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  1. USP Barrels
  2. P30SK Barrels
  3. Running USPc 40 mags in your 9. Anyone have issues?
  4. Improving the P30(L) trigger
  5. HK USP tactical internals? What does this mean and a jarvis barrel?
  6. VP9 Heinie sights height question
  7. Any news for the HK sp5k?
  8. HK USP - LEM hammer reset issue?
  9. Question regarding variations in LEM trigger.
  10. LEM over Standard DA/SA: WHY?
  11. Newly used USP40 acquired. Now parts
  12. Recommend One - P2K vs. VP9
  13. Vp9 custom mods
  14. P30 Trigger help / input
  15. 357 Sig barrels for VP 20?
  16. Is H&K planning on making any .380s ?
  17. USP SD9 or New Tactical 9mm
  18. Mix and match sights
  19. Compare HK Mark23 trigger to p30sk v3
  20. Question: Aftermarket night sights for USP .45 Expert
  21. P30 V1 love
  22. HK45 aftermarket mags - 10rd by United Defense llc
  23. Questions on night sights HK45C
  24. Have anyone that own the IMM Match Weight experience any reliability issues? (VP9)
  25. USP 9 Tactical (2015) vs USP 9 Expert Match Trigger....
  26. New to the USP
  27. "Mark" 23 KG Date Code Purchase. Used.
  28. Another excellent HK: USP 9 Compact
  29. HK Expert 9 Barrel O-Ring
  30. RAL 8000 HK45C Tactical
  31. VP9 and Trijicon HD sights
  32. HK evangelism
  33. Repairing the Insight LAM 450 for the MK23: Any advice or the manual in a PDF?
  34. VP9 owner looking for another HK 9mm
  35. HK 45 Accidentally discharges in holster
  36. VP9SK
  37. Am I a crook?
  38. 1st post for lurker that needs help
  39. I'm gonna need a bigger case......
  40. So, how did I do?
  41. Hk .45 usp compact
  42. p2000 barrel swap
  43. Usp9 Lem info?
  44. Is there a way to extend the switches on a TLR-4?
  45. HK 45 sights need help
  46. I'm doing it...ordering an Elite...
  47. Are new LE USP 9mm shipped w/ LE marked mags?
  48. HK sights installation
  49. A Nice Pair... P30LS V-1 9/40
  50. USP 40 vs P30L 40
  51. Hole in USP rail?
  52. P30S v3 hammer spring
  53. How has the finish of your new release USP/c Stainless faired?
  54. Will a factory HK P30 9mm Barrel fit AND work in a 40 cal P30?
  55. 10 rd. mag for a H&K USP 9mm
  56. Which handgun is this?
  57. Got my meprolights installed today.
  58. Springer precision VP9/P30 mag extension (update)
  59. new found love for the .40
  60. VP9 Sight Pusher - new Fisher Solutions VP9 Blocks
  61. Inside of VP9 barrel (Is this normal?)
  62. USP 45 Tactical FTF
  63. Got my HK 4 working
  64. Re: P2000 SK - .40 cal
  65. Handguns with reflex (CCO) sights??
  66. VP9 Taylor Freelance magwell, where??
  67. HK compact USP .40
  68. H&K VP40 with Trijicon RMR??
  69. Size question (yes I'm sure she says it doesn't matter)
  70. P2000 V2 LEM questions
  71. Hk p7 m8
  72. VP9 mag question
  73. Amazon selling meprolight night sights for a deal for p2000
  74. Changing safety/decocker sides question
  75. P2000 base plate from Midway
  76. WMD nibx finish on a p2000sk question.
  77. HK USP Right Side Slide Release?
  78. a question about a good price for a p7m8
  79. trigger reach, USP vs P30L
  80. HK Mark 23 for a personal defense, CCW?
  81. Help with lining up rear sight Mark 23
  82. New HK owner and curious about its age
  83. A question to all P2000 owners
  84. P9S Buffer Removal
  85. Question about barrel rifling on KE USP40.
  86. VP9 Adjustable Meprolight Sights
  87. Scored Some P9S Magazines Today
  88. USP 45 Elite?
  89. Surefire MR09 weapon light adapter opinions
  90. 10mm troubles - can ANYONE ream a USP barrel?
