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  1. Should I get one more?
  2. TLR-1
  3. New guy says hello
  4. More HK45C Woes
  5. USP 45c Police Trade In. Work Needed?
  6. Anyone know the story on this USP Tactical?
  8. Tactical/elite/expert recoil spring
  9. 9mm Tactical Barrels
  10. How many mags does a NIB HK45c come with?
  11. HK4 with accessories value question
  12. HELP!!!!!!!! LEM Install problem!!!
  13. New P30S .40 S&W
  14. HK USP Match Pawn Shop Find - with issues
  15. Compressed Springs in Decock?
  16. Oops! I Did It Again!
  17. LEM confusion
  18. Help me decide...
  19. What model HK is this - it's a stunner
  20. HK USP 45 Tactical case question
  21. I have a sickness!
  22. Threaded barrel for USP 45
  23. noob recoil spring question
  24. 45C Loose Right Side Slide Release
  25. USP match trigger install - send to HK?
  26. P30 40 vs HK45C vs HK45CT
  27. yet another LEM question (minor issue really)
  28. HK45--45C--P30LS--Range Time--Finally
  29. lem springs
  30. Had a chance to shoot my p30
  31. USP sights vs HK45
  32. Does this P7M8 mag look original?
  33. Brass verses Steel or Aluminum-cased
  34. Light Trigger Spring...Do I Need It?
  35. I found some old USP and Mk23 articles
  36. Value of colored USP .45
  37. Probably sacrilegious, but anyone have rust problem on their slide?
  38. What gloves do you shoot your P7M8 with
  39. Possible to switch safety orientation?
  40. Brand New P30S Failure to Eject/Feed
  41. Personal Install of Match trigger polishing question
  42. SA vs LEM?
  43. HK and Only HK?
  44. Where to get original HK45 acc?
  45. HK P30 - Thumbs are a bit of a problem.
  46. Which combo for your grip panels on P30 or HK45?
  47. Tru Dot Mepros or Tactical Sights?
  48. Giving HK pistols a second chance with the HK45 (Range Report done)
  49. Hard vs Rubber Mag Floor plate
  50. P7M8 insignia grounds off, Why?
  51. P30 reset with Light LEM longer than HK45C Light LEM?
  52. USP Compact in Stainless
  53. why didnt anybody tell me that the jet funnel kit was filled with WIN?
  54. p2k finish question
  55. Picked up this P7 yesterday, RTB import
  56. LEM to v1 conversion going it alone
  57. Best place online to buy HK..
  58. LEM, Light LEM and DAO
  59. p30 LEM help
  60. How long till you went LEM?
  61. Took out the new P30 with a new shooter.
  62. Looking for your thoughts on P30L vs HK45 vs HK45CT.
  63. HK45 full size ships with which grip panels on it... ?
  64. HK USPc and P2000sk Balistic Charts/Test Data
  65. Galco concealable for uspc 45 fit hk45c?
  66. Just ordered a light fpbs and light hammer spring, results?
  67. Novak sights
  68. price check- kf date code usp .45
  69. First Time Out With HK45C
  70. Waiting for the phone to ring is torture!
  71. flat base plate usp 45
  72. V1 V2 V3???
  73. Price Check- HK4 MAS?
  74. USPc 40 old v7 to LEM
  75. An HK Coincidence...
  76. Found me a P7 K3 today
  77. Extractor Replacement Help for USP 9mm
  78. Availability of HK P30L 40 S&W
  79. Which Night Sites?
  80. 40 Expert
  81. HK45 mag release on USP Compact???
  82. Black on black steel sights for P30?
  83. USP light question
  84. Which one? A lot of HKs, with a side of 10mm
  85. WTS NIB Meprolight night sights for P2000sk
  86. To Convert to a USP Match or Not
  87. O-ring won't stay in place
  88. Question on extended mag floor plate with finger rest
  89. Streamlight TLR2 on HK45
  90. P7 PSP ... Looking for a fair market price.
  91. USP Magazines; genuine HK or third party?
  92. 9mm USP LEM to Combat Competition...
  93. USP-C 45 Has Arrived
  94. the light LEM on the 45C after one time at the range.
  95. P30 Slide Lock Lever Upgrade
  96. is there a batch of p7m8s recently imported?
