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  1. How to tell which version of USP9c
  2. New Guy Struggling with HK Handgun Choices
  3. To USPTac or Not
  4. P2000 finish issue or rust?
  5. USP9 Expert or .....?
  6. USP 45 factory sight deminsions
  7. USP9
  8. 10mm USP tactical underway
  9. Good article on the HK Mark 23 in ammoland:
  10. Help me if you can.
  11. HK PSP?
  12. USP40 intermittently not cocking after firing
  13. P30L in Chris Costa HET 1 Class... in fact, there were two!
  14. P30sk magazine
  15. Does anyone have any info or have seen this? **HK45 Tactical bbl**
  16. VP9 loading issue
  17. Parts that needed on the USPC LEM trigger installation.
  18. My Lucky Day.....Tan Mark 23
  19. Possible P7 Malfunction?
  20. New Member and new HKs
  21. H&K P30 40cal suppressed
  22. Trijicon HD's on a USP-45
  23. dirty bore
  24. P30 and VP observations
  25. Wailing VP9 for Veteran Suicide Awarness
  26. is the SP5K worth it ?
  27. Added a P2000 9MM V2 to my HK family
  28. Is the VP9 tactical equivalent to a VP9L?
  29. MP5K Clone Bought
  30. HK and the 357sig
  31. Grey VP9
  32. Returned to the fold
  33. Calling all P7M8/M13 Fans (and a return from a sabbatical)
  34. P2000 vs. P30 vs. VP9
  35. Got my first MARK23!!
  36. Talk me out of a USP Tactical .45
  37. P30SK Recoil spring issue
  38. 10mm USP Conversion parts
  39. Locked Slide, VP9 (Yes, I read the others similar threads so now I have a question)
  40. Handgun mounted lights on the HK45c
  41. SP5K loose lower receiver
  42. H.K. jhp. question.
  43. What finish is on the Mark 23 these days?
  44. Your first HK and why
  45. LEM springs and trigger feel
  46. Date code question
  47. USP C stainless slide question
  48. Ever see this Before
  49. P9S Target grips
  50. P30L variation question
  51. Is the HK SP5K getting easier to find?
  52. P7M8 magazine question
  53. German vs US HK45s - Which to Shoot, which to Preserve, or just shoot them both?
  54. VP9 +5
  55. VP 9 recoil spring
  56. RMR on HK
  57. New HK USP!
  58. New HK SP5K Questions
  59. Is this a problem with my P30L ?
  60. Tomb Raider Left Handed Match Pistol Ambi Slide release
  61. Recommendation for Next HK Handgun
  62. VP9 15 rounds magazine unable to load to capacity
  63. HK USP Tactical 45 - .460 Rowland Conversion
  64. USP-C Light LEM to Match Hybrid ???s
  65. Talon Grip Tape For The VP9
  66. The HK standard
  67. P2000 Mags
  68. new vp9 and p30l dilemna
  69. VP9 slide assist
  70. USP Tactical 45 or 9?
  71. USP Tactical Match Trigger
  72. Question About The USP 9 Magazine
  73. VP9 SK
  74. USP expert
  75. Mark 23 Two-tone?????
  76. gauging interest in a Xrayguns HK VP9 printt (re -post due to prior technical issue)
  77. Recoil springs
  78. USP Tactical in American Rifleman 11/2016
  79. HK VP9 To Be Shipping with 19 Round HK Factory Mags??
  80. New P2000 owner with a couple of Q's
  81. New FDE VP9 Came With Truglo TFX Sights
  82. Hk usp 45
  83. New VP trigger from HKparts
  84. Sub Compact
  85. True or False: The VP9 Tactical has the VP40 Recoil Spring
  86. Hk USP how will it do in the Military Arms Channel elements test?
  87. What's wrong with this picture?
  88. Different 45 cal HKs and their "Felt" recoil...
  89. Mag extensions for the VP9?
  90. My new VP9T Is a POS
  91. P30SK finger rest
  92. Feedback on the HK45
  93. HK45 Compact Hitting Low - Diagnosed - I need a part / recommendation
  94. Does anyone make new mags for the P7 series?
  95. Black, polymer coated steel 18rd 9mm USP magazines for Expert/Jet Funnel
  96. p30sk v4.1 lem conversion issue
  97. P7 at the gun shop - what did I just buy? Detail photos added
  98. Weapons in Cold temperatures
  99. installation of 10-8 sights on VP9?
  100. Zombie Match VP9 Zombie Shoot House stage 3
  101. Zombie Match VP9 vs steel stage 1
  102. Bought my first H&K today, looking forward to trying it out.
  103. Who know HK4's?
  104. New P30SK frame "damage"
  105. How do you end up with just a mark 23 slide with no frame?
  106. Removing safety
  107. My HK 45C is back from Blown Deadline
  108. I traded in my 1911 for a VP9
  109. Magazine +1 ?
  110. Vp9 le fde
  111. P30SK, 13 round magazines come loose during live fire??
  112. USP 9mm Custom Combat
  113. Are there any gun smiths that still work on H&K P7's?
  114. trade my P2K for a USP.9 ?
  115. First USP Tactical question?
  116. Rookie here looking to pick up my first USP
  117. Next...
  118. Made in Germany vs. Made in USA
  119. any high quality fiber-optic sights available for usp?
  120. VP9 Tactical holster options?
  121. VP9 Tactical Reliability
  122. 10-8 Sights are back in stock!
