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  1. Want to hard chrome my P30L slide
  2. P30 ignorence
  3. CT Sights for USPC and HK45C
  4. Magazine Markings
  5. Problem with P2000SK/ Need help.
  6. Do they make a larger backstraps for the P30?
  7. Silly ARFCOM HK owners
  8. Conversion from 9mm to 40sw on P30L
  9. Hard Chrome or NP3 for P7 PSP?
  10. Question about HK Frame Disccoloration
  11. To buy or not to buy .40 or 9mm P30 V3
  12. SP89 Forend?
  13. P30 V1 or V3
  14. Ever seen anything like this: P7 ID Date Code Gold and Engraved Accents, NIB Con S/N
  15. Anyone have a Comptac paddle holster for P7M8?
  16. Got my first HK a few days ago! P2000 .40 V3
  17. bronze residue left on outside of barrel after cleaning.
  18. Light LEM vs DA/SA reset
  19. USPf .45 problems
  20. Whats best oil lube solvent for P7
  21. Anyone worried about carrying a V1 LEM light pistol?
  22. P-7 bbl installation?
  23. P30LS or P30S?
  24. P30 .40s&w recoil issue/?
  25. to remove the Wilcox MK23 mount from the pistol?
  26. Another HK... a P30, and now a P2000 SK.
  27. New elite 45
  28. Chamber lead in HK45c
  29. Hk45CT possible?
  30. HK45 Versus USP45 Compact, please post some pics if you've got both...
  31. Factory rear sight
  32. P2000sk Night Sights from Factory?
  33. Late model nickel P7M8 value
  34. Two USP45s?
  35. Is an HK pistol part of your SHTF pistol/long gun combo?
  36. How much should I expect to pay for a like new HK Mark 23?
  37. High Capacity H&K Magazines: Why platic and Not Metal?
  38. Problem with 10 round magazine
  39. Sleeping with the Fishes -HK45c back from 2 months in the river
  40. Does shorter barrel mean shorter range? HK45 and HK45c CCW?
  41. First HK: thinking about buying USP Elite
  42. P2000sk 40 & 357 Combo Special?
  43. LEM versus LDA trigger
  44. Old Eyes/New Sights!!
  45. Awesome Customer Service, Super Quick Turn Around Time at HK!!
  46. HK USP 45 question
  47. Pin Moves Out - Update
  48. Light Strikes on HK45
  49. p7 question
  50. It won't stop
  51. HK Full Size USP .45 price help
  52. HK 45CT adjustable sights question?
  53. I took out all of the kids for a family photo...
  54. Help me price a couple of guns, please!
  55. The 2,000 Round Challenge
  56. What lube do HK armorers use?
  58. Question about USP Compact .40
  59. Mark 23 fired in super slo-mo
  60. Just converted my HK USP to V9 from a Hybrid LEM
  61. another new HK45c owner
  62. Time To Replace The Recoil Spring?
  63. Guns are Cheap now?
  64. Is my logic flawed?
  65. Custom Ivory Grips for HK P7; any suggestions???
  66. Anyone bought a P7 Premium from
  67. HK USPc 9mm
  68. An H&K dilemma
  69. STI 2011 magazines in USP
  70. how long can i keep my p30 mags fully loaded?
