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  1. Nib p7m13 value?
  2. HK P2000sk
  3. Favorite sighting system
  4. What are telltale signs that a gun has been refurbished and being listed as NIB?
  5. How to remove tape from cardboard box?
  6. Anyone have pictures of a TLR-4 on a USP 45?
  7. Can You Just Put a HK P7M8 Heatshield on a HK P7 PSP?
  8. HK P30LS + HK P2000sk holsters?
  9. sp89
  10. Found a VP 70 Z
  11. I Never Handled an HK P7M13... Question please.
  12. P7M8
  13. 10-8 Performance Now Offering Brass Front for HK45/P30 etc. Tritium coming soon.
  14. What is the most recent date code anyone has seen on a P2000SK?
  15. P30 V3 LEM conversion viability
  16. HK45 mag help
  17. How may I get this HK pistol?
  18. Just bought Chantilly P7M13 w/ Fat Trigger
  19. .45 Super Problems Chambering & Ejecting Buffalo Bore .45 Super & +P 255gr Castcore
  20. Any dealers still carry the P7 police trade ins?
  21. Put HIVIZ Fiber Optic Sights on my P7?
  22. Question for P2000sk owners
  23. HK45 / HK45c back in production in Germany
  24. USP 9 Threaded Barrel?
  25. Novak Combat Competition rear sight with the wide-notch option?
  26. HK45 Bowie Tactical V1 to LEM?
  27. Range Bag for 45CT
  28. Look what i found
  29. Any info on LEM kit availability
  30. I too also got a deal today.
  31. P7M13 w/box + goodies vs. without box + goodies
  33. what is mounted on this P7?
  34. HK Expert 9mm Consecutive serial serial numbered
  35. Chantilly, Sterling, Columbus or Trussville, which is best build quality?
  36. Half cock and V9
  37. Anyone use Sentry Solution Tuf-Glide / Smooth-Kote?
  38. LAM-100 IR Purchase?
  39. Golf & Guns
  40. LEM Install Issue
  41. which mark 23?
  42. I have one of these, but I need a shooter
  43. Looking for HK4 Parts Sources
  44. Mark 23
  45. Are these Nill-Griffe Grips
  46. Price check please.
  47. 45USP Options/Accessories
  48. Double Action Only Pistols
  49. Brand new USP has a plastic hammer?!
  50. Where to get P30 barrel threaded ?
  51. USP Expert 9mm - Reno Guns order
  52. My Newest HK pick up. USP Match
  53. False reset in HK45/HK45C
  54. 9mm Elite barrel?
  55. Dawson Precision Front AND Rear Sights for HK45c
  56. Where to Source a Tan HK45 Tactical?
  57. USP sight height question
  58. New usp- fpbs which one?
  59. What's the deal with P7 police trade ins?
  60. 2nd Time At The Range
  61. Comparing the triggers of the Mark 23, P30, and HK45c
  62. I really need to stop spending so much....
  63. p2000 v2????
  64. Twins
  65. barrel threading. HK 4 22lr
  66. SP89 value & options
  67. Would you trade a HK45c for a P7M13?
  68. New to me - First P7M10
  69. P9S Sport Barrel Weight alignment plate
  70. It's an addiction!
  71. P7M13 magazines impulse buy -- hoping I didn't overreact...
  72. P30 Magazine Baseplate Options?
  73. Value of a used USP40?
  74. usp hk45 problems. anyone else encounter this?
  75. Finger groove grips for .45 tactical
  76. HK Team at the Alabama State USPSA match
  78. Nills grips on p7m13?
  79. Changing safety lever on usp
  80. Ambidextrous slide lock on HK45CT??
  81. In quest of the perfect trigger in an HK45 , did I really make it better?....
  82. New HK45 Tactical (Black) Pics Inside
  83. steel casings are ok for usp tactical?
