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  1. I'm Thinking HK 45c
  2. USPc / P2000 slides (in)compatibility question.
  3. P7M8 question
  4. My Hk45CT is in!
  5. USP *Issues* - Now with pics of fix!
  6. HK45c/ Glock 9mm mag holder
  7. P10 floating around?
  8. Surplus of .40 P2000's?
  9. My P30 with night sights
  10. Help me find this Pictanney Rail
  11. hk45 threaded barrel pic request
  12. Heavy LEM to light LEM goodness.
  13. My USPc 45 Stainless came in !!
  14. A Good Kind of Dilemma
  15. HKpro Handgun Talk FAQ
  16. Need A Quick Assist/Guidance: LEM Universal Install on HK45
  17. $%^#*& TRS spring
  18. Max magazine capacities for USP .45 Compact
  19. P30 mainspring question.
  20. HK45 or P30 .40 as HD pistol?
  22. HK 45c German vs. American?
  23. P7, picked up another one, couple of questions
  24. Plated bullets in my P7
  25. So it's been a week of owning my HK45
  26. HK P7
  27. P30 side panels and backstrap question.
  28. Dang! It's true! HKs -do- multiply!
  29. prices and availability of long P9s barrels (9mm) ?
  30. P2000 SK grip pin walking
  31. FNP-45 Tactical Vs. HK Mark 23 Vs. HK USP-45 Tactical
  32. I am a huge idiot, please help (V2 to V1 LEM halfway install gone terribly wrong)
  33. Snap ring removal
  34. P7/PSP magazine date code questions?
  35. A tale of two 2000SK back straps
  36. G&A Article - Intro of the P7M10
  37. USPc slide release problem.
  38. P7 spotted in LEIPZIG!
  39. Installing P2000sl Night Sights - How to?
  40. HK45 hammer following the slide forward - advice please!
  41. Slide not locking back after last round?
  42. Test fired my new LEM/Match Hybrid trigger today
  43. can a 40 barrel be dropped in a 357sig?
  44. Early USP9 with loose hammer
  45. Non-threaded barrel for .45 HK Tatical and MK23?
  46. H&K, we've had a problem...
  47. Brass cleaning jags
  48. Which HK handgun should be my first
  49. HK45 Version Question
  50. A tale of 2 grips/HK45 series
  51. New style Mark 23 finish question
  52. Hk 4
  53. Hk 4
  54. new HK45 owner with lengthy safety catch questions
  55. Hybrid
  56. USP 45 FTF
  57. P7 Question
  58. How much chance for light strikes with this spring in my P30?
  59. hk45 & hk45c threaded barrel question
  60. How to polish your usp 45 barrel
  61. Anyone have an Expert in .40?
  62. Buying another HK but need some opinions
  63. USP 45 Stainless and USP 45 Compact SS - what's the going price?
  64. usp 45 new owner
  65. USP-SD suppressed vs. unsuppresed
  66. USPc 9mm vs. P2000 9mm question
  67. HK4 Question
  68. hk basher from 2008
  69. What EDC Tactical Knife do you carry with CCW HK? - My Thread Disappeared
  70. An interesting article about the H&K P30L
  71. HK USP Tactical price
  72. Bo's garage sale
  73. Any possibility of a new HK single stack
  74. USP 9SD question
  75. HK USP Jet Funnel Installation on You Tube
  76. I'm the "soon to be new HK45 owner" here's my range report-a success, of course!
  77. Ever hear of HK .40 cals Kabooming?
  78. P30 separate loaded indicator?
  79. Wow,... 1 HK Becomes 2 HK's Real Fast
  80. New to forum- HK USP 40 Match Trigger
  81. HK P2000 V4
  82. What should I do to smooth out floorplates on my jet funnel mags?
  83. P7psp question
  84. Front sight dovetail sizes
  85. HK 45 Detent Plate
  86. Well, added another pistol to the collection......
  87. HK P9S issues, suggestions?
  88. USP45 Service Life
  89. USP tactical 45 front sight
  90. Is there any bobbed hammer for P30 v3 DA/SA?
  91. .45c mags wearing through?
  92. Why HK triggers does not feel good?
  93. Anyone Having Trouble Finding NIB HK 45C's In Stock?
  94. 1200 rounds...running great!
  95. HK 4 Question
  96. Any Trigger job advice?
  97. USP Safety Question
  98. how to convert a 40SW P30 to 357Sig or 9mm?
  99. OMG! What have I done, Part 2???
  100. Magazine spring instalation?
  101. HK USPc with WML for carry.
  102. Delete
  103. Two Tone USP Tactical?
  104. Help Please! Blackhawk SOCOM Pistol cases??
  105. I went light crazy.....
  106. HiViz sights for a P7
  107. Markings on a P7M10 Slide
  108. P2000 HOLY S**T moment!
  109. wow, i was just a victim of an anti-hk d-bag
  110. PICS of AAC Thread Protector on HK USP45T?
  111. USP baseplate
  112. Old HK UTL light question
  113. Why Sell HK Handguns?
  114. Back in the game with a H&K ;)
  115. Heinie straight 8's on an Expert
  116. New/Used Usp 45
  117. USP extended mag release.
  118. hk usp waranty if field stripped?