  71. New HK45 owner. . . any advice?
  72. Like Hogue Handall?
  73. Help on Sight set for P30 L ( 40 Cal )
  74. Which detent plate to eliminate decock?
  75. USP45C - Decocker/Safety lever extremely difficult to actuate!
  76. Front Sight?
  77. P30 V3
  78. Difference between German and US P30's.
  79. Do I want to trade a 1911 for a P30 .40cal with Ambi-Safety? UGH, I can't decide.
  80. USP .40cal barrel questions
  81. Anyone know P30 recoil spring rate???
  82. Heinie Sight Installation - new direction
  83. Suggestions on Problems I'm Having w/ my P30L
  84. P2K in Go bag during Monument Fire
  85. HK USPc Poster
  86. P7 problem
  87. No Trijicon HD sights for HK?
  88. LEM owners. Tap Rack and Bang or work the trigger?
  89. Fair Asking Price for LNIB USP .45C
  90. Sights for HKP30L..?
  91. question about Match
  92. P9S vs P7M8
  93. P30 v3 Trigger Mod
  94. Has anyone installed an 'AGRIP' on their P30
  95. Light Primer Strikes with USPc 40 LEM
  96. Custom HK45 Pricing?
  97. USP Expert vs. Elite (.45)
  98. HK p30 owners that carry
  99. Which HK pistol question?
  100. HK USP frame wear question
  101. HK P7M8 Cleaning Question - Possible Damage to Barrel/Breech Face & Gas Piston?
  102. looking for GGI USPc9 V1 vs USPf45 tactical comparison
  103. "Deep cleaning" a USP series
  104. Must be a mistake
  105. P30 w/ Three Holsters
  106. Threaded P30 barrel
  107. .45 slide not closed all the way/firing out of battery/overloaded ammo/pic!
  108. PSP price
  109. USPc mag release
  110. School me on the heinie straight 8's
  112. USP Expert 40 case head separation
  113. Fixed Sights on USP Expert - Anyone Done It ?
  114. H&K Customer service - My expirience
  115. HK logo delete from slide and barrel
  116. HK45 vs. USP Expert .45
  117. Do I need to adjust my sights with barrel swap?
  118. Questions on the HK P30 in .40 S&W.
  119. HK Hostile Environment finish... good or bad?
  120. Gray Guns HK Goodness... (56k take a hike... )
  121. USPF Mag question
  122. Trigger work for my P30L V3
  123. HK triggers getting better?
  124. SAO hammer? And control latch question.
  126. HK DA comparison
  127. Best place to buy P7 PSP in Hard Chrome - Also question on P2000 trigger
  128. Really quick stupid question about USP magazine capacity.
  129. USP Match Trigger help, Need clarification regarding serial #'s and fitment
  130. USP45CT upgraded sights
  131. HK USP 9 SD Destroyed
  132. What is the best ammo for P7 PSP
  133. P30 Recoil spring assembyl
  134. V3 Hammer and Sear into P30LS V1 LEM Pistol?
  135. 1st post Newbie here with a P2000 Serpa holster question
  136. USPc mags will fit P2k sk?
  137. receiver for the USP Expert / Elite
  138. Why does the USP Tactical series.....
  139. p30s vs. p2000sk
  140. Finger off the trigger: Do you put your finger on the bottom of the trigger guard?
  141. I just bought a Stainless Steel Slide USPc 45 !!! one of my favorite Hks. Questions?
  142. I cant find extended mag floorplates for a full size USP 9mm anywhere...
  143. Want to install spur hammer on USP 45 CT
  144. HK P7 Military or Civican
  145. Just bought a USP 9mm SD/Tactical - did I do alright?
  146. Advice for a new P30 owner!
  147. KF Date code USP 9mm owners, please look here:
  148. Just couldn't hold out any longer
  149. Traded My P30 V2 For...
  150. Heinie sights
  151. P30 9mm
  152. where can I find the P2000SK light LEM springs currently ?
  153. can the right side P2000 sk slide stop be removed and the gun still function ?
