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  1. took the P7 to the range today, observations:
  2. HK45CT .vs HK45CT USP
  3. any place to get replacement ( sandpaper) grip tape for the USP combat comp?
  4. Control Lever Options ?
  5. P30 LEM reset... wow
  6. LEM to DA/SA
  7. USP .45 conversion to .45 Tactical Questions..
  8. HK magazine rotation?
  9. Trying to identify P7 Slide markings. Can you help?
  10. HK USP 40 Compact Defective - Thoughts?
  11. HK45c Tactical
  12. To those that converted to LEM trigger themselves....
  13. VIDEO: LEM Hybrid vs. Match Trigger
  14. Tan vs. FDE
  15. Calling all P7M13 experts
  16. P7 K3 .32 Conversion Kit Real Deal or Maybe Skeevy? Please Advise P7 Meisters!
  17. Newest member of the Hk family
  18. P30 Trigger Control
  19. Any USP .45 tactical upgrades over Mark 23?
  20. Options in .357 Sig?
  21. HK P7M13 problem
  22. LEM V2 > V1 - any regrets?
  23. HK45 and HK45c Questions from a newbie...
  24. HK4 Re-Finishing
  25. HK Team at the 3-gun match
  26. Floppy Hammer on LEM
  28. Has HK fixed the magazine spring issue in P2000SKs?
  29. P9S Sport Group II value?
  30. Has there ever been an HK recall?
  31. USP 45F slide grinding?
  32. P9 pistol salvation
  33. HK P2000 V3 Magazine floor plate
  34. HK USP ambidextrous controls
  35. HK P7 Not Always Cocking
  36. 9mm recommendation please
  37. HK4 with 4 calibers
  38. P30L Scratched First Time Out :(
  39. LEM (How does it work?)
  40. Lite LEM is sweet!
  41. why HK stopped making the P7 series>>>
  42. P7 Going Rate
  43. Should I trade?
  44. Red dot sights for P30L
  45. hk p30 hk usp
  46. P-Series Trigges vs. USP Triggers: Why?
  47. My new P30L
  48. Finish Options
  49. My first P7
  50. USP sight question
  51. Mark 23....Should I?!?
  52. P30S V1 LEM w/ safety?
  53. New to the site, seeking some guidance
  54. EFK Firedragon 9mm Conversion Barrel for the USP 40 Full Size
  55. Costa's Handgun 02 class (again); USP45 (again); No Cleaning/Lube (again).
  56. WTK Value of P9S Target in 9mm
  57. Picked up the P7 today>>>>
  58. P7M8 mags marked "P7"
  59. Newb P30 owner with a thanks
  60. Bought a LEM kit for my USP
  61. NGD HK45
  62. Cerakoted my P30 frame Magpul FDE
  63. Do you think my USP Expert 9mm has false reset issue?
  64. Help With P30LS
  66. USPc Vs P2000sk
  67. Nice HK 45 review video on You Tube
  68. How do I Identify My Pistol
  69. All my P7's are out of Calif. Jail
  70. Factory LEM or V 3 conversion on P 2000
  71. Night site options - P7M13?
  72. expert, elite, and match series
  73. P7M13 Restoral??
  74. HK45 Shallow primer hits?
  75. Can someone explain the Elite price?
  76. USP 9mm Expert SA Trigger Pull
  77. Help me decide between pistols
  78. which magazine springs are correct? P30 v3 9mm 10 rds
  79. uspc 40 light LEM, heinies and a jarvis treaded barrel. My new favorite pistol
  80. Help!! Uspc 40 or usp 45?
  81. First HK purchase
  82. H K compact finish
  83. hoping to pick up a p7m8 this weekend
  84. WTK: about P9S Sport
  85. New serial number system?
  86. Added a Mark 23 to the collection
  87. Which H&K CS Rep did you use for 45c reset issue fix?
  88. About to buy a USP Compact 9mm
  89. Green Laser for USP, No Adapter
  90. HK45C flat magazine base pads?
  91. My factory sights are off...
  92. Hk45
  93. TRS installation video?
  94. HK USP Compact 45acp - Looking for current market value
  95. Got a new USP Expert 9MM today
  96. HK45 Compact Springs
  97. HK USP Spring Replacement
  98. HK USP Compact 40 Stainless **Wowww**
  99. HK P30S V3 Spring Question
  100. HK P7M13 Question
  101. Is the USP 45 CT shipping from HK with 10 round elephant foot mags?
  102. Really liking my modified Heavy LEM trigger!
  103. Looking for a Mark 23?
  104. Decocker on hk usp 45 tac stopped working ?
  105. Symbol on Frame, barrel and slide of HK45 Compact
  106. Value of HK USP 45 10 round mags
  107. New to Forum and New to HK
  108. Confused & need help from HK PRO'S about V7
  109. Praise of the USP FS Match LEM Hybrid
  110. Brought home a new friend for my HKs
  111. Extended mg release in the USP Expert ( 9mm) with Jet Funnel? mags fall out
  112. I just jumped on board!
  113. All the talk about trying different combos of panels for the P30 inspired me.
  114. New to the forum - just bought myself a P30L v. 1
  115. P30 Light LEM .40
  116. Brand New Mark 23 at LGS- Should I take her home?
  117. P30 Newbie Help
  118. P30 V2 question ?
  119. Spare parts kit for H&K P30
  120. Polishing satin SS HK?
  121. P7 finish question
  122. LAser/Light combo for 45c..
  123. Importance of having all orginal contents for a collector's piece?
  124. HK P7 M series FAT TRIGGER
  125. Trijicon HD Sights for P30
  126. DA trigger squeak
  127. "Not buying anymore guns this year................"
