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  1. Trijicon HD Night Sights for new VP9?
  2. HK-45 Question about firing pin.
  3. Picture Request of Heinie Sights on USP or USPc
  4. HK Free Streamlight TLR-3 with Purchase of HK Handgun
  5. Looking for help with a problem I'm having with my usp tactical .45
  6. Finally Got A Lite LEM Pistol
  7. VP9 slide to frame fit?
  8. New P30s Owner
  9. Which sights are better?
  10. P30 Magazines
  11. How many VP9 made it over
  12. Robar NP3 Internals: Review
  13. Back strap ID help
  14. HK45C - LEM myself or send back to HK?
  15. What is the future of the VP9
  16. Thoughts on the "latest" pistols from HK.
  17. HK45 for 791?
  18. French Police and P30?
  19. Why is the P30 DA trigger lighter than the USP?
  20. While I'm at it, another off the wall question about .357 Sig.
  21. Forgive me if this is my dumbest question yet, but...
  22. My HK VP9 Happy 4th of July
  23. P7m8 pricecheck...again.
  24. Will HK Have the Equipment for This?
  25. VP9 Thoughts
  26. HK Consecutive Serial NUmbers
  27. I have an itch for the VP9 that I can't scratch for now
  28. Need help reducing squeezecocker pull on P7M13!
  29. How many factory .357 Sig guns did HK make?
  30. What is a good price for a Stainless Steel USP 40 S&W
  31. P30ls vs Expert
  32. So what's next from hk?
  33. So HK those P30 magazines
  34. Mark 23 Xray prints- nonbinding print request thread
  35. Grip fitment... considerations/limits?
  36. new HK45 trigger play
  37. P7 discoloration
  38. USP 9mm USP 45 Grip size?
  39. LEM HK45 going back to V1
  40. Landed a VP9
  41. Have you seen a better price for the VP9.
  42. USPc/P2000 Taylor Freelance
  43. New HK 45 Tactical Sight Alignment Issue?
  44. LEM for my new USP 45 or match hybrid?
  45. HK45 Ambidextrous Control Lever Issue
  46. Whats a good price for a USP tactical
  47. When to buy a VP9?
  48. P7M8 fix up.
  49. Informal mainspring test for hk p30.
  50. Need help decoding a P7
  51. What recoil?
  52. Lost my way but i'm back! New full size USP 9MM!
  53. Adult cap mags. Very nice
  54. HK45 Variant 3?
  55. HK 45s..
  56. I went ahead and bought it...
  57. Wonder who will be the first to make a VP9c?
  58. VP9s for sale in AZ: let the price gouging begin!
  59. Now all we need is the P30 sk
  60. P30/VP9 9mm 30 Rd Mag Extension
  61. If I decide tomorrow to buy this P2000....
  62. I am such a USP 45 addict!
  63. P2000sk/P30 Triggers
  64. Woooo! Got my USP... now what?
  65. Did FN invent the LEM?
  66. Mk23 ussocom?
  67. HK 45 COMPACT TACTICAL: Magazine Question
  68. P30 V3 DA Trigger - how best to improve?
  69. Is this a good deal on an HK P2000?
  70. HK USPc Hammer
  71. New VP9 owner, observations and comparisons
  72. HK 45 mags
  73. P30L .40 ejection pattern
  74. WD-40 trigger job?
  75. Accesories for my H&K p30 and P2000Sk
  76. Another...Yes, another VP9 video
  77. where to send for trigger job
  78. Latest VP9 shil video
  79. USP 45 Tactical - O-ring Size Question
  80. P7M8 Advice Needed
  81. P7 Factory Reconditioning Program
  82. Former lurker, new member
  83. Why I Love my H&K
  84. Price premium for older MARK 23?
  85. .357 sig barrel for the USP Expert .40?
  86. USP with TLR-3 or 4
  87. Good Deal for Mark 23?
  88. VP9
  89. Just got rid of all my glocks (17,27,42) for my new P30 V2
  90. Heinie Rear, Dawson front on any pistol?
  91. Add Me To The New USP Owner List...
  92. It's like it was meant to be....first foray into USP line
  93. Two new (to me) HKs
  94. A little spring cleaning thanks to James (Marine0303)
  95. Brand new P2000 - brown packing grease or rust?
  96. My usp 9 broke 1,000 rounds!
  97. USP versus USP Compact
  98. She's a shooter
  99. Looks like the VP9's are starting to show up...
  100. HK P2000 German Police Model "GPM" proprietary Laser Devices BLAST accessory
  101. Hk P30 M708056
  102. Streamlight Tlr 2 on HKc
  103. It took me 1,000 posts to put this collection together.
  104. Drop-in DA/SA trigger job - breaking it down.
  105. P7 PSP Gunsmith Advice?
  106. Polished slide release?
  107. H&K P30L 9x19 Issue?
  108. Time to go shopping
  109. HK45 - hammer follow a concern?
  110. Need help
  111. P30 Mag extension base plates?
  112. A pretty good way to end the weekend
  113. Velocity question
  114. P2000 rear sight height?
  115. Flashing or more severe damage? Pictues included.. Please Help
  116. LEM trigger, stage it or no for target shooting?
  117. Picked up a retired cop USP 45
  118. P30 POA vs POI
  119. Nightstand Nightmare
  120. is there such a thing as a factory nickel slide on a usp??
