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  1. lighter recoil spring for USPc 9mm
  2. P7 PSP puts bulge in the brass
  3. Gray Guns P-7 Perfection Action Package
  4. Possible Issue with P2000
  5. USPc starting to get some extractions problems...
  6. Heres another "USP 9c in the IDPA" thread
  7. I need help
  8. Price Check used USP45F
  9. USP Custom Combat....Good Price?
  10. USPt Bent Extractor!! (from KB close call?) <pics>
  11. P2000Sk sights
  12. Purchase a USP 40 Tactical or P30?
  13. laser recommendations
  14. Help needed on a used P2000 - weak ejection issue
  15. CA residents chime in
  16. Finally solved my dilemma on what to carry.
  17. Addition to the collection... me likey stainless
  18. Anyone Have Pictures of the DEV BLAST 2?
  19. Should I think this is weird?
  20. Wanna jazz up my USPf?
  21. First 100 rounds through my P2000 LEM
  22. 2001 vs. 2012 Expert 9mm
  23. Range fun :)
  24. Where are all of the P7s?
  25. Advice on cleaning HK SS
  26. HK USPc 9mm and P30 9mm V3 combo?
  27. HK USP CT Value
  29. HK P30 Night sights...
  30. HK45c Tactical at my LGS/Please HELP!!
  31. Are the LEM parts in a P2000SK swappable with a P30L?
  32. My First One!!!
  33. Is my LEM hammer defective?
  34. HK45C extended magazine release lever, and why I went back to the standard version
  35. Shortening trigger reset (p30,P2k,HK45-LEM) - what part(s) actually get changed?
  36. HK Armorer's Kit (To make LEM installation easier?)
  37. Just brought my first USPc today... So why am I sad?
  38. Conflicted!?
  39. Has anyone here done the Red/White Crayon thing on any on the lettering on their Hk
  40. Twin Nines
  41. Any way to smooth out a banged up HK frame?
  42. XS front sight with 10-8 rear
  43. Trigger pull weight
  44. Recommended pistols to transition to from a P7
  45. HK45c Question
  46. ANIB H&K P2000 V3 - Fair Price?
  47. HK P9S target 9mm
  48. p7m8 holster
  49. HK USP 45 trade value
  50. Article about the H&K P2000SK in Gun & Weapons
  51. HK MK23 full seal package?!
  52. Model 4 .22 conversion problem
  53. USP date codes for LEM
  54. Usp40c ammo
  55. Ultrasonic cleaning solution thread
  56. USP Tactical, how much is to much?
  57. P30 pistolero question
  58. New member, new USP... sort of
  59. HK P30 "V3" Mystery?
  60. Flash hiders
  61. HK P7 PSP - FTF or Fail to Fire? Please Help.
  62. P7 Cleaning Tool
  63. Chip on rail channel of the slide HK45c w/pic
  64. First IDPA Match
  65. Blew an O ring on HK45C - problem? or not so much?
  66. threaded barrel for P2000?
  67. Will there ever be an HK9c or HK40c?
  68. New HKP30L Owner
  69. HK p30 sights
  70. X-Grip for HK45C
  71. New HK USP Owner Here!
  72. New USP?
  73. Explain P7's
  74. Is it just me?
  75. I want to install a Meprolight Adjustable Tritium Night Sights for H&K USP
  76. Issue with HK UTL
  77. Heinies for sk
  78. P30 Sight Question
  79. USP match experts please chime in - what kind of match weight is this?
  80. hk p30s 9mm/10RD. out of stock everywhere ? why?
  81. Part of the club!
  82. Colorizing your HK
  83. HK45 trigger question
  84. USP Tactical .45 Thread Protector
  85. LEM CONVERSION ON A HK 45C few questions
  86. USP45 Compact Tactical or HK 45C Tactical - Which one would you get?
  87. Video detailed complete takedown of HK45 or HK45c ?
  88. marsHK
  89. How good is LEM on a HK45C?
  90. HK45c Lem
  91. Hk4
  92. KB Close Call: almost blew my USPt (blown brass pics)
  93. HK P7 - Certain internal parts prone to break?
  94. HK45c Light LEM ---> vTGS?
  95. Best price/source for P2000SK V2 LEM?
  96. compensated P7
  97. Traded into HK45C, Help me understand what I got
  98. Slimming the P30 slide-release Levers
  99. Thought I might install my own night sights.
  100. USP .40 Combat Competition with BA (2010) date code?
  101. Need a Las Vegas or Pahrump NV member to help with a trade deal
  102. First-generation P7 Question
  103. USP Competition?
  104. P2000 Mag Help
  105. Serpa Lvl2 P30 holster fits USP Tactical?
  106. HK SP89 range report FTE w/ Aluminum
  107. Price Check
  108. P30 .40 cal: Get out of .40 or stay in?
  109. p30 mags?
