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  1. Gonna be buying my first HK soon
  2. Where to find large backstrap for HK45
  3. Whats needed to convert 9mm usp to 40sw
  4. Source for a full illustrated teardown manual for the HK45
  5. P30L Ammo Test- 8 Different Brands
  6. New TLR4 on P30s
  7. HK45C V3 to LEM light (again...)
  8. Have my HK usp Tactical .45 for quite some time now..(Modification questions)
  9. P7 price
  11. Darn you Helmut Weldle!
  12. P2000 Question.
  13. Price Check USP9-SD CLONE
  14. Unfired hk usp 357 sig compact
  15. P30L Grip Assistancce
  16. 147 gr ball safe in my P7?
  17. Police trade-ins USP Compact 9mm?
  18. P2000SK with X-grip for ipsc production?
  19. Match Trigger Kit for Fullsize USP
  20. 1995 USP 45 for sale locally. Should I go for it?
  21. Crimson Trace CMR 201 Rail Mount Laser
  22. HK45C and USP Compact cross over parts
  23. quick question
  24. I couldn't resist
  25. How Did I Do?
  26. Case/bullet frags after shooting?
  27. Crooked LEM Hammer Return
  28. review site
  29. Streamlight TLR-4 w/laser for SK and Compacts
  30. Smallest Type for .45, .40 & 9mm?
  31. Got my first HK P30 :)
  32. USP Decocker
  33. HKparts Threaded P30 Barrel Tested -- Nice Work.
  34. What Would YOU Price It At?
  35. Aging eyes and pistol night sight options
  37. P30 scratch on front of slide. (updated with photo)
  38. trigger return spring install guide?
  39. P2000SK Suppressor sights?
  40. ? P30 Trigger upgrade coming from HK ?
  41. Suprise CCW Love affair
  42. Broken trigger bar on USP .45 fullsize
  43. Dumb question for a newbie - what variant??
  44. Poor perfomance at the range today..
  45. Is this normal? USP 45 with some loose internals and rail wear.
  46. HK 4 380/22 H&R 100 YEAR GOLD WHATS IT WORTH?
  47. 45AQCP +P Okay for 45C?
  48. AAC Ti-RANT 45s
  49. P9S barrel cut, crown, and thread.
  50. Light LEM mod
  51. HK sight install
  52. Misstruck Date Code?
  53. What's with the hatred toward LEM and the P2000 specificly?
  54. HK USP 45 Compact slow trigger return
  55. H&K 45c LEM ?
  56. P2000sk slings brass?
  57. My New HK P30LS 9mm Rock's!!!
  58. P9S slide differences
  59. SP89 date code significance
  60. Who carries the P30L?
  61. First time HK owner.. used HK45 question
  62. need advice on pricing a hk4 3 barrel set
  63. Trigger work in DFW
  64. For all you V2 LEM owners..........
  65. USPc 45 threaded barrel
  66. Converting HK45 LEM to Light LEM
  67. USP half-cocked trigger pull weight
  68. extended mag release for carry or duty ?
  69. Not Reliable In P7M8's Ranger 127gr +P+ RA9TA "T-series"
  70. HOW TO DATE HK-P7-M13
  71. Will you not buy American HK's?
  72. How do you replace the trigger return spring (P30)?
  73. Took my p2000sk .40 v2 and p30 9mm v2 to range for the first time....
  74. Rear sight
  75. Need some help
  76. Todd Green Special?
  77. Cost to make H&K pistols?
  78. Sights with serrated surfaces
  79. Best prices on H&K's
  80. HK Delivery to Dealers
  81. my second HK and loving it!
  82. Besides Hornady any ammo to avoid for feeding an HK45?
  83. Aluminum Case Question
  84. MARK 23 - CA Compliant Barrel
  85. P30s v3 vs. P30L
  86. woohoo -just finally got and installed 3 extended mag releases.
  87. color on slides ?
  88. Keeping a USP SD's slide back and locked for storage?
  89. Lem DA not resetting
  90. P30s V3 slide releases when inserting full mag
  91. P2000 V2 LEM to V1
  92. Questions Regarding HK45 LEM Conversion
  93. bobbed hammer for hk45c?
