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  1. P2000 V5
  2. Just got a NIB P30L V1 for my buddy....
  3. Night sight suggestions for USP Tactical .45 ACP
  4. Uh Oh
  5. Question about HK MK23 serial number
  6. My Second HK. :D
  7. P30 mag drops okay for concrete?
  8. grip length of p30 vs usp compact
  9. 5" P30?
  10. Letter painting round 1
  11. P2000 and P30 exchangable
  12. It's time to show my P2000 some love. Suggestions?
  13. Noob wanting to know more about USP45 and MK23
  14. Are there and USP Docters in the house?
  15. American Gunsmith Magazine
  16. Value of tan mark 23
  17. Just got my first HK/Dream Gun
  18. I have to stop checking out the Classifieds here......
  19. USPc Extractor?
  20. Replacing the white dots in my P7M8 sights AND standard front sight height??
  21. Rifling in an old USP
  22. USPc trigger bar grinding
  23. 20 round mag in Mark 23
  24. A fun USP pic.
  25. PW P7
  26. New HK in the collection!
  27. HK45 Fullsize (Non-USP) CC Holster
  28. HK P30 Feedback
  29. Just held my first USP. Wow!
  30. HK4 Slide Won't Stay Locked Back
  31. Spare parts for Afghanistan
  32. Convince me to buy a stable of HK's to replace all my handguns.
  33. Seeking some advise HK45c
  34. +P loads?
  35. Is there a market for used Hk45 barrels?
  36. HK45 & laser/light
  37. USP Match Question.
  38. HK gunsmith?
  39. Is This Guy Crazy???
  40. piece fell out? help please
  41. Are The HK45 and 45C Exclusively Made In The USA Now?
  42. I need a list of new style parts to replace my old style parts for my HK USP 40
  43. Year of the HK!
  44. 45 Cal. O ring, Green or Black.
  45. HK45 LEM conversion. I think I got it lol
  46. P7 Scraper
  47. Thinking about a new Competition USP
  48. USP45 extractor?
  49. Addiction-another HK
  50. HK45C
  51. Finally got the LAM for my Mark 23!
  52. P7 Failue to eject
  53. HK USP 40 Old style parts for gun date KE, can i still find them?
  54. Any feedback on Grabagun HK sales..?
  55. I am buying my first 45C the dealer has it as a trigger V1 BL...What is BL..? Thanks
  56. Has anything like this ever been done with an HK USP???
  57. Problem with duty pistol... Mags are falling out!
  58. P30 question
  59. HK45c LEM conversion question
  60. HK P30LS Question
  61. Bragging about my USP ...
  62. Stippling on the P30's Backstrap and Side Panels
  63. USP compact trigger length of pull
  64. XS Sights for P7?
  65. Night Sites - HK Combat
  66. Is there a difference between 10 and 12 round magazines for the USP?
  67. P30 Slide... no serial #?
  68. ITAC holster input needed
  69. HK45/HK45c Questions
  70. P7M13 broken drop safety spring
  71. HK P2000SK, any good? Opinions.
  72. The Antler mark on our pistols?
  73. Ok. P30 cwp gun. What do you think?
  74. Ultimate in Tacticool Stupidity or.....Does This Have *Any* Practical Purpose?
  75. Front Sight for USP .40 with AAC Evo 40 Suppressor?
  76. HK P30 Rattle.......
  77. My first firearm.
  78. Who carried HK during this killer heat?
  79. what modification to make this fit?
  80. Mark 23 Accuracy?
  81. Advise on new purchase: HK45C or 45
  82. Think it's worth making my own USPct?
  83. Question on P7 PSP
  84. HK MK23 - Why So Little Commentary On It Here?
  85. USP Tactical Brass/Gold bead Front Sight?
  86. Auctioning my Simunitions kit for USP on gunbroker
  87. bore scratches, or finish wear? you be the judge.
