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  1. What If a Stainless & Grey Hooked Up?
  2. P30 in .357Sig?
  3. Need help to make a decision on HK pistols...
  4. Early USP questions
  5. Question regarding the P2000 SK and recommended ammunition
  6. HK45tacticcal
  7. P7 Issue, advice needed
  8. Finally!
  9. Positive for HK Customer Service
  10. Picked up a used p2000
  11. P30L V2 and American Eagle 124 Grain 9MM (AE9AP)
  12. Best Decal grips for USP?
  13. Shoot my HK45CT for the first time
  14. Trijicon Night Sights USP Compact
  15. I just bought a P7... what's next?
  16. LEM install problem...
  17. HK45 -> My first HK
  18. P7 PSP Can you hepl me date this pistol??
  19. P7 PSP Advice need for re-finish!!
  20. which detent plate for removing decock feature
  21. Question about llight FPBS
  22. Question Reguarding the HK P2000SK
  23. Refinishing question
  24. Which FPBS spring comes with a new V1 (2010 BA date code) USPC?
  25. USP 45 vs HK45 for CCW
  26. HK45 slide releasing with new full mag
  27. HK45 hammer follow issue: update
  28. Thereaded Barrel for the P2000 SK
  29. P7: to chrome or not to chrome?
  30. Made in Germany?
  31. Super Secret Supply of 45c Mag Release: Where is it???
  32. HK .40 Tactical & mags no longer stay in gun.....
  33. One more time!
  34. Does HK refinish slides?
  35. Heinie tactical sights clear holster?
  36. P9s question
  37. New to me P2000 - how did I do?
  38. Ordering Hk P30 - Top gun out of supply
  39. Sorry, another P30 sight question
  40. Winchester Ranger T feeding problem
  41. HK45C Aftermarket sight inquiry
  42. What is it Worth - HK USP 45 One Mag Nothing Else?
  43. quick and oh so dirty video explaining the lem trigger system
  44. P30l & NCStar laser
  45. My first HK purchase and a concern over the choice I made.
  46. New HK45c....Help me understand the sights.
  47. What TO DO?
  48. Hk45 availability. GOT ONE!
  49. My firstH&K-- P7
  50. USP Slide question (.357 SIG Compact to be exact)
  51. Yet another P7M8 night sight thread
  52. Something between light LEM and heavy LEM
  53. MK 23 with fake can failure to eject and stove piping
  54. USP and Extractor Plug
  55. H & K USP Compact - 40SW V2 - Problem With Control Lever
  56. P30L LEM, Available now?
  57. How did HK make the .45 auto reliable?
  58. It seems the supply of Nickel P7M10's has dried up...
  59. USP in .22 cal?
  60. Help! Broken... Insight HK UTL weapon light!
  61. LEM Light vs SA trigger Pull
  62. HK45C with 128 as Serial Number Prefix
  63. HK P30L threaded barrel (or Tactical)
  64. Should I get this P7 PSP? what do you guys think
  65. Help with price on a USPc 45 with stainless slide
  66. Crimson trace for P2000
  67. USP .45 Night Sights
  68. USP .45 What would you do?
  69. "Made in Germany" USP 40 Mag
  70. P7 values. All over the place?
  71. Loose Slide Lever On New P2000sk (And My Fix)
  72. Wolff Springs for P2000?
  73. P2000sk / P2000 barrel
  74. USP Tactical . 45 night sights., fixed or adjustable?
  75. P7M13 for P9S Combat 45...would you do it?
  76. New to me USP Tactical 45 on the way,
  77. Just made my Hk45C a Variant 3 ... Weeeee weeeeeeee weeeeee!
  78. My accuracy with my P30L vs. my USPc
  79. Light bearing holster
  80. Are the USP9 barrels interchangeable with a P30 9?
  81. My love affair with the USP
  82. USP Full Size Stainless bought on 6-26-12
  83. Hk USP .40 double eject issue
  84. HK USP .40 Compacts - Duty Weapons?
  85. Logical gun collection advice?
  86. Hand loading a round with the slide locked back?
  87. Where to find Var 9 Detent Plate?
  88. Light LEM/Lefty/Safety recommendations
  89. Slide release rattle. . . an easy fix?
  90. P2000 SK Roll Pin Question
  91. P30 shooting grip
  92. Heinie SlantPro Sight Installation on a SS USPc .45 Finished (Pics Included!)
  93. Heinie Sights (paging Rhinoswo or anyone else that would know)
  94. P7 serial dates
  95. Shot a p30 today
  96. Millet P7 sights, these CAN'T be right?
  97. My Experience with Light LEM
  99. USP ambi safety lever vs. USP compact ambi safety lever
  100. Quick HK P7 issue!
  101. P30S v3 .40
  102. It could be done
  103. P30 undercut frame in trigger guard?
  104. Heinie SlantPro Sight Installation on a SS USPc .45
  105. Took the .45 Tactical out today.....
  106. .40 Expert not shooting well?