  94. My first HK in 15 years - P30L w/ TLR-3
  95. Should I pick up a P30?
  96. HK45C ambi-slide release clicking sound - not rattle
  97. Just bought a used MARK 23 and need advice
  98. Mark 23 Wilcox LAM Nightstalker
  99. USP stainless w/ leather holster
  100. Grip tape or Hogue grip for HK45c
  101. New member and new owner of an USP 40 tactical, my first HK gun!
  102. Nickel PTFE Question
  103. p2000sk 357sig
  104. HK Inaccurate?!
  105. A place to store an extra o ring hk45c
  106. Has anyone tried the 20 round USP45 mags?
  107. P30L NATO 9mm
  109. Custom Carry Concepts HK45 base plate modification
  110. What do I need?
  111. Dawson or Novak fiber optic sights?
  112. 9mm Jet funnel Mag holder
  113. Private Sale- What is a fair price for..............
  114. Mark 23 Preference Question
  115. USP Tactical question
  116. Backup to compliment my USP .45f
  117. Availability of HK45 Mags? Why the Wait!
  118. Help me price my unfired usp 9 sd please.
  119. P30 "light" LEM?
  120. P7M8: recoil softer than a Glock-- but also SOUNDS softer??
  121. recoil spring - HK45 vs. USP 45
  122. Got a new HK45c today!
  123. You now want a USP Tactical.....
  124. New HK45 first time out
  126. Stills of p7 going into battery
  127. USP Tactical or P30L for Action Pistol Comp
  128. New Used V3 USPc 40S&W ... how to make it a V1 ???
  129. Help Me Decide I have this Gun HK45C V1 ? GGI ? or Light LEM + GGI
  130. Inside the Envelope
  131. Thinking about upgrading the mag release in my USP
  132. Is it bad......that....
  133. Match Trigger or Combat Competition, Help me decide!
  134. P7M10 INFO WANTED
  135. Back Strap's and Side Panel's changing on their P30's,P2k etc. other's experience's.
  136. Extended floor plates for HK USP 40 Full Size 10rd mags?
  137. Early USP 9mm value
  138. P2000sk Accuracy
  139. HK to make a more compact 45?
  140. Are these P7M8 sights off?
  141. Newbie 45c question
  142. 9mm P9S Slide and Barrel on P9S .45
  143. USP Tactical exploded
  144. P30 firing pin
  145. A little USP love and thanks to everyone!
  146. 45c lem question
  147. Dropping the hammer..safely
  148. Wolff 10LB spring on USP40t?
  149. To good to be true ?
  150. Sight Adjustment Tool for HK45
  151. P7 Cutaway
  152. HKP7 Gun Cam.... Enjoy :-)
  153. My buddy hates my P7 !!
  154. Going through the safes the other day...
  155. Stupid Question About USPs
  156. Just Got my HK45C!!!!!
  157. usp 9sd recoil spring assembly
  158. Lead time for HK45CT?
  159. I found a P7M10 whats to much to pay
  160. Updated Pic: New P30L
  161. 1911 shooter looking at HK45c... some questions
  162. Since everyone else is in dream land....
  163. USP Tactical Factory Sights
  164. Universal LEM Kit vs HK45C German LEM Kit ? Is One better than the other ?
  165. HK45c issues
  166. Now that I have had the HK45 for awhile I am considering picking up a HK45c
  167. P30 .40 & 9mm Breech face differences?
  168. Fair price for a Hk45c tactical
  169. Spare parts to store for HK45?
  170. Dropped on the driveway!
  171. Is the Elite barrel the same as the P30?
  172. Help Identifying New to Me P7 PSP
  173. Comparative prices.
  174. Thanks to you guys.......
  175. Loading through the chamber (+1 Thread)
  176. It's gonna be P30
  177. HK in Georgia climate
  178. Tan HK USP Full Size .40 Custom Combat ... Worth to buy?
  179. Tradea USP Compact 9mm for a P7 PSP????
  180. Where do I find these mags?
  181. 1st time at the range with a new P30L...both good and bad.
  182. Old HK P7 Advert
  183. Some pics from way back in the day...
  184. New to CCW, full size USP and UTL?
  185. Mark 23 Thread Protector
  186. old hk catalog
  187. Would like to swap out my HK45 Super Luminova sights for Tritium
  188. Am I the only person...
  189. P7 trigger reset problem
  190. wanting to buy a p7m8, what to look for?
  191. buffer madness
  192. p2000 light lem
  194. -USPC .40 threads
  195. Qusetions to ask before buying HK USP .45
  196. One more thing..
  197. Went to check out the HK USP Compact...
  198. Newguy with a P7M8 question
  199. After market HK45 High cap Mags?
  200. HK45 LEM Advice Needed re: Internal Hammer Failure to Cock
  201. New HK45s delivered with issues; I guess I'm lucky.
  202. Price Check: USP Expert .45 (2001 AB) with HK gray tactical soft case
  203. Need Photo OF P2000sk Trigger Guard.
  204. Mounted light for HK P30
  205. how many?
  206. USP series - training with airsoft replica?
  207. P30s safety removal
  208. USP or P30 (9mm)
  209. Any ideas regarding HK's future plans for the P30 platform
  210. HK slide stop patina
  211. P2000 and P30 slides
  212. P30 Variants
  213. Hk45CT observations
  214. P30 9mm Ejection Woes
  215. USP 9 Double Action Question
  216. P9s in .45
  217. thread protectors
  218. Found some pics of Hk guns I used to own............Sad & kind of depressing
  219. Does this look right?
  220. Anyone modified their TLR3 to work better on the P2000
  221. HK45c LEM Reset Click -- I have two! Help please.
  222. HK-4
  223. Refinshed H&K P7, anyone use Metalay or Robar?
  224. Extended vs Flat Baseplate
  225. Which is more desirable... H&K P7 Or H&KP7 PSP (stamped along the right side)
  226. Decocker Failure on H&K USP 45 fs?
  227. Night Sights for a New P30 V2
  228. PTR91 PDW psitol question
  229. New P30 V2, LEM looking to make V-TGS mod
  230. MK23 Concealed?
  231. I made a photo of my P7
  232. HK4. 22 barrel diameter
  233. Factory LEM on P30: Why not?
  234. P30L/S Question
  235. Can't Decide Between the HK45 and HK45C
  236. Detail Strip HK P30
  237. Squeeze Cockers
  238. Any changes in the USPc9 SS during...?
  239. Has the USP Expert been discontinued in all calibers?
  240. New to Me HK45c: Hammer Spring Replacment?
  241. p2000sk v3 value
  242. What does LEM mean?
  243. Would you? (Updated with new HK45c and pics)
  244. FYI: Mobile Viewing of the HK Forum
  245. HK45c Slide Sticks
  246. P30 trigger reset
  247. P30LS LEM
  248. X-Grip for P2000 using P30 mag
  249. In honor of a fallen soldier and friend...
  250. HK's more addictive then 1911's?