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  1. Guy selling the HK Quick Comp on AR15
  2. HK45C with ambi-saftey/decocker
  4. HK 45 Hammer/sear area
  5. HK45c Magazine Marking Question
  6. So what are my options for a brand new, 9mm threaded barrel for my P30?
  7. Best Bulk 9mm ammo for P7M8 ?
  8. Best mods for the full sized USP 45
  9. New to me USP 40 V3
  10. HK and 10mm Auto...
  11. Fullsize 9mm USP would not eject round with flash suppressor...hmm
  12. P2000 recommendation
  13. USPc 357 SIG special order?
  14. 'new to me' HK45c
  15. HK P9S Sport
  16. Need help on a safe for my P2000sk...
  17. Installing Heinie Straight Eights on the P30
  18. Herter's Ammunition?
  19. Shot IDPA today with my USP 45
  20. Awesome day at the range with my .45 expert
  21. HK45 Group Buy Personalization Contest
  22. Family Photos
  23. How'd I do? P7
  24. Tax return time. You gonna buy a HK?
  25. USPf 45 nicking cartridge cases and wearing err eject port.
  26. Anyone know the difference between TRS 234389 & 209266?
  27. USP influence on custom 1911 Colt builds
  28. Anyone unhappy with their HK45C LEM?
  29. Preparing to buy new HK USPc After 2 BAD 1911's
  30. P7 front sight the same as a USP?
  31. Race Leader
  32. what usually need replacing?
  33. anyone try an insight wl1-aa on a usp?
  34. Why So Few P2000 Threads?
  35. Questions About HK P7
  36. Parts Interchangeability
  37. I did it myself
  38. switching base plates on the hk45c 10 rounders to fit hk45 fullsize
  39. discoloring on p30s safety levers
  40. Variant Change Help
  41. Shot Show HK45CT: Which light is this?
  42. Ultrasonic cleaning of HK parts
  43. Received my USP Expert from CDNN - 08 model
  44. Great Range Day and New Found Love
  45. USPc 45 or 9... Tough Choice
  46. hk vp 70 mags question
  47. New HK45c problem ~ HELP!!
  48. Viridian C5L/X5L on HK45 Compact?
  49. What is HK's fetish with weird magazine baseplates?
  50. Questions on HK45 & HK45c and Hybrid Match/LEM trigger
  51. P2000sk mags
  52. Grrrr.... tiny scratch to my new P2000sk
  53. Best HK Gunsmith
  54. Positive for Brownie
  55. HK45c mag release in a P2000?
  56. Range Report on my new P30 9mm V3
  57. LEM vs non LEM Trigger
  58. P2SK sight question...
  59. .......
  60. Is it me or are the 9mm USP variants more expensive than the USP in .40 SW?
  61. Trigger Work P30
  62. HK45 break-in, control levers
  63. Any insight on hammer spring for HK45c?
  64. HK double action trigger practice
  65. LEM to Var 1
  66. OK newb question
  67. Which would you choose for an on-duty weapon?
  68. HK45CT at 2012 shot show.
  69. How to tell if your P-2000 is a V2 or V3 ...
  70. pics of pistol with tan tac light (M6) mounted?
  71. My first HK (warning P9S content)
  72. Coming from 1911 Platform to HK
  73. My first HK - an HK45C LEM from Mike @ Cross Creek Guns!
  74. Meps for my P2000sk and have a question...
  75. Pics of the new HK
  76. 9mm epiphany
  77. USPc v7 to lem
  78. HK45 V1/3 with bobbed hammer
  79. New owner introduction!
  80. A question about the grey plastic pistol case?
  81. Loose slide release on P2000sk?
  82. Just ordered a hk45c tactical in variant 7?
  83. New H&K SS Owner
  84. red hk logos
  85. curious: usp 9mm, why??
  86. Just Got New HK 45C
  87. Is something wrong with the slide on my USP45???
  88. HK45c to CT Questions
  89. HK45c - Light LEM vs SRT
  90. HK P2000sk frame swap
  91. Looking for Info on suppressing HK4
  92. Slim non-Kydex IWB holster for an HK45C ?
  93. Got my first HK and have some questions.
  94. HK MARK 23
  95. Question about the USP .45 Compact Tactical
  96. HK45 safeties.
  97. HK HE finish getting better?
  98. P9 Magazine
  99. Retrofitting p30 thumb safety into p2000sk
  100. and the Hk45CT
  101. Relative accuracy, USP Match, USP Tactical, & others..
  102. Looking for .45acp HK Pistol Thread Info
  103. Carrying my P2k to the Shot Show
  104. will the P2kSK fit in any holster made for the regular P2000 ?