  107. WTH is this thing in my grip? hk45
  108. USP .45 threaded barrels no longer produced?
  109. P7 (PSP) grips interchangeability; protruding versus recessed magazine release
  110. A chat with an HK Armorer - MUST READ
  111. Colored USP Facelift / Ideas for Left Over Grip Decal Panels
  112. HK45C LEM kit on the way what are my options?
  113. Texas EDC
  114. HK's logic behind the P-Series
  115. P2000sk Review
  116. Match TRS or Light LEM TRS?
  117. PRICE CHECK USP 40C in Gray
  118. LEM dry fire question
  119. Dawson Sights on my HK P30LS
  120. Advice on HK Purchase - P9 or USP9?
  121. Just bought a used Expert 45. And signed up!
  122. HK P30 - Trigger reset
  123. Has anyone gone from LEM BACK to DA/SA?
  124. HK45X2
  125. HK45C ambidextrous control lever pricing and availability
  126. No Backstrap For Me
  127. USP compact less reliable than the USP fullsize?
  128. Minor mods to my P2000SK
  129. KGI reveals their top 5 conceal carry sidearms
  130. Question about aftermarket sights.
  131. Waiting on my birthday present!!
  132. I used my P2K in Tom Givens advanced instructor course
  133. Can anyone tell me about this?
  134. Looking for info on my USP .40 OD
  135. Threaded Barrel
  136. HK USP MATCH Stainless steel .45 - Value?
  137. Trijicon HDs
  138. Average BUY/SELL Prices for USP 40 Stainless?
  139. Need help choosing Dawson sights for my P30L
  140. HK 2000sk LEM factory or drop in kit?
  141. value ?
  142. TRS Install Made Easy
  143. Anyone use a HK45/HK45c safety lever in their USP or USPc?
  144. Light/Match LEM Conversion...what else?
  145. P7 Arlington Commercial Guns
  146. It's been years since I visited the forums...have a question about my P2000sk.
  147. Picked up a USP 40 from '93
  148. 10rd floorplate
  149. Only bring want your willing to shoot. P30
  150. Hk usp floorplates
  151. New P30LS Owner
  152. Finally found me an "old" P7
  153. hkp7 for $1000?
  154. I just had to Have one of them there HK 45c
  155. MK23 SOCOM Practicality?
  156. P30S Slide Release Issue
  157. How to change buffer on HK model 4
  158. USP adjustable sights, same for 9mm and .45??
  159. Looking for Bill Springfield???
  160. 10mm conversion exact cuts and mods??
  161. P30 9mm Mags in Stock at MidwayUSA
  162. Need to look for on USP .45 Compact purchase
  163. Moleskin for P2000SK Slide Release Rattle
  164. USPc mat
  165. P30 Laser Markings
  166. Ammo for HK pistols - CCI Blazer Aluminum Case?
  167. Interesting USP feed issue.
  168. Holster Options
  169. P30 LEM availability?
  170. P7 wood grips question
  171. HK USP .45 compact 50th anniversary edtion
  172. My first USP, explain the trigger to me, please
  173. trijicon night sights for $58 shipped a good deal???
  174. TruGlo sights for glock on uspc 45?
  175. Thinking of a trading My Kimber Pro Raptor For HK 45c
  176. List of parts for LEM, not kit
  177. I'm Thinking HK 45c
  178. USPc / P2000 slides (in)compatibility question.
  179. P7M8 question
  180. My Hk45CT is in!
  181. USP *Issues* - Now with pics of fix!
  182. HK45c/ Glock 9mm mag holder
  183. P10 floating around?
  184. Surplus of .40 P2000's?
  185. My P30 with night sights
  186. Help me find this Pictanney Rail
  187. hk45 threaded barrel pic request
  188. Heavy LEM to light LEM goodness.
  189. My USPc 45 Stainless came in !!
  190. A Good Kind of Dilemma
  191. HKpro Handgun Talk FAQ
  192. Need A Quick Assist/Guidance: LEM Universal Install on HK45
  193. $%^#*& TRS spring
  194. Max magazine capacities for USP .45 Compact
  195. P30 mainspring question.
  196. HK45 or P30 .40 as HD pistol?
  198. HK 45c German vs. American?
  199. P7, picked up another one, couple of questions
  200. Plated bullets in my P7
  201. So it's been a week of owning my HK45
  202. HK P7
  203. P30 side panels and backstrap question.
  204. Dang! It's true! HKs -do- multiply!
  205. prices and availability of long P9s barrels (9mm) ?
  206. P2000 SK grip pin walking
  207. FNP-45 Tactical Vs. HK Mark 23 Vs. HK USP-45 Tactical
  208. I am a huge idiot, please help (V2 to V1 LEM halfway install gone terribly wrong)
  209. Snap ring removal
  210. P7/PSP magazine date code questions?
  211. A tale of two 2000SK back straps
  212. G&A Article - Intro of the P7M10
  213. USPc slide release problem.
  214. P7 spotted in LEIPZIG!
  215. Installing P2000sl Night Sights - How to?
  216. HK45 hammer following the slide forward - advice please!
  217. Slide not locking back after last round?
  218. Test fired my new LEM/Match Hybrid trigger today
  219. can a 40 barrel be dropped in a 357sig?
  220. Early USP9 with loose hammer
  221. Non-threaded barrel for .45 HK Tatical and MK23?
  222. H&K, we've had a problem...
  223. Brass cleaning jags
  224. Which HK handgun should be my first
  225. HK45 Version Question
  226. A tale of 2 grips/HK45 series
  227. New style Mark 23 finish question
  228. Hk 4
  229. Hk 4
  230. new HK45 owner with lengthy safety catch questions
  231. Hybrid
  232. USP 45 FTF
  233. P7 Question
  234. How much chance for light strikes with this spring in my P30?
  235. hk45 & hk45c threaded barrel question
  236. How to polish your usp 45 barrel
  237. Anyone have an Expert in .40?
  238. Buying another HK but need some opinions
  239. USP 45 Stainless and USP 45 Compact SS - what's the going price?
  240. usp 45 new owner
  241. USP-SD suppressed vs. unsuppresed
  242. USPc 9mm vs. P2000 9mm question
  243. HK4 Question
  244. hk basher from 2008
  245. What EDC Tactical Knife do you carry with CCW HK? - My Thread Disappeared
  246. An interesting article about the H&K P30L
  247. HK USP Tactical price
  248. Bo's garage sale
  249. Any possibility of a new HK single stack
  250. USP 9SD question