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  1. My newest addition...An USP45 Compact Stainless !!!!!!
  2. P30 9mm Help
  3. Usp 45 ss
  4. HK45 variant change
  5. Old vs New USP LEM question
  6. Sight for a USP Turktical
  7. HK P7 (I have your test target #77169)
  8. need advice on a usp 45
  9. HK Model 4 .22LR Magazines Help
  10. HK P7 M8 idenity
  11. P30S V3 9mm
  12. New HK P30 V4
  13. Hk45ct v3
  14. P30L Todd Green Special Spring Issue
  15. Communist trough, BEGONE!!!
  16. Hk vp70z 9mm value??
  17. Noob to forum - HK 40 usp compact purchase today (used)
  18. LEM conversion for USPc
  19. Too much time .....
  20. Another overly engraved P7
  21. Guns aren't dangerous, but shiny new HK's are...
  22. New USP...
  23. A feature on the Mark 23 Locking block
  24. USP compared to USPc
  25. P9S Slide with Tritium Target Sights - It arrived. NEW PICS...
  26. Removing the 'S' in P30S
  27. Adding a threaded barrel to a USP9 Match--too much?
  28. Changing safety lever on USP 45
  29. Bruce Gray Reduced Reset Carry Perfection Package
  30. HK45T in fde
  31. HK P7 madness
  32. Variants that run like a 1911 (USP, P30, P2000, P2000sk)
  33. David Bowie Vicker's Tactical Package on HK45
  34. HK45C vs HK45CT: Recoil Springs
  35. Night sights option for USP compact?
  36. did anyone get (and try out) the 5 rd extensions for P30 yet?
