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  1. P30 "light" LEM?
  2. P7M8: recoil softer than a Glock-- but also SOUNDS softer??
  3. recoil spring - HK45 vs. USP 45
  4. Got a new HK45c today!
  5. You now want a USP Tactical.....
  6. New HK45 first time out
  8. Stills of p7 going into battery
  9. USP Tactical or P30L for Action Pistol Comp
  10. New Used V3 USPc 40S&W ... how to make it a V1 ???
  11. Help Me Decide I have this Gun HK45C V1 ? GGI ? or Light LEM + GGI
  12. Inside the Envelope
  13. Thinking about upgrading the mag release in my USP
  14. Is it bad......that....
  15. Match Trigger or Combat Competition, Help me decide!
  17. Back Strap's and Side Panel's changing on their P30's,P2k etc. other's experience's.
  18. Extended floor plates for HK USP 40 Full Size 10rd mags?
  19. Early USP 9mm value
  20. P2000sk Accuracy
  21. HK to make a more compact 45?
  22. Are these P7M8 sights off?
  23. Newbie 45c question
  24. 9mm P9S Slide and Barrel on P9S .45
  25. USP Tactical exploded
  26. P30 firing pin
  27. A little USP love and thanks to everyone!
  28. 45c lem question
  29. Dropping the hammer..safely
  30. Wolff 10LB spring on USP40t?
  31. To good to be true ?
  32. Sight Adjustment Tool for HK45
  33. P7 Cutaway
  34. HKP7 Gun Cam.... Enjoy :-)
  35. My buddy hates my P7 !!
  36. Going through the safes the other day...
  37. Stupid Question About USPs
  38. Just Got my HK45C!!!!!
  39. usp 9sd recoil spring assembly
  40. Lead time for HK45CT?
  41. I found a P7M10 whats to much to pay
  42. Updated Pic: New P30L
  43. 1911 shooter looking at HK45c... some questions
  44. Since everyone else is in dream land....
  45. USP Tactical Factory Sights
  46. Universal LEM Kit vs HK45C German LEM Kit ? Is One better than the other ?
  47. HK45c issues
  48. Now that I have had the HK45 for awhile I am considering picking up a HK45c
  49. P30 .40 & 9mm Breech face differences?
  50. Fair price for a Hk45c tactical
  51. Spare parts to store for HK45?
  52. Dropped on the driveway!
  53. Is the Elite barrel the same as the P30?
  54. Help Identifying New to Me P7 PSP
  55. Comparative prices.
  56. Thanks to you guys.......
  57. Loading through the chamber (+1 Thread)
  58. It's gonna be P30
  59. HK in Georgia climate
  60. Tan HK USP Full Size .40 Custom Combat ... Worth to buy?
  61. Tradea USP Compact 9mm for a P7 PSP????
  62. Where do I find these mags?
  63. 1st time at the range with a new P30L...both good and bad.
  64. Old HK P7 Advert
  65. Some pics from way back in the day...
  66. New to CCW, full size USP and UTL?
  67. Mark 23 Thread Protector
  68. old hk catalog
  69. Would like to swap out my HK45 Super Luminova sights for Tritium
  70. Am I the only person...
  71. P7 trigger reset problem
  72. wanting to buy a p7m8, what to look for?
  73. buffer madness
  74. p2000 light lem
  76. -USPC .40 threads
  77. Qusetions to ask before buying HK USP .45
  78. One more thing..
  79. Went to check out the HK USP Compact...
  80. Newguy with a P7M8 question
  81. After market HK45 High cap Mags?
  82. HK45 LEM Advice Needed re: Internal Hammer Failure to Cock
  83. New HK45s delivered with issues; I guess I'm lucky.
  84. Price Check: USP Expert .45 (2001 AB) with HK gray tactical soft case
  85. Need Photo OF P2000sk Trigger Guard.
  86. Mounted light for HK P30
  87. how many?
