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  1. Completed Mark 23 weapon system (suppressor and laser/flashlight)
  2. Parts needed to add safety to HK45C (factory) Light LEM?
  3. Did I just break my HK?
  4. VP 9 reliability
  5. Added a VP9 today
  6. Ever heard of this
  7. A correction...
  8. VP9 reduced power striker spring?
  9. HK Match .45 USP
  10. Couple of USP questions
  11. My First Hand Gun
  12. Favorite sig brace adapters?
  13. How is this even possible?!
  14. H&K P2000SK & P30SK Questions
  15. Painted high contrast front sight
  16. New to me HK USP .40 Compact and need Trigger Work but I'm not sure about GG
  17. My new USP Tactical 45, my first HK
  18. It's time for a p30sk!
  19. Any speculation on new pistols coming?
  20. Looking for a light for a P30sk
  21. p30sks v3 LE...where?
  22. My first handgun
  23. Cerakote on a P7?
  24. P30SKS Automatic Slide Release - Break In Period
  25. P30L good for house gun?
  26. Sold an HK?
  27. VP9
  28. P30 vs p30l V3
  29. New USP 9mm owner
  30. Recommendations for P7M13 Sights
  31. G3Kurz: don't leave us hanging!
  32. Flat Base Plate for HK45C magazine
  33. USP failure to feed
  34. USP9 with match/lem, developing alot of creep with high round count
  35. Four Mark 23s
  36. Surefire USP rails
  37. Most common USP configuration in stores
  38. Half way there to a 10mm USP
  39. HK45 V3 DA/SA conversion to V1 light LEM question
  40. H&K USP Compact .45 SEAL Edition
  41. Help identifying part number for new trigger design on the P30sk.
  42. P30SK polymer recoil spring rail/slot peeling
  43. VP9 under sprung ?
  44. Which HK do you have more than one of in same model, size and caliber.
  45. When you just can't pass up a HK deal no matter how hard your credit card complains.
  46. New to the HK world P7 question
  47. Calling all HK experts. When do the new years pistols start shipping/imported?
  48. HK USP 9 + Vortex Venom Red Dot - Possible?
  49. Larry Vickers states VP9 one of his favorite rigs on Facebook page
  50. P7M8 with or without "Warning"
  51. P30sk manufacture date?
  52. Hoping they have the SP5K pistol at NRA show
  53. Best mag extensions
  54. New hk45 tactical owner.
  55. P7 update
  56. V4.1CH LEM kit on P30l 40SW Light LEM / Bill Springfield Short Reset Trigger
  57. HK now offering their very own MP5K -> SP5K
  58. H&K MP5K available again?
  59. P30L for AIWB? Anybody.... Trying to decide
  60. 9MM USP Expert sight question
  61. WML options for the P30sk?
  62. Hk45 CT 10 round mag question
  63. Best HK thread protector
  64. To LE or not to LE ?
  65. Convert P30 V1 light lem to v2
  66. Finally ordered a VP9
  67. USPc 9mm trigger bar slop
  68. M23 Designations.....
  69. If HK would only
  70. P30sk vs p2000sk
  71. USP grip
  72. HK USP Compact Stainless Date Codes
  73. Lighten HK P2000SK trigger job..
  74. New H&K P30SK
  75. P30 V1 LEM, just another guys opinion
  76. Failure to Fire(?) - P30 V1 LEM
  77. p7 not working...