  128. interested in buying an hk
  129. VIDEO: Installing sights on a USP without a sight pusher
  130. HK45C Match Trigger Mod--Successful
  131. UTL MK II
  132. weird looking heinie...
  134. P7M13 Good Deal?
  135. HK 45 Tactical Tan.....WOW
  136. P7M8 Nickel finish
  137. HK45 issue, help.
  138. Light LEM v. Match LEM Hybrid
  139. HK magazine: standard vs extended
  140. P7M13 match?
  141. Weird Q about perceived recoil on USP .40C
  142. Sight removal question.
  143. HK P7 M8 Two Tone finish
  144. To Jet Funnel or not?
  145. HK USPCT .45 Back from GGI
  146. USP .40 Compact Questions..
  147. P30 Magazine Question
  148. What is the best tactical pack (light and laser) to put on your HK 45?
  149. P2000sk Same caliber barrel swap
  150. Is it worth it????
  151. I just special ordered a HK 45 from my local gun long until I get it?
  152. P7 questions
  153. My third HK
  154. HK Mark 23.Barrel
  155. Picking up my P200SK .40 cal Tuesday.....
  156. Value of USP 40 tan frame w/ HK soft case?
  157. USPT is it really worth it?
  158. EFK Fire Dragon Barrel to Convert my HKP30 40 S&W to 9mm. Does it work?
  159. Anyone here actually mount an RMR on an HK45 or 45c?
  160. drilled my triggers for trigger stops
  161. New Mark 23 in my hands
  162. Trigger job
  164. Got my first....
  165. p30s roll pin size ?
  166. FDE HK45c Owners Thread
  167. USP 45 Expert Value?
  168. Pimping out the Expert 9mm
  169. USP Expert 45 Sight Questions
  170. First H&K Acquisition
  171. False Reset fixed in current production HK45c?
  172. Went out today and ran in to great HK deals by accident
  173. What is a used USP45 Compact going for these days?
  174. USP9c and P2000SK mag floor plates
  175. SP89 recommendations
  176. Any difference in O rings?
  177. P9S trigger over-travel stop
  178. Tirgger work on a light LEM P30
  179. 45C Rail mount for Streamlight TLR 4?
  180. LEM VTG variant?
  181. HK45C and Inforce APL
  182. Got it, my new P30L v1
  183. Does anyone know the actual velocity increase with tactical vs standard HK45 barrel?
  184. Returned the HK45T for a HK USP45T
  185. Why you don't drink heavily and then cruise Gunbroker......
  186. Finally acquired an HK
  187. USP Expert 9mm Search
  188. IS My USP 9mm Collectible?
  189. Extended magazine options?
  190. Buying a pistol, I need advice
  191. Usp elite .45 pricing
  192. Latest HK purchase: USP Compact in 9mm
  193. What's next on the list
  194. Unusual Wear on a USP40
  195. HK 45C - first H&K/trigger question?
  196. Can't reach HK45 slide release
  198. Question on price of HK p9s
  199. The machining of the USP Bolt( slide) details ?
  200. Just received new P30L
  201. P7 m13 values
  202. x300 ultra mounted to my hk45c
  203. HK45 break in period
  204. P30LS - Rocky Mountain 3gun
  205. H&K Law Enforcement Distributor
  206. My New Twins!
  207. Question on HK P9S and P9 Sport models
  208. hk45c ambi selector
  209. USP Compact .45 Slide Stop/Release Lever Issue
  210. Finally...
  211. LGS H&K P7 price? Should I pull the trigger?
  212. USP Jet Funnel Capacity
  213. Several questions on the rubber "o" rings.
  214. Question on LEM trigger systerm
  215. Just porn.
  216. H&K USP Tactical Sight Tool Options/Possibilities
  217. USP 45 Remake - Need your help
  218. Soon to be P2000SK owner
  219. MacGyver's TRS installation Tool
  220. Variant Conversion Question
  221. Mark 23 with no threads advice
  222. My tan and OD USP .45s found a new home!
  223. So I was going to give in and buy a Glock...
  224. HK USP LEM conversion failed maybe???
  225. Looking for new sights to my USP
  226. Mexican P7 in US?
  227. Mark 23 vs USPc. Need some pics please!!
  228. Why no subcompact .45?
  229. P30 internal frame parts
  230. P7 PSP Cleaning question
  231. Mark 23 - How did I do?
  232. USP-SD barrel with E7 marking?
  233. I SCORED!!!
  234. Just got great deal on P9S Target Model thanks to other hkpro members...
  235. spray cleaner (such as Gun Scrubber) OK to use in USP?
  236. seven digit serial number on HK P9s question
  237. Just bought a NIB USP 45 on GB
  238. Local Gun Store had a P2000 for $499.99 (used)
  239. Trouble findind a ported barrel...
  240. Usp-p2000 help!
  241. HK45c question...
  242. My New P30 may not be for me....
  243. My HK 45c has ruined me...
  244. Rear sight issue - P30L
  245. Hk45c recoil spring same as usp45c ?
  246. Hk p2000 question
  247. Longtime lurker
  248. Saw a P30 V2 last weekend
  249. Hostile Environment finish
  250. Date code in serail number on P30?