  97. When does an HK look like a Hi-Point???
  98. Combat competition owners....
  99. USP 45 tactical full size rear sight question
  100. Talk me out of buying this P7M10 (Electroless Nickel) for $1800
  101. IS THIS POSSIBLE? 2000 SK VAR 1
  102. Crimson Trace for HK45C
  103. Newb question: Can the Ambi safety on P30s be changed to to single safety?
  104. HK Expert LEM
  105. Talk Me Out Of The HK45C.
  106. USP Compact .40 mag question.
  107. Solid Black Rear sight for HK USP Compact recommendation
  108. P30 Range Report
  109. Beginning to second guess myself...
  110. Light LEM installed by HK service dept. Amazing turnaround.
  111. USP 9mm PD LEM
  112. LEM Hybrid Trigger
  113. The USP Pistol in statistics?
  114. HK45c LEM Light installed!
  115. HK45 LEM Conversion Video
  116. P2000 stainless
  117. please school me on the p30ls v3
  118. Need help with P30L V3 Problem
  119. USP sight question
  120. What a weapon!!
  121. USPc .40 V1 to LEM sweet conversion!
  122. hk45c tactical ?'s
  123. USP Number 4 on the way!
  125. Loose roll pin at mag release in HK45C
  126. V2 Conversion Woes
  127. P30 Grip/Magazine
  128. P7 - Titanium Nitride Finish??
  129. Well I did it! Bought an HK45c - Pics added
  130. P30L Sights
  131. HK Newb
  132. Quick question
  133. USP COMPACT .357SIG
  134. HK45C/Blackhawk Leather CQC Inside waist Holster....FEEDBACK
  135. AK HK45c question
  136. USPc .45 Maintenence Question- Extractor
  137. USP Malfunctions/jamming
  138. MK 23 MOD 0 still available?
  139. USP Expert... 9mm?
  140. FIRST HK Handgun
  141. which viridian light for hk45c, why, and pics
  143. Couple P30 Questions
  144. New here... What's a cheap but durable taclight for the P2000?
  145. P9S Update and question about trigger slack
  146. I want a p30
  147. Refinished P30 and HK45 frames
  149. Expert 9 and Expert 40 mags are the same?
  150. P12 in a magazine
  151. USP-C - when to start replacing springs?
  152. Which HK pistols have the most military credentials?
  153. Sight tools
  154. USP .45 Gun of the Month article
  155. What do I need to make my 45 C better??
  156. Colored HK's pistols
  157. USP sight rod replacements
  158. Buy or pass?
  159. .357sig drop in barrel for USPc9??
  160. How many rounds through a used gun to prove reliable?
  161. First Gun: Does It Exist?
  162. barrel question...
  163. HK45 Holster with TLR-1
  164. tan, green and grey.
  165. Pencil Test..
  166. HK45 Compact
  167. Preliminary review of .45 USPc from HK Specialist
  168. HK45C decocker hard to actuate
  169. Wollf spring in HK45c
  170. I BLEW MY O-RING!
  171. new to me HK usp compact .40 LEM
  172. Night Sights Installed on USP .45 C
  173. P30 overtravel stop?
  174. USP 9 recoil assembly
  175. Guy selling the HK Quick Comp on AR15
  176. HK45C with ambi-saftey/decocker
  178. HK 45 Hammer/sear area
  179. HK45c Magazine Marking Question
  180. So what are my options for a brand new, 9mm threaded barrel for my P30?
  181. Best Bulk 9mm ammo for P7M8 ?
  182. Best mods for the full sized USP 45
  183. New to me USP 40 V3
  184. HK and 10mm Auto...
  185. Fullsize 9mm USP would not eject round with flash suppressor...hmm
  186. P2000 recommendation
  187. USPc 357 SIG special order?
  188. 'new to me' HK45c
  189. HK P9S Sport
  190. Need help on a safe for my P2000sk...
  191. Installing Heinie Straight Eights on the P30
  192. Herter's Ammunition?
  193. Shot IDPA today with my USP 45
  194. Awesome day at the range with my .45 expert
  195. HK45 Group Buy Personalization Contest
  196. Family Photos
  197. How'd I do? P7
  198. Tax return time. You gonna buy a HK?
  199. USPf 45 nicking cartridge cases and wearing err eject port.
  200. Anyone know the difference between TRS 234389 & 209266?
  201. USP influence on custom 1911 Colt builds
  202. Anyone unhappy with their HK45C LEM?
  203. Preparing to buy new HK USPc After 2 BAD 1911's
  204. P7 front sight the same as a USP?
  205. Race Leader
  206. what usually need replacing?
  207. anyone try an insight wl1-aa on a usp?
  208. Why So Few P2000 Threads?
  209. Questions About HK P7
  210. Parts Interchangeability
  211. I did it myself
  212. switching base plates on the hk45c 10 rounders to fit hk45 fullsize
  213. discoloring on p30s safety levers
  214. Variant Change Help
  215. Shot Show HK45CT: Which light is this?
  216. Ultrasonic cleaning of HK parts
  217. Received my USP Expert from CDNN - 08 model
  218. Great Range Day and New Found Love
  219. USPc 45 or 9... Tough Choice
  220. hk vp 70 mags question
  221. New HK45c problem ~ HELP!!
  222. Viridian C5L/X5L on HK45 Compact?
  223. What is HK's fetish with weird magazine baseplates?
  224. Questions on HK45 & HK45c and Hybrid Match/LEM trigger
  225. P2000sk mags
  226. Grrrr.... tiny scratch to my new P2000sk
  227. Best HK Gunsmith
  228. Positive for Brownie
  229. HK45c mag release in a P2000?
  230. Range Report on my new P30 9mm V3
  231. LEM vs non LEM Trigger
  232. P2SK sight question...
  233. .......
  234. Is it me or are the 9mm USP variants more expensive than the USP in .40 SW?
  235. Trigger Work P30
  236. HK45 break-in, control levers
  237. Any insight on hammer spring for HK45c?
  238. HK double action trigger practice
  239. LEM to Var 1
  240. OK newb question
  241. Which would you choose for an on-duty weapon?
  242. HK45CT at 2012 shot show.
  243. How to tell if your P-2000 is a V2 or V3 ...
  244. pics of pistol with tan tac light (M6) mounted?
  245. My first HK (warning P9S content)
  246. Coming from 1911 Platform to HK
  247. My first HK - an HK45C LEM from Mike @ Cross Creek Guns!
  248. Meps for my P2000sk and have a question...
  249. Pics of the new HK
  250. 9mm epiphany