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  1. Thought I know about LEM variants, I don't.
  2. Would you trade your P30 V1 40 cal for the new VP9 but in 40 ?
  3. P7 Price Check
  4. Stupid P9S recoil buffer question
  5. HK P30LS Light LEM V1 – Simply the Best [Sam's HKs]
  6. Question on what to do
  7. Match trigger set fit compact?!?
  8. After years of persuasive talk.
  9. Home-made P7, Have you guys seen this yet?
  10. My P9s impulse buy
  11. Field strip without releasing the mag
  12. P7 long slide posting
  13. Monarch 9mm JHP brass ammo for break in?
  14. USP Frame/Slide Horizontal Play
  15. Gap between front site post and slide on USP .45 normal?
  16. "New" MARK 23
  17. Best HK for small hands?
  18. Any one else notice the exceptional durability of the HE finish???
  19. V9 Detent Plates for USP
  20. HK45 Rear Sight - thoughts?
  21. New P30 V1 Finally Came In!
  22. HK45 on Steel
  23. First handgun/HK. Question regarding finish
  24. Changes to HK45
  25. Usp.45 vs hk45
  26. Transition to USP's Complete - Family Pic
  27. Birthday Hk :0)
  28. USP45 Magazine Falling Out w/ +P
  29. What should I look for in wear before a purchase? HK45c
  30. new 45c on the way
  31. P30L question...
  32. My new addition to the family....
  33. Got offered an Elite 9mm...
  34. Tactical Slides
  35. Novak USP sights still available?
  36. P7 Pricecheck
  37. I found a HK P9S pistol without the "S" . It is marked just "P9" on the side.
  38. Question: Which LEO agencies or military units have adopted the HK45?
  39. Canadian USP Tactical .45 worth?
  40. Do we have a part number thread?
  41. Stainless question
  42. My Expert 9mm arrived today!
  43. Quick USP Question
  44. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Hk
  45. HK p30s barrel to slide fitment
  46. Any chance we will see any more P8 pistols?
  47. HK 45 CT - Need Help!
  48. LEM Setup with TRS from DA/SA?
  49. Looking for input on my second HK4 project - grips (pics included)
  50. How does a a match hybrid LEM trigger in a USP compare to a light LEM in a P2000sk?
  51. Need heavier(standard) USP 45 recoil spring when shooting Tactical without supressor?
  52. HK mag release contact piece
  53. going from match trigger to light LEM, one quesiton
  54. USP 9 in unlimited, i want a muzzle brake
  55. UTL light upgrade....
  56. HK45 for IDPA?
  57. Is steel case ammo Ok to use with HK handguns?
  58. My first HK!
  59. Tall sights for P30LS needed
  60. Just shot my first USPSA match with the USP45 Elite!
  61. goodbye P30s V3... hello P30L V1!
  62. H & K handgun comparison
  63. Glock springs in an HK Magazine
  64. How about HK just selling some Slides ?
  65. question about P30 frame
  66. USP's with adjustable sights.
  67. Calling P7 owners who have had Grayguns work
  68. USP Pic request. (cerakote)
  69. Compatible?
  70. Can't Decide on new purchase..
  71. Sig guy needs help choosing HK!
  72. Hk usp .45 (rare)
  73. Brief Vent - Lost my USP's FPB
  74. Has anyone else put a LEM Trigger on an Expert ?
  75. HK45C Heine Straight 8 -- tired of searching!
  76. USED HK 45c FDE worth?
  77. So, after some range time.....I've made a decision.
  78. Hk tactical .45 barrel
  79. Adopted a USP Tactical 45 today :)
  80. USPc shooting low?
  81. how to pick which Hk to buy..
  82. Price check aisle 5!
  83. Just bought some new jet funnel mags and boy is my @ss tired
  84. USP Tactical .45 magazine extension (15+1)
  85. Too good to be true P7M13
  86. Here she is. My first HK.
  87. HK got me spoiled...
  88. Need a little guidence.
  89. Are these the right floor plates?
  90. Problems with LEM on HK45
  91. Has anyone used Sig's ACP with an HK pistol?
  92. Desert Digital P30?
  93. P2000SK nightsight options?
  94. Lipsey's FDE HK45 Tactical Trigger Options
  95. Retaining pin
  96. USP stainless refinishing
  97. The perfect gun? Why… Yes it is! Almost...
  98. P30 OE sights Tru Dot?
  99. P30L Vs. Expert
  100. HK45c Tactical VS Non, V3 VS V7
  101. My H&K addiction...
  102. Night Sights
  103. Time to feed the HK addiction
  104. Funds for 1 more HK, what should it be a P30 9mm or HK45?
  105. All HK Handgun Holster Talk....
  106. Non night sight opinions for USP
  107. Just when I thought I couldn't love my P30 more...
  108. USP 40 Match Trigger Install - Play in the Hammer
  109. First impression with my new HK USP Tactical 45 ACP
  110. Look familiar?
  111. HK P9s Barrel
  112. Graduation Day!
  113. US made threaded barrels on HKparts...G2G?
  114. Variant Conversion Question
  115. The Holy Trinity
  116. Are Heinie Sights my only option
  117. Usp .45 jet funnel mags?
  118. HK USP expert 9mm
  119. New HK Owner
  120. HK45C and USP 45C
  121. Hello from Philly - USPc 9mm Control and Trigger questions
  122. US proof marks, we were all wrong!
  123. Reasonable Price For Beat Up Rental HK45C?
  124. HK P30sk - coming out in 2014?
  125. Definition of different V's for the Tactical.
  126. Quick question- are the USPc 40 & 9mm the same size?
  127. "Send your gun in", they said.....
