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  1. HK45c color options in the future?
  2. HK45c vs P2000sk for CCW?
  3. Does your trigger move when you rack the slide?
  4. How does the HK45c shoot compared to other .45s?
  5. New P2000sk
  6. P7m13 question
  7. Vp70z question
  8. Trigger on Tac Compact
  9. Stolen!
  10. Is this rust on my new HK 45 hammer?
  11. Removing (modding) right slide release on the P30
  12. Picked this up yesterday....
  13. uspc 9mm lem + control lever??
  14. USP 45 Tactical
  15. Hk @ shot?
  16. Just got my P30 LEM V1 :)
  17. P2000sk - Can I Convert my 9mm into a .40 S&W?
  18. My new old usp 45
  19. my new hk usp .45
  20. HK45--Which variant is the light LEM?
  21. Got an HK45C today
  22. Semi-auto Advice
  23. usp 45 question
  24. HK P30 version for USPSA?
  25. New HK45
  26. New pistol- HK USPc .40
  27. HK45 and HKC Grip
  28. Decision time....
  29. new MK23 purchase
  30. HK USP 9mm Magazines Not Sitting Flush with Jet Funnel? Photos
  31. Moving from P30 to either P2000sk or 45c and need some advice
  32. usp compact 45 mags.
  33. My first P7
  34. P2000/P2000sk thoughts
  35. P2000 trigger slap 357sig
  36. My P7 Story: Chapter 1
  37. My New USP 9mm Expert with Jet Funnel
  38. P7 PSP marked
  39. USP 45 with K6 date code?
  40. Gawd I wish HK would have sold these here!
  41. Any word on the P30sk at shot?
  42. Sent my P2K off to Gray Guns
  43. Never mind, already been asked and unanswered
  44. Oldest USP´s - firing pin design
  45. Impressive - Of Course - P7 Review (Video)
  46. USP 45 Tactical Site Question
  47. Looking for fiber optic front sight for P2000SK
  48. HK45C Slide Rollpins?
  49. .45 Questions... which one is the best?
  50. MY USP 45 Tac is finsihed!
  51. Match Trigger + Light TR Spring = OMG
  52. Marking details on USP frames - what years what text?
  53. P30 "Breaking In" Tips
  54. proper cleaning and lubricating my new hk
  55. HK 45T no raised sights??
  56. Lem into usp line
  57. Anybody in NC have a sight pusher for the p30?
  58. LEM, Match, or trigger job
  59. USP Accuracy
  60. USP LEM Hammer question
  61. HK45T OD Green readily available now?
  62. HK USP 9mm Quik-Comp for sale
  63. How to remove sear spring?
  64. One more reason to buy a P30L
  65. Is it Nickel, or is it Chrome???
  66. Hk45c light lem safe to carry?
  67. Streamlight TLR-1 what key to use on P30
  68. Looking to purchase a HK Expert in 9mm
  69. stop sleeve change ?
