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  1. Break My P2000 Lives on.....
  2. Looking to buy another P30
  3. Need a quick answer from the Pro's - P2000 SK
  4. P2000/P30/USP used condition
  5. P7 dates
  6. My H&Ks. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me.
  7. USP 45 extended barrel
  8. HK P7M8 Questions
  9. Running HK through ultrasonic cleaner ?
  10. Winchester Special Ammo for Mk23?
  11. Gun arrived I didn't know
  12. Magazine questions
  13. Shortening a HK45 threaded barrell
  14. HK USP 45CT
  15. H&K P2000sk vs....?
  16. P30 Magazine - loose???
  17. New USP Tactical
  18. Night Sights
  20. Value of stock SP89
  21. P9S question
  22. Which one first?
  23. Advice on Buying P7m8 and P7M13
  24. P2000SK vs USPc
  25. Good Price...?
  26. CCW, P30 or P2000 or ...?
  27. Hard to believe I Know. But Barth has a new HK.
  28. Not Just Another MARK 23 Thread
  29. Robar's Services NP3 & NP3+ Coatings I have some Questions re: P2sk internal parts
  30. Hk usp45ct
  31. Newbie Question
  32. Who would buy a .22 conversion kit for the Hk45 series if available?
  33. HK P30 or P2000 or HK45 tactical series in 10mm?
  34. NIB HK P30S V3 40 S&W
  35. 45c for Home Defense
  36. usp with smith flash hider, effectiveness?
  37. usp match trigger install problem, wrong part supplied i think
  38. VP70Z Customization
  39. Buying/pricing advice?
  40. P30 and P2000 TGS Trigger
  41. My HK45 Tactical
  42. P2000SK Trigger Bar Detent and spring removal, How To ?
  43. Which one to sell
  44. USPf 9 V1..... FPBS is there a light version of this spring ?
  45. hk p30 disassembly issues?
  46. Match Weight + Jarvis Match Barrel + Gray USP = ?
  47. The benefits of regularly checking in with LGS (P7M8 w/ Pics)
  48. No other HK's this year! Absolutely not........
  49. Wolff springs in HK45?
  50. Nils grips
  51. HK45CT Delays?
  52. mactec grips??
  53. LIke the gun, but not the threaded barrel
  54. VP70Z Early years
  55. hk p30, relationship between grip size and recoil?
  56. HK45: Slide not locking back (sometimes)
  57. Just got new P30L (Break in period notes)
  58. VP70Z
  59. HK USP45C trigger not reseting...
  60. Best place(s) to purchase P2000SK??
  61. First Local Tactical Pistol Competition w/ HK45
  62. First outing with the new P30
  63. A couple HK Recoil Spring questions
  64. 4500 Rounds and First FTE
  65. Another Price Check. P2000SK in .357 Sig.
  66. "Match" Hammer part Number
  67. Advantages of P2000 vs P30
  68. Not even a month after my first P7 and I already gave in to buying another.
  69. P2000 357/40 caliber conversion to 9mm
  70. Purchased a used P30 9mm, question:?
  71. RFID
  72. P30 V2 to V1
  73. P30 says V2 on box but V1 on bar code sticker . . . .?
  74. Got my new CCW up and going
  75. USPc .45 Blue Hammer Spring
  76. Anyone Dremel the angle off their elephant foot HK45C mag floorplate?
  77. Question about Robar
  78. has anyone had their expert GGI'ed?
