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  1. P30SK Lem or wait for the VP9SK?
  2. hk45t slide stop falls out too easy?
  3. HK USP Compact Tactical 45 ACP conversion from LEM v8 to v1 trigger group
  4. Any HK 45C night sight options similar to Trijicon HD without the razorblades??
  5. Just changed my P2000 from V2 to V1
  6. HK Twin Brothers! FDE 9mm and .45
  7. USP 45c
  8. 20 years with my USP.45
  9. VP9 Tactical
  10. usp 40 barrel
  11. HKParts Magwell and Magazine Extension
  12. Lazy Wolf Guns question
  13. VP9 slide issue
  14. What to pair up with the VP9??? Help!
  15. Its funny what you find for sale sometimes
  16. VP9 custom load chamber indicator question
  17. Curious, VP9
  18. Helping a freind learn the pistols - HK Porn *Warning* Contains Addictive Images
  19. Modify Glock mags to use in USP
  20. Are the latest USP Tactical match triggers different ?
  21. VP9 issue. Slide release pops out while shooting.
  22. MK 23 Metal Hardcase with foam cutouts for LAM, Knight Can
  23. HK45 Full-Tan and Green - Limited Production Or Not
  24. did Webber get all those?? Dozens and Dozens.
  25. Is my P30SK broken or...
  26. HK45 Tactical still being made?
  27. P30SK with Crimson Trace CMR-201 Laser question
  28. For HK pistols, Grease or gun oil
  29. USP Stainless Slide
  30. HK45 OD green, queen or use?
  31. trigger/firing modes
  32. P30 vs. P30L Guide Rod Question
  33. Hk45c light
  34. P30 Custom Work by Lazy Wolf Guns
  35. p30 ????? seriously
  36. looking for VP9 large side panels and backstrap
  37. USP Tactical .40
  38. SP5K Receiver Defect
  39. SP5K First Shoot
  40. USPc .45 Search / Opinion
  41. HK Customer Service and Marine 0303
  42. Vp9sk pic....for real finally?!
  43. P30sk help me on version
  44. Carried my new P30 sk today and love it
  45. HK VP9 pulls USPSA Limited Division Win Today
  46. Picked up another jubilee
  47. hk mp5 style pistol QUESTION ......
