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  1. P30L Da trigger
  2. P30SK deal I don't think I can pass...
  3. P2000 V2 to Todd Green Special LEM conversion
  4. Simple Question re: MK23
  5. P7m8 night sights
  6. USP compact question
  7. What would you redesign on the VP9?
  8. P7 production date question?
  9. Combat Competition Trigger
  10. New "Saudi" P2000 and Euro USP9C
  11. USP Funnies
  12. P2000 - new Koch addict
  13. USP Finishes
  14. Locking block removal woes
  15. SP5K Tac-Latch sticking question
  16. Joined the dark(er) side!
  17. The HK VP9, why so much disdain for this pistol?
  18. Mag release
  19. First HK pistol purchase suggestions
  20. Small Tac Light to fit P30sk
  21. Decent buy?
  22. Do we expect an optics ready P30 ... at some point?
  23. H&kp200sk "stippling" hand grips
  24. HK Parts dropping hints
  25. P30SK Conceal Carry Report
  26. P7M8 Owners-can someone do me a favor?
  27. P30 mag. release paddle question ... and observation
  28. VP9 Grip Panel Change
  29. USPc LEM Reset Difference from P2000
  30. Anybody mounted a 9mm USP Standard Slide on a 9mm USP Expert Frame?
  31. VP9SK INCOMING + PUSH BUTTON magazine release + redesigned charging supports
  32. Will HK ever do another run of Colored Frames for the USP's ??
  33. sight pusher
  34. Looking for Weaponlight
  35. Any P2000 9mm flat baseplates for magazines?
  36. EGW Red dot mount for VP9
  37. converting my 45c to LEM
  38. P7M13
  39. HK's New SFP9 SK and SFP9 L - New VP9 Series Pistols?
  40. +2 Magazine Extension
  41. Why did HK stop using the USP recoil system.
  42. School me up on Bill Hicks guns.
  43. P9S .45 Target Score! **Range report added on Post 22**
  44. USP45-Mark23 at -35F
  45. USP Expert Service use?
  46. Quick Question- Modified Slim Backstraps for Hk45 and HK45c?
  47. P30S beautiful.
  48. USP Expert Failure-to-Fire issues
  49. Skateboard Tape for USPc and P2000
  50. USP 9 compact slide slams on reload!
  51. P2000sk 357sig
  52. P7M8 & MMC adjustable rear sight
  53. New VP9 Urban Grey joining my collection
  54. HK USP 9mm Full Size Light Mount for Surefire X300
  55. USP 45c - proper trigger bar operation?
  56. Problem Converting LEM to V1 (Classic USPc)
  57. Manual of Arms with the HK USP 9 Compact LEM with Safety
  58. Threaded barrel accuracy?
  59. sp5k question
  60. Was It Just My Imagination?
  61. VP9 question, possible issue?
  62. 1 in 16 twist vs 1 in 9.8 Vs 1 in 24
  63. p30sk - How is it not up to par?
  64. This IS the Sexiet VP9 I've ever seen.....
  65. How to adjust trigger pull H&K p9s combat
  66. New to H&K pistols a couple of basic questions
  67. Hk Pistol questions
  68. His/hers ccw pistols +
  69. VP9 FDE GRAY Threaded ETA?
  70. p2000 multiple FTEs after more than a year of flawless running.
  71. Weight on Red Hammer Spring in USPC-9 LEM?
  72. Where are all the HK45CT Barrels?
  73. HK USP Models Rear Sight Cut
  74. Gunsmith install Meprolight sights in P30sk
  75. SFP9 L and SFP9 Compact
  76. P9 M Series Dream
  77. Any VP9 Tactical in FDE?
  78. Feel of USP9
  79. New P30 Owner
  80. Chromed P7M8... Does this lower the value?
  81. Possible New VP9 Variations (Long Slide, Sub-Compact, Optic Ready)
  82. P9S 9mm with gold lettering
  83. USP 40 /p30 surefire x-300 mount Special mount?
  84. For those who own BOTH the mark 23 and usp tactical 45....
  85. P30sk date code
  86. It may have looked good in Aliens but .....
  87. Anyone have an "II" date code or otherwise 1988-marked P7 (not M8 or M13)?
  88. Need help figuring out what replacement hammer spring options I have for an HK45C.
  89. HK Polymer composition and wear question.
  90. P30L 40 S&W to 9mm conversion barrel
  91. Got my Classic Firearms USP-c 9mm
  92. HK P7 M8 Misfiring, light strike.
  93. New VP9, did my own "torture test"
  94. P2000 / USP compact?
  95. HK USP9 V1 Trigger adjustment?
  96. HK45 Shortage?
  97. New Gun Finish Ruined By Salesman.
  98. P30 Compact
  99. '01 USP-45 refresh parts?
  100. Correct catch for USP45 LEM conversion?
  101. VP9 RSA
  102. HK 4 firing pin spring
  103. Damn you h&k and your usp series! N.s.f.w.
  104. P30l .40s&w barrel conundrum
  105. Hammer touching frame?
  106. Finally getting a USP
  107. I LOVE IT!!!!! when a plan comes together. (USP9 SD)
  108. Convert USP V5 to V7?
  109. New HK45
  110. P9S Buffer Replacement - Help
  111. HK P30L conversion
  112. Is thisa good deal for a USP compact LEW?
  113. Double action only usp from classic fire arms safety removal ???
  114. HK4 question......
  115. Small, Medium, or Large?
  116. Vp9 add on advice
  117. New Barrel Arrived Today!
  118. VP9 recoil spring....
  119. VP9 scratchy trigger
  120. HK P7 PSP Slide, conditioning care
  121. USP grips
  122. Are there different kinds of USP finishes?
  123. How many parts are in a HK USP?
  124. P30SK Firing Pin Safety
  125. HK VP9 slide Mods for red dot sites
  126. just bought a hk45C and i need mags
  127. Question for P9S Target Model experts
  128. can a red dot sight be added without milling a section on the slide?
