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  1. I want to engrave my P30. Any Suggestions?
  2. Elite 9mm need a bit of help
  3. Magazine Compatibility
  4. VP9 Endurance
  5. Is it possible to convert a USP compact 357 v5 to v1 light LEM?
  6. Where to get non-threaded HK45C barrel (other than
  7. Let me see your USP Euro metal cases!
  8. VP9 "Bookworm" Grips
  9. HK 9 USP Match Trigger & Trigger Action Polishing Job Results
  10. A Question of Value
  11. P7M8 Fix and Kudos to.......
  12. VP9 picture request
  13. HK45C Decocker Question
  14. P2000sk: anyone remove right side slide release?
  15. Hey guys, great news!!! HK is making a striker fired pistol!!!!!!!
  16. Sight Options - HK45c and VP9
  17. XS big dot on USP compact
  18. Gray Gun's P30 new trigger
  19. HK45 Blazin Fast, but needs work.
  20. USP Hybrid Trigger CCW?
  21. Conundrum:P2000SK trigger mod or USP Compact...
  22. Anyone here have the complete collection?
  23. TLR-3 rebate for VP9?
  24. P7 slide interchangeables??
  25. Just picked up a NEW P30V1 9mm
  26. Major Cleaning Question...
  27. Do my VP9 & USP 40 look like they need a hk45c to keep them company?
  28. New P30LS date code
  29. Question: HK handgun proof testing
  30. Any recent sales of USP Elites in 9mm recently?
  31. Value question for the experts
  32. They say don't believe everything you read...
  33. P2000 vs 45C
  34. Tan 45 H&K Compact price check on...
  35. Failure to feed- HK USPc40
  36. Installed the Light LEM Conversion on the HK45C (What a difference!)
  37. Question about magazines for P30 .40 cal.
  38. Anyone ever seen a metal lower for the ups 45?
  39. Finally picked up a VP9
  40. P30, was there an hk laser sold with them?
  41. Any reason p30 more expensive than vp9?
  42. Hypothetical" VP45" follow on......
  43. hkp30 magazine
  44. VP9 is friggin awesome
  45. lem conversion--HELP
  46. Manual for Wilcox LAM for MARK 23
  47. HK45-Todd Green/CCC Base Pad Mod
  48. New VP9 , couldn't beat the price.
  49. p2000sk ext. mag. release
  50. HK USP 40 V1-Mag Release Problem
  51. Reduce SA trigger pull on Elite 9mm
  52. HK45c enhances malfuntion clearing skills at weekend course
  53. Does anybody have (or have seen) a cut-a-way of the VP9? Safety questions.
  54. Question about a listing for HK
  55. USP Tactical 45 slide problems
  56. P9s Target 9mm price check
  57. The world's most tactical USP45 tactical? Is this tactical cubed?
  58. P2000sk: advice sought
  59. Changing gas piston on P7M8
  60. Is the P9S Target .45 accurate? Better believe it!
  61. Interesting observation - USP45f steel case limp wrist
  62. P30 not shooting accurately... Most like it's me :)
  63. excessive play in the hammer
  64. HK45T Decocker
  65. Jet Funnel and High-Cap magazine issue and possible fix for USP.
  66. Stiff d-ecock lever.
  67. Springs for p2000sk?
  68. USP9 LEM/Match hybrid
  69. HK P9S at gun show
  70. Replacing P30 HS and FPBS, lessons from an old geezer
  71. P2000 Conversion questions
  72. will hk customer service install night sights?
  73. Guys! Guys! You guys, seriously I got a VP9
  74. H&K Smoothness versus...
  75. What is the actual service life for USP Compact/P2000/P2Ksk in .40 cal ?
  76. USP .40 Compact 12rd magazine spring length?
  77. The VP9 is much less ammo sensitive than P30 9mm, but still can jam with 115gr ammo
  78. "New" P30/VP9 magazine with wear marks??