  48. Vp9 question
  49. Maritime cups in VP9
  50. Which finish should I go with on my P7?
  51. On a Fence
  52. slide lock lever no longer captive on my P30
  53. P7M8 Fat trigger highest serial numbers
  54. The Legendary Accuracy of HK continues in the VP Series
  55. VP9 Enhanced Slide Plate Covers
  56. HK Parts Match Trigger on VP9 Won't reset
  57. USP Stainless black colorfill? question for AK date code owners
  58. Opinions on trading p30 v1 for usp9 v7??
  59. USP Compact refinnish
  60. New guy
  61. P Nine S Love
  62. USP Compact .45 Opinions (Before I purchase)
  63. Group Love P7
  64. HK MK23 Ammo--->could this be the Q4310 in a different box?
  65. Regrets...
  66. Usp mag release on hk45?
  67. Under Appreciated Part of Magazine Baseplates
  68. We can learn from our mistakes
  69. Picking up an HK45 Compact in the near future. Thinking about sand color...
  70. Soon to be noobie H&K owner... Questions
  71. VP grip wraps
  72. New addition
  73. Fresh Match Trigger in USP45
  74. SP5k for $2250 at Cabelas, w/ 10% Discount
  75. Need Help -- USP45c -- Hammer returns to different positions when fired vs decocking
  76. LEM Trigger will not pre-cock VIDEO
  77. USP Compact Fail to Eject
  78. Why doesn't HK make a 4.6 or 5.7 pistol?
  79. LEM Swap Problem/Help
  80. SP5K
  81. Cerakote on a VP9 barrel
  82. Dawson Precision sights for VP9 - Default POI?
  83. V1 or V4.1 LEM for P30?
  84. Proof Mark Rust
  85. New P30 owner
  86. VP9 Long Trigger Reset
  87. convince me to get an HK45
  88. New SP5K With Paddle Mag & 3-Lug
  89. Lazy Wolf Guns HKP30L Trigger Job Review
  90. VP9: First outing/impressions
  91. New USPC 45 Stainless, not impressed with finish.. options.
  92. Sp5k aftermarket stuff
  93. USP9 EXPERT V1 9MM with or w/o jet funnel
  94. Finally back to HK force with new VP9 - Customization?
  95. Grip length: HK45c vs. USP Compact 45
  96. First day at range with P30sk and..
  97. Help with USP 9 LEM -> DA/SA conversion
  98. Recoil Assembly that comes in the new VP9 TACTICAL Model?
  99. SP89 / SP5K forearm - working w plastic
  100. Question About My VP9 Mags
  101. P Series vs. USP
  102. MK 23 help!
  103. I did a bad bad thing today... new HK!
  104. P2000SK Heavy to Light LEM- concerns
  105. Need Help Identifying My P7
  106. Anybody else have a P7 (not M8 or M13) with a factory HK threaded barrel?
  107. They're Keepers !
  108. Finally joined the dark side.
  109. hk45c lem conversion problem
  110. Finally drinking the KoolAid!
  111. HK P7M13 -- RTB-Corp Import Question
  112. Did a few things to my VP9 Tactical LE today...
  113. Teenager I just adopted...
  114. Sp5k question
  115. VP9 and USP 45 tall sights?
  116. VP 40 threaded barrel?
  117. What sights do you like on your UsP45?
  118. Trigger work for P2000SK TRS,FPBS and HS - seeking advice
  119. USP45 with "!!" date code on frame? Tight frame-to-slide fit causing erratic ejection
  120. Making a new P7
  121. USPC 9mm LEM/Match Hybrid vs LEM
  122. Triggers
  123. HK nylon cases for gray USP's
  124. Finish chipping off Mark 23 slide after only 125 rds!
  125. SP5K Activity Has Dropped Off
  126. Dry Firing with Snap Caps to Break-in?
  127. USP9 Hybrid/LEM or P30 Light LEM?
  128. HK45c or USPc 45? The correct answer is BOTH!
  129. P2000 V2 to V1 to V4.1 Questions and concerns
  130. Question on conversion to .357 Sig
  131. Range pistol which one .45 to buy? USP 45 or HK45 and why?
  132. X300U-A Surefire light question
  133. VP9 Tactical Anecdotal Observation
  134. USP Match grade trigger in USPc
  135. More evidence of a VP9sk...
  136. Need the right Night Sights for 357 sig USPc
  137. VP9 magwell + extensions
  138. P30 LEM same as USP LEM??
  139. New VP9, to start off from scratch with Fireclean or not
  140. H&K USP 9x19 Full size - Need advices
  141. Is there a shot count at which reliability is decreased?
  142. VP9 Floor Plate for 10 Rd Mags
  143. Match trigger
  144. VP9 cleaning questions
  145. Just Paid for my USP 45!!!
  146. Let's try to fix my indicisiveness by everyone passionately promoting their favorite
  147. USP Tactical Models - Recoil Spring Assembly
