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  1. P9S and HK4
  2. RDS on a P30, has been accomplished.
  3. P9S issued to SF?
  4. Another Ammo Question
  5. My P30L (and friends)
  6. What is this thing?
  7. New member: 45C question.
  8. I'm confused...
  9. Did the gun shop take advantage of me?
  10. P7M8 Factory Magazines or imposters??
  11. H&K P30 .40S&W V3
  12. Buying an HK45C Tactical
  13. Giving my HK45C a partner to rotate with...
  14. Importance of Finger Exercises
  15. I took the Robar plunge...
  17. LEM thoughts
  18. Clean (and dirty) ammo for P7 series
  19. HK Polymer
  20. Forgive me HKPro for I have sinned!!
  21. P30 and USP Compact
  22. Finally drank the Kool-aid...
  23. Greek EP9S ?
  24. Question about AI date code on a NIB P2000 pistol
  25. red dot sight mount for usp ct
  27. Made the switch to LEM VTGS
  28. Kydex, USP's, and lights.
  29. USP Question
  30. LEM Trigger Pull Questions
  31. What's the little rubber plug for?
  32. P7 147gr ammo?
  33. LBT Drops BB Gun at LGS---
  34. Hk45c w/ LEM V4 and no safety?
  35. p30 light laser
  36. HK P7K3
  37. Fell into an HK45 today.
  38. Trigger job, match trigger or i'm open to suggestion?
  39. Need advice on USPc9 springs
  40. Decal grip for Mark 23
  41. I have a P30, should I get a P2000?
  42. Is there an obligatory HK handgun?
  43. Threading an HK barrel....
  44. Pleasant surprise...
  45. USP in Tan
  46. HK sight installation (45c) UPDATE W/ PICS
  47. Question about HK P30L 9MM
  48. I know this is asking a dumb question but...
  49. Oh....snap.
  50. Are plain black usp c sights available?
  51. Found a used P2000sk at LGS and need advice
  52. P30 9mm and .40 owner--need a favor
  53. Best nightsights for P30
  54. Finally got a HK P7
  55. What do you carry your 45C in?
  56. USP Compact Trigger Pull
  57. Need 2 mag pouch for P30?
  58. P7M13 Import stamp
  59. Trigger job on V3 P30?
  60. P30 40 S&W Recoil Question
  61. Value of a KF Date Code USP45F?
  62. Heavier recoil springs for USP45?
  63. P7M8 Chantilly fat trigger 1985 value
  64. P2000sk TB
  65. USP 45 questions and maybe problem maybe not?
  66. As promised-a review of a newly worked P2000sk (w/ an issue or two) + my new HK45c
  67. Questions about buying a used P30s, 9mm
  68. HK 45 value
  69. Help USPc LEM .40 vs P30 LEM .40
  71. Firing Pin Removal
  72. Before and after photos. (warning--might cause evac to range)
  73. UPDATE* Question! USP Compact Stainless
  74. LEM P30 vs USPc
  75. Blue book of (someones) gun values
  76. LEM entertainment :)
  77. USP Compact - LEM to V1 conversion
  78. Why LEM?
  79. buffalo bore hkp30
  80. Any problem using a P2000SK slide release lever on an HK45?
  81. P9s Question on feding
  82. I love my P2K
  83. Problem with a P7
  84. Christmas came Early! HK45 CT (MK24)
  85. Newb with a dumb(?) mag question
  86. just installed one of the new lem kits on my hk45c
  87. Which grams follower kit for USP40?
  88. HK Mark 23 advice
  89. "Colored" HK USP's
  90. Factory USP Compact Magazine Identification
  91. HK45 in the HOUSE!
  92. P7 PSP. Difference between this and a standard P7 M8.
  93. A-Team
  94. HK Logo on P2000sk?
  95. HK45 and SureFire DG switch
  96. HK45C arrived!
  97. New Guy!
  98. P9s barrel threads
  99. usp mags
  100. New addition to the collection and a good deal.
  101. P7 Question
  102. Just Picked Up A P2000SK .40 - Ammo Choices?
  103. Should I buy a P7 M8 that has new Trijicon sights?
  104. P7M8 sear bar
  105. H-K Discontinues the .357 Sig caliber?
  106. Which Safariland 6004 for USP45CT?
  107. Is this ad correct?
  108. H&K 45C Need Info on it.
  109. Having fun with my HK45 & P30S
  110. P7 Clockwise or Counterclockwise?
  111. LEOSA Qualifications
  112. I just got me a HK4!
  113. Value of NIB OD Green USP 40 with jet funnel
  114. The P7 and nerve damage
  115. Usp armorer's manual
  116. Brand new USP 40 jamming :(
  117. Suggestions for Tactical Handgun Training in SC?
  118. USPc / P2000 magazine question (10 vs 12 round)
  119. USP MAG Question
  120. What is your shtf gun H&K ONLY
  121. Help with new P9s with wood grips! New pics added.
  122. USP 9 - unhappy with the groupings
  123. Problem with my new 45C
  124. CCW comparisons P2000SK vs P2000 vs HK45c
  125. Look what I brought home
  126. Need Help please!!
  127. P2000SK LEM trigger lightening kit
  128. My first compact HK
  129. New to me P9s Sport Group III - how did I do??
  130. Just brought home my "new" 1984 P7 M13
  131. P30L barrel in a P30
  132. I think I did good - P9S
  133. HK USP Compact vs P30
  134. One of the many reasons I love HK's
  135. Alton Brown: Good Eats Guy, Next Iron Chef guy, H&K fan!
  136. Question on HKP7 clone.
  137. Looking for pics of p2000sk with lights
  138. I want to get into IDPA...which pistol?
  139. GGI and my two USP .40s
  140. Bore line axis of USP vs. HK 45?
  141. will we ever see an HK45L?