  110. LEM or Light LEM Which one?
  111. Anybody in Nashville TN?
  112. Left in the dust
  113. Selling 45C
  114. Two stupid questions???
  115. New to me P9s & question
  116. Nickel Plated Sear Spring
  117. My first post
  118. to commitments
  119. difference in length with various 9mm hp's (pics)
  120. ?? About P30LS Box/Case Marking
  121. Hk warranty
  122. Is that the squeeze cocker?
  123. Does your P30 slide stop lever rattle?
  124. Kaluban Cloak for HK Thumbs up
  125. P30 grip panel play
  126. Can't decide on companion to my SK.
  127. Are all P30's created equal?
  128. New USP 45CT owner... wow!
  129. P7M8 replacement sight question
  130. Subgun can on a P9S
  131. P30 9mm or .40
  132. P30 s Lem safety removal
  133. Ambidextrous Levers on the USP Compact
  134. "Universal" LEM kit & HK45
  135. Pic request
  136. Sick..... Help needed!
  137. Good price on what I believe to a 9mm Custom Combat?
  138. What is good price for a full size usp 45 Acp tactical?
  139. Bullseye ammo recipe?
  140. New HK Owner
  141. Good things come to those who wait, & a story of surprising will power!!!
  142. Window find
  143. New USPc issues?
  144. GGI Turn Around Time
  145. P7M13 Gun show Find
  146. I picked up two HK45c 10rd Mags for $100 bucks!
  147. USPc 40 165gr or 180g
  148. USP .45 mag in a MARK 23
  149. p7 pm13 slide question
  150. Yet another help me decide--lengthy
  151. P7M8 Ammo Question
  152. What's the attraction to the Expert?
  153. HK45c Lem question
  154. Straight 8's vs XS Big dots?
  155. P30 Question
  156. My first HK failure
  157. Looking to Start a Movement - CTC Laser Grips for a H&K USP40C
  158. How many mags come with a new USP 45 compact ?
  159. USP 9 and Frangible ammunition
  160. Picked Up HK P2000 9mm
  161. very cool for you p7 guys
  162. New USP Compact 45
  163. A few questions...
  164. New P2K .357
  165. Holster for HK Tactical .45?
  166. USPc .45 or HK45c? + P30L problems.
  167. Picked up a HK Model 4, 7.65 and .22LR barrels.
  168. HK45 Recoil Spring Question
  169. HK USP 45 police trade in: what parts should I replace?
  170. P30LS at TXMG championship
  171. USP .40 Tactical Current Value
  172. Who does trigger work on the P30?
  173. trigger spring change question
  174. P30 On The Way...Some Questions
  175. USP Compact Trigger options
  176. Reports from any HK45c tactical owners!!
  177. Woohoo! My first HK pistol has arrived! Some Stoopid Noobie questions... >>>
  178. p2000 v2 not available??
  179. MGW sight pusher on a 45c
  180. LEM Second Strike Ability
  181. Market Value of this USP9mm..
  182. So I picked up a HK usp 45c
  183. USP 9mm from the gun show this weekend (High-Bandwidth)
  184. RIA Auction results: USP MATCH and early Mk23
  185. Recoil Spring
  186. P30 Questions
  187. Questions about issues with rental HK's at the range today
  188. HK4 Deal?
  189. HK45c owners that plan on bugging out.
  190. P30 Compatibility
  191. HK USPc 9mm mag question
  192. my P30 Limited concept! (PICS)
  193. HK USP .40 IDPA
  194. p2000sk possible issue...recommendations
  195. P30 Question
  196. 9mm USP EXPERTS available from factory...
  197. This d@*$ trigger travel!!!
  199. Hk multi-media CD-value?
  200. Where to send USP9SD for night sights?
  201. Ok, this HK stuff does gets addicting
  202. USP .45 TORTURE!
  203. Any experience on the German made versus the US made HK45c's?
  204. p30 w/ silencer on grimm 4/13 episode
  205. American vs. German Hk45 date codes?
  206. Best replacement spring for USPC/HK45C 8 round mags?
  207. Appreciation for the 45c
  208. may be picking up a p7m8 (PICKED UP!)
  209. HK 45 compacts
  210. EFK USP 40 to 9mm conversion barrels
  211. I'm going to do it this week... and I need some help or motivation.
  212. poblems with the Extended Mag Relaease on my USPC and P2ksk and holster
  213. Quick question
  214. What disintegrated in my HK?
  215. USP Grip?
  216. High end 1911 vs HK45c?
  217. Has anyone Chronographed loads out of the HK45c?
  218. URBAN LEGEND - .40 to 9mm Conversion?
  219. P7 Article in latest issue of G&A Handguns
  220. Got a surprise from my P9S tonight
  221. Problem with HK45C Mag Release!!
  222. Sights
  223. Best HK in 40 S&W?
  224. p30 vs uspc
  225. Whats your HK combo?
  226. USP LEM/Match Part List
  227. NIB HK45c Feed Ramp Pitting?? also need some buying advice
  228. Confusion “springs” from LEM
  229. I need some help on a HK USP/Advance armament package
  230. P30 Jammed/Stuck w/ Aftermarket Barrel (PICS)
  231. Just back from the range
  232. HK 45 recoil spring weight
  233. I did it! I installed LEM!!!! :D
  234. HK 45c vs HK P30: Field Strip Question
  235. First HK, Introducing my newest member of the family, The HK P9s 9mm!
  236. USP compact rail adapter - differences in quality?
  237. Oh man my wife isgoing to kill me.
  238. I think I'm done with my USPct 45 clone project
  239. Looking For A HK....
  240. HK P30 history guru's, about to buy mags, need help.
  241. HK P2000 and USPc are both being produced at the same time? Also are barrel question
  242. HK USP LEM Hammer Hitting Frame?
  243. 9MM USP COMPACT Bought 4-18-12
  244. Want HK P30 LEM 9mm - What is valuation of this trade in?
  245. USP Compact .40 vs .45
  246. P30 to P30S
  247. Any cons to buying a KF dated USP 45?
  248. USP .45 Failure to feed?
  249. Question: serial number on HK45c barrel