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  1. Please HELP
  2. Looking for P30L Raised Sights
  3. P30 V1 Giveaway @ American Handgunner Magazine
  4. Photogenic Indeed!
  5. 9mm Expert
  6. LEM vs DA/SA v3 trigger
  7. Hk P30 refinishing
  8. Changes in P30
  9. Shorten reset?
  10. Ordering a replacement for my stolen P30
  11. Are pistol mags made of metal superior to polymer?
  12. Should the action stay open?
  13. Availability of P30LS 9mm V1 "light LEM"
  14. Value of a USP Expert 9mm "AE" date coded.
  15. P7M8 Grip Options
  16. HK P30 article
  17. USP Accessories Review
  18. P7 White Dot Inserts
  19. Hard to find HK45 in local ranges/stores?
  20. Put a heavier hammer spring in P30
  21. For Competition shooting LEM or DA/SA
  22. HK45 trigger question
  23. Could this have messed up my sear?
  24. Fair Price?
  25. Fiber optic sights on a P30L or HK45?
  26. Osprey 45 Suppressor Advice/Question
  27. USP 40 v2, ways to lighten trigger
  28. Trigger Help
  29. Brand New P2000 with LEM trigger in .357 for $550.00
  30. Cylindrical Pin
  31. Sizeable chip on my USP barrel feed ramp
  32. Finally got to do a little HK shooting HK45c and P30sv3 9mm today
  33. Can it be done? Safely?
  34. Help Needed
  35. My wife survived her surgery and is putting a P 30 on Christmas layaway for me.
  36. Just got my first HK . I need help!!!
  37. Help my P2000 can't stablize blazer 115g (update: bad 115g ammo)
  38. Sticky Firing Pin
  39. Got a Mark 23, Pictures encluded.
  40. P30 "S" enlarged aftermarket safety levers: Any Interest?
  41. HK45CT LEM?
  42. USP barrel finish
  43. HK 45c barrel length and velocity query
  44. Looking for HK Gunsmith in area of Tacoma, WA
  45. Changing my full size 45acp over to LEM
  46. p30 and TRU DOT sights
  47. GMJ ammo in HK?
  48. LEM question
  49. Trigger return spring for V3 and V2.
  50. HK polymer frame retexturing and metal refinish
  51. USP45 LEM TRS Options?
  52. Recoil Q
  53. P30l trade
  54. Added a new one....
  55. V2 LEM Trigger break weight.
  56. So there are ten USP varients
  57. HK P30 back from Robar
  58. USP Barrel Weight
  59. New to HK with 45 comparison questions
  60. Happy Thanksgiving HKPro
  61. USP 9mm Stovepipes
  62. Concealed Carry - In Harms Way
  63. Price check : LAM 400/1400
  64. Help pick my Christmas gift !!!
  65. My targets after my first two magazines ever through a P7.
  66. P2000 in Variant 9?
  67. P2000SK Lanyard. Usefullness?
  68. P2000SK 40cal prices
  69. Red accents on HK slides
  70. Surefire MR09 adaptor a bad fit
  71. I own a HK but I carry a __________
  72. If you were looking for a mid-to-full size HK 9mm, which would you choose?
  73. How do I aim my p30
  74. P9s questions
  75. Very basic snapcap question...
  76. 45C"T"
  77. P2000 .357Sig
  78. V2 Lever To Use?
  79. So there's a FS USP tactical, USP CT, HK 45 CT, but no FS HK45 tactical?
  80. My first's a M8 and I'm thinking about refinishing it. Input wanted!
  81. HK45 11 round mag?
  82. Snap caps?
  83. An Old Friend Returns - H&K P9S .45ACP
  84. H&K P7 M13 Nicle Price check
  85. fire dragon barrels
  86. HK45 w/ Match Hammer Spring
  87. Little asistance needed with P2000 LEM variants
  88. P30 Stolen
  89. To L.E.M. or not to L.E.M......This is the question.
  90. Got my first HK today, and I love it
  91. Anything different since 2009 for usp?
  92. H&K Vintage Pistol SHOOTER
  93. HK45C German or American Made
  94. USPC .45 Used Magazine Question
  95. New to HKPRO and first time HK owner !!!
  96. HK45C concealed carry questions
  97. Stamped serial number on USP
  98. HK P7M8 Long slide Sport
  99. behold, there was light
  100. Please advise HK P2000 Accuracy
  101. Buying my first H & K for Conceal and carry
  102. MK 23 not Mark 23
  103. Mixmaster HK4?
  104. HK USP match tuning weight
  105. New to forum and a P7 - Questions
  106. SP-89, why doesn't HK make another batch?
  107. Light LEM trigger return spring, a better option.
  108. "drop check"?