  37. P7 problems
  38. Will a 357sig barrel from a p2000 fit/function in a .40cal P30S?
  39. Will There Ever Be A P30 Tactical model pistol?
  40. Couple questions about refinishing a HK45C and then also about Night Sights.
  41. New Found Friend
  42. Trigger smoothing and rough action HK45.
  43. P7K3 Buffer Replacement
  44. I simply couldn't say no to my LGS
  45. Practical differences between P30 and P30L
  46. Better pistol for a collector: P7 or P7M8???
  47. Weird color on side of USP 9mm
  48. New Member here just a quick question regarding my new hk45T
  49. MARK 23 - First Impressions
  50. USP9 Expert v. P30 Grayguns RRCRP
  51. P 7 PSP import mark
  52. New Addition To The Family
  53. Taylor Freelance P30 Mag Extensions?
  54. P2000 Sig 357 verify
  55. V3/V4 Detent Plate. Does anyone know WHERE I can find one in-stock?
  56. Need help making up my mine on the HK45C or HK45CT, new or used etc. Have money now.
  57. P30L pins and FPBS question
  58. VIDEO: USP trigger pull weight comparisons - V1, Match, LEM Hybrid
  59. Trigger touching guard on Mark 23 ?
  60. Hogue handall and the Mark 23
  61. USP Match Trigger Kit
  62. GGG rail usp 9 ....what key?
  63. Hk45 LEM conversion
  64. Sight pusher options
  65. HK USP45 Tactical, Barrel and Slide Gap, is this normal?
  66. Is it time to change my magazine springs? USP 40 full size
  67. VIDEO: Mark 23 trigger pull
  68. Have to hate distributors.
  69. Looking for first H&K pistol
  70. Carrying USP Cocked and Unlocked
  71. Getting back into the HK world
  72. Good site for P7 information
  73. New JF Mags
  74. Just got off the phone with HK about my FDE's........
  75. Best Night Sights for P30?
  76. HK45c Grip Mod
  77. P30LS V1 disassembly issue
  78. P30 mags sticking in magwell
  79. USPc light
  80. HK P30S 9mm help please
  81. HK4 spring rod
  82. Glut of Experts
  83. I just bought a P7
  84. Added a P9S to the collection!
  85. First time gun owner going with p2000sk
  86. Unmarked HK mags
  87. WTK: How to add safety to USP V7 LEM
  88. LEM Help, Early USP 9
  89. My new addition.
  90. I need my hk p7m8 refinished
  91. I'm new to HK and looking at P7M8...Quick question
  92. Growing 45c family
  93. Converting LITE LEM P30 to DA/SA
  94. New (to me) HK4 and P9S
  95. NIB USP 45C Stainless - collectable?
  96. H&K P30- can we put USP controls on it?
  97. What would it take to mod a USP to have a rear de-cock button?
  98. USP Match in 9mm - What Recoil Springs are used?
  99. USP Tactical sights
  100. Match Trigger Kit Install on an older USP 40
  101. It always feels great when I "finish" one of my USPs.
  102. P30 Magazine Movement?
  103. HK USP / Benelli VHS Tape
  104. Jagd-Und Sportwaffen marked cases
  105. HK45 4 ME?
  106. Best Laser for. USP Compact
  107. HK45C Tactical V1
  108. Change to DA/SA from lem
  109. Usp 9mm to Expert
  110. Finally picked up the P30 V1!
  111. Shooting my new P7M13
  112. An Armslist success story.....HK Tactical goodness!
  113. P30 V1 take up & creep help
  114. Picked up an Expert 9mm JF yesterday
  115. P7E marked KA date coded pistols bracketing
  116. New member to th HK family
  117. Another HK comes home :)
  118. How would you qualify a P7M8 for CCW?
  119. Whats a BD date coded Mark23 go for?
  120. Updating to the New Hammer Style - USP
  121. Was taking pictures for a prospective buyer, what is this I see? HK 45c FDE
  122. USP Compact trigger bar
  123. Which would you rather have: P7M8, P7M13, or two P7 PSPs?
  124. HK45 variant question
  125. H&K P7 9mm
  126. Bought a slightly used P30L......has issues **Douchebag Alert**
  127. USP 40: want to convert V3 to V1: where to find detent plate? HK parts etc. seems out
  128. Picatinny rail and thread protector for HK MK 23 ?
  129. HK P7 M13 ($$$$?????)
  130. HK employees preferred carrying P7's
  131. HK P2000 9mm V3 with Robar NP3 Plus and Stippling
  132. Does this P7 look Refinished?
  133. HK USP Tactical 45 RESOLVED
  134. Love the HK45C but...
  135. Thinking about replacing the sights on my HK's
  136. Question about inserting P30 Magazine
  137. H&K 45C Safety Question?
  138. New addition to my HK family
  139. New P2000sk
  140. Did HK make a USP45 with an OD green slide?
  141. P7 Fever
  142. HK45 Taclight suggestions
  143. First HK, P7M8
  144. Novak combat competition sights - shooting low?
  145. P2000 night sight options
  146. Problems with Federal HST 230gr .45ACP and USP45
  147. Saw Some Nice HKs Yesterday
  148. Your ideas to fix mutilated sights on USP 40 full size
  149. USP expert dilemna: to jet funnel or not to jet funnel?
  150. New addition to collection HK USP 001
  151. well worn P2000 LEM 9mm
  152. HK 9mm Expert
  153. how much is a hk usp compact 357 worth? 95% condition
  154. Negative on HK Mark 23 Field Strip
  155. Flat base plate
  156. Tornado Technologies Barrels??
  157. P30 Back strap roll pin
  158. USP T .45 slide locked back on 9th round..
  159. P30 V1 Frustration. Please Help!!!
  160. HK45 Threaded Barrel Removed
  161. Talk to me about HK45 full size vs. USP 45?
  162. USP Expert 9mm a viable game gun against tier 1 semi custom 1911 pistols ?
  163. First H&K
  164. Did I Steal a USP???
  165. USP 45 Tactical first impressions
  166. P7m8 nills install
  167. HK Dates vs Springs vs Mods
  168. P2000 V3 converted to LEM V1
  169. P30/USPc Mag interchangeability
  170. HK45C LEM experts, step inside please.
  171. Couple of USP 45 Tactical question.
  172. P7M8 help
  173. HK45C Thread Protector
  174. P7m8
  175. USP 45T Price check
  176. TruGlo TFOs for HK
  177. HK45C conversion to LEM.
  178. P30L slide machining defect?
  179. OK so i got bored an this is what happend
  180. H&Ks used to test new ammo
  181. Question: USP Tactical Accuracy vs. my Les Baer 1911
  182. Price check
  183. USP Barrel Wear
  184. Oldest P2000SK i've ever seen!
  185. Documenting P30L wear points
  186. L.A.M for MK 23
  187. Trijicon RMR
  188. GRAY GUNS
  189. Bought my first hk
  190. Trijicon HD sights on a P2000?
  191. H & K USP Tactical (45 ACP)
  192. USPc Heinie Tactical sights
  193. My growing USP family
  194. P7M8 Wood Grips
  195. Uh oh. So this is how it begins.
  196. P30 Ejection Port Differences
  197. MARK 23 Sight options
  198. Adjustable sights for a P7M13?
  199. It followed me home from the gun show!
  200. Replacing springs on used P2000 sk.
  201. HK P7 slide issue
  202. Thanks StraightGrain
  203. Finally have a small HK family
  204. I used to think I hated the HK45
  205. .40 mags in 9mm gun, vice versa
  206. HK45 vs USP45
  207. Why no place to put a reflex sight?
  208. Had to upgrade the P30 and the HK45c
  209. HK Magazine Advice
  210. Two HK's in two weeks. P30 V1 inbound.
  211. Found a mint condition HK4 complete set... question
  212. HK USP 9mm Full Size
  213. P2000 vs HK45c for carry in communist state
  214. Chocolate Beauty(burnt bronze 45)
  215. Battle scarred Worn HK Pics Thread
  216. HELP: Getting light primer strikes with LEM
  217. Questions About Date Codes on Side of Pistols?
  218. LEM vs. SA and are all equal?
  219. HK45 Tactical Trigger question
  220. Mark 23 thread protecter
  221. What is a fair price for P7 PSP magazines?
  222. difference is spec between the P7M8 P7M13 P7M10, any body have pictures of all three
  223. Step up from USP45 Tactical to HK45 Tactical?
  224. Are all HK45 Tacticals the same "variant"?
  225. USP sight change need help
  226. Finally came across a gray USP .45
  227. A little fuzzy on V4 and TGS Differences/Conversion
  228. HK 45 Tactical OD Green
  229. HK4 .22lr Question
  230. New jet funnel magazine question?
  231. Got HK 45 and HK p30 Trijicon HD sights on yesterday.
  232. Soul searching: Trade a USPf9 for P2000 lem?
  233. After market extended mags for HK45?
  234. Cleaning HK P2000SK Barrel / HK Barrels
  235. Please school me on the 45 choices
  236. Some advice on converting a SA/DA V1 Expert to LEM
  237. USP Elite - afew questions.
  238. Price Check - Used 9mm USP Elite
  239. P2000 v0 for IPSC/IDPA
  240. Trigger smoothing P2000 sk question
  241. USP45 Mag Rusting
  242. HK45 Advice
  243. HK 45c picatinny rail. All show?
  244. My first HK is in hand!
  245. Hk 45ct v1 to v2
  246. USPf .40 LEM light strikes?
  247. Specific model #'s gone on the HK site?
  248. Frame marking & Ejection port question
  249. New P30 guide rod and buffer?
  250. Louder trigger because of Match Trigger Kit?