  79. Hk P7A1 (New Polymer Frame P7 w/ rail)
  80. P2000 vs P30 LEM Comparison
  81. Looking for P30 magazines
  82. DO HKc and HK USP C Barrels interchange??
  83. HK45C Compact Threaded Barrel 203106 vs 234020?
  84. 9mm Expert shooting with high speed camera
  85. Mark and his 23 must be mad at me...
  86. Help with HK45 reassembly!
  87. FTE and does-not-load with a brand new P30LS V1!
  88. Help me spend my Gander Mountain gift card
  89. New P30 Owner
  90. P9S 9mm
  91. P7 Price Check
  92. Sight Replacement Tolerances
  93. USP9 Full Size- Almost
  94. P7M13 trigger - better than M8, PSP, etc?
  95. I just brought home a BBW, WoW!
  96. SAO P30S (or P30LS)
  97. What happened to Wes AKA Caliber.666
  98. LEM Trigger explanation
  99. USP fiber optic sights
  100. P7M8 Chantilly
  101. Convert standard USP to USP Expert?
  102. Bought the threaded barrel for my HK45
  103. HK45 magazine interchange
  104. P30L Blue/Red Gun?
  105. Bad rental
  106. stocking up..... Question for P-Series Pistol owners
  107. Current Market Value on a P7 BWB/318 Bw
  108. Dear HK Santa- Where is the 2013 Handgun for God sakes?
  109. slim slide lock
  110. New USP9/magazine issue.
  111. P7M8 Grip Lock Washers
  112. Converting P2000 v3 to Light LEM v1
  113. thanks to forum
  114. MACTEC - P7 Nill grips.
  115. P30 sights
  116. Intrest in HK firearms fading?
  117. I liked my new P30 so much i gota a HK45 this week
  118. HK Euro Black Aluminum Case Prices
  119. P30L Problem
  120. HK45C and question P30 used price
  121. New USP 45
  122. Surefire X400 for HK45C...does it fit?
  123. New 45c and some q's
  124. hk45CT Trigger
  125. Saudi Arabia P9S contract
  126. Trijicon vs Meprolight night sights for P7M8 - measurements needed
  127. What type of Case does a new HK 45 come in
  128. Merry Xmas to me. I just ordered a P2000SK 40 LEM with NS
  129. HK45 (Batman grip version) HD wallpaper
  130. Are there any new HK pistols in the works?
  131. need wholesaler to order p30L
  132. Sell a USP tactical 45 to get a HK45
  133. HK P7
  134. And now I wait
  135. HK 45c flash suppressor and reliability ?
  136. H&K size comparison
  137. HK Customer Service
  138. Another 'what's it worth?' thread. USP9 FS
  139. Another question (about V3), please help
  140. Please HELP
  141. Looking for P30L Raised Sights
  142. P30 V1 Giveaway @ American Handgunner Magazine
  143. Photogenic Indeed!
  144. 9mm Expert
  145. LEM vs DA/SA v3 trigger
  146. Hk P30 refinishing
  147. Changes in P30
  148. Shorten reset?
  149. Ordering a replacement for my stolen P30
  150. Are pistol mags made of metal superior to polymer?
  151. Should the action stay open?
  152. Availability of P30LS 9mm V1 "light LEM"
  153. Value of a USP Expert 9mm "AE" date coded.
  154. P7M8 Grip Options
  155. HK P30 article
  156. USP Accessories Review
  157. P7 White Dot Inserts
  158. Hard to find HK45 in local ranges/stores?
  159. Put a heavier hammer spring in P30
  160. For Competition shooting LEM or DA/SA
  161. HK45 trigger question
  162. Could this have messed up my sear?
  163. Fair Price?
  164. Fiber optic sights on a P30L or HK45?
  165. Osprey 45 Suppressor Advice/Question
  166. USP 40 v2, ways to lighten trigger
  167. Trigger Help
  168. Brand New P2000 with LEM trigger in .357 for $550.00
  169. Cylindrical Pin
  170. Sizeable chip on my USP barrel feed ramp
  171. Finally got to do a little HK shooting HK45c and P30sv3 9mm today
  172. Can it be done? Safely?
  173. Help Needed
  174. My wife survived her surgery and is putting a P 30 on Christmas layaway for me.
  175. Just got my first HK . I need help!!!
  176. Help my P2000 can't stablize blazer 115g (update: bad 115g ammo)
  177. Sticky Firing Pin
  178. Got a Mark 23, Pictures encluded.
  179. P30 "S" enlarged aftermarket safety levers: Any Interest?
  180. HK45CT LEM?
  181. USP barrel finish
  182. HK 45c barrel length and velocity query
  183. Looking for HK Gunsmith in area of Tacoma, WA
  184. Changing my full size 45acp over to LEM
  185. p30 and TRU DOT sights
  186. GMJ ammo in HK?
  187. LEM question
  188. Trigger return spring for V3 and V2.
  189. HK polymer frame retexturing and metal refinish
  190. USP45 LEM TRS Options?
  191. Recoil Q
  192. P30l trade
  193. Added a new one....
  194. V2 LEM Trigger break weight.
  195. So there are ten USP varients
  196. HK P30 back from Robar
  197. USP Barrel Weight
  198. New to HK with 45 comparison questions
  199. Happy Thanksgiving HKPro
  200. USP 9mm Stovepipes
  201. Concealed Carry - In Harms Way
  202. Price check : LAM 400/1400
  203. Help pick my Christmas gift !!!
  204. My targets after my first two magazines ever through a P7.
  205. P2000 in Variant 9?
  206. P2000SK Lanyard. Usefullness?
  207. P2000SK 40cal prices
  208. Red accents on HK slides
  209. Surefire MR09 adaptor a bad fit
  210. I own a HK but I carry a __________
  211. If you were looking for a mid-to-full size HK 9mm, which would you choose?
  212. How do I aim my p30
  213. P9s questions
  214. Very basic snapcap question...
  215. 45C"T"
  216. P2000 .357Sig
  217. V2 Lever To Use?
  218. So there's a FS USP tactical, USP CT, HK 45 CT, but no FS HK45 tactical?
  219. My first's a M8 and I'm thinking about refinishing it. Input wanted!
  220. HK45 11 round mag?
  221. Snap caps?
  222. An Old Friend Returns - H&K P9S .45ACP
  223. H&K P7 M13 Nicle Price check
  224. fire dragon barrels
  225. HK45 w/ Match Hammer Spring
  226. Little asistance needed with P2000 LEM variants
  227. P30 Stolen
  228. To L.E.M. or not to L.E.M......This is the question.
  229. Got my first HK today, and I love it
  230. Anything different since 2009 for usp?
  231. H&K Vintage Pistol SHOOTER
  232. HK45C German or American Made
  233. USPC .45 Used Magazine Question
  234. New to HKPRO and first time HK owner !!!
  235. HK45C concealed carry questions
  236. Stamped serial number on USP
  237. HK P7M8 Long slide Sport
  238. behold, there was light
  239. Please advise HK P2000 Accuracy
  240. Buying my first H & K for Conceal and carry
  241. MK 23 not Mark 23
  242. Mixmaster HK4?
  243. HK USP match tuning weight
  244. New to forum and a P7 - Questions
  245. SP-89, why doesn't HK make another batch?
  246. Light LEM trigger return spring, a better option.
  247. "drop check"?
  248. PSP
  249. Franken Hk P30/2000
  250. HK USP 45 magazine spring