok, i'm stuck- getting everything lined up to put in the right hand slide release VP9
  9. Who plans to buy a VP9SK?......
  10. Problem with VP9
  11. New HK45CT owner.. made in Germany and light options
  12. Looking for an USP Compact 9 in stainless?
  13. EXCLUSIVE: A 550 Round First Look at the HK VP9SK Pistol with Daniel Shaw
  14. Vp9 odd scratches??
  15. Threaded Barrel Question
  16. A 45 question.....
  17. My experience with HK45/HK45C magazine extensions
  18. Bill Springfield trigger modification?
  19. Does this HK exist ? How do I get one? Who can get it? (USP Compact 9MM Lite LEM)
  20. My P30 blew up.
  21. USP Compact 9mm conversion?
  22. USP LEM Conversion Question/Confirmation
  23. HK Pistols Discoloration Pro Helps are Needed!!
  24. VP9....Those darn make up shots!!! :)
  25. Need help deciding on a CCW gun.
  26. P30sk V3 and V1 Trigger Break
  27. Can a P30SK V3 trigger be improved?
  28. What pistol goes in this case?
  29. I am probably paranoid, but is this what the VP9's extractor suppose to look like?
  30. HK P9s ??
  31. P30sk Da trigger help
  32. vp9 pin came out during fire.