  109. PSP
  110. Franken Hk P30/2000
  111. HK USP 45 magazine spring
  112. P30 for CC
  113. P30 accuracy, what kind of groups are you guys getting?
  114. Review of my New P2000 357 Sig LEM and range trip
  115. What is my best option to impriove Single Action pull of USP Compact
  116. Any way to get a 15-round P30 magazine?
  117. Call me crazy...
  118. Front Sight Dimension Question
  119. P30 Suppressed [PICS]
  120. P30/L with lighter hammer and firing pin spring?
  121. Best place to get a P7 PSP grip screw?
  122. USP full size grip
  123. New P30
  124. Backstrap Size on P2000
  125. Price on USP Expert 40
  126. HK clone USP Match Weights
  127. Mk 23 laser sight??
  128. HK45c Failed to go into battery for a few rounds... Should I worry?
  129. Range day
  130. Standard or Raised sights on HK45CT?
  131. HK45CT questions
  132. Failed with USP Tactical Sight install
  133. Is this crazy? P7 for a P30
  134. Very confused about usp c vs (X)
  135. Rareness of the Euro Mark 23
  136. The P30 is Done
  137. Will a P2000 357 barrel work in a P2000SK 40?
  138. Extended floor plate for 10-round full size USP9 magazine?
  139. Night sights installed by HK
  140. HK USP Compact .45 w/nite sites
  141. Pros and Cons of Drop-in Threaded Barrel for USPC 45
  142. How much does the rubber o-ring impact accuracy?
  143. Just received my new MK23!
  144. P2000sk sight height for center of mass sight picture
  145. What spare parts for 45C?
  146. USP Trigger questions
  147. P7 Manufacture Date
  148. Considering trading my P2000sk with LGS for a 45c and would like opinions...
  149. Light LEM on USP 45 better for trigger reach ?
  150. Who prefers the USP Compact 45 over the HK45C ?
  151. Got my first HK and it's awesome!
  152. Pocket carry H&K? Which model?
  153. P7 hiccups
  154. two questions lumped into one post
  155. Koch addition has relapsed...
  156. Why I love the P7...
  157. Not happy with HK...
  158. P7 PSP sights
  159. Hk Elite .45 AE date code
  160. Leaning towards P30L....undecided on trigger config
  161. USPc 45, trigger
  162. Nite sites Brand
  163. SS Slide Light Scratch Removal
  164. One hour, a few springs and a punch....
  165. Major problem
  166. Bought my first HK
  167. Favorite HK pistol??
  168. Mahovsky's P7 refinish question
  169. Value of a HK USP .45 with tan lower
  170. Some observations after spending the weekend with my HK45
  171. USP Expert .40.... price check
  172. 10rd Extended Floorplates Source
  173. Hk USP .45 questions
  174. More P7 questions
  175. Shot HK for the first time....WOW!
  176. Interesting article about USP Colored frames: "Hk's new look"
  177. Got my P30, quick review of differences I see between P2K
  178. HK SS Match .45 Price Check
  179. P30 Safety / Decocker Question
  180. P30L tactical????
  181. Question for those with GrayGuns RRCPP
  182. Next HK - USP Combat Competition 9mm
  183. Carrying a V1 C&L?
  184. HK45 got me away from 1911
  185. USP9SD is really hard to decock
  186. Hard Chroming a P7
  187. p9s 9mm sport group 3
  188. Wear on finished P7
  189. Question about P7 cleaning
  190. Testing SD rounds in your Hk's at the range
  191. LEM conversion
  192. Whre can I find a good deal on a .357 Sig HK?
  193. Why Did HK Dump The .357 Sig?
  194. P7M10: More Nickel or Blued?
  195. Issues with my new USP2000sk decocker button.
  196. Curious: How many Mk23 Desert Tan owners out there?
  197. HK45CT or USP45T
  198. NiB-x Coted HK45
  199. Brought it home last night!!
  200. Favorite Pair of HKs
  201. P30L - Trigger work and then some
  202. Tru Dot Meprolight Night Sights,USP Tactical .45 (PICS)
  203. ARE P2000SK V3 Da/Sa 9mm Ma. Compliant?
  204. P30 FTF/FTE ~3,000RDS
  205. New P2000 .357 Sig LEM !!!
  206. Box ??
  207. Hk P30 or P7 M13?
  208. Question about the p7.
  209. Value of a pair of consecutive XXX von 500 P7M8s
  210. Hellp! Extractor Malfunction
  211. Fixing my trigger reset click ****UPDATE/PICS****
  212. What 'Feels' Like a P7 (besides a P7?)
  213. USP 40 Threaded Barrel
  214. A little help!
  215. USP Compact Spring Questions
  216. P2000sk V1 trigger in comparison to P2000 V1 what makes them different?
  217. Need 1st Gen USP Gunsmith Parts Advise (Match Trigger Installation)
  218. Hidden Serial Number?
  219. Same barrel?
  220. USP full size, need night sights. Which ones?
  221. Again the USPc is back traded it three times first time buying back the same gun
  223. disassembly and assembly video's of HKp30L
  224. P7 PSP Gas Piston Cleaning suggestions
  225. I laid it away!
  226. roll pins..??
  227. Lead bullets in HK P9S?
  228. LEM Question
  229. P9S .45 vs 1911 .45
  230. First Time Out - HK45CT - Review
  231. Eatin' some Crow and no, it doesn't taste like chicken!
  232. HK USP 9mm threaded barrel questions....
  233. Factory Night Sight Warranty (USP)
  234. Light Strike Report 10# Wolff HS in USPc .40
  235. Where can you buy a USP Compact 45 lower?
  236. cartridge primer scratch after chambered
  237. Who Were the Constituents for the "Expert," the "Elite," the P2000SK," and Others?
  238. MK23 Picture Thread
  239. We All Make Mistakes
  240. 9mm Experts - any more on the way from Deutschland?
  241. USPc .357 is terribly inaccurate!
  243. USP45 Match Trigger Just Installed By HK
  244. USP Compact False Reset
  245. Inconsistent double action pull USP 45
  246. my slide release mod on a USP compact
  247. P2000sk decock "lever"
  248. Sight Install
  249. P30L v2 LEM vs P30LS light LEM - any suggestions?
  250. HK 9MM Tactical Sights