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  1. Laser for USPc ?
  2. Three HK's, The Swamp and Me.....
  3. My P30 broke
  4. Advice needed
  5. HK 45c
  6. The sickness is spreading!
  7. P30 factory threaded barrels?
  8. Current HK45 backorder
  9. small plastic "strings/ fingers" on the frame rails?
  10. Order from RTG parts came in.
  11. HK45 microchip?
  12. P9S 9mm for $795?
  13. Slide Stop or Slide Lock
  14. P2000 357 Sig
  15. USP9CC: Does Your Slide Move Forward When You Insert a Loaded Magazine?
  16. HK45C for concealed carry
  17. mark 23 sear loose
  18. P30 recoil "feel"
  19. Crooked LEM Hammer.
  21. Lever style mag releases
  22. "light" LEM trigger question for the USPc
  23. Reset Reset Reset P2000Sk V1 LEM / HK45C V1 ???
  24. Help with CCW Purchase H&K 45c or 4" 1911
  25. What P7M8 did I just buy?
  26. While on this Forum
  27. Short review of HKspecialist USPc 45 police trade in
  28. are the P30 front frame rails all plastic?
  29. Recommended spare parts - USP Expert
  30. Why HK45c
  31. P9s question
  32. Resistance is futile!
  33. I honestly can't decide...
  34. Wow! doesn't look used!
  35. "Concealed Carry Handguns" magazine 2012: questions about the USPc reviewed.
  36. HK45CT article in FEB 12 Special Weapons
  37. P30 Light LEM V5 Safety?
  38. Somebody REALLY wants a P7M10
  39. p7m13 frame rail crack
  40. Threaded barrel for .40S&W Expert
  41. definitive thread on usp .45 vs Hk 45. is there a great thread
  42. o ring groove depth
  43. LEM Explained... FINALLY!!!
  44. Question on cleaning of my USPc?
  45. My USP's evolution to a USP SD 9
  46. LEM install success
  47. What is the going price for a p30 .40?
  48. Light LEM
  49. P7M13 question?
  50. LEM question.
  51. Gonna sell my Gl0ck for another HK... OR???
  52. Did you switch from another manufacturer to primarily HK for CC?
  53. usp date code
  54. Got this P9S .45 Sport upper assembly yesterday
  55. Uspc .40 recoil rod clip broke....2nd time
  56. why is there no threaded barrel for the P30 in 40s&w?