  33. Trying to decide. P30SK, V3, or UspC 9mm V3
  34. New to HK - Is the extra $$ for the P30 over the VP9 worth it?
  35. Usp compact with adjustable rear sight
  36. USP compact 9mm LEM does not disappoint!
  37. P2000 or USP 9mm?
  38. POA/POI Heinie Straight Eights on P30
  39. HK P7 heat shield
  40. New vp9 recoil spring weight vs old style
  41. VP9SK is Here!!!
  42. New P2000V2 - brass to face....
  43. Hard time warming up to VP9
  44. P2000 in 357sig
  45. Meprolight USP Tall Adjustable Night Sight Warranty Experience - Lessons Learned
  46. P9S issue - new owner
  47. Lowering the hammer on USP compact LEM
  48. Sp9 is the buying panic over
  49. USP 45 Tactical
  50. P30L v3. Or P30 v1 ?? Help please
  51. My newest USP45, *updated pic* Home at last
  52. Newly Acquired HK4 Full Set - Almost NIB from 1968
  53. New VP9, frequent mis-feeds?
  54. Hk45c firing pin block spring replacement help
  55. Fist Post help me... What is the differenc between these M700009TLE-A5 700009TLEL-A5
  56. USPT 45 with a Tirant 45M
  57. SP5K: Bolt malfunction during range time
  58. New HK to the family
  59. VP40 tactical or regular
  60. SP5K Rear sight adjustment values
  61. USP Tuning weight differences?
  62. Always a dream of mine since I was a kid
  63. P9S target - non target hammer question
  64. Finally Have a P9S!!!
  65. Vp9 dismount ring safety help
  66. P30 SK vs VP9 SK
  67. vp9 grey LE
  68. P7M13 cleaning Piston cleaning
  69. Pistols with trigger pulls very similar to HK45 Tactical in 9mm
  70. P30SK Bullet Profile Feeding for SD
  71. VP9 Charging Supports (or not)...
  72. All this Mark 23 adapter talk
  73. HK P30 .357 SIG issues
  74. OD Green VP9 are outbound. Available starting tomorrow...
  75. Has anyone heard that the VP9 was coming out with a rmr cut
  76. USP
  77. P7K3 Importation help
  78. PSP. P7 and P7M8
  79. Which on Gun Weapon Light From Streamlight Fits the Best on a HK P30?
  80. Reliable P30/VP mag extensions?
  81. HK45 Hammer Issue - It's really just a piece of rubber?
  82. VP9SK
  83. Picked up a new HK P30SK LE LEM Trigger today.
  84. P30 or VP9T
  85. USP 40?
  86. Trijicon HDs on USP Compact
  87. P30 da/sa?
  88. X grip on hk 45 10 round magazine ?
  89. Newbie Diaper Alert!
  90. H&k 45c extended magazine
  91. Mark 23 Chrome lined barrel
  92. USP9 Tactical or USP9 Expert for Police duty use?
  93. Just got my vp9 back from cerakote
  94. Traded my P30L for a P30
  95. Breaking in the finish of my new p30sk
  96. SP89 Nill Grips - classic HK look
  97. Looking for VP9 sights
  98. Any difficulty switching between paddle and button release?
  99. What ex-actly do you guys want in a mark 23 adapter?
  100. ? about P2000 trigger spring
  101. Sight installation help
  102. HK P2000sk 357sig
  103. P2000sk,P30sk,or wait on VP9sk
  104. Can anyone identify these P7 models
  105. Bavaria - invitation of tenders for a new service pistol
  106. P30SK versus....
  107. P30 and warm weather clothing
  108. Multiple HKs - huge problem found
  109. VP9
  110. LEM Spring Question for USPc
  111. VP date made?
  112. Does the P30 slide heat up like the VP9?
  113. Is there a mag release extension for the VP 9?
  114. Dry Firing P30 V1 LEM
  115. Picked up a used P30S today. LEM question
  116. Is there a different FDE vp9 from the one listed on HKs site?
  117. USP 40 shooting low
  118. My new to me USP 40
  119. Other definition of "you've got to be sh*tting me " !
  120. SEAL's using SFP9M?
  121. HK 45C/CT with Streamlight TLR-1 HL installed... Well that was EASY!
  122. New h&k 45c
  123. Does anyone stock V3 detent plates anymore?
  124. VP9 22 conversion update?
  125. P30 V5 and or V6 availability
  126. HK45C
  127. VP 9 with loose backstrap
  128. P30 - Trijicon HD Night Sights - Worth It?
  129. Does the P30/HK45 have the same durability/longevity and as the USP line.
  130. HK Announces VP45 !!
  131. Brand new HK VP40 failure to Fire!!!
  132. VP9sk questions
  133. P30SK lem v1 trigger mod
  134. P30 Threaded barrel options and experience
  135. USP LEM Question
  136. Finally picked up a VP9!
  137. USP 10mm Conversion Jet Funnel mags
  138. Foolishly questioned the Expert 9 accuracy.
  139. HK 45 DA/SA trigger help
  140. Older USP gray case question
  141. H&k 45 c / decock only/ 3+4 detent plate ( help )
  142. USP45 Full Size magazine extension Para P14 (15+1) Warning: picture heavy
  143. Match weight on a SD
  144. Do I rescue it?!?!?!?
  145. HK P7 "E" collectible? Help
  146. P2000 trigger issue
  147. Anyone know the dovetail angle for...
  148. New HK45!
  149. Where's the tipping point when using a lighter mainspring in the P2000 V3?
  150. VP9SK
  151. +p ammo in 45c?
  152. Anyone used this aftermarket VP9 magazine yet?
  153. Which P30 option and why?
  154. Any companies making a low profile magwell for the VP9?
  155. USP compact 9mm v7 to v6
  156. New to me USP Compact .45
  157. new nil grips for p7m8
  158. Hk45 mag release on USP?
  159. Galloway Precision captured steel guide rod
  160. Current Trio
  161. HK45 C Tactical Pic Request
  162. SP5K Ammo Choices....
  163. The "Rolande Besondre"
  164. HK 45C/CT factory threaded barels... Or lack there of?
  165. Expert .45 with or without jet funnel?
  166. Micro comp size
  167. P30 Milled for RMR?
  168. USP Compact ambidextrous control lever to ver 1
  169. P2000 accuracy
  170. If you own various P7 models, either P7, M8, M10, or M13 which would you rather shoot
  171. HK4 with extra barrels
  172. Why the HK45 is definitively superior to the P30 & VP9
  173. Buying Advice - New P30?
  174. Night + fiber sights for P7M8
  175. Weighted Expert 9
  176. P30 mag extension options
  177. Got a new Expert 45 last week
  178. My Newly Acquired P7M13 - Almost NIB
  179. P2000SK recoil springs
  180. USp 9 vs 40
  181. VP9 Brag
  182. New Meprolight sights for VP and P30 series
  183. HK45C LEM -Safety
  184. Hk vp9sk
  185. .40 S&W, Which HK Pistol?
  186. Been bit by the HK bug.
  187. HK P30 & VP9 Trigger jobs
  188. Vp70z complete take down
  189. New HK USP45 expert problem
  190. Jet funnel kit question
  191. Slim Slide release for a P30?
  192. Picked up a P30sk
  193. Reliability of P30/VP9 mag extensions?
  194. Which HK should i purchase?
  195. USP 9C for USP 9 FS
  196. P2000 Proofmark Rust
  197. HK45 with RMR
  198. HK Mark 23 Accuracy
  199. GrayGuns VP9 work issues?
  200. Bought a new HK45 and when I got home realized...
  201. How to tell OD green full is factory?
  202. Green P30
  203. Backstrap Size, Does it Change Your Accuracy?
  204. VP9/40 Left Right trigger wiggle
  205. Hk striker fired trigger vs HK single action trigger
  206. Dry fire w/o snap caps eventually damage my VP9?
  207. P30 grip panels/backstrap from the factory ... an observation
  208. Is the VP9 "chin" functional?
  209. P9S 45ACP Feeding problems
  210. Please don't kick me out of the HK club...
  211. HK P7 or is it a P7E??
  212. New USP 45 Expert
  213. Jarvis Barrel
  214. VP in OD green ! Look out USP's !
  215. HK announces OD Green VP
  216. P30sk sight change?
  217. USP Expert 9mm Recoil spring, O-ring when to replace and should i go factory or not?
  218. Hk p7 m8 jubilee edition
  219. HK USP compact in stainless steel 9 mm production question ?
  220. Something fell out of my USP
  221. VP9SK Officially Coming
  222. got my p7 and hk45 back from hk and...
  223. HK version change question.
  224. What would you do?
  225. Gray P30
  226. Hk usp cerokote and stipple work? Looking for other recommendations
  227. My new HK Mark 23 I just picked up. (Pictures)
  228. Has the USP EXPERT been discontinued?
  229. Another P30S to P30 conversion thread.
  230. HK45 to replace USP45?
  231. What am I looking at here? SP89...
  232. Another carry gun question
  233. 357Sig Discontinued in HK Pistols ?
  234. Why upgrade from factory trigger?
  235. P2000sk / P30sk magazine capacity?
  236. P30L Da trigger
  237. P30SK deal I don't think I can pass...
  238. P2000 V2 to Todd Green Special LEM conversion
  239. Simple Question re: MK23
  240. P7m8 night sights
  241. USP compact question
  242. What would you redesign on the VP9?
  243. P7 production date question?
  244. Combat Competition Trigger
  245. New "Saudi" P2000 and Euro USP9C
  246. USP Funnies
  247. P2000 - new Koch addict
  248. USP Finishes
  249. Locking block removal woes
  250. SP5K Tac-Latch sticking question