  78. Please help with Light LEM
  79. Extended mag release and *new* jet funnel mags
  80. Did HK stop serial match carrying case with gun.
  81. 9mm P2000 V2 - Reasonable rapid fire interval goal
  82. Another trigger/grip question - please be nice
  83. VP9 Issue
  84. XS Big Dot Sights and VP40
  85. Single stack 9mm
  86. Advice on HK USPC40 Bought Used
  87. Vp9 poa/poi
  88. USP Expert .45
  89. New addition USP Expert
  90. SP89 For Sale on GB -- Correct Receiver Stamping?
  91. NSW HK45C Question
  92. Match Kit Installed!
  93. Hk45c problem and question
  94. HK pistol collection
  95. VP40 cocking aid filler
  96. First Post: P30SK 40S&W?
  97. Adding bright paint to front sight blade
  98. P2000 V2 to V1
  99. P30SK Barrel Twist
  100. Chrome USP
  101. New P2000 lem2 9mm
  102. P9S older model Barrel catch for 1973 lower receiver
  103. Serial Number Ranges (so far) P7PSP, P7M13, USP45, P2000, HK91
  104. TRS Orientation in P2000
  105. USPc - Match TRS vs Light TRS
  106. Another H&K added to my collection (USP 9 Tactical LE)
  107. Question about the HK45c
  108. Last date HK45 made in Germany?
  109. Front sight insert diameter for KE date code USP9
  110. sight removal tool
  111. P2000 question
  112. Cerakote on slides
  113. P30SK Night sights. POA POI
  114. Night sights
  115. Lem, v1 & v2
  116. Just got my P30 and P30L back from The Sig Armorer
  117. I just ordered HK 9mm Tactical
  118. USP 45 Tactical - New to me.. Couple questions
  119. What is the differencebetwnn VP9 V1 Trigger & VP1
  120. Such silliness as you get older
  121. p7m10 question
  122. HK USPC40 How Many Conceal Carry It?
  123. Where are all the LEM P30SKs
  124. vp9 for USPSA
  125. Training with a P30 V1 LEM (An on-going thread)
  126. HK45T question
  127. What kind of bbl do I have on SP89 Converted to MP5K PDW 9MM?
  128. Usp 45 help
  129. P30 SK & VP9 Hand Grips-
  130. HK USP FS .40 cal " KD " date code with NO serial number on barrel ??
  131. P2000 /.40s&w to 9mm with BAR-STO barrel
  132. P30Sk Rounds Not Seating with Gold Dot
  133. Vp9 magazine floor plate
  134. USP45 Compact Tactical
  135. VP9/SFP9 Barrel Hole Alignment in slide
  136. VP9 - Early versus recent production ?
  137. p30sk grip sleeve and mods
  138. VP9 IDPA Results
  139. Hk45 RSA question.
  140. USP Compact .45
  141. Two great tastes that taste great together - the USP 10mm
  142. Picked up new 45c
  143. USP compact sight question
  144. Does HKCS have new style spurred match hammers
  145. P30L slide possible to mill and mount RMR?
  146. Keep your VP45... give me VP10
  147. Trigger question
  148. Me too! Hk45
  149. My P7 shoots better than my M8
  150. Just picked up HK 45!!!
  151. Barrel Length issue to Import into Canada
  152. Converting P30L from V3 to V0 Questions
  153. VP9 Extended Slide Release?
  154. Flashlights For HK
  155. HK USP 31 rounds magazines
  156. is this normal for the vp9?
  157. My wife's new CC piece :)
  158. Light LEM question
  159. Question about VP9 slide to frame fit ?
  160. USP LEM to V1 questions.
  161. Second USPc 40 Inbound ...
  162. HK 45 USP vs HK 45
  163. HK P2000 Mag Change
  164. Maybe a newbie question - HK Handgun Maintenance
  165. USP 45 or HK45, living in a state with a 10-round limit
  166. Stronger Recoil Spring and new sights for VP40?
  167. VP9 extended magazine
  168. P30 v2 to v1 little help please
  169. VP9 Trigger Issue
  170. Really dislike my 45c
  171. Taking my VP9 to Fighting Pistol
  172. New to me VP9
  173. Barrel O-Rings
  174. USP 9mm recoil spring
  175. Any HK45C owners in the Portland, OR area?
  176. Proud new owner of a p7m13
  177. question on hk replacement magazines...
  178. Surefire XC-1 on P2000?
  179. HK VP9-New Owner
  180. P9s
  181. The ultimate LEM kit for a P-series pistol
  182. Question regarding new purchase.
  183. P10 Jubilee
  184. HK45C Normal Hammer Axle Wear?
  185. 357 SIG
  186. Anyone have a VP9 and a VP40 ?
  187. P30SK Brown?
  188. Picked up my HK45 today...
  189. Oh God!
  190. I treating malfunction in my VP9
  191. VP9 Mods
  192. USP Compact shifted front sight
  193. Not another sight picture question...
  194. EDC: P7 or P2000SK?
  195. Match Kit on a KF date code USP
  196. Ghost sights
  197. Question: HK USPc .357 SIG
  198. Proper way to clean fathers p7m13?
  199. Showing off my USP45T with x300v2, DG19
  200. Match Kit- worth it?
  201. First world problem. Need P7M8 advice
  202. Counterfeit Magazines?
  203. New to me USP Compact 40 cal. What do I have and what to do next ??
  204. Threaded barrel for VP40?
  205. HK P30L - Some Burke reset love
  206. Question about USP 40 OD Green.....
  207. Was it something I said...?
  208. Picked up a French MAS HK4
  209. MGW Sight tool for Glocks - use on USP?
  210. Breaking in a VP9 trigger the "easy" way
  211. HK P2000sk
  212. How do I learn about this p7?
  213. VP9 and CT
  214. Hk p30sk! Yay! :)
  215. Rear and front sight question
  216. VP9 Happy Happy Happy
  217. 5000+ rounds down my VP9. Question for other VP9 owners with similar round count.
  218. "Ledge" type sights for USP 40
  219. Taylor Freelance Extentions
  220. I think I need help....
  221. I got my $100 HK45CT Barrel...
  222. 45 In My Future, Help Me Choose!
  223. VP9 Bummer
  224. Mark 23 Production?
  225. A couple
  226. USPc .45 Failure to Fire
  227. New P7 today
  228. Grinding Noise Function Check VP9
  229. Need a little help from my European friends - Pricing question
  230. My NEW HK Pistol! I love it. (PICS)
  231. Another happy day with my P30S
  232. Which lighter mainspring is best.
  233. Poll: Which HK Do you Carry?
  234. Magazine question
  235. H&K smiths in Atlanta or Chicago?
  236. Spent casings look odd from P2000
  237. HK P2000SK vs. HK P30SK Both 9mm.
  238. HK P7.
  239. VP9 Rear sight height
  240. New VP9 Question
  241. P7M8 nill griffe grip question
  242. For today's busy Operator on the go - the USP 45 CT
  243. Is there a way to check a serial number and get a model number?
  244. Picked up my p7, hopefully photos in here...
  245. First HK pistol (VP40) - and a big ole howdy from Texas, Y'all!
  246. Hk 45 vs HK45C help me decide
  247. SFP9 - modding phase 1 semi complete
  248. VP9 questions
  249. Picked up my Combat Competition
  250. HK P45SK or HK VP45SK