  121. Ordered my First HK USPc 9mm LEM V7
  122. Is there an adapter for a utl to fit an hk45?
  123. HK P30L and Aguila Ammo
  124. P30 trigger guard
  125. Why no evolution in the USP rail design?
  126. VP9 Size and Measurements etc.
  127. Grayguns P7 pics
  128. How to tell which P2000 it is?
  129. HK 45C compact barrel
  130. HK45 vs USP45 mag capacity?
  131. First H&K
  132. USP .45 - Good deal?
  133. NEW HK45T Finally got a good deal you guys!
  134. Celebrating 1000 posts in style!
  135. Hk45C TiN two tone thoughts?
  136. HK pistol with Grayguns work experience??
  137. If you had to pick one...(p30 uspc)
  138. LEM question
  139. P7 owner question regarding activating the slide lock
  140. information on bolt carrier from SP 89
  141. Jet Funnel and mags not recommended for LE/HD/PP by HK?!?!?!?
  142. Happy with my P7M13
  143. Hk usp stainless
  144. Maximum Round Capacity HK Model
  145. How would explain the HK 45CT's trigger ???
  146. Another newb question - RFID Chip?
  147. p7k3 question
  148. So It's my turn....HK45's Hammer following the slide forward......
  149. P2000sk Pinky Extension
  150. VP9 sights?
  151. I am seriously obsessing over the VP9 now.
  152. USP 9mm P30 9mm 15 round mag pics
  153. Trigger on new HK45c???
  154. Colion Noir VP9 review
  155. P2000v3 question
  156. P30 V1 and no more buyers remorse.
  157. Saw a P7M13 at a Gun Show
  158. What do you think of this custom HK P7...
  159. TiN coated USP barrel
  160. New HK Owner - USPC V1 40 S&W - Is there anything I need to know?
  161. VP9 Prototype Pix
  162. Replacement sights for USP Expert?
  163. Anyone have a side by side P30 VP9 photo comparison?
  164. stainless P2000 slides?
  165. An objective POV on the HK VP9 from our Brother's in Arms
  166. Rattling mag
  167. Disabled USP decocker during Ambi selector install
  168. Is this frame defect? Need help!
  169. HK VP9 Striker Fired Pistol Review by sootch00
  170. Well that settles that...
  171. New member! Its a girl!
  172. VP9 safe queens.
  173. HK VP9 why did this happen
  174. HK VP9 review
  175. Question regarding colored HK45Ts
  176. striker p30, why over hammer p30? discuss
  177. Anyone shot the VP9 as a lefty?
  178. Expert 9mm Questions?
  179. VP9-What other version are anticipated?
  180. Vp9/hk45/p30/p2000/usp
  181. Thought I know about LEM variants, I don't.
  182. Would you trade your P30 V1 40 cal for the new VP9 but in 40 ?
  183. P7 Price Check
  184. Stupid P9S recoil buffer question
  185. HK P30LS Light LEM V1 Simply the Best [Sam's HKs]
  186. Question on what to do
  187. Match trigger set fit compact?!?
  188. After years of persuasive talk.
  189. Home-made P7, Have you guys seen this yet?
  190. My P9s impulse buy
  191. Field strip without releasing the mag
  192. P7 long slide posting
  193. Monarch 9mm JHP brass ammo for break in?
  194. USP Frame/Slide Horizontal Play
  195. Gap between front site post and slide on USP .45 normal?
  196. "New" MARK 23
  197. Best HK for small hands?
  198. Any one else notice the exceptional durability of the HE finish???
  199. V9 Detent Plates for USP
  200. HK45 Rear Sight - thoughts?
  201. New P30 V1 Finally Came In!
  202. HK45 on Steel
  203. First handgun/HK. Question regarding finish
  204. Changes to HK45
  205. Usp.45 vs hk45
  206. Transition to USP's Complete - Family Pic
  207. Birthday Hk :0)
  208. USP45 Magazine Falling Out w/ +P
  209. What should I look for in wear before a purchase? HK45c
  210. new 45c on the way
  211. P30L question...
  212. My new addition to the family....
  213. Got offered an Elite 9mm...
  214. Tactical Slides
  215. Novak USP sights still available?
  216. P7 Pricecheck
  217. I found a HK P9S pistol without the "S" . It is marked just "P9" on the side.
  218. Question: Which LEO agencies or military units have adopted the HK45?
  219. Canadian USP Tactical .45 worth?
  220. Do we have a part number thread?
  221. Stainless question
  222. My Expert 9mm arrived today!
  223. Quick USP Question
  224. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Hk
  225. HK p30s barrel to slide fitment
  226. Any chance we will see any more P8 pistols?
  227. HK 45 CT - Need Help!
  228. LEM Setup with TRS from DA/SA?
  229. Looking for input on my second HK4 project - grips (pics included)
  230. How does a a match hybrid LEM trigger in a USP compare to a light LEM in a P2000sk?
  231. Need heavier(standard) USP 45 recoil spring when shooting Tactical without supressor?
  232. HK mag release contact piece
  233. going from match trigger to light LEM, one quesiton
  234. USP 9 in unlimited, i want a muzzle brake
  235. UTL light upgrade....
  236. HK45 for IDPA?
  237. Is steel case ammo Ok to use with HK handguns?
  238. My first HK!
  239. Tall sights for P30LS needed
  240. Just shot my first USPSA match with the USP45 Elite!
  241. goodbye P30s V3... hello P30L V1!
  242. H & K handgun comparison
  243. Glock springs in an HK Magazine
  244. How about HK just selling some Slides ?
  245. question about P30 frame
  246. USP's with adjustable sights.
  247. Calling P7 owners who have had Grayguns work
  248. USP Pic request. (cerakote)
  249. Compatible?
  250. Can't Decide on new purchase..