  142. USP "Custom" Variant Question
  143. Round count for P2000
  144. A good price for an HK45 CT
  145. Will you give me recommendations on a great firearm periodical to give as a gift?
  146. New guy w/P30 9 and HK45c
  147. different loads' POI on USP
  148. HK USP .45 Used?
  149. Tiger-striped Cerakoted Full Size USP .45
  150. Finally fixing a mistake
  151. First ever post! (hkp30?!)
  152. New guy here with a question
  153. Picked up a P2000
  154. Any more hkpro group buys on the cards?
  155. Do HK45c mags fit in P30 mag holster?
  156. Mark 23 hammer is... el broken
  157. Has anyone wore out their USP's recoil spring assembly?
  158. Local shop has a P7 M8
  159. Anyone Mix and Match P30 side straps??
  160. HK usp compact 40 PORN
  161. After leaving the P30...I have come back to the P30
  162. Finally!.. A P30
  163. Viridian X5L on a HK USP 45
  164. Conversion Barrels
  165. My New P7 ARL, VA Version
  166. Slide mounted holographic sight?
  167. I'm going for a trip
  168. What's the Part # for a P2000 v3 LEM?
  169. P7 parts question
  170. MP5K question
  171. P7 people. Is it prudent and advisable?
  172. P30 custom slide milling?
  173. NP3 and Hard Chrome Pics please
  174. What did you sale for a HK pistol?
  175. P30 Question
  176. Price check - P9s target 9mm
  177. My first H&K, and hand gun in general (few questions)
  178. Bill Springfeild still doing quality trigger work?
  179. Anatomical Grips
  180. walther PPQ. An HK?
  181. Used H&K USP-9 LEM 9mm Night Sight blued 2-18rd mag w/light
  182. What are the least and most popular Hk handguns
  183. Ammo issue???
  184. I ruined the re-sale value of my USP
  185. P7 or P30
  186. Has Anyone Refinished a USP Slide
  187. They not only feel good
  188. Amused at USP breakage thread
  189. Joined the OD club
  190. Any USP smith's anywhere close to me?
  191. A safety question about the LEM
  192. Competition Holsters for HK45
  193. P30S 40S&W Magazines
  194. 40 S&W P30 Recoil
  195. Slide closes on mag insert for USPc, how can I prevent this?
  196. HK45C grip length
  197. Replacement barrel opinions please
  198. 45C trigger cracking
  199. The P7 PSP did not shoot that good at all.
  200. USP40C / HK45C parts compatibility
  201. The forgotten advantage of the USP
  202. .357 sig mags in USPc 40
  203. How often do you?
  204. Fading German Proof Marks on P7 slide. What can be done?
  205. I did it! P7 on layaway.
  206. What to do....
  207. Question Regarding Ammunition
  208. P30 slide release
  209. Problem removing sticky residue in USP grip
  210. I got it Back!!!!
  211. Grading USP Match condition
  212. USP Compact 40 great carry gun.
  213. 45C trigger
  214. Holster Question
  215. Which is generally more awesome: P30 or HK45c?
  216. Which back strap do most of you P2000 owners use?
  217. LEM converted...catch question.
  218. HK sight tools
  219. Value of a HK P7M13?
  220. Smoothing the de-cocker?
  221. HK45CT Thread Length
  223. Hey Tater2, did ya get yer USP Tactical 45 yet?!!
  224. Update on my HK USP .45 FS Tactical---
  225. The HK bug bites again!
  226. Couple 1080p P30L videos Trig. Reset & Up close
  227. P2000SK V-2 to V-1 conversion Seems it Increased my Reset ?
  228. I broke my USP
  229. Variant Change V3 to V1 USP 40FS
  230. The LEM Trigger System - I should have tried it sooner!
  232. P2000SK in 9MM?
  233. Custom Finish/Slide Work?
  234. LEM trigger for 2000 (or 1999) USPc .45
  235. P30 als options?
  236. Camping buddy
  237. Proud new P7 PSP owner as of today.
  238. Hk45 NOT Hk45c... need some opinions.
  239. Don't fire a P7M8 for the first time ever....
  240. Match trigger USP variants for combat/duty use?
  241. P7 PSP after Rogurad/NP3 re-finish
  242. School me on the P7.
  243. USP Match trigger vs trigger job
  244. Changed the FPB Spring. ..No effect.
  245. My new HK USP Compact - Anniversary Edition
  246. VP70Z Expert Wanted- Pre-purchase questions...
  247. All 3 finaly together!
  248. Gun advice.... but no one ever suggests H&K... why?
  249. Order from HkPARTS.NET
  250. Ammo purchase - is this good to go?!?