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  1. P9S Value Question
  2. Mark 23 Picatinny rail adapter question
  4. It's a sickness, I tell ya
  5. P30 +5 Mag Extension
  6. My new little addition (HK USP .40 S&W)
  7. P2000SK Backstrap from the factory
  8. P9S Adjustable Target Trigger Differences
  9. Light LEM Kits P30
  10. VP70Z - question for the VP70 experts on part # 38(buffer bolt) and other
  11. P2000sk grip adapter for P30 magazine
  12. Can I have a P30 in .357 Sig?
  13. USP 45
  14. P7 M8 vs P7 PSP
  15. old / early / different model P2000
  16. USP malfunction
  17. Triple Crown Completed--Now all skate on Long-Nose USPs. Let's see pics!
  18. Nice article on HK45 Tactical on HK USA FB page
  19. New vs Used HKs, EDC
  20. p30 v1 light lem fpbs
  21. General Rarity for the HK 45C
  22. USP 45 threaded barrel question
  23. P30 have any parts that are USP compatible?
  24. USP tactical CCW ?
  25. I only thought my HK45C was my favorite!
  26. Tricking Out Your HK Trigger
  27. Nickel Plated H&K P7M13 - Background & Origin?
  28. New Robar Uspc .45
  29. P30LS getting chewed up
  30. P30's are Too Addicting
  31. Replaced FPBS & FPS +extractor on AI USP
  32. Into the Lions Den Training at Sig Sauer with my HKPRO Hk45c - Pics Inside
  33. New gun(s) day!
  34. Looking for a standard USP9 magazine release
  35. Winchester SXZ45 Ammo?
  36. P30L V1 in USPSA Production Division
  37. HK Match .45 - Price Check
  38. HK P30LS loose part
  39. HK 45 USP Tactical shoots so soft
  40. Slides and Heat Treatment *Update*
  41. H&K handgun collection question.
  42. Sights
  43. Can I just brag for a second about my score?
  44. USP40 Fail To Feed On Last Round
  45. Sights on the P9S
  46. I Tried to shake the H&K fever
  47. New HK 45t
  48. Anyone put a stop screw in an HK45?
  49. USP 40
  50. HK45C Match Trigger still possible with parts available?
  51. HK P7 Question
  52. First polymer handgun, HK45
  53. Interesting USP Paint Job Found on Facebook
  54. HK45c with Damatos stippling and Crimson Trace Railmaster
  55. Can a HK USP45 mag be modded to work with a Mk23
  56. My new HK acquisition: A Mark 23
  57. HK P30S "Officer"..?
  58. Upcoming NGD - HK45
  59. New P30....pron =D
  60. Replace P7M8 piston?
  61. SP89
  62. HK45 vs. P30L
  63. New to Me HK USP
  64. FINALLY get my HK45c tomorrow!
  65. What Variant USP do I need?
  66. It has been Confirmed
  67. Anybody know how to get this back together?
  68. How do I know which LEM I have?
  69. For those with lighter hammer springs in their USPs?
  70. P7 not updated
  71. AI & AH USP Expert Springs ?
  72. USP 9mm 18-Round JF Magazines
  73. I'm back stateside!
  74. Production numbers: Mark 23 vs. USP 40 Tactical?
  75. Interesting conversation
  76. HK45T Problem....
  77. Old versus new style hammer strut
  78. Trigger Return Spring question
  79. Am I the only one who prefers non jet funnel Expert look?
  81. Big thank you to Rocket
  82. Taking my HK 45c to Costa HE01 CLASS CANCELED
  83. USP Expert Light, no adapter?
  84. P7: Thick or thin trigger
  85. hk 45 or hk p30 .40 help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  86. Robar HK45C
  87. Does safety still move to decock on V1 USP coverted to LEM?
  88. Which hard chrome plater for a P7M8?
  89. USPc and HK45c interchangability
  90. P30 grip length reduction
  91. P30L Backstrap Pin Problems
  92. Grip suggestions
  93. NEW MARK 23!
  94. USP Variant 4 to Variant 3 conversion?
  95. USP45C or HK45C
  96. New to me P7
  97. USP Match
  98. USPc Trijicon sights install
  99. USPc .357 Sig Collector's Item?
  100. HK45(c) vs. USP(c) Differences
  101. Any P7 PSP's coming in ?
  102. Sigs are my first love but.......
  103. HK45 compact info?
  104. HK P7M8
  105. Ordered a P30 9mm V1 LEM Today - Current/Past Owners Opinions?
  106. New addition to the family
  107. Hard to Beat a Family of Experts.....
  108. Polished trigger, but did I order the wrong detent plate for my HK45ct?
  109. LEM install while retaining saftey question HK45ct
  110. assistance: HK45 mag dimensions? Thanks!
  111. No more match hammer spring for USP. New blue springs are the only option.
  112. The cost of parts!
  113. Odd picture request - PEQ-14 on HK45 (or HK45C)
  114. P7 Owners - Gun storage ideas?
  115. One last dumb question about the LEM
  116. Dumb question re:45c and 45ct
  117. Quick help with USP 40
  118. Question about 45c
  119. looking to buy hk pistol any ideas on which one and why??????????????