  154. Rookie P2000SK Question
  155. The perfect accessory for the USP tactical
  156. What is the LEM / Light LEM
  157. Back! After 6 years. I got another!
  158. Which USPc 9mm mags to get.
  159. USP control lever swap out for w/ hk45/p30 lever?
  160. MK23 Non-Threaded Barrel
  161. Where are the USP CTs?
  162. help on UTL light package selling price
  163. USP45C Magazines
  164. Changing from Vari 1 to a Vari 2
  165. Just gotta say, I love my USPc 9mm
  166. Grail Gun: P7M13 purchased
  167. Finally took my HK45 to the range
  168. HK active shooter bag
  169. USP compact sizes for holsters
  170. HK45 base plates
  171. Request for Advice: USP shooting 3" low and 3" left at 10yds- sight suggestion?
  172. P7M8 Second time nubie with an aftermarket mag question
  173. USP 45 firing pin spring
  174. Local Gunshop has a brand new old stock Hk USP Compact 45 in stainless should I buy?
  175. Selling the HK45c or P2000 for a P30(L)?
  176. HK45 Recoil is stiffer?
  177. P2000SK .40S&W to 9mm conversion?
  178. Converting P30 Ambi Saefty to Single Safety
  179. Need help with HK45 LEM trigger conversion
  180. 9x21mm P7
  181. Anyone interested in mag extensions ??? P30 and USPf45
  182. Has Anyone tried fitting a match trigger kit on a P30
  183. Ausie SASR USPs
  184. Heads up for a quickie good deal HK45c with threaded barrel
  185. HK P30/P30L adjustable sights.
  186. Video of USP9 in USPSA Match
  187. HK45 Is this normal?
  188. Boneheaded HK45c V9 question....
  189. I suck but HK loves me
  190. H&K Jubilee 25th anniv
  191. My little experiment!!! P30LS v1
  192. Help Locating a holster for a USP .45 Tactical with Surefire x400 weapon light
  193. USPF 40 night sight install
  194. Need help!!! ? about tool
  195. P7 extractor release
  196. Light LEM = Wow
  197. Does Eezox or Prolix hurt the HK polymer frame?
  198. Anyone have a picture of the rear of a P30 or P2000 V3 Converted to LEM?
  199. Copy of USPDD.PDF?
  200. Nevermind
  201. HK45 Variant 9/10 w/ USPc Ambi Safety
  202. Shortest Amount of Time to 1k
  203. Handgun Parts
  204. USP .357 sig compact mag question.
  205. P30 lighter trigger
  206. LEM version springs between p2000, p2000sk, p30
  207. Generous chambers in the USP compacts?
  208. Has anyone shot a .40 and 9mm P-30 side by side? Compared to a P2K?
  209. USPc V1 to V2 conversion
  210. HELP: Identify this USP T-45 Flash Hider and value
  211. Is there such a thing as a...
  212. Refinishing a P7 - recommendations?
  213. P710 and P7M13 Magazine sizes
  214. P30L for USPSA Limited minor...
  215. Range report: USP45 Expert
  216. HK45 STIFF decocker/safety ..... mag spring question
  217. Any P40/Striker Fired News?
  218. P30 rubs me raw, anyone else ?
  219. HK USA shooting team.
  220. P2000 Recoil In 40cal ?
  221. What is my USP worth?
  222. newbie HK45 question
  223. Should I sell my 9mm M13 for a 40 compact.
  224. Are there any HK Gunsmiths out there...
  225. P7 slide locks back with no mag in...
  226. HK45c decocker, decocking easily.
  227. Any European Members Here Own an HK45C?
  228. Off centered rear sight on HK45C
  229. USP - first slide detail cleaning after 13 years of use
  230. A couple of questions (holsters and mag springs)
  231. HK P30S 40S&W
  232. Input needed with gun shop customer service
  233. state of the P7 supply ..
  234. Frame sizes?
  235. GGI HK45C LEM Range Report
  236. Help Identify this USP 9mm!
  237. Looking for pictures of slightly used HK45
  238. Stainless USP .45 - my .45 SUPER proj3kt
  239. hk .45 v-1 / v-3 ?
  240. Regarding HK45 V1 to V9/10 Conversions.
  241. Need feedback for purchase of HK STAINLESS MATCH 45acp.
  242. P30 LEM in action
  243. New H&K USPC 45 on the way
  244. Mag Issue ... is this a problem???
  245. HK45c: Variant 7 (LEM) to Variant 5 (LEM w/ Safety)?
  246. Look what I traded a Glock 19 for.
  247. HK45 & HK45C LEM conversion
  248. AN/PEQ-6 MK23 LAMs?
  249. How'd I do? (HK45)
  250. considering a P7 purchase