  128. Introduction and Question / Concern HK45CT
  129. Just picked up a USP9c
  130. USPc 9 range report and FTE problems
  131. New to me PSP
  132. Buffer housing failure
  133. How do you clean/lube the Extractor on P30L?
  134. LEM questions
  135. My new P30LS and some range time
  136. I turn my back for a little while....
  137. Just received my P2000sk
  138. Let's play the high/low game
  139. Fed up with my hk45
  140. New P30 & my USP compact failed to fire. what lube to use?
  141. Who sprung agg ?
  142. Why can't i shoot my p30??!! Whyyyyyyy
  143. Just bought a slightly used P30 40 cal yesterday...
  144. how to improve/lighten trigger on a BD dated HK45
  145. USP 9mm Ejection problem.. ..little help?
  146. Hk45 trigger
  147. USPc .45 acp Owners/Shooters Pro's & Cons's
  148. P2000sk Viridian
  149. P9S 45 13lb recoil spring
  150. Am I crazy?
  151. P30L v1 (light LEM) 9mm to LS light LEM?
  152. Slide Release
  153. P30LS firing pin block jammed
  154. USP Compact .357sig to .40 conversion
  155. first trip to the range with MARK 23
  156. New P30l 40SW Light LEM / Bill Springfield Short Reset Trigger
  157. USP45 Compact SS
  158. Happy 5k day! USP45 gun porn
  159. "HK 3" What's the scoop?
  160. Love my Grayguns P30 (First HK with GG logo!)
  161. Questions about p2000sk.
  162. Did HK ever port any of their pistols at the factory?
  163. LEM USPc Vs P2000sk Vs P30
  164. USP Night Sights
  165. Wear on the mark23 barrel
  166. Happy and Bummed with new P30LS
  167. P9s front sight marked
  168. Are nill grips for the p7m13 fat in the middle?
  169. Problem installing the match tirgger set on my USP...
  170. FTF and FTE with Barnes XPD .40 Ammo (?)
  171. Proud new owner of HK USPc 9mm in STAINLESS!!
  172. Which P30 for a rookie
  173. Which Dawson Precision fiber front sight with 10-8 Rear on HK45?
  174. Hk 45c lem / match trigger?
  175. New p30 owner, couple questions
  176. I'm a new HK owner, Is this normal?
  177. Brought home a new addition (his and hers)
  178. Mark 23 rail adapter
  179. New to forum and looking to buy my first HK pistol.
  180. Recieved my new HK 45 ct LEM today.
  181. P9S target rear site screw - ideas?
  182. Robar NP3 Plus internals with POLY-T2 slide or just POLY-T2 internals and slide?
  183. Damn.....HK's are addicting. I think I've caught the fever!
  184. P30 Trigger serrations.
  185. Problems with trigger reset on USPc 45
  186. Will the Streamlight TLR - 1 HL
  187. New HK45c v1!
  188. Picked up a new HK45 today
  189. P9S Dry firing
  190. P7 trigger pull twitch
  191. Found a new old stock H&K USP Tactical
  192. So it is true...HK's ARE addicting...
  193. Full size vs. compact USP 9mm
  194. For those that have an H&K P30
  195. Need Advice HK P30 (Magnaporting?)
  196. My Heinie Install- AAR
  197. Usp 45t??
  198. Anybody HK Blackhawk night ops?!?
  199. Happy and sad...(Got them home)
  200. Well, there goes my resale value (p2000sk) ;)
  201. p2000sk slide removal/install question
  202. Is this the last P7M8 made? S/N 16-134969
  203. Hard time picking Tactical 45.
  204. CLOSED: Debut of HK VP9 Striker Fired Pistol
  205. New to me HK P7 M8 KG
  206. Couple of questions on the USP Compact .40
  207. HK45c Tactical Barrel
  208. HK270, P7K3 & P7M10 Magazine questions
  209. New HK45 and cleaning...
  210. HKSP89 with the "Brace"
  211. New owner of a USP Expert
  212. New owner of USPc .40!!
  213. Converting a LEM to V2 (USPc)
  214. H&K P30 9mm v2
  215. HK45C Sights (Meps, Heinie, etc.)
  216. New Member With LEM Questions
  217. USP match trigger install, DIY or take Iit to a gunsmith?
  218. VP70Z 9mm
  219. Question about the P30
  220. Match trigger option HK45, P30
  221. New owner 45 compact and new member
  222. Discouraged about LEM
  223. Hk45CT decocker sticking
  224. Current price for a LNIB stainless Match (Non clone)?
  225. 26.5MM Flare Gun
  226. New HK 45c--Slide locked/jammed
  227. USP 9 - 10 round mag misloading / skipping a bullet??
  228. may i please see your night sights for p30 and hk45?
  229. Anyone know what kind of light this is?
  230. Recoil Spring Guide Rod HK45
  231. Two questions regarding the USP Expert
  232. Grayguns vs Salient Arms
  233. P30 Nickel Plated Sear
  234. my collection
  235. Almost six months with my P30LS
  236. My Project. Is this possible??
  237. P2000 sk backstrap question
  238. Recoil comparison between calibers for a USPc?
  239. USP 45 Magazine Question-First Fire
  240. New USPc 9mm SA/DA
  241. side to side play in P30 backstraps ?
  242. P30 Magwell for IDPA!!!
  243. P2000 optical sight mount
  244. p2000sk recoil spring
  245. My First H&K
  246. MGW Sight Pusher P2000sk
  247. My first HK Pistol
  248. price for HK model 4 set of 4 barrels
  249. Pics of my First HK!
  250. Liberty Bell proof?