  88. H&K USP 18round mag question
  89. night sight option for usp expert
  90. HK45CT just released?
  91. Show Me Your Sights on Your HK
  92. Pocket Pistol ?
  93. Any love for the Expert 40?
  94. P7 Tourture Test
  95. MK23 socom without safety lever
  96. MK23 Socom video
  97. P 7 Cocking lever/Squeeze Cock spring
  98. WI MK23 Mount
  99. Good deal on USP 9?
  100. LEM Trigger
  101. P30 Holster Wear
  102. Replaced orginal sights on my HK P30 L .40 Cal for ....
  103. V1 to V2
  104. about to buy first hk....have selected a usp .45 expert
  105. USP Tactical....did I do good???
  106. HK, The Gun You Love To Clean?
  107. Case that came with OD USP 45
  108. Brand new P2000 9mm failing to eject.
  109. Airsoft Sucks
  110. delete
  111. Need P2000 .40 LEM
  112. A question for my brothers in arms...
  113. P9S deal of the day!
  114. Do HK offer the P30 ( 9mm ) with a Safety lever..?
  115. P30 Weapon Light ?
  116. HK45 light LEM
  117. Range report: USP40.. rounding out the big three..
  118. New HK's
  119. Interest in HK Quik Comp and scope rail
  120. HK45C tactical
  121. So I have a P7M8, P30 .40, and a P30L in 9mm-what's next?
  122. Preffered reloads for P2000 9mm V3?
  123. p7 spare parts
  124. Those low profile slide stops Lunde has on his newer HK guns...
  125. Lengthy Reviews of the MK23 in Print and Video
  126. Trying to make up my mind
  127. Can I buy an HK45 v3?
  128. How much taller are USP tactical sights?
  129. Quality rail adapter for USP Tactical
  130. HKAS
  131. Couple HK45c LEM Conversion Questions
  132. Just drank the HK Koolaid
  133. Does anyone make a good replica suppressor for the HK45's?
  134. Why did HK discontinue the MK 23 and what is going to replace it with SOCOM?
  135. Factory H&K Mark 23 Soft Case?
  136. Mark 23 Oddity?
  137. Mark 23 shooting help
  138. HK45C Tactical
  139. Darwin must be on lunch
  140. Del Fatti for P7m13
  141. GREASE VS OIL, what grease is good grease
  142. Combat competition
  143. HK USP 45 ver. Todd Green Special LEM, anyone done it?
  144. Finally after 16 years of dreaming I joined the rank of the MARK 23 owners
  145. When Not Being Used?
  146. USP lanyard attachment questions
  147. Trigger Return/Rebound Spring (TRS) part # for USP standard LEM
  148. YHM Cobra M2 suppressor and HK USP Expert?
  149. P30 V3S--Safety and Decocker?
  150. P30 vs P30L--Felt Recoil
  151. LEM malfunction
  152. Which HK do you CCW?
  153. PIC request,HK45c with a Varidian C5L
  154. Don't know what you got till it's gone.
  155. Added a HK 45c to the family
  157. Current HK handgun manufacture location?
  158. USP question
  159. Mark 23 Price Check
  160. Magazine life span???
  161. HK45 Magazine Tube Service Life?
  162. HK45 win at the range again.
  163. P30 NP3?
  164. usp compact or p2000
  165. HK45c owners...Question
  166. Need Advise On Purchasing a Used HK USP 45
  168. If P7M_s are such great pistols...
  169. HK45 is really an 11+1 gun
  170. better carry option than p30?
  171. USP 40 compact broken recoil assembly
  172. old style parts
  173. Can P2000 v3 (SA/DA) be converted to LEM?
  174. Help me reassemble my USP
  175. Help with p2000sk
  176. HK USP 40 compact Q's
  177. Update on my FPBS and TRS install (light LEM) in my P2ksk
  178. For All The Wrong Reasons... Maybe
  179. KE date code, what is the difference between my gun and new ones
  181. P9S Pachmayr grips? Do you like yours?
  182. HK P30 Trigger Guard
  183. New HK45C
  184. nds in oval what does that mean?
  185. Any hints for changing out the light LEM TRS ?
  186. Value of a HK USP .40 full size, Sig P6 and CZ P 07 duty
  187. Gun doctor in northern IL
  188. USP Tactical Discontinued?
  189. P2000 Sights
  190. What is the factory thread pitch/size for a P7M8 barrel
  191. How should i grip my HK USP? Pictures please
  192. Sight options for the HK45C. Anyone make anything with a rear U-Notch like the 10-8's
  193. Thinking about picking up a HK45 C for a new daily carry peice. Couple questions!
  194. HK Service Help
  195. Point of Aim for HK vs. other guns
  196. How much does a P30 weigh?
  197. What's the difference between these HK P7 magazines - pics
  198. Mfg. sites for HK 45c
  199. Who can install raised adjustable night sights?
  200. P9s Sport Group Help
  201. Which caliber and which trigger?
  202. HK USP armorers dvd
  203. trigger pin hk p30
  204. USPc date code for LEM
  205. HK45 parts price question
  206. p30 threaded barrel
  207. Desantis shoulder holster, can i just buy the rig?
  208. HK USP 40 compact
  209. LEM question
  210. Combat Competition Stock Novak Sights
  211. P30 sanding down the pinkie extension.
  212. hk45c questions
  213. ? about the P30L
  214. Do you have a P7? How many do you have, and what type?
  215. CCW HK45 vrs 9mm P2000
  216. Loose Ambi slide release on HK45.......owners jump in here please
  217. Why are there 2 different style HK trigger guards?
  218. Variant 1 to Variant 3
  219. HK45c LEM and retaining the safety?
  220. MY frame cracked loading a magazine
  221. milt sparks VM3 for psp
  222. p30 springs
  223. HK45c Threaded Barrels
  224. Considering getting another HK
  225. Who carries HK's C&L?
  226. P2000 Holster / Laser Compatibility
  227. Hk45
  229. Has anyone used Robar just to plate the internals of a P30, P2K?
  230. HKs Compatible w/ LaserLyte Laser Trainer Cartridges?
  231. What's your grail gun?
  232. P2000 trigger action nomenclature...
  233. Need opinions on the LEM
  234. p2000 in stainless?
  235. p2000 in stainless?
  237. All my magazines Failed !!!
  238. Heinie sights
  239. USP Elite 45 first time out
  240. Who's P2000 did I just buy?
  241. Thinner sights for HK45C?
  242. need help finding a holster to fit anHK USP9F or P30 with a streamlight TLR2 on it ?
  243. USP, P2000 or P30? Which one should I get? Which one do you have?
  244. USP Tactical question
  245. P30L and 115 grain ammo - any problem?
  246. USP Front Sight Question
  247. HK 45C Tactical truth or myth
  248. LEM kit on a P30s???
  249. Refinish my EDC
  250. Standard XS Sights vs. Heinie Straight 8s