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  1. Found a USP Elite 9mm!
  2. USP and USPc magazine compatability, why not?
  3. A new HK owner is born!!
  4. Parts availability
  5. My USP's new look
  6. I need a Weapon Light for a new H&K 45 C . Im not sure what model will fit properly
  7. Hybrid Match LEM trigger option for P2000 or HK45?
  8. Third HK in two months
  9. USP .45 or HK .45???
  10. Great MK23 prototype pictures
  11. Trijicon HD for USP Compact
  12. Need Wilcox Help
  13. Upcoming Birthday
  14. Finally! Got my USP.
  15. Bought first P7 need some help.
  16. Shot my first three guns ever today, all HK handguns!
  17. I thought the USP match trigger kit was a true drop-in kit, but maybe not?
  18. HK USPC Mags
  19. What is a fair price for a USP in stainless?
  20. Questions about possible P7M13 purchase
  21. VIDEO: Installing the USP extended mag release
  22. HK45c Decocker/Safety
  23. got my first hk!!!
  24. 5 count draws issues using the safety with the usp
  25. re-build used P7M13 mags?
  26. HK45C Tease!
  27. Need advice on HK45, HK45C decision, price and a ammo?
  28. HK45 mag availability, any info?
  29. KH USP 45 PRICE
  30. Older USP's
  31. Photo of Lipsey's HK45
  32. USP45 CT barrel sources?
  33. trijicon 3 dot on usp expert?
  34. Pimp my USP
  35. Do you think the HK prices will go back down later?
  36. Scored A Couple Of Magazines!
  37. To clone or not to clone? That is the question
  38. Firearm Storage
  39. Changing sights
  40. First HK came home 6 months ago... now a P7K3 is on the way... questions inside.
  41. Picked up used full size USP. Is this normal?
  42. Proud New Owner Of An Expert
  43. Newbie here. HK USP .40 MATCH question.
  44. Removing safetys from p30ls
  45. LEM Kit HK45c
  46. HK4 extractor question
  47. Need a Summer Carry
  48. Question about the P30S Safety lever
  49. Fixed the Lazy/sticky reset on a HK45
  50. Looking for a HK45CT any leads?
  51. P2000SK V3 second outing.
  52. Insight UTL M2 Light question?
  53. Thinking of trading my USP 45 Tac.
  54. Identifying HK P7
  55. P2000SK V3
  56. How to tell if H&K USP came facotry as LEM
  57. Hk4 x 4 cal. set
  58. HK4 Newest member to my HK fam
  60. Is there damage if not cleaned often?
  61. Thoughts on the USP 45 v HK45
  62. This might be one of the best looking handguns I've ever seen
  63. is this rust on my new P30?
  64. Slide Coated USP 40 with Minor functional problems
  65. Need your help identifying foreign USP .45 magazine springs.
  66. HK45C threaded barrel
  67. Hk45 now?
  68. New Holster and Night Sights!
  69. HK45 CT Range Report
  70. HK45CT Trigger Problem
  71. PS200sk anywhere
  72. Searching for USP old-style catch.
  73. HK45 Tactical
  74. HK45c Trigger Bar Wiggle
  75. Match trigger a bad idea for a non-sporting gun?
  76. wolf springs ?
  77. HK 45 Cleaning Questions
  78. Made a few changes to my OD USP .45.
  79. My new P2000sk 9mm
  80. P30,.....any spare parts I should have on hand?
  81. It happened!
  82. My Trifecta of HK Handguns
  83. Slide Lock on USP 45c
  84. Gripped up on the USP
  85. HK45 first range trip, observations and question?
  86. LEM/Match trigger questions
  87. Custom attributes to HK 45
  88. Source for P9S buffers
  89. HK45C Trigger Reset after LEM
  90. HK45 video.
  91. HK Mod 4 Issue
  92. Help me decide on what combat night sights for my tactical .
  93. New Jet Funnel 18 rounds mags vs old
  94. After some waiting, It is finally here!!
  95. New to me HK P9S and a question
  96. p30L ejecting backwards?
  97. Looking for a new EDC
  98. Noob found a Hk USP 45, should I buy?
  99. Magpul Dynamics Handgun 1 class (USP 9)
  100. Need Fanny Pack for USP 45
  101. Help a noob pick his first handgun...
  102. First hand gun... I chose an H&K USP-9. First 800 round report
  103. HK45T release pushed back?
  104. Price check:USP C Limited Taupe V1
  105. P2000sk Article
  106. What is this light?
  107. Nothing they can do....
  108. HK45 and HK45C for European market
  109. Finally shot the P7 today!
  110. Back in business with Jarvis....
  111. My new Expert 40
  112. What's on your Trijicon? P2000SK
  113. VIDEO: USP Match trigger vs. standard Trigger
  114. Pics of my mods
  115. P7 PSP: Market Pricing Insight?
  116. HK P30 magazine falling out as it recoils...
  117. Hk45 .. gun wear?
  118. Time's really must be Tough for HK manufacturing
  119. This P7 really wanted to come home with me.
  120. Tune up by HK for my P7M8
  121. HK P7 Value
  122. hiviz sight, p7 or usp?
