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  1. Which HK pistols are made in America?
  2. HK flat floor-plate ?
  3. At last!
  4. P7 M8 Jubilee current market value?
  5. P7m8 worth it?
  6. Stippling the USP grip - suggestions?
  7. My First HK. P30L :0)
  8. Modifications to P30L
  9. Shocking turn of events: Sig P226 German > HK USP SD
  10. Best aftermarket barrels for p2000?
  11. Identifying pre ban HK 12 rounds handgun 0.45 mag
  12. Hk45c high cap mags.
  13. P30 and HK45C Pic for Comparison
  14. P-30 V2 LEM to a V1 LEM
  15. Anyone in the atlanta area with a light lem?
  16. Took my USP Tactical to the range today...
  17. USP Elite .45ACP
  18. Another P9S!
  19. Could this be true?
  20. VER 1 OR VER 3?
  21. LNIB HK45 (US)
  22. Extended Magazine Release
  23. Just brought home a P30!
  24. *edit
  25. HK45C LEM, school a 1911 owner please!
  26. USP .40 fullsize Fail To Chamber
  27. Where is the P30L LEM?
  28. HK P30L LEM
  29. Question for Owners of P30 *and* HK45/HK45C
  30. My first HK followed me home today...
  31. P2000SK Hammer Block Safety Question
  32. Newer is not always better, even for an HK
  33. USP 40 shoots high left- advice
  34. .45 ACP trajectory to drop .25 what distance?
  35. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
  36. Safariland metal mag holder and the Fullsize USP9/40
  37. Does HK test magazines at the factory? Or are these used?
  38. P30LS V3 9mm Question
  39. Question about HK45C 10 Round magazines... Floor plates?
  40. HK4 Question / Help
  41. Huge +1 for HK -1 for Sig
  42. H&K USP .40 cal recoil spring disassmbly problems!
  43. Tips for an LEM noob
  44. HK USP Compact Tactical .45---Adj. sights-yes/no--??
  45. Lot's of P30L Love in December Guns Magazine
  46. Question regarding night sights USPc 45
  47. Help me shoot better
  48. HELP: HK USP match trigger convertion
  49. Is the slide on a USP 45 stainless??
  50. Magazine disconnect...
  51. HK45c DA/SA trigger pull weights
  52. Good Universal Sight tool for P7M8?
  53. Confused on the v4 conversion Help!
  54. Another LEM trigger question
  55. P2000sk in R Grizzle leather gun porn!
  56. Rust on a new USP 9 SD??? Community feedback requested
  57. I did not Like my HK45c so i traded it....
  58. Where's the P9S love?
  59. Strange powder marks on spent USP9c casings
  60. Trussville P7M8 NIB?
  61. Match LEM Trigger
  62. USP CT45 question
  63. Update a "old style" USP .40 to two piece catch
  64. time to start the cnc and make you droll (p30 stuff)
  65. Shot a USPC 40 yesterday... Got the bud now...
  66. Just bought a Viridian X5L gen 2 for my P30...
  67. I Found An Unreal Deal on a USPc.40. Who would say no?
  68. HK USP Fully supported barrel and such.
  69. Old Newbie-First post--Introduction...
  70. HK 45C, what is the slide made from?
  71. Durability of the USP40.. had a case failure with Hornady TAP
  72. New USPc 9mm!! Need a little advice...
  73. Thinking about getting a USP .45
  74. Flat baseplates for P2000/USPc 9mm 10 round magazines
  75. Who knows about or has shot .45 Super out of their USP?
  76. P2000sk "Light LEM"
  77. Info on a Serial Number
  78. What's it worth? USP Match 9mm Stainless Slide and Original Aluminum Case.
  79. Sight Pusher for HK45?
  80. Parts to convert to varient 7
  81. Hello USP 9 SD... Good bye USP 9 SD
  82. P2000sk Idea
  83. Re-Patronizing HK usp 10 round mags
  84. The P30 has made me lazy...
  85. Interesting article on HK45c
  86. Finally joined the HK pistol world. Brand new P30!!!!
  87. CCR Refinishing
  88. For those who own both a HK45 and HK45C
  89. P7 history question
  90. Anyone Send Their HK .45 or Other HK to Bowie Tactical for their Vickers Package?
  91. P7 sights
  92. P2000 Site Picture
  93. USP Facelift
  94. USP Decocker
  95. I want a SHTF HK gun
  96. Grey Guns internal over-travel stop
  97. Had a failure with my USP.
  98. Does HK have a bobbed hammer for the HK P30 DA/SA models?
  100. p7m13 Nickel question
  101. What else can I do?
  102. Recoil spring and buffer on a HK45 Compact and on a USP elite
  103. HK45c
  104. I am soooooo glad to be back
  105. USP .40 Full Size Extended Mag Release Problem!
  106. Hi-cap USP 9mm magazines for home/self defense
  108. Clausewitz on HK
  109. Mass Compliant P2000sk .357sig
  110. P7M8: Reduce the mag release levers?
  111. Fair price on a USP45C with extras?
  112. Green O-ring
  114. Anyone ever smoothed out the trigger grooves on HK pistol?
  115. My Daily Carry Gun Was Just Finished
  116. It's here P2000SK V3, meet the newest member of the family, *review & pics*
  117. My P2000 is built like a tank!
  118. steel case in do you feel about it?