  84. Interchangeable backstrap too small for HK45...
  85. Picked my next HK! Getting a P30S!
  86. Compact 9mm, pros and cons of the USP Compact and the P30.
  87. Contemplating a P7K3 purchase
  88. My USP 45 was Lonely
  89. USP .40 w/ threaded barrel
  90. Reusing USP front sights
  91. My first P7 - Info needed (pics)
  92. Unusual P7 - Please help identify!
  93. Hk45 and hk45T , is it tan or FDE?
  94. The wait may kill me
  95. MK-23
  96. Is there a difference...
  97. Looking for some help please
  98. HK45 in magazines
  99. new to me usp 40 kf
  100. HK45 extended magazines?
  101. Little help going to V2?
  102. HK45Ts on gunbroker the same seller
  103. Lost my Henie front sight
  104. Why no P-Series variants/sub-models?
  105. Any dealers out there selling a USP 9mm SD for a reasonable price?
  106. New HK 45 Nightsights? Magazine base pads.
  107. P2000 question
  108. P7M8 Karl Nill's Arrived today
  109. Night sights arriving tomorrow, does it take a special HK sight pusher?
  110. Record sale for P7M10?
  111. HK45 w/ new Trijicon HD - Sight Picture Question
  112. Quality difference between P7's?
  113. Trijicon HD for HK45/HK45c
  114. USP45c and Hk45c magazines
  115. Just saw something interesting Re: mags.
  116. Failure to feed on USP with less than 75 rounds.
  117. I'm about to pull the trigger on a USP Match, help!
  118. USP light/laser combo that does not use adapter?
  119. HK45C & HK45 mag compatibility.....
  120. Noob question on USP Compact V1
  121. Recovered Bullets & 45T Range report
  122. Hk45T
  123. Should HK make Tan + OD Green HK45 without threaded barrel?
  124. LGS has HK45C $1069 NIB
  125. HELP: P9S in 45 questions
  126. Question on P30LS variants
  127. Anyone have a Barska green laser on their USP 45?
  128. Lack of HKs
  129. Help! More I know, the more confused I get...........
  130. Which HK for carry?
  131. Ambidextrous Control Lever Kit for HK45/HK45c
  132. HK Expert - Is it "rare" and worth what they are asking?
  133. 1min video on the P- Decocker
  134. Two P30 with maybe factory threaded L barrel in Czech
  135. group buy 45c showed up/damage included
  136. Just got the 45c back from robar
  137. Lovin my new P2000
  138. Tornado Technologies P7Mx Threaded Barrel?
  139. Question about markings on p7 PSP box
  140. Value of HK USPc .40
  141. So, does anyone have any news about an European HK45 or HK45T?
  142. Stainless UPSf prices
  143. Polygonal Rifling
  144. USP Expert with HK45 safety lever but...
  145. USP Elite and CC 9mm Pics
  146. Question about cleaning the frame of my P30
  147. Stippled my P30L
  148. Triggers: P-series vs USP/HK45 series (I need owner feedback)
  149. My next HK.... Different model or different caliber?
  150. HK Mk 23 for $2300 a good deal?
  151. Anyone have any pictures of a USP 45 with the c5 and or c5l lasers?
  152. What does "typical" USP .45 ejection look like?
  153. Another P7 grip question - Are they universal across the P7 platforms? P7K3 related
  154. Couldn't resist... P30 v3 9mm
  155. For those with big hands and P30
  156. RMR-cut P30?
  157. Price Check USPc .45
  158. New P7M8 grips
  159. P7 Grip Options
  160. HK Fever!
  161. Anybody know what type of grease Hk ships with?
  162. uspc barrel and accesories
  163. Threaded barrel for USP expert
  164. Trigger Job: Thoughts to Consider
  165. Wow -- this P7M10 is a price getter!
  166. Does anyone here CCW a full sized USP?
  167. HK disease getting progressively worse...
  168. Bought another H&K today!
  169. Picked up my P30 yesterday
  170. Crimson Trace Green Rail Master
  171. USPc Adjustable Night Sights
  172. My Nills came in!
  173. Where to find NIB USPc .45 threaded barrel?
  174. Is USP Compact 9mm w/Stainless Slide Rare ?
  175. Purchased my first HK P2000 9mm LEM with lightened trigger. Thoughts?
  176. Just bought my first HK and I love it!
  177. Funky looking discolored exstractor
  179. HK45T anyone?
  180. Purchased HK USP T
  181. Price on a P7K3 in .22 LR?
  182. Dumb Question of the day
  183. HK sight pusher tool ? for Heinie 3960 tall sights
  184. First HK!
  185. My USP 9mm Compact rattles
  186. What's a Reasonable Price
  187. Do USP barrels crack?
  188. Smaller Front Site
  189. Need help looking for a handgun!!!
  190. Changing control lever on a USP compact 9mm
  191. HK45 V.1 eliminating saftey lever
  192. First time out with the P30
  193. Hammer Comfort
  194. HK45T OD Denied
  195. hk45tactical on GB link?
  196. mark left on gun after using the de-cocker...
  197. Engaging the decocker while shooting
  198. PMC in HK45c
  199. Match trigger on USP 45
  200. Mag. release?
  203. Just got my holster today for my 45c and my Colt defender
  204. Trigger issues with USP
  205. Refresh my memory: USP Compact LEM reset?
  206. HK45T Tan came in!
  207. .45 Elite joins the family of USPs
  208. I keep finding the old ones....
  209. Shaking hands with the Mark 23.
  210. DIY Caswell Electroless Nickel Plating.
  211. Possible HK 45 Colored frame and slide (tactical)
  212. Hk45 Crack In SLide? Or Normal wear?
  213. HK45 Cant get backstrap off?
  214. Iinstalled threaded barrel on HK45c but experiencing a little resistance on the slide
  215. trigger texturing
  216. USP Barrels
  217. HK Parts identification?
  218. If you could only get one HK45T what color
  220. Any one with any experience with this????
  221. Am I crazy???
  222. WOOT! Scored another USP 9!
  223. Where are you guys getting the tan HK45 tacticals
  224. David Bowie told me my p30 was a horrible gun!?!?
  225. H&K USP Tactical 45
  226. What next?
  227. Opportunity to buy a P30
  228. USP Questions
  229. There is a gap with my p30 with the barrel and slide
  230. HK45's... Am I missing something ?
  231. P30LS travels to AZ for SMM3G
  232. H&K model p9s w/2 mags
  233. HK45 sight options
  234. Which will be harder to find later the HK45T or the HK45ct?
  235. New USP first shots.
  236. Odd serial number combination on used 45c
  238. Streamlight TLR-4 Compact for a full size USP?
  239. P2000SK magazines
  240. Where can I get an lem trigger kit
  241. Found an HK Elite 45 at my local GS...
  242. Indecent proposal
  243. HK45CT production number
  244. HK45C recoil comparisons
  245. Hi Viz sights on an P30L or HK45?
  246. Clearing stuck live round in P30s
  247. Clearing stuck live OOB round.
  248. P30 triggers
  249. Magazine loose in new p30s
  250. P30s build date?