  148. Fully Adjustable sights for USPc
  149. Date Codes to be concerned with? or Preferred Date codes for USP45?
  150. SP5K question - first post on HK PRO...
  151. PSA: Dawson sights for P2000
  152. New USP Compact in 9mm
  153. Possible prototype hkp9s? P9 features
  154. High Round Count P30 .
  155. USP Compact .40sw
  156. VP9 and P30SK side by side pictures
  157. Any advantage to a USP over a P30/Hk45?
  158. vp9 barrel quality
  159. Fun with the VP9
  160. Anyone use the extended magazines from HKparts?
  161. New VP9 (and 1st time H&K) owner (coming from a G19)
  162. Help with HK trigger system choice?
  163. Im getting out of 1911s... Which H&K .45 ACP do you recommend?
  164. HK USP Comp Tactical 45 trigger parts
  165. Wolff Gunsprings
  166. Good source for MP5 magazines?
  167. HK pistol Jamming
  168. HK USP 45 compact vs. HK USP 9 compact
  169. True love....
  170. The Ultimate P30SK
  171. Did I get duped
  172. vp9 torture test
  173. VP9 crushing it at the 2016 Georgia State USPSA Championship
  174. Home Defense HK pistol
  175. VP 9 Slider problem
  176. Would any member like to trade some HK VP9 grip panels?
  177. Looks like I'm picking up a Mark 23!
  178. Need some HK pistol advice. What should I buy.
  179. Someone finally got a little brother
  180. HK USPc 357 sig mag question
  181. Elite 45
  182. HK USP Elite vs HK Expert
  183. My Latest and Last Legacy Pistol
  184. LEM trigger install
  185. Making a Switch
  186. VP9 - I added a little something extra
  187. My HK45K
  188. new purchase my psp franken p7
  189. VP9 comp adjustable rear sight?
  190. Sell P2000SK for P30SK?
  191. HK USP Compact Plastic Buffer
  192. P7 Sight Dimensions - Looking to Make Some New Ones
  193. VP9 "reputation" and carrying the P30
  194. Stainless USP Compact 45 w/ threaded barrel
  195. First HK 45 advice
  196. VP9 Tactical barrel threading?
  197. going to need a bigger wallet...
  198. HKParts or X-Tech Tactical +5 mag extender for VP9
  199. HK pistol fit and finish lacking?
  200. New VP9 in FDE Tan with Surefire X300:
  201. Someone tell the newbie about adapters for 13 round mags for P30sk
  202. HK45 and Short guys
  203. HK USP Elite 9mm
  204. 2015 H&K SFP9 vs 2016 SFP9...are there differences or am I nuts?
  205. My first SP5K Mod; thanks!!!
  206. New forum member, new P30sk owner
  207. Converting USP to LEM
  208. Headstamp I.D.
  209. USP 45 magazine question
  210. Did someone here get this Custom Combat?
  211. SP5K - Recommended minimum number of mags?
  212. P30 SK Magazine Release Pin
  213. SBT5K brace (for K guns)
  214. USP Compact .45 magazines
  215. USP Compact Questions
  216. HK45C/CT Question...First Post
  217. Replacement Screws/Nuts for the ZKE Mounts
  218. Shooting left - P30
  219. Hk p30 & usp c. Clear mags ?
  220. Why do people say the VP9 is unsafe to carry?
  221. USP Redesign / Update?
  222. SP5K Question
  223. SP89 vs SP5K
  224. My 3 latest HK friends
  225. HK USP Compact 357 Sig
  226. I'm out of the loop, will SP-89 prices plummet with the new mp5?
  227. HK lockout key replacement
  228. P30SK or P2000SK?
  229. SP5K won't fire-ideas?
  230. HK VP9/SFP9 trigger error - question
  231. Approximate cost for SP5K paddle release?
  232. HK USP compact rubber extractor plug
  233. What color case for a KG Date Code Mark 23?
  234. Anyone knows SKU / part # for a P30 magazine spring?
  235. P30 in Military Service ?
  236. p30 trade for p30ls
  237. P30, HK45 or 45c with LEM and manual safety...real or fantasy?
  238. Mystery # 47, P30 compression spring installed! With pics.
  239. VP9T availability
  240. HK P30 firing issues
  241. USP 45 and USP 45 Compact safety lever compatibility?
  242. Hk Da/SA trigger
  243. Factory Cerakote 45/45C - is there a corrosion treatment under the coating?
  244. My Full Size USP 45 Tactical
  245. HK USP 9 Tactical?
  246. VP40 question
  247. Question about my HK45C factory options
  248. Are these the parts I will need to convert my HK45t to Light LEM?
  249. Should I sell my 2 HKs to buy a P9s?
  250. I'm really struggling guys, P30 light lem or VP9??