  57. OD Green USP 45 Price check.
  58. barrel and recoil springs
  59. USP Rail adapter question...
  60. First trip to range with new P2000sk 9m
  61. my Shiney new Christmas present
  62. Hk usp 45c questions
  63. Hand made Mark 23, one of a kind.
  64. USPc new vs. old stile firing pin and fpb
  65. USPc 9mm 13 round mags pre 1994 for ban states ?
  66. 12 year old USP 45 SS Comes Home
  67. Better Suppressed: HK45 or HK45c
  68. Benet Arms P9s Imports
  69. Does HK Sell Pistol Polymer Sections?
  70. P9S: Its use by the German Police and/or other German Agencies
  71. Why is there no 10mm
  72. P7, Is this worth the price??
  73. Considering HK for CC Any advice?
  74. One more thread for today...
  75. HK45C Barrel Question
  76. Should I adjust my sights?
  77. Thinking about adding a P30 or a P2000sk to the P30L EDC
  78. Hk P7 Commercial Arlington value?
  79. P30L barrel in P2000?
  80. Which HK variant do you prefer?
  81. KI usp45 added to the mix and other German goodness
  82. Learned Something New
  83. Do you guys think this is a deal?
  84. Do you live outside the USA and own a .45?
  85. To buy or not to buy, that is the question.
  86. Ok... What's the difference?
  87. Hybrid LEM Match trigger question
  88. You know you're jealous
  89. Tagua Holsters?
  90. Ravenconcealment for HK P30LS with X400.
  91. Which Night Sites for HK45C are Designed better for CCW?
  92. USP LEM conversion question
  93. Fun at the range with HK MK23
  94. My USP 40 to 9mm conversion
  95. Dealer price of a P7
  96. Question about new Mark 23
  97. My P2000sk magazine release kind of sucks
  98. WTK: P9S price check
  99. Got a couple sets of Nills for Christmas!
  100. An HK first for me
  101. HK45 ambi safety/Decock
  102. Flat Magazine Baseplates for P2000
  103. P7 maintenance question
  104. HK45CT sights?
  105. hk 45 barrels
  106. Need some HK guidance.
  107. What is the value of an Mark 23 and with a Wilcox Nightstalker laser/light Combo?
  108. San Antonio smiths???
  109. Dry firing USP using foam earplugs?
  110. USP LEM Kit
  111. HK45CT Questions...Please help me out.
  112. H&K USP Compact hammer change
  114. any one have a green hk45 /45c
  115. If you were going to replace...
  116. Match Trigger Upgrade
  117. P7 PSP - make sense to have HK give them a once over?
  118. P7- Now What?
  119. P30 Mag springs
  120. Froehe Weinachten: HK holiday paper paperweights
  121. Back from CCR
  123. USP Closed Rail Adapter
  124. p30 threaded barrel from hkparts
  125. Bought my Christmas present...
  126. P9S and HK4
  127. RDS on a P30, has been accomplished.
  128. P9S issued to SF?
  129. Another Ammo Question
  130. My P30L (and friends)
  131. What is this thing?
  132. New member: 45C question.
  133. I'm confused...
  134. Did the gun shop take advantage of me?
  135. P7M8 Factory Magazines or imposters??
  136. H&K P30 .40S&W V3
  137. Buying an HK45C Tactical
  138. Giving my HK45C a partner to rotate with...
  139. Importance of Finger Exercises
  140. I took the Robar plunge...
  142. LEM thoughts
  143. Clean (and dirty) ammo for P7 series
  144. HK Polymer
  145. Forgive me HKPro for I have sinned!!
  146. P30 and USP Compact
  147. Finally drank the Kool-aid...
  148. Greek EP9S ?
  149. Question about AI date code on a NIB P2000 pistol
  150. red dot sight mount for usp ct
  152. Made the switch to LEM VTGS
  153. Kydex, USP's, and lights.
  154. USP Question
  155. LEM Trigger Pull Questions
  156. What's the little rubber plug for?
  157. P7 147gr ammo?
  158. LBT Drops BB Gun at LGS---
  159. Hk45c w/ LEM V4 and no safety?
  160. p30 light laser
  161. HK P7K3
  162. Fell into an HK45 today.
  163. Trigger job, match trigger or i'm open to suggestion?
  164. Need advice on USPc9 springs
  165. Decal grip for Mark 23
  166. I have a P30, should I get a P2000?
  167. Is there an obligatory HK handgun?
  168. Threading an HK barrel....
  169. Pleasant surprise...
  170. USP in Tan
  171. HK sight installation (45c) UPDATE W/ PICS
  172. Question about HK P30L 9MM
  173. I know this is asking a dumb question but...
  174. Oh....snap.
  175. Are plain black usp c sights available?
  176. Found a used P2000sk at LGS and need advice
  177. P30 9mm and .40 owner--need a favor
  178. Best nightsights for P30
  179. Finally got a HK P7
  180. What do you carry your 45C in?
  181. USP Compact Trigger Pull
  182. Need 2 mag pouch for P30?
  183. P7M13 Import stamp
  184. Trigger job on V3 P30?
  185. P30 40 S&W Recoil Question
  186. Value of a KF Date Code USP45F?
  187. Heavier recoil springs for USP45?
  188. P7M8 Chantilly fat trigger 1985 value
  189. P2000sk TB
  190. USP 45 questions and maybe problem maybe not?
  191. As promised-a review of a newly worked P2000sk (w/ an issue or two) + my new HK45c
  192. Questions about buying a used P30s, 9mm
  193. HK 45 value
  194. Help USPc LEM .40 vs P30 LEM .40
  196. Firing Pin Removal
  197. Before and after photos. (warning--might cause evac to range)
  198. UPDATE* Question! USP Compact Stainless
  199. LEM P30 vs USPc
  200. Blue book of (someones) gun values
  201. LEM entertainment :)
  202. USP Compact - LEM to V1 conversion
  203. Why LEM?
  204. buffalo bore hkp30
  205. Any problem using a P2000SK slide release lever on an HK45?
  206. P9s Question on feding
  207. I love my P2K
  208. Problem with a P7
  209. Christmas came Early! HK45 CT (MK24)
  210. Newb with a dumb(?) mag question
  211. just installed one of the new lem kits on my hk45c
  212. Which grams follower kit for USP40?
  213. HK Mark 23 advice
  214. "Colored" HK USP's
  215. Factory USP Compact Magazine Identification
  216. HK45 in the HOUSE!
  217. P7 PSP. Difference between this and a standard P7 M8.
  218. A-Team
  219. HK Logo on P2000sk?
  220. HK45 and SureFire DG switch
  221. HK45C arrived!
  222. New Guy!
  223. P9s barrel threads
  224. usp mags
  225. New addition to the collection and a good deal.
  226. P7 Question
  227. Just Picked Up A P2000SK .40 - Ammo Choices?
  228. Should I buy a P7 M8 that has new Trijicon sights?
  229. P7M8 sear bar
  230. H-K Discontinues the .357 Sig caliber?
  231. Which Safariland 6004 for USP45CT?
  232. Is this ad correct?
  233. H&K 45C Need Info on it.
  234. Having fun with my HK45 & P30S
  235. P7 Clockwise or Counterclockwise?
  236. LEOSA Qualifications
  237. I just got me a HK4!
  238. Value of NIB OD Green USP 40 with jet funnel
  239. The P7 and nerve damage
  240. Usp armorer's manual
  241. Brand new USP 40 jamming :(
  242. Suggestions for Tactical Handgun Training in SC?
  243. USPc / P2000 magazine question (10 vs 12 round)
  244. USP MAG Question
  245. What is your shtf gun H&K ONLY
  246. Help with new P9s with wood grips! New pics added.
  247. USP 9 - unhappy with the groupings
  248. Problem with my new 45C
  249. CCW comparisons P2000SK vs P2000 vs HK45c
  250. Look what I brought home