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  1. Mounted light/laser for usp tactical 45
  2. Trying to figure out some info on new P7
  3. Sunday Night HK Blues
  4. Shot my first USP Tactical Today in Raleigh
  5. New to handguns, new to H&K. Am I in the right place? :)
  6. MK 23 mags in a USP .45 FS
  7. The other gray guns...
  8. P2000 extracting brass rearwards
  9. Please Help! Reverse Engineering???
  10. extra mags worth the money? seems not!-lol
  11. TLR-1 Question for P2000
  12. A decent buy for a 9mm USP
  14. has anyone else done this?
  15. Addiction is in full swing!
  16. HK 45c Light LEM - Is it safe and legal as CCW?
  17. Do P30 and P30L use the same sights?
  18. An HKPro Salute to All Our Fighting Men & Women on Memorial Day Weekend
  19. .45 super in Mark 23
  20. Why hk45c/ct?
  21. BOUGHT A P2000 LEN V.2........
  22. Expected price on Stainless Compact 9mm or .45?
  23. p7 series cleaning tools (how to fit in box?)
  24. USPc TRS
  25. 45c extended mag release with full width tab for jet funnel mags
  26. Hk45C firing pin removal
  27. I am a Believer,....
  28. Decisions, Decisions!!!! HK overload
  29. My video review of the H&K USP Compact .45 and the H&K 45C.
  30. A video review on the one and only....MK23
  31. First Time Shooting Targets (p7m8 / usp .45)
  32. P30LS V1 still available
  33. New purchase HK P30s 9MM V3
  34. How much rattle is too much rattle?
  35. New HK shipments?
  36. Extended round mags
  37. Trigger Question
  38. HK45 LEM V3
  39. USP Compact 45 Ammo Ques
  40. P30lS with light Lem
  41. I stole an HK .45 Tacical from California!
  42. Question on buying a used USPc 40SW
  43. C93 handgun does anyone own one??
  44. HK 45C price?
  45. Finally a custom holster for my P30S
  46. USP-SD Match trigger
  47. P30l sight removal/install
  48. Trigger pull on USP .40
  49. bringing a knife to a gun fight
  50. weaponseducation gun addiction
  51. Park Police and the P7M13
  52. i NEED an hk45CT
  53. Bill drill times with an HK
  55. P7 Civilian?
  56. HK Lube Requirements
  57. Update, it's here with pic! My first HK is on the way!
  58. German vs U.S. made HK's
  59. MY First HK
  60. Light LEM, can it get lighter?
  61. Holster wear on a HK
  62. A little HK in the kitchen
  63. Yet another P7M8 and, I'm a whimp, maybe.
  64. New forum member and HK owner!
  65. I put too much "U" in my USP!
  66. Have P7 M8 prices peaked?
  67. Picture request! HK45C w/ threaded barrel AND the new 10-8 Performance rear sight!
  68. USP Compact and USP full sized ejector replacement can it be done?
  69. p7m8 brass
  70. HK Tactical USP .45
  71. German HK45c value?
  72. LEM light question
  73. Nickel Boron vs Hard Chrome on USPc 45
  74. Trying to get used to LEM triggers
  75. ... And another HK
  76. Might be dumb, but I did it and I am happy I did!
  77. My HK addiction has begun.....
  78. p7 refunish question
  79. For those who own both the USPc and P2000 (or P30)
  80. Would this USP Expert suppressor mod work?
  81. DPM Recoil Reducers?
  82. Color or not to color I keep going back and forth
  83. Usp compact magazine question
  84. Best Sight Pusher Tool for P30?
  85. 45 full size vs compact
  86. Hk45 baseplates in stock?
  87. Rounded out my USP collection last night(for now)
  88. Sights Needed for Old Peepers
  89. HK45 Threaded Barrel Length ?
  91. HK45 is in the house...yes i'm very excited!!!
  92. P7 k3
  93. Pelican Case for HKs
  94. Sights for stainless
  95. Bill Springfield work
  96. HK P7 Article in Handguns June/July issue.
  97. USPC Trigger
  98. P30 Failure to Fire
  99. HK cabin fever
  100. Why does everyone complain about the mag release on USP's?
  101. Total Newb HK45 maintenance Question
  102. New USP Compact Tactical***PICS ADDED***
  103. Usp 45 report
  104. Date Code
  105. P2000 Trijicon Front sight with HK rear sight
  106. P7M8 Parts needed
  107. Are my USPCs USPSA legal?
  108. Help - USPc / P2000 mag spring
  109. Looking for P7 blueprints
  110. Picked up a mint condition USP 45 Compact in Stainless
  111. Guess I am keeping the 45c. But I had to make some changes.
  112. new p2ooo
  113. P30L Tac Light
  114. P30 for IDPA question
  115. Looking for a USPCT...What Price?
  116. How do you delete the Safety + Decocking lever on a USP?
  117. USP 40 Question
  118. P30S LEM
  119. Need a picture of a VP70!
  120. Gauging interest in a group buy of H&K posters from Germany
  121. HK USPC 45 rusting at the rear serrations?
  122. P7 sights
  123. Picked up a HK4 w/ .22 kit yesterday
  124. USP compact 9mm vs. P30 recoil
  125. My first HK
  126. Possible HK45 Issue