  129. VP9 RMR from Parker Mountain Machine
  130. Trigger work advice
  131. V3 or LEM HK45c
  132. P2000 match weight/compensator?
  133. SP89 will not fit in SP5K case PICS ADDED
  134. Am I crazy
  135. New Member with sight question
  136. HK P30SK long trigger reset
  137. Help me choice the right one
  138. Does anyone have a source for HK USP 45 police trade ins?
  139. Project USP 45 refinish
  140. USPc 9mm failure to eject question
  141. So Let me see if I understand the LEM correctly
  142. HK P7 question
  143. ISO Smallest gripped HK for wife's small hands (not VP9)
  144. HK 45
  145. P30sk Lubrication
  146. VP9 lefty delete kit ?
  147. New HK owner
  148. P9S part question
  149. Looking to upgrade VP9 sights
  150. Just Joined and Question on P9S
  151. HK USP45c barrel question.
  152. New to me Mark 23
  153. HK Parts P30SK Mag Extension
  154. USP45T recoil spring too easy??
  155. Vp9 mag issue
  156. Should we be buying German HK's while we can?
  157. HK USP 45 Cracked Frame
  158. Sight pusher p30sk
  159. Upgraded my usp 45 .
  160. Meprolight install complete on MK23 and USP Expert
  161. P2000 V4.1 with "medium" trigger return spring
  162. Which one is the better deal?
  163. USPC - Carry with Flat or Extended Baseplate?
  164. VP9 20 Rounder XTech- Coming in 3 weeks
  165. P2000/P2000sk upgrades
  166. Matte Stainless USP 9mm
  167. Can I put a threaded barrel in a non-tactical HK45C?
  168. First range trip with my vp9
  169. USP V3+4 Detent Plate?
  170. USP Match trigger feels mushy
  171. Lazer/light on VP9
  172. Who else likes their SK more than their full size pistol?
  173. USPT 45 match trigger upgrade-what does the most?
  174. USP 9 what to look for.
  175. P30S vs VP9 Slide Lock Issue
  176. Polymer Coated Lead bullets
  177. P2000sk Pinky
  178. Mark 23 SOCOM
  179. A good two weeks worth of buying HK's. A USP and a USP Compact Tactical
  180. USP9 Tactical V1 - TRS part number?
  181. P2000 .40 conversion to .357 Sig - Possible??
  182. Wife likes the P30L...
  183. Anyone running the Trijicon tall suppressor sights on their VP9?
  184. Update to World of HK - SP5K
  185. Two new hks
  186. Change 45CT from ver1 to ver 3
  187. LEM conversion Question
  188. My HK45C has a catastrophic failure
  189. New to me HK45C...
  190. Does HK offer an inspection service on used guns?
  191. Got my first ever gun - and it's an HK!
  192. Apparently, I'm old school...
  193. Grips on hk vp 40
  194. Which P7 to shoot?
  195. HK USP 45 Expert Mag Question
  196. My first HK!
  197. HKP30sk 12 rnd flush mag
  198. Got a new HK45C!
  199. Sad HK45C story
  200. SP5K, SB Tactical sling loop question
  201. P2000sk light LEM V1 vs p30sk LEM 9mm
  202. First post, Sp5k Range report
  203. New sights
  204. P30SK threaded barrel experience?
  205. P9S experts read this
  206. Quick question regarding Mark 23 LAM nightstalker?
  207. Proctor Y-Notch sights for the VP9
  208. Hk vp9 tactical barrel weight compensator
  209. Lem V1 triggers
  210. 2 quick question
  211. jet funnel mag question
  212. HUH? " Also fits HK USP Expert Model (OLDER MODELS ONLY) "
  213. VP9 issues
  214. USP Match/Compact Hammer Springs (215694) Blue vs. Unpainted vs. Stock?
  215. Hello everyone! New to the forum.
  216. Happy Birthday to me!
  217. How much does a Match trigger kit cost when ordering from HKCS?
  218. VP9 gun sights question
  219. P30SK in .40 S&W?
  220. Lighting
  221. Hk usp expert .45
  222. I Have a Confession to Make....HK USP 45 Elite
  223. 45 Super round count in your USP45/T/Expert, et al.?
  224. Choosing a SK
  225. Transition?
  226. Tech questions
  227. RFI: HK USP9c / Heinie 389P
  228. P30SK POA/POI distance? 25 meters?
  229. HK45c in HK fde.
  230. Anyone strip duracoat from a usp frame
  231. USP Tactical 45 issue
  232. Threaded USP match barrel?
  233. USP and Expert at 100 yards...
  234. P30SK various models dilemma POLL
  235. New to me USP.
  236. Hk vp9 le
  237. Was the USP Elite made with stainless slide? Here's are pics
  238. HK45 V1 Marked HKPro
  239. USP hammer spring and single action pull
  240. H&K P30SK 9mm slide control
  241. Factory new German HK45CT with mismatched serial numbers.....
  242. HK SP5K & Pistol Eagle Industries SMG case. Outstanding Case
  243. HK USP Frame Mold Imperfection - Impression/crack - Just an FYI
  244. Changing Sights on MK 23
  245. VP9 TB Question.
  246. Hard Chrome P7s...whats the back story???
  247. Like a New USP
  248. Which one should I shoot?
  249. P30SK V3 DA/SA conversion to V4.1?
  250. USP Match standard or tactical recoil spring assembly