  123. USP Old style vs New style compatibility
  124. Newest Family member
  125. Opinion
  126. Just bought the extended magazine release.
  127. hk45 Slide Not Opening? Majorly Dissapointed
  128. Hk's FB page question (Mag release poll)
  129. P9s
  130. Import marks
  132. Someone asked, forget who. Cheap source for .45ACP HK barrel O-rings.
  133. Look What Came Yesterday!!! HK45C with small range report
  134. USP Expert .460 Rowland
  135. so HK45 taticals are on the market already?
  136. Just picked up my new USP 45
  137. P7 German made $1700
  138. 9MM P30l Failure to Eject
  139. Decisions Decisions....
  140. P30 Variances
  141. Drop-in barrel for HK45CT?
  142. New to the board. Trigger spring question?
  143. Where to buy USP custom combat decal grips?
  144. I know USP45 10 Rnd Mag Floor Plates were fragile, but really H&K?
  145. P& gas piston install
  146. Found a diamond in the rough.
  147. V2 to V1 what parts and where to order
  148. Couldn't find a 45CT, so I'll build one.
  149. Value USPC 9mm
  150. USP Compact .45 Question
  151. New Member Hello from Indiana
  152. HK P7 Chromed @ Mahovsky's Metalife
  153. Snaged a HK45.... yipeee
  154. Another newb question
  155. P7M13 Question
  156. Those of you with 45c's and P2000sk's please step inside...
  157. Just bought my first HK, USP 45. Have a few questions.
  158. HK Universal LEM Conversion Kit - Part #???
  159. ETA of HK45 Tactical's
  160. V1 to V5 Conversion
  161. Light LEM HEAVY pull
  162. P7M8 Gas Chamber Erosion
  163. Current value of a p7k3
  164. Whats this HK 45 Expert worth? (pics)
  165. HK 45CT help
  166. New family finally all together.
  167. hk45 cleaning bronze vs nylon. scratches
  168. HELP! Broken safety lever
  169. Did H&K change the USP .45 magazine design at some point?
  170. Any H&K pistols in 22LR?
  171. 80% USPC body?
  172. Breaking News! HK45 SAO
  173. Question with slide release on P30 V3
  174. New here and first HK (usp 9mm)
  175. Sterling P7 with noticeable squeeze cocker quirk/issue...
  176. My HK Handguns...What next?
  177. I'm HOOKED!!!
  178. first time shooting my new USPc 9
  179. P30S V3 - 10rd MA Compliant anywhere?
  180. HK45 or HK45CT stock anywhere
  181. P30 vs P30L... shooting differences...
  182. Question on Tactical Lights for the USPc
  183. Question on Retail/Purchase Value: 2009 USP Compact 9mm
  184. USP40F is pretty nice.
  185. HK people please help save this army officer's life
  186. P2000.357 barrel mods. ?
  187. P9S 9mm Parts Suggestions....
  188. Bitten by HK bug again. USP Expert .40
  189. 10 TRS in less than 3 hours!!!
  190. new to me usp 45
  191. P7 PSP piston
  192. P30s
  193. LEM Conversion Kits
  194. Just fired my P30S for the first time!
  195. Gun rug from H&K webshop?
  196. SP89
  197. UPDATE :-( Buy a LNIB HK USPc 45 w/ NS for $650??
  198. M2 UTL LED Light upgrade
  199. usp 40 shooting way low
  200. P7s
  201. Thoughts on the HK pistols from an initial skeptic's perspective
  202. Question about USPc mags.
  203. Quick Question: Please forgive my lack of knowledge
  204. HK P7 M8 question
  205. Back into HK with a HK45c!
  206. Back in the HK fold - P2000sk
  207. USP Tactical Date code q
  208. Trijicon HDs Installed on HK45c - Pics
  209. P30S v3 - some play in hammer
  210. USP?s CCW?
  211. Buy spare parts vs used P7
  212. Need Help With New HK45 - factory did not include decocking
  213. Question about HK45C threaded barrel from the webshop
  214. P2000sk RFID tag
  215. LEM TRS/HS Issue for P30
  216. USP 45 barrel
  217. Holy smokes! The P30S is incredibly sweet!
  218. Gun Show Find!
  219. Light LEM low and to the left
  221. Meprolights shoots low. Any new news
  222. I'm Through with H&K Pistols
  223. Teaser video for Colion Noir HK P30 review
  224. P7M8
  225. Pure HK Goodness - Please Help!
  226. hk uspc 45 slide and barrel
  227. P2000sk .40s&w
  228. Does this P30 model exist?
  229. Which H&K Would You Choose?
  230. New to me USP Expert .40
  231. Finally...placed order for a new HK45
  232. Newest member of my HK family!
  233. Help valuing a P7M13
  234. Picked up HK45c & HK 91 today!
  235. New (to me) HK 45c !!
  236. P7M10 value
  237. Installed My Light LEM on HK45C
  238. HK45c slide release broken
  239. Acquired my 2nd H&K this week. This time it's a USP .45!
  240. HK45 Interview with Ken Hackathorn and Larry Vickers
  241. P30 trigger questions
  242. CCW: Light LEM vs. Condition 1
  243. HK UTL
  244. Dilema? which/ what to do? got it bad?
  245. P7M8 - Question
  246. Range gun and carry gun.
  247. p30 vs uspc vs p2000 vs p2000sk
  248. P2000sk
  249. P30 vs USP's vs Tacticals
  250. Got my p30s in and :I'm excited so long post sorry