  127. Were can i find an hk45 threaded barrel in stock
  128. Why I need an HK Pistol
  129. HK45 LEM?
  130. Night Sights for USP Tactical .45
  131. Hera Triarii Carbine mount for HK P30L
  132. MK UTL MKII or ????
  133. And then there were two
  134. Price Check on HK P7 PSP Grade B
  135. My USP40
  136. usp45c LEM kit
  137. USP combat comp sight question
  138. Mark 23 accessory rail dimensions?
  140. Update on my HK45C (pics)
  141. HK USP 45 Value question
  142. USP Tactical, five minutes of terror
  143. The HK45C just keeps coming back.
  144. p7 vs ammo
  145. recoil spring for hk 45c
  146. Black Box vs Gray Box?
  147. USP price
  148. Little poll here
  149. lighter recoil spring for USPc 9mm
  150. P7 PSP puts bulge in the brass
  151. Gray Guns P-7 Perfection Action Package
  152. Possible Issue with P2000
  153. USPc starting to get some extractions problems...
  154. Heres another "USP 9c in the IDPA" thread
  155. I need help
  156. Price Check used USP45F
  157. USP Custom Combat....Good Price?
  158. USPt Bent Extractor!! (from KB close call?) <pics>
  159. P2000Sk sights
  160. Purchase a USP 40 Tactical or P30?
  161. laser recommendations
  162. Help needed on a used P2000 - weak ejection issue
  163. CA residents chime in
  164. Finally solved my dilemma on what to carry.
  165. Addition to the collection... me likey stainless
  166. Anyone Have Pictures of the DEV BLAST 2?
  167. Should I think this is weird?
  168. Wanna jazz up my USPf?
  169. First 100 rounds through my P2000 LEM
  170. 2001 vs. 2012 Expert 9mm
  171. Range fun :)
  172. Where are all of the P7s?
  173. Advice on cleaning HK SS
  174. HK USPc 9mm and P30 9mm V3 combo?
  175. HK USP CT Value
  177. HK P30 Night sights...
  178. HK45c Tactical at my LGS/Please HELP!!
  179. Are the LEM parts in a P2000SK swappable with a P30L?
  180. My First One!!!
  181. Is my LEM hammer defective?
  182. HK45C extended magazine release lever, and why I went back to the standard version
  183. Shortening trigger reset (p30,P2k,HK45-LEM) - what part(s) actually get changed?
  184. HK Armorer's Kit (To make LEM installation easier?)
  185. Just brought my first USPc today... So why am I sad?
  186. Conflicted!?
  187. Has anyone here done the Red/White Crayon thing on any on the lettering on their Hk
  188. Twin Nines
  189. Any way to smooth out a banged up HK frame?
  190. XS front sight with 10-8 rear
  191. Trigger pull weight
  192. Recommended pistols to transition to from a P7
  193. HK45c Question
  194. ANIB H&K P2000 V3 - Fair Price?
  195. HK P9S target 9mm
  196. p7m8 holster
  197. HK USP 45 trade value
  198. Article about the H&K P2000SK in Gun & Weapons
  199. HK MK23 full seal package?!
  200. Model 4 .22 conversion problem
  201. USP date codes for LEM
  202. Usp40c ammo
  203. Ultrasonic cleaning solution thread
  204. USP Tactical, how much is to much?
  205. P30 pistolero question
  206. New member, new USP... sort of
  207. HK P30 "V3" Mystery?
  208. Flash hiders
  209. HK P7 PSP - FTF or Fail to Fire? Please Help.
  210. P7 Cleaning Tool
  211. Chip on rail channel of the slide HK45c w/pic
  212. First IDPA Match
  213. Blew an O ring on HK45C - problem? or not so much?
  214. threaded barrel for P2000?
  215. Will there ever be an HK9c or HK40c?
  216. New HKP30L Owner
  217. HK p30 sights
  218. X-Grip for HK45C
  219. New HK USP Owner Here!
  220. New USP?
  221. Explain P7's
  222. Is it just me?
  223. I want to install a Meprolight Adjustable Tritium Night Sights for H&K USP
  224. Issue with HK UTL
  225. Heinies for sk
  226. P30 Sight Question
  227. USP match experts please chime in - what kind of match weight is this?
  228. hk p30s 9mm/10RD. out of stock everywhere ? why?
  229. Part of the club!
  230. Colorizing your HK
  231. HK45 trigger question
  232. USP Tactical .45 Thread Protector
  233. LEM CONVERSION ON A HK 45C few questions
  234. USP45 Compact Tactical or HK 45C Tactical - Which one would you get?
  235. Video detailed complete takedown of HK45 or HK45c ?
  236. marsHK
  237. How good is LEM on a HK45C?
  238. HK45c Lem
  239. Hk4
  240. KB Close Call: almost blew my USPt (blown brass pics)
  241. HK P7 - Certain internal parts prone to break?
  242. HK45c Light LEM ---> vTGS?
  243. Best price/source for P2000SK V2 LEM?
  244. compensated P7
  245. Traded into HK45C, Help me understand what I got
  246. Slimming the P30 slide-release Levers
  247. Thought I might install my own night sights.
  248. USP .40 Combat Competition with BA (2010) date code?
  249. Need a Las Vegas or Pahrump NV member to help with a trade deal
  250. First-generation P7 Question