  70. Sight Install Tool for HK45 (FS)
  71. Crap, now I have to buy TWO HKs...
  72. Well, that didn't take long....
  73. price check usp .45 tactical
  74. hk usp mods LEM vs DAO/SA
  75. HK45c hammer reset issues
  76. New to the HKPRO Community..........
  77. Mark 23: First Impressions, Pics, edit: and Range rpt.
  78. Usp tactical cerakoted. Why not?
  79. Lighter DA on p2000sk v3?
  80. Frog lube on USP line?
  81. Going to get a .45 soon what should I get
  82. Upgraded my baby
  83. MK 23 Question
  84. Armorer Skills Put To Good Use: P9S
  85. Advice on breaking in P30 .40
  86. P30 issues
  87. Trade Advice HK P2000sk for HK USPc 9
  88. HK 2014 catalog
  89. HK45 V1 discontinued?
  90. P30 APL owners
  91. HK45 vs HK45 T ?
  92. P30 magazine springs
  93. 10mm
  94. P2000sk itch
  95. My HK45CT had its first malfunction :(
  96. P2000sk 357
  97. HK 45C for CC
  98. New here--looking to buy my first HK
  99. HK4 won't go bang???
  100. Thumb placement for the P30
  101. Changing P30 from cover to center hold
  102. Extended magazine release IDPA/USPSA Production legal?
  103. Yes another P7 question
  104. P9S owners help
  105. Recommendations for P30 and Holster
  106. P2000SK Hammer Spring: Wolff or HKParts?
  107. LEM conversion complete on my HK45CT
  108. Reset Issues
  109. Going price of AH USP45T?
  110. P2000sk lem question/help!
  111. Can't decide! USP Expert 9mm or HK45?
  112. New owner, new doubts...
  113. Help I need expert advice
  114. P30LS .40 - Normal guide rod wear???
  115. Scuffs/scratches inside barrel
  116. LEM convert
  117. Roughly how much USP9mm SS
  118. Is this a real one of HK P7M8 last 500
  119. A little help with my next acquisition?
  120. Back into HKs again after a break.
  121. P9s barrel value
  122. Why I Bought a HK USP 9mm Expert with Jet Funnel
  123. HK45c LEM!
  124. more HK4 questions from a noob
  125. hk4 mas the french version
  126. Finally have my Zompocalypse pistol.
  127. Replacement internals to order...
  128. P2000 SK Advice
  129. USP safety lever contact/rubbing frame
  130. Need Advice...
  131. Light LEM, Dig in a little deeper
  132. .40 S&W USP Expert recoil characteristics
  133. P30LS V3 DA/SA or USP Tactical with a match trigger install?
  134. Meprolight night sights on my P30L
  135. USPc mag won't fit my .40 p2000sk with X grip
  136. The HK USP9…"My get home gun…"—Colion Noir
  137. HK45 Front Sight Replacement
  138. Source for USP new style control latch
  139. USPc recoil system
  140. HK45C LEM Spring Issue
  141. Neat Little HK4 in Wooden Box
  142. Finally picked up my P2000SK.
  143. What sites are these?
  144. Need advice to change front sight HK 45c
  145. PSP question!
  146. Laser Light/Flashlight For P30
  147. How bad is it to buy USP without original case?
  148. Advice on first H&K
  149. USP compact
  150. Just Ordered My First H&K...
  151. "Current" P7 prices
  152. USP APL
  153. Dry fire practice
  154. USP Compact slide material preference - SS or coated?
  155. New HK45--Creaky Double Action Trigger?
  156. weak magazine spring causing USP full size functioning problems?
  157. Finally got my first HK
  158. USP Match Trigger Problem - Trigger doesn't reset
  159. Picking up my first HK
  160. P30 new
  161. 2014 Firearms budget...HELP!!
  162. Need an opinion on value...
  163. VP70Z Issues
  164. FINALLY ! paid off my first HK... in real trouble now !!
  165. HK USP brass marks
  166. This is what my brand new USP Tactical looks like after 100 rounds... What the hell!
  167. Newb with a P30
  168. New tan/tan HK45... Any anyone know how many?
  169. P2K and P2Ksk owners
  170. Just got my first H&K
  171. Finally got my first HK....
  172. P30LS, slide release, too long on safety models,
  173. Anyone w/ experience w/ P30 and P7 adjustable sights?
  174. A lil help please...
  175. HK USP Hammer Springs...material????
  176. 1980's Magazines
  177. Got a light for the USPc for Christmas!
  178. Competitive Shooting Questions and Suggestions regarding my HK's (IDPA/USPSA).
  179. P30/p2000sk and streamlight TLR-3
  180. Its an HK Christmas for me! What's better than a new HK? Two new HKs!
  181. HK P30LS light LEM rarity question
  182. Standard Length HK45 Barrels
  183. FN Five-SeveN killer....kinda
  184. Issue with USP
  185. Got A New HK45T Tan Today
  186. My new P-30l
  187. Wolf ammo & steel mags (45 cal mags)... troubleshooting.
  188. P30L and USP ammo ratings
  189. Insight LAM Manual
  190. Is my USP Elite 9mm telepathic?
  191. RMR sight
  192. Help with the light LEM conversion
  193. HK 45 decocking while shooting
  194. Did all the older version Tactical/Mark 23 Soft Cases come with a suppressor pouch?
  195. barrels hk45 Vs RCM Threded my take
  196. LEM to V1 switch
  197. VP70Z Saco Import Question -- PICS
  198. Thoughts on flash-hiders?
  199. Gun value?
  200. Looking for a Mark 23 to use and abuse
  201. H&K USP Compact Tan
  202. P9: lefties need not apply
  203. H&K USP 45 Compact for concealed carry - accessories?
  204. New P2000SK
  205. USP LEM conversion issue
  206. My cross dressed hk45...(T)
  207. My new HK45CT and some questions
  208. USP LEM need the bobbed hammer?
  209. Hands down, who unarguably makes the best quality aftermarket threaded barrel?
  210. H&K USP combat compettition, need some help
  211. P2000sk acquisition
  212. Hk45ct
  213. Another day on HKPro ... another P7
  214. Mark (MARK) 23 choices....
  215. Got my pistols back from Springfield. Now they're perfect.
  216. Match Trigger Install Results
  217. P30L feed ramp hump?
  218. Novak fiber optic front sight for the USP Expert?
  219. HK45ct Slide Finish
  220. Interested in P2000
  221. Sold and HK, Bought and HK, ever done that?
  222. HK45 V1 to LEM Conversion -- Quick question
  223. Mark 23, should I get one?
  224. HK45C decocking and no control lever
  225. Is it possible to buy a German made HK45CT
  226. HK usp 45 slides ?
  227. P2000SK Trigger Swap
  228. HK USPc 40 night sights?
  229. P30 or USP?
  230. HK45C Version 7 (DAO) comes with LEM from HK?
  231. USP Floorplate Marking Variations
  232. My Mark 23 Wanted a Brother
  233. HK P7 PSP Pricing
  234. New HK45C -- First Impressions
  235. Weird screw on new-to-me needed
  236. USP45 to HK45C: yes or no?
  237. Anyone use a Flash Hider on their threaded barrel USP Tactical 45?
  238. Colored Frame USP....but...but...why??
  239. HK45c Decocker Only
  240. Fixed my biggest complaint with the P30....
  241. Just Acquired a USP 45 Tactical
  242. HK Barrel Question
  243. Love these guns
  244. Top 3 HK's in your opinion are?
  245. Upcoming pistol designs: SP5K, P30SK and HK3
  246. Expected life of a P7 or P7M8 piston?
  247. P7 k-3 magazines
  248. A Mark 23 had my name on it
  249. Underestimated the MK 23
  250. bought my first Pistol a HK P2000SK I LOVE IT! I have a few questions on modding it