  79. Picked up VP 9 today - Question for others with one
  80. Acquired one of my unicorns
  81. What's better than...
  82. P2000sk tactical light
  83. What year did the USP Tactical/Expert/Elite come out?
  84. New Gun Day!
  85. picked up a new VP9 to add to the addiction
  86. I did it! I did it! Pulled the trigger and...
  87. HK USP slide release modification
  88. VP9 on its way to Columbus
  89. Why is my extractor claw polished?
  90. 1993 HK USP 40 need advice please
  91. Shooting Hk45 Tactical tan
  92. USP Compact - left hand shooting and dropping the Mag?
  93. New to me
  94. New $900 P7M8
  95. USP Expert Question
  96. Bought a used VP9 today
  97. Anyone already want to make changes/modifications to their VP9?
  98. I wasn't immune
  99. Another USSOCOM Mark 23.. Hm...
  100. VP9: First In Line
  101. P9S 8" Hunter barrel installation
  102. VP9 - Is this normal?
  103. Speaking of magazines, do your P30 mags drop free?
  104. Issue with P30 mag in new VP9
  105. P30 9mm and 147 Grain Self Defense/Hollow Point Ammo
  106. HK45 size...visual learner
  107. Feed Back on VP9 Threaded Barrel
  108. Piling on...accolades for the VP9!
  109. HK45 price/sales question
  110. Buy HK45C barreled Slide?
  111. H&K p7
  112. Normal For my p30? My OCD is kicking in
  113. Jet funnel 45 USP
  114. VP9 Trigger
  115. VP9 Optics
  116. Used my new VP9 to qualify for CCW today
  117. HK45C magazine release movement.
  118. Pistol barrel thread protector question
  119. A new HK fan in the family!
  120. HK 94 sp89 Mag crack
  121. OH NO!!!...Big Industry Personalities are Shelving/Selling their VP9's!!!!
  122. What am I missing?
  123. Big step today for my wife
  124. Salient P30
  125. VP9 compact
  126. USP Full size mags
  127. What was the ending retail price of the P-7 series
  128. VP9...I was THIS close!!
  129. Question for you VP9 Owners -- Need Help
  130. My take on HK45c grip options
  131. Price check? USP 45 Compact Gray box
  132. My First HK break/ part failure
  133. A little Sick VP9
  134. Shot a VP9 today....
  135. P2000 GPM I like it...
  136. New P30 with a stuck magazine...
  137. Different polymer color pistols
  138. P2000SK Sight install question
  139. VP9 Am I missing something?
  140. Gray Guns : 20 Weeks & Still Counting!
  141. Hypothetical - VP45 magazine choice
  142. Finally, my P7M8 Chantilly is on it's way!!!
  143. trijicon HD for VP9
  144. Price Check on Aisle 45
  145. exploded view of a 45c
  146. opinion on LEM conversion, is it worth it, home defense gun
  147. Help me decide...
  148. Question on a p2000 mag realease
  149. The colleciton so far.....
  150. KF USPf 9mm missing a bit of the back frame rail, would this cause problems?
  151. Slip On Grip Pic
  152. $830 otd for a nib hk45c?
  153. USP 45 3rd range trip
  154. HK45CT in FDE?
  155. Yet another freakin' VP9 review...
  156. VP9 front of frame to slide fit.
  157. Are HK pistol barrels carbon steel?
  158. P2000 sk Range report
  159. A honest (negative?) review- VP9
  160. Don't write off the P30 just yet !
  161. Novak/Combat Competition replacement fiber diameter?
  162. Ammo Question for VP9
  163. Thinking of swapping out my P2000
  164. new VP9 owner i just had to do it
  165. get a HK45C, worth to get a full size HK45?
  166. VP9 after 700 rounds
  167. Would you trade? Need help!
  168. Question from a newbie.
  169. Plastic shavings coming from vp9 slide?
  170. HK45C v1 to v3
  171. Help identifying USP Expert modifications
  172. USPc45 LEM Upgrade
  173. VP9 slide not level?
  174. HK45 or HK45c?
  175. P30 grip panels on Vp9?
  176. Increase match trigger reset feel
  177. VP9 ... a month and three IDPA matches.
  178. Joined the HK club today!
  179. Discolored Hammer and Flashing Question
  180. Someone mentioned they'd been to armorer school for the VP9
  181. USP Compact Question
  182. Got the HK Bug
  183. My Ridiculous VP9 Review
  184. P30 factory threaded barrels
  185. Usp compact questions
  186. What's the Story on this .22 P9S Barrel?
  187. USP expert 9mm price check, preban question
  188. HK45C date codes and issues?
  189. Another VP9 review
  190. P30 dilemma: LEM or V3?
  191. hk vp9 le model
  192. SFP9 - update?
  193. New addition to the family! HK45 tactical
  194. Surefire DG Switch for VP9??
  195. So we weren't that special hk45c in sand
  196. Article in September issue in Guns&Ammo on the VP9 , very positive !
  197. New H&K VP9
  198. any simple way of telling if recoil assy spring worn out?
  199. VP9 sales?
  200. Date code on slide is diff then date code inside gun
  201. Took apart USP 9 to smooth trigger, now safety/decocker is hard to disengage
  202. Is there an HK smith in the house?
  203. Input on shooting the USPc
  204. Should I buy a hk45?
  205. p7 value question gunbroker
  206. Advice on buying a P7 (with pictures)
  207. 1000rds at Mystery Science Theater 3000 ?
  208. First shots with MY new VP9
  209. P30 sight drifting.
  210. The one thing i don't like about the Vp9
  211. VP9 is it a Fad or a Classic
  212. P9S buffers?
  213. VP9 trigger question
  214. Why Buy A VP9?
  215. P9S parts compatibility question
  216. Hard chrome
  217. Need some advice on a possible P2000 buy.
  218. P7 markings
  219. HK45C or P2000SK for women.
  220. My "new" P9S 45
  221. Discount on Meprolight U.S.I.T. Universal Pistol Sight Installation Tool ???
  222. Question re: VP9 from HK newbie
  223. Getting Keepshooting mags working right in P9S
  224. Streamlight tlr 1s does not fit my P2000?
  225. modify P2000's rail to standard rail?
  226. VP9 Sight Installaton
  227. P30 in 40 cal?
  228. VP9 doesn't interest me, but VP9C definately does...
  229. Swtich Slide on USP
  230. Has anyone shot a USP poorly?
  231. Question about V2 LEM trigger
  232. Decal grips?
  233. Price check on a few P9S parts
  234. Comparing the HK45c vs. the USP 45c?
  235. Thumbs up for the vp9
  236. P30/VP9 TFO sights?
  237. Shot My VP9 Today. Mini [Honest] Review.
  238. VP9 and COMPL
  239. Disassembly problems with VP9 Solved, Match trigger comparisons. Video.
  240. Just got my VP9
  241. Could someone make up a photoshop VP9 compact and subcompact?
  242. Anyone changes sights on their VP9?
  243. P30 without slide markings
  244. P30 40S&W to 357Sig Conversion
  245. Threading HK4 barrels
  246. VP9 and Law Enforcement????
  247. I love my VP9 so much.........
  248. USP tac 45 problem
  249. USP Sight Question
  250. info on efk fire dragon