  105. OWB thumb break options for p2000sk?
  106. Strange marking on fired cases
  107. P30 LEM conversion. Any good news about that?
  108. Cleaning?
  109. HK 9mm Variant Conversion
  110. Switching USP45 Tactical to V2?
  111. HK Match owners
  112. Anyone have pictures of an HK45 with a Viridian X5L on it?
  113. Streamlight TLR-1 weapon light on my P2000
  114. WTK: can a P7M13 handle +P+ ammunition?
  115. Looking fora sight pusher in SA TX
  116. Recommended weapon light for P2000
  117. Should I get my (2000/AA date stamp) USP 45 retofitted?
  118. Adjusting Sights P30
  119. Hk45CT sold for $157.03
  120. Meps on the way for my P2000sk amd have a question...
  121. p2a1 flare gun
  122. 45C LEM Installation Videos
  123. loose slide release? - HK45c
  124. Insight M2 UTL Lens cleaning
  125. New Sights
  126. MP5K with non pistol grip handguard legal?
  127. USP Elite Weight
  128. What spring controls the weight of the P30 LEM's initial takeup?
  129. Recommended Lubrication for hk45 ?
  130. Hk45 vs Usp45 recoil
  131. Another Bore Axis Thread ;)
  132. Where to get Grade C P7s?
  133. Funnel Jet
  134. POI shift on USP flash hider
  135. P30 Holster
  136. Expert 45 Recoil Spring
  137. USPf, HK45, or HK45c....If you could only have one?
  138. USP-C .357sig rear sight out of spec?
  139. Wow - You guys weren't kidding about the light lem TRS/ Follow up question
  140. Really want the 45c mag release for my P2000sk...
  141. Frangible ammo
  142. Increasing Capacity in USP Jet Funnel Magazines - Report with Pics
  143. Goody For At Least One Of My USPs Arrived A Moment Ago
  144. Grip thickness queston P30 vs HK45 & 45C
  145. +2 Baseplates compatibility with Jet Funnel?
  146. Help with night sights and 45c mag release for P2000sk
  147. HK USP-C .40/.357sig 10 and 12rd mag differences
  148. Goin' rate on USPc ITD??
  149. HK45C Owners, is this normal?
  151. Pricing and Serial Number on an HK 45C ?
  152. 1st HK purchase-HK45 with pic
  153. Variant 9 to variant 1 conversion
  154. HK 45T Holsters
  156. HK45CT questions and help
  157. Additional goodies for my HK45c
  158. Laser for USPc ?
  159. Three HK's, The Swamp and Me.....
  160. My P30 broke
  161. Advice needed
  162. HK 45c
  163. The sickness is spreading!
  164. P30 factory threaded barrels?
  165. Current HK45 backorder
  166. small plastic "strings/ fingers" on the frame rails?
  167. Order from RTG parts came in.
  168. HK45 microchip?
  169. P9S 9mm for $795?
  170. Slide Stop or Slide Lock
  171. P2000 357 Sig
  172. USP9CC: Does Your Slide Move Forward When You Insert a Loaded Magazine?
  173. HK45C for concealed carry
  174. mark 23 sear loose
  175. P30 recoil "feel"
  176. Crooked LEM Hammer.
  177. HK MK23 USSOCOM
  178. Lever style mag releases
  179. "light" LEM trigger question for the USPc
  180. Reset Reset Reset P2000Sk V1 LEM / HK45C V1 ???
  181. Help with CCW Purchase H&K 45c or 4" 1911
  182. What P7M8 did I just buy?
  183. While on this Forum
  184. Short review of HKspecialist USPc 45 police trade in
  185. are the P30 front frame rails all plastic?
  186. Recommended spare parts - USP Expert
  187. Why HK45c
  188. P9s question
  189. Resistance is futile!
  190. I honestly can't decide...
  191. Wow! doesn't look used!
  192. "Concealed Carry Handguns" magazine 2012: questions about the USPc reviewed.
  193. HK45CT article in FEB 12 Special Weapons
  194. P30 Light LEM V5 Safety?
  195. Somebody REALLY wants a P7M10
  196. p7m13 frame rail crack
  197. Threaded barrel for .40S&W Expert
  198. definitive thread on usp .45 vs Hk 45. is there a great thread
  199. o ring groove depth
  200. LEM Explained... FINALLY!!!
  201. Question on cleaning of my USPc?
  202. My USP's evolution to a USP SD 9
  203. LEM install success
  204. What is the going price for a p30 .40?
  205. Light LEM
  206. P7M13 question?
  207. LEM question.
  208. Gonna sell my Gl0ck for another HK... OR???
  209. Did you switch from another manufacturer to primarily HK for CC?
  210. usp date code
  211. Got this P9S .45 Sport upper assembly yesterday
  212. Uspc .40 recoil rod clip broke....2nd time
  213. why is there no threaded barrel for the P30 in 40s&w?
  214. OD Green USP 45 Price check.
  215. barrel and recoil springs
  216. USP Rail adapter question...
  217. First trip to range with new P2000sk 9m
  218. my Shiney new Christmas present
  219. Hk usp 45c questions
  220. Hand made Mark 23, one of a kind.
  221. USPc new vs. old stile firing pin and fpb
  222. USPc 9mm 13 round mags pre 1994 for ban states ?
  223. 12 year old USP 45 SS Comes Home
  224. Better Suppressed: HK45 or HK45c
  225. Benet Arms P9s Imports
  226. Does HK Sell Pistol Polymer Sections?
  227. P9S: Its use by the German Police and/or other German Agencies
  228. Why is there no 10mm
  229. P7, Is this worth the price??
  230. Considering HK for CC Any advice?
  231. One more thread for today...
  232. HK45C Barrel Question
  233. Should I adjust my sights?
  234. Thinking about adding a P30 or a P2000sk to the P30L EDC
  235. Hk P7 Commercial Arlington value?
  236. P30L barrel in P2000?
  237. Which HK variant do you prefer?
  238. KI usp45 added to the mix and other German goodness
  239. Learned Something New
  240. Do you guys think this is a deal?
  241. Do you live outside the USA and own a .45?
  242. To buy or not to buy, that is the question.
  243. Ok... What's the difference?
  244. Hybrid LEM Match trigger question
  245. You know you're jealous
  246. Tagua Holsters?
  247. Ravenconcealment for HK P30LS with X400.
  248. Which Night Sites for HK45C are Designed better for CCW?
  249. USP LEM conversion question
  250. Fun at the range with HK MK23