  88. USP series - training with airsoft replica?
  89. P30s safety removal
  90. USP or P30 (9mm)
  91. Any ideas regarding HK's future plans for the P30 platform
  92. HK slide stop patina
  93. P2000 and P30 slides
  94. P30 Variants
  95. Hk45CT observations
  96. P30 9mm Ejection Woes
  97. USP 9 Double Action Question
  98. P9s in .45
  99. thread protectors
  100. Found some pics of Hk guns I used to own............Sad & kind of depressing
  101. Does this look right?
  102. Anyone modified their TLR3 to work better on the P2000
  103. HK45c LEM Reset Click -- I have two! Help please.
  104. HK-4
  105. Refinshed H&K P7, anyone use Metalay or Robar?
  106. Extended vs Flat Baseplate
  107. Which is more desirable... H&K P7 Or H&KP7 PSP (stamped along the right side)
  108. Decocker Failure on H&K USP 45 fs?
  109. Night Sights for a New P30 V2
  110. PTR91 PDW psitol question
  111. New P30 V2, LEM looking to make V-TGS mod
  112. MK23 Concealed?
  113. I made a photo of my P7
  114. HK4. 22 barrel diameter
  115. Factory LEM on P30: Why not?
  116. P30L/S Question
  117. Can't Decide Between the HK45 and HK45C
  118. Detail Strip HK P30
  119. Squeeze Cockers
  120. Any changes in the USPc9 SS during...?
  121. Has the USP Expert been discontinued in all calibers?
  122. New to Me HK45c: Hammer Spring Replacment?
  123. p2000sk v3 value
  124. What does LEM mean?
  125. Would you? (Updated with new HK45c and pics)
  126. FYI: Mobile Viewing of the HK Forum
  127. HK45c Slide Sticks
  128. P30 trigger reset
  129. P30LS LEM
  130. X-Grip for P2000 using P30 mag
  131. In honor of a fallen soldier and friend...
  132. HK's more addictive then 1911's?
  133. HK45 V1 vs. LEM Trigger Reset Distance
  134. HKP7M13 aftermarket grips. Other than Nills what you got?
  135. How strong are the USP tactical adjustable target sights?
  136. HK4 .22 barrel kit price?
  137. P30 - Messing around with the camera tonight
  138. WHAT AM I MISSING WITH NO HK IN .40? Why multiple varients of same weapon?
  139. For those who carry a P30, how do you deal with the rough grips scratching your side?
  140. P30 v3 LEM
  141. Long Term Reliabilty of Grayguns Reduced Reset Carry Perfection Package
  142. Why is this USP Tactical selling for 1820.00
  143. HK USP 9mm
  144. German made HK45 w/ AI date code...
  145. My pimped out USP 40
  146. LEM Hammer Spring
  147. Sell me on the USP 45
  148. WHY is LEM with a decocker considered SO UNNECESSARY ?
  149. Reassembling a detail stripped P2000 frame.
  150. HK45c Rail Issue
  151. A Couple Of ?'s
  152. Questions on my new HK45C
  153. P7 newbie question
  154. Going nuts!!!
  155. Broken in P30L
  156. Miami VP-70 information
  157. Just purchased "new" 45C, question regarding safety/decock
  159. Question about P30
  160. Anyone hear from Grayguns lately
  161. HK fever put in song
  162. New owner/member small problem
  163. Extended Mag Release and Polymer Mags
  164. P7 PSP Light Primer Strikes
  165. keepshooting HK p9s mags. Any luck with them
  166. Mag Release: Walter vs. H&K
  167. TX HK parts in stock?
  168. Show me what you're working with.....
  169. Question on refinishing my USPc9.
  170. Short Fingers a Curse
  171. 20 round mag for your's a reality!
  172. Expert Jamming.
  173. And she's complete!
  174. P30 Barrel in a P2000? (9mm)
  175. How would I go about mounting a leopold delta point on a P7
  176. New HK45c inbound...
  177. Question on Bolt Heads?
  178. Unmarked safety lever?
  179. Cracked trigger bar
  180. Date code on USPc9 SS.
  181. Burris Fast Fire II on an HK USP Tactical .45f
  182. HK45c - what else?
  183. Really?
  184. P9S .45ACP Combat bought on 2-28-12
  185. HK USP Compact .357 SIG Video
  186. Hk CS, AWESOME!!
  187. 45 expert failure to clear??
  188. USP Tactical 45 with mods video
  189. HK .45 Match!!
  190. BAD VIBRATIONS from my p30 hammer springs when I pull the trigger
  191. P7M8 Value
  192. HK marked Benelli MP90S pistol?
  193. Which .45 ???
  194. Match weight refinishing
  195. P7M8 project
  196. HK45c tactical threads
  197. extended mag release sold like hot cakes!
  198. USPc .40 VS Glock23
  199. P30 accuracy package/trigger job
  200. extended mag release in stock at
  201. Creep
  202. p2000 recoil spring/grainy slide.
  203. Usp 40 tactical barrel
  204. Orings: supplied w/ new pistols?
  205. Holster for Custom Combat
  206. Just had a realization......
  207. Need advice with my new USP40c LEM-trigger reset issue
  208. P9S
  209. Streamlight TLR-3 for USP compact
  211. P9S sights
  212. Question about HK "P" series pistols
  213. Frame Design Question for USP
  214. CCW range test
  215. Which one and why? Elite or Expert
  216. Assignment for HK:
  217. Finally got to shoot an HK45 today....
  218. Dilemma on what kind of USPc to get.....
  219. New HK owner, I could use your in put please!
  220. Best place to buy HK45C Tactical?
  221. Interchangable Slides?
  222. P30L Custom Serrations NEW video up
  223. P2000sk Mag Release Switch
  224. NEXT HK LEM or DA/SA?
  225. If I buy a USPc in .40 can I change the barrel to shoot 357 sig?
  226. Best place to get a P30SV340?
  227. Considering buyng my 1st HK
  228. Did some work on my USPc45 today, take a look at the pics.
  229. Holster Help Needed for HK USP Compact 40 - My First Gun!
  230. adjustable rear sight for P2K
  231. USPc 9mm
  232. Self-Defense 9mm Ammo for HK P7 PSP - Recommendation Needed
  233. Got a issue.
  234. Should I get Mark 23?
  235. P7M8 parts availability...
  236. Refinished my HK P7
  237. My P7 Blows.....
  238. Which .45, made by HK, feels the MOST like a P30?
  239. P30 cylindrical pin...out of stock, ouch...does anybody have one? I'll buy. HELP
  240. hk usp 9 sd prices?
  241. DA/SA or LEM - Help Me Decide
  242. New H&K MR762 Revolver!
  243. Who has Trade in USP45c for sale?
  244. XS Big Dot On USPc
  245. WTK: P9S TARGET trigger guard part number
  246. I may have found handgun perfection...
  247. Is this a good price?
  248. First time HK Owner/P30
  249. New P7 Refinish Slide Or Not
  250. Heinie install