  119. HK guns in salt water
  120. What if?....
  121. Does P30 come with night sight?
  122. Need some info on LEM springs...
  123. Oh yes, HKs are ACCURATE
  124. Are you a hybrid shooter?
  125. New EDC On The Way
  126. P30 9MM 15 Round Mags
  127. Date codes?
  128. Jack Ross ammo question
  129. Question about triggers
  130. HKs are tanks
  131. cannot disassemble hk45
  132. P30 or P30L which to keep?
  134. Does P30 40SW chamber fully support cartridge case?
  135. took my HK45 and p2000 to the range today
  136. P30 version question
  137. where are the hk45's?
  138. OD Green FS 45 USP Good Deal?
  139. New here from Tampa Area
  140. Another sight question
  141. What was your first HK?
  142. HK P2000 LEM V2 vs USPc trigger reset
  143. XWhat pistol would u like HK to make
  144. P7 Prices
  145. LEM Safety removal question
  146. Tritanium Cerahide P2000
  147. First sight installation went bad.
  148. HK 15 round mags
  149. H&K P30S not available in CA? Any CA P30/P30S Owners?
  150. P30 to P30S?
  151. USPc .45 VTGS
  152. is there any torture test for from the p7 series?
  153. Suggested upgrades for stock USP Compact...
  154. Picked up another H&K
  155. G3kurz, P2000K, a little help if you can?
  156. Which Dawson fiber optic sight for P30 and P2000sk?
  157. I also, just picked up my USP Tactical!
  158. Status of the HK P40 series?
  159. Finally got my USP Tactical
  160. Specifics of Hk's quality control
  161. is it normal for my p2000 to not have a complete slide seal?
  162. HK45C variant Question
  163. P2000SK Night Sights Question
  164. Sights
  165. Hk45 or usp 45 elite
  166. Rumor control???
  167. Mounted light/laser for usp tactical 45
  168. Trying to figure out some info on new P7
  169. Sunday Night HK Blues
  170. Shot my first USP Tactical Today in Raleigh
  171. New to handguns, new to H&K. Am I in the right place? :)
  172. MK 23 mags in a USP .45 FS
  173. The other gray guns...
  174. P2000 extracting brass rearwards
  175. Please Help! Reverse Engineering???
  176. extra mags worth the money? seems not!-lol
  177. TLR-1 Question for P2000
  178. A decent buy for a 9mm USP
  179. I LOVE MY JOB
  180. has anyone else done this?
  181. Addiction is in full swing!
  182. HK 45c Light LEM - Is it safe and legal as CCW?
  183. Do P30 and P30L use the same sights?
  184. An HKPro Salute to All Our Fighting Men & Women on Memorial Day Weekend
  185. .45 super in Mark 23
  186. Why hk45c/ct?
  187. BOUGHT A P2000 LEN V.2........
  188. Expected price on Stainless Compact 9mm or .45?
  189. p7 series cleaning tools (how to fit in box?)
  190. USPc TRS
  191. 45c extended mag release with full width tab for jet funnel mags
  192. Hk45C firing pin removal
  193. I am a Believer,....
  194. Decisions, Decisions!!!! HK overload
  195. My video review of the H&K USP Compact .45 and the H&K 45C.
  196. A video review on the one and only....MK23
  197. First Time Shooting Targets (p7m8 / usp .45)
  198. P30LS V1 still available
  199. New purchase HK P30s 9MM V3
  200. How much rattle is too much rattle?
  201. New HK shipments?
  202. Extended round mags
  203. Trigger Question
  204. HK45 LEM V3
  205. USP Compact 45 Ammo Ques
  206. P30lS with light Lem
  207. I stole an HK .45 Tacical from California!
  208. Question on buying a used USPc 40SW
  209. C93 handgun does anyone own one??
  210. HK 45C price?
  211. Finally a custom holster for my P30S
  212. USP-SD Match trigger
  213. P30l sight removal/install
  214. Trigger pull on USP .40
  215. bringing a knife to a gun fight
  216. weaponseducation gun addiction
  217. Park Police and the P7M13
  218. i NEED an hk45CT
  219. Bill drill times with an HK
  221. P7 Civilian?
  222. HK Lube Requirements
  223. Update, it's here with pic! My first HK is on the way!
  224. German vs U.S. made HK's
  225. MY First HK
  226. Light LEM, can it get lighter?
  227. Holster wear on a HK
  228. A little HK in the kitchen
  229. Yet another P7M8 and, I'm a whimp, maybe.
  230. New forum member and HK owner!
  231. I put too much "U" in my USP!
  232. Have P7 M8 prices peaked?
  233. Picture request! HK45C w/ threaded barrel AND the new 10-8 Performance rear sight!
  234. USP Compact and USP full sized ejector replacement can it be done?
  235. p7m8 brass
  236. HK Tactical USP .45
  237. German HK45c value?
  238. LEM light question
  239. Nickel Boron vs Hard Chrome on USPc 45
  240. Trying to get used to LEM triggers
  241. ... And another HK
  242. Might be dumb, but I did it and I am happy I did!
  243. My HK addiction has begun.....
  244. p7 refunish question
  245. For those who own both the USPc and P2000 (or P30)
  246. Would this USP Expert suppressor mod work?
  247. DPM Recoil Reducers?
  248. Color or not to color I keep going back and forth
  249. Usp compact magazine question
  250. Best Sight Pusher Tool for P30?