  123. traded my first HK for my 2nd HK, this one's a keeper
  124. p2000sk 357 coming in the mail
  125. New Addition
  126. Lam 450 spares
  127. Installed a eye bolt on on Hk sp5k,mp5k,sp89
  128. Got a new Mark 23 today!
  129. SP5K Accuracy With Optic
  130. VP45 can't be far off
  131. SP5 at Maine Military Supply
  132. looking for 10-8 rear sight for VP9
  133. RMR mount for P30 & HK45
  134. I've Got The H&K Sickness
  135. USP expert in USPSA
  136. HK4 Help Wanted Please
  137. SP5K Serial Number Search
  138. New to the HK family (sorry long post)
  139. Mark 23 mags on flea bay?
  140. Nightstand Guns
  141. Trigger part question
  142. HK Match Supplement Pamphlet
  143. Just got in trade H&K USP Compact 45 ACP
  144. Tac Latch for sp5?
  145. P30SK 13 round magazine works like a champ
  146. SP5K forend not Level...???
  147. About The FDE VP9 Frame
  148. Usp 45 ct
  149. HK45 full-size extended magazine release
  150. SP5K case
  151. HK USP 9mm Compact recoil spring
  152. hk45 u.s. made
  153. Roll Marked HK MK 23?
  154. SP5K considerations
  155. SP5k trigger pack question
  156. HK P2000SK in .40
  157. P2000 V3 to lem 4.1 Question
  158. New HK USPC 9mm owner experience
  159. VP9, What to say
  160. I found the little brother to my P2000 in Sig .357
  161. P30 vs P30L
  162. P30SK Lem or wait for the VP9SK?
  163. hk45t slide stop falls out too easy?
  164. HK USP Compact Tactical 45 ACP conversion from LEM v8 to v1 trigger group
  165. Any HK 45C night sight options similar to Trijicon HD without the razorblades??
  166. Just changed my P2000 from V2 to V1
  167. HK Twin Brothers! FDE 9mm and .45
  168. USP 45c
  169. 20 years with my USP.45
  170. VP9 Tactical
  171. usp 40 barrel
  172. HKParts Magwell and Magazine Extension
  173. Lazy Wolf Guns question
  174. VP9 slide issue
  175. What to pair up with the VP9??? Help!
  176. Its funny what you find for sale sometimes
  177. VP9 custom load chamber indicator question
  178. Curious, VP9
  179. Helping a freind learn the pistols - HK Porn *Warning* Contains Addictive Images
  180. Modify Glock mags to use in USP
  181. Are the latest USP Tactical match triggers different ?
  182. VP9 issue. Slide release pops out while shooting.
  183. MK 23 Metal Hardcase with foam cutouts for LAM, Knight Can
  184. HK45 Full-Tan and Green - Limited Production Or Not
  185. did Webber get all those?? Dozens and Dozens.
  186. Is my P30SK broken or...
  187. HK45 Tactical still being made?
  188. P30SK with Crimson Trace CMR-201 Laser question
  189. For HK pistols, Grease or gun oil
  190. USP Stainless Slide
  191. HK45 OD green, queen or use?
  192. trigger/firing modes
  193. P30 vs. P30L Guide Rod Question
  194. Hk45c light
  195. P30 Custom Work by Lazy Wolf Guns
  196. p30 ????? seriously
  197. looking for VP9 large side panels and backstrap
  198. USP Tactical .40
  199. SP5K Receiver Defect
  200. SP5K First Shoot
  201. USPc .45 Search / Opinion
  202. HK Customer Service and Marine 0303
  203. Vp9sk pic....for real finally?!
  204. P30sk help me on version
  205. Carried my new P30 sk today and love it
  206. HK VP9 pulls USPSA Limited Division Win Today
  207. Picked up another jubilee
  208. hk mp5 style pistol QUESTION ......
  209. Vp9 question
  210. Maritime cups in VP9
  211. Which finish should I go with on my P7?
  212. On a Fence
  213. slide lock lever no longer captive on my P30
  214. P7M8 Fat trigger highest serial numbers
  215. The Legendary Accuracy of HK continues in the VP Series
  216. VP9 Enhanced Slide Plate Covers
  217. HK Parts Match Trigger on VP9 Won't reset
  218. USP Stainless black colorfill? question for AK date code owners
  219. Opinions on trading p30 v1 for usp9 v7??
  220. USP Compact refinnish
  221. New guy
  222. P Nine S Love
  223. USP Compact .45 Opinions (Before I purchase)
  224. Group Love P7
  225. HK MK23 Ammo--->could this be the Q4310 in a different box?
  226. Regrets...
  227. Usp mag release on hk45?
  228. Under Appreciated Part of Magazine Baseplates
  229. We can learn from our mistakes
  230. Picking up an HK45 Compact in the near future. Thinking about sand color...
  231. Soon to be noobie H&K owner... Questions
  232. VP grip wraps
  233. New addition
  234. Fresh Match Trigger in USP45
  235. SP5k for $2250 at Cabelas, w/ 10% Discount
  236. Need Help -- USP45c -- Hammer returns to different positions when fired vs decocking
  237. LEM Trigger will not pre-cock VIDEO
  238. USP Compact Fail to Eject
  239. Why doesn't HK make a 4.6 or 5.7 pistol?
  240. LEM Swap Problem/Help
  241. SP5K
  242. Cerakote on a VP9 barrel
  243. Dawson Precision sights for VP9 - Default POI?
  244. V1 or V4.1 LEM for P30?
  245. Proof Mark Rust
  246. New P30 owner
  247. VP9 Long Trigger Reset
  248. convince me to get an HK45
  249. New SP5K With Paddle Mag & 3-Lug
  250. Lazy Wolf Guns HKP30L Trigger Job Review