  91. VP9 maritime spring cups?
  92. Issues with a modified USP 9
  93. Question on usp 45 compact
  94. Lights for USP series
  95. New P30SK LEM
  96. Railed P9S: What do you guys think?
  97. VP9/P30sk style grips for P30?
  98. I picked up my USP 40 yesterday
  99. HELP: P30L Issue...
  100. VP9 Aftermarket Trigger
  101. New P30L - a little annoyed
  102. Shooter grade P7M13
  103. Any ideas who the manufacturer of this HK case is?
  104. Help with P7 vs P9S description in book probably wrong?
  105. New aquisition: USPc 9mm
  106. Looking at a 9mm USP
  107. Mag release on my new p30sk
  108. p7m8 markings
  109. Brand new P2000sk sights not aligned
  110. i noticed something interesting- P30sk foam cutouts
  111. Merkel Tuning Weight
  112. P2000sk Almost
  113. Popped my cherry and bought my first gun
  114. Just purchased my first HK. Excited and had to share!
  115. VP9 Mag extension
  116. VP9 slide colour, help me choose
  117. P2000SK standard sight height
  118. USPT-45 light primer hits
  119. HK light LEM issues with trigger reset
  120. Aftermarket sights for USP40
  121. HK P9 and P9S Sport Groups
  122. VP9 Extractor broken?
  123. New to HK, picked up USP 40 - many questions
  124. VP9 water test
  125. Machining USP40 for RMR
  126. What is meant by 'striker' in reference to the VP line?
  127. Making HK USP Match 40 Clone
  128. USP40 vs VP40
  129. USPc v7
  130. Putting a polymer grip frame on an SP89
  131. Help setting up my Expert 45
  132. MARK 23 hammer gap? normal?
  133. Cleaning a P7's cylinder
  134. Latest: USP Tactical 9mm
  135. Hey Folks, quick question on the P30 V1....
  136. Safety option on V1 LEM
  137. Possible to damage gun by squeezing trigher with thumb safety on?
  138. Full size USP 40 mags?
  139., plz. (GRIP p7 question)
  140. What do the letters "DE" to right of the stag horn mean?
  141. New P30SK in the barn
  142. First year of HKs and posting on HKPro...
  143. Anyone know some good videos explaining the internal workings the p30?
  144. USP Compact Recoil Spring
  145. HK USP 9 Burnt Bronze - Video
  146. P7M13 question
  147. Corrosion on slide USP Compact
  148. Shrink tubing
  149. For Prospective Mark 23 Buyers
  150. Hk45 CT
  151. What size hex wrench for the tactical trigger stop?
  152. VP9 finger pinch
  153. USP9 Gush
  154. No Warranty Card with my "NEW" HKP30SK :confused:
  155. VP9's on backorder from H&K??
  156. USP Compact Version Question
  157. New batch p30sk
  158. 357 Sig on VP and P series
  159. USP9SD vs HK45c
  160. Pictoral evidence of why I love my USP in winter
  161. OD HK45
  162. P30SK safety question
  163. Question regarding recoil spring on USP 45 tactical
  164. New Pistols, mods, issues?
  165. USP 9 without safety?
  166. So who got the Nickel P7M8 on GB?
  167. New p30sk, New Member
  168. Little HK family
  169. USP compact vs USP full size questions.
  170. For Those Who Own Them: Just Where Does The Mk. 23 Fall in Your Book?
  171. Does Anyone Make a Shorter RH Slide Release for VP9?
  172. Interesting Proof Mark on SACO Import .45 P9S
  173. Got bored and added red to my p2000sk
  174. What is this key like thing?
  175. USP and USPc LEM vs DA/SA with safety
  176. Made my decision
  177. My P30L for IDPA ESP
  178. Some work on my VP9
  179. HK magazines
  180. uspc rails
  181. Love my new HK 45C...
  182. 10-8 rear with Heinie front on VP9
  183. Replacing Gun Case Foam
  184. New "T-Slot" x300 & 45c
  185. 2nd HK in a month...
  186. Trijicon Bright & Tough Tritiums for P7M8
  187. USPT Front Sight
  188. so, i tried searching, but came up with not much info- lighter recoil springs for P30
  189. Change TRS without complete strip?
  190. Tuned my VP9 Trigger For Competition Use
  191. HELP,want to buy another HK handgun
  192. what is this inside the barrel
  193. USP Urban Gray Mash-up
  194. HK P2000 or P30sk
  195. A Heightened Appreciation for the .40 - care of HK USP
  196. BF Date Code P30SK V3 no included spent casing?
  197. My late Christmas present
  198. VP40 Barrels
  199. New Guy...New Gun
  200. P30L RMR Questions
  201. V3 p2k to V1 question.
  202. HK45T
  203. First trip to the range with son's VP9
  204. P30 V3 Trigger: What's all the fuss about it being lousy?
  205. Mark 23 Questions
  206. P30SK Pinkie Extension Files - Free Download
  207. New sights installed on my VP9
  208. Variatons of single stack P7 pistols.
  209. Who imported the used PSP several years ago?
  210. tubing
  211. p30sk or USPc or 45c?? Any thoughts?
  212. Gotta love understanding wives...
  213. P7K3 questions
  214. Questions on P2000
  215. VP9 backstrap loose
  216. USP or p2k
  217. Hk45c problem and question
  218. VP9 slide not returning to battery 100%
  219. Magazine extensions for USPc mags
  220. Having a curious issue of USP9 extraction issue.
  221. HK 45c need help
  222. P30/L and P30sk Differences
  223. HK USP crack or not?
  224. Photoshop USPfs with Elite slide profile??
  225. Preferences for HK45 Backstraps
  226. Just got my first HK, p2000sk and I'm in love.
  227. VP9SK mag on
  228. RMR on USP9 full size
  229. P30sk Guide Rod and Spring Assembly
  230. P30 Recoil Spring Buffer
  231. P2000sk Sear Axle/Fire Control Part Re-assembly Check
  232. Something about the USP/C
  233. Nills Grips? Need some info...
  234. So Merry Christmas to My WIFE....
  235. Is my P30S broke in now?
  236. USPc slide scuffed
  237. Help...Trying to lose the LEM on my first HK45
  238. Picked up a couple of new toys
  239. P2000SK Pinky Pinch
  240. Finally azimuth gets a killer deal.
  241. VP40 LE Sights Question
  242. Another new P30sk owner
  243. Vp9/40 .25 inch SP baseplates
  244. Shooting your HK in the winter with gloves...what's your experience?
  245. P30SK
  246. Is Bill Springfield still working on H K'?
  247. VP9 LE Arrived
  248. Poll . Sell P2sk& USP c .40 to acquire new USP Match..
  249. Holy crap.... I LOVE MY NEW P30SK
  250. HK45C Trigger Variants