  120. P30L at LGS
  121. HK45 Backstrap Problem
  122. USP45 vs HK45 impressions
  123. P2000 - Step 8 of Barth's 12 step program
  124. New additions to the HK pistol line up
  125. Looking for German USP Case / Foam Insert
  126. DA/SA better than LEM?
  127. Soft Case Recs for P7M8?
  128. Question about older USP 40
  129. Need help finding a thread from years back.
  130. First gun purchase, HK USPf 9 or 40?
  131. My new HK 9mm pistols...
  132. I rescued a USPc 40 v1 today
  133. First Post... Finally got my P30 LEM v1
  134. New to me P7
  135. VP70Z question.
  136. VP70 Is it really that bad?
  137. LEM trigger polishing and fine tuning, can it be done?
  138. visually identifying Match TRS and Light TRS
  139. P30S - For the love of God, change out the Firing Pin Block Spring.
  140. Trijicon HD install questions
  141. P30 v1 manual safety
  142. HK45 - FTE / FTF, Mag Empty -> Slide Closes
  143. Building a Match "Clone" need help with a few parts
  144. P7M10 Extractor problem
  145. New style HK Shooter bag question
  146. Value of USP .45 Date Code "KF"
  147. uspc light/laser
  148. Please help answer this. Will a USP 45 or USP 45 Match barrel fit in the HK Mark 23?
  149. saw an odd P30 today in a gun store
  150. HK P9S ISSUE
  151. new USP compact 9mm
  152. Help Me Choose an HK!
  153. HK handgun reconmendations
  154. hk4 firing pin
  155. .380 >
  156. HK45 Different Finishes?
  157. New 45CT should I do an LEM conversion?
  158. My Newest HK - Expert 9mm
  159. HK 45CT o-ring life/thread protector question
  160. Ambi control lever on Expert 9mm very hard to use
  161. For those wondering if I like the P30 V3 9mm (video/pics)
  162. New P30S (pics)
  163. LEM install on old style USP
  164. VIDEO: My thoughts on the LEM hybrid after 300 rounds
  165. USP Expert trigger return spring question
  166. I'm a newbie and I'm looking for help with my H&K 4.
  167. Just put money down on my first HK!
  168. Christmas came early!
  169. p2000 v2 to v1, just completed, thoughts
  170. USP45 question
  171. Question regarding HK 45CT and possible trade in
  172. USP CT & Hornady TAP
  173. 10-8 Rear Sight...NICE!
  174. HK P2000 issue
  175. Beginning to see the light, but confused
  176. Does the HK P9 and P9S share the same front and rear sights?
  177. Group buy HK45C FDE: Where are they now???
  178. Any collector value to my "classic" USP40 (and accessories)?
  179. False Reset/Trigger Work
  180. Vintage USP Compact
  181. After 10 years collecting dust...
  182. Back to an HK in style
  183. P30 mag question....
  184. My new 2000 HK USP 45 tactical
  185. Why I Love my P30
  186. Why I like the LEM
  187. Oops....gun pron to come
  188. P7 Slide Color
  189. I might have HK fever. Is there a cure?
  190. HK USP9 drum magazine mod from Glock Drum (project DIY)
  191. So uh......Fun Fact (don't try this)
  192. USP 9mm
  193. P30L LEM Lite V1 .40s&w No Safety???
  194. took the P7 to the range today, observations:
  195. HK45CT .vs HK45CT USP
  196. any place to get replacement ( sandpaper) grip tape for the USP combat comp?
  197. Control Lever Options ?
  198. P30 LEM reset... wow
  199. LEM to DA/SA
  200. USP .45 conversion to .45 Tactical Questions..
  201. HK magazine rotation?
  202. Trying to identify P7 Slide markings. Can you help?
  203. HK USP 40 Compact Defective - Thoughts?
  204. HK45c Tactical
  205. To those that converted to LEM trigger themselves....
  206. VIDEO: LEM Hybrid vs. Match Trigger
  207. Tan vs. FDE
  208. Calling all P7M13 experts
  209. P7 K3 .32 Conversion Kit Real Deal or Maybe Skeevy? Please Advise P7 Meisters!
  210. Newest member of the Hk family
  211. P30 Trigger Control
  212. Any USP .45 tactical upgrades over Mark 23?
  213. Options in .357 Sig?
  214. HK P7M13 problem
  215. LEM V2 > V1 - any regrets?
  216. HK45 and HK45c Questions from a newbie...
  217. HK4 Re-Finishing
  218. HK Team at the 3-gun match
  219. Floppy Hammer on LEM
  221. Has HK fixed the magazine spring issue in P2000SKs?
  222. P9S Sport Group II value?
  223. Has there ever been an HK recall?
  224. USP 45F slide grinding?
  225. P9 pistol salvation
  226. HK P2000 V3 Magazine floor plate
  227. HK USP ambidextrous controls
  228. HK P7 Not Always Cocking
  229. 9mm recommendation please
  230. HK4 with 4 calibers
  231. P30L Scratched First Time Out :(
  232. LEM (How does it work?)
  233. Lite LEM is sweet!
  234. why HK stopped making the P7 series>>>
  235. P7 Going Rate
  236. Should I trade?
  237. Red dot sights for P30L
  238. hk p30 hk usp
  239. P-Series Trigges vs. USP Triggers: Why?
  240. My new P30L
  241. Finish Options
  242. My first P7
  243. USP sight question
  244. Mark 23....Should I?!?
  245. P30S V1 LEM w/ safety?
  246. New to the site, seeking some guidance
  247. EFK Firedragon 9mm Conversion Barrel for the USP 40 Full Size
  248. Costa's Handgun 02 class (again); USP45 (again); No Cleaning/Lube (again).
  249. WTK Value of P9S Target in 9mm
  250. Picked up the P7 today>>>>