  119. Elephant Foot
  120. Storing Lockout Key (and other small parts) + Preventing Rust
  121. List me every .45ACP H&K handgun, please.
  122. Match or LEM on USPc??
  123. P2000 and the Light LEM...WOW
  124. Parts to the usp, springs.
  126. I bought a p30s... Can't shoot it worth a ****. Sights?
  127. HK USP .45 not decocking when loaded.
  128. P7 M8 question
  129. MGW Sight Pusher Help!
  130. MULTIPLE HKs?
  131. Thanks from a new member
  132. Standard mags with Jet Funnel?
  133. H&K Gunsmith in Dallas or Shreveport area
  134. Need help
  135. USP - c threaded barrel in 9mm
  136. New to forum, first HK as well...
  137. Need Advice Sell 1911 to fund HK45 ?
  138. Thanks to the guys who kept the Pro in
  139. P30/45C/USP45C Grip Comparison Pics?
  140. Added a p2000 to the collection
  141. V1 USP safety question.
  142. HK USP 40: condition one carry questions from a new owner
  143. Considering selling USP-T 45 w/ Heinie sights for HK45C or USP 9SD or USP 9 CC
  144. Bought a beater P7M13 and want to get it refinished any suggestions?
  145. P30 sight adjustments
  146. USP Compact .45 vs. Compact .45
  147. P9S Discoloration on slide
  148. P2000 vs P30 magazine tube
  149. P-30 mags
  150. Trigger- USPc 9 vr P30s?
  151. P30L dropping mag after recoil
  152. Anybody carry a USP with the CC trigger?
  153. American HK45C or German
  154. XS sights for USP compact
  155. case discoloration in 45c?
  156. Which one? HK 45 tactical or HK tactical elite?
  157. My new (to me) P7
  158. P7 markings
  159. P7 observation while in Munich
  161. LEM kit install on usp compact 9mm gone wrong....
  162. Dry firing with LEM
  163. usp expert night sights
  164. Unfortunate Circumstances and my P30L
  165. Just grabbed a p30, oh so happy
  166. Finally picked up a P7
  167. USP 45 clip falling out
  168. What if any HK pistol parts should I keep on hand?
  169. Check out my new!.....SIG....
  170. P30 Resurfaced/Repainted Grip Panels (w/pics)
  171. Jet Funnel + magazines not for LEO or military users?
  172. "Famous" P7 Plum-Color Finish
  173. HK45c LEM *update*
  174. Resale value USPc 9mm stainless?
  175. Value of LNIB USP MATCH with goodies
  176. Let's See Your Street Set-Up, Photo's Please
  177. Have the USP 9 LEM/JF/NS trade in's dried up?
  178. Drop of gun oil on the mainspring...
  179. Another new HK45c owner
  180. How can I shorten the P30's trigger pull??
  181. HK P30 / HK 45 grip sanding. Need some guidance so I don't mess up my pistola!
  182. Would you refinish a 1XX/500 P7M8?
  183. Found a nice USP Cmpct .45 today
  184. Fair price for preban USP 15rd mag?
  185. talked off the ledge....(Thanks for the hand)
  186. My first gun USP 40
  187. P7m13
  188. Any USP with LEM or CC trigger in DFW metroplex that I could try?
  189. Anyone ship trigger parts to Canada from the US?
  190. HK P30 Holsters. Can someone help match me with something?
  191. Light weight FPB spring in an older P30 V3
  192. Will a leather holster for the P7M8 fit a P7?
  193. HK P30 9mm, threaded barrel options. What options for adding one are there?
  194. Cheap O-Ring Source, Can't find it.
  195. Jarvis drop-in barrel
  196. What's your home defense setup?
  197. stupid p30 question
  198. Heinie Night sights USPc
  199. HK finish and leather holsters
  200. Picked up a 45c this w-e
  201. Why did you buy your HK?
  202. P30 LEM
  203. HK USPc .45 for HK .45c
  204. USP 45c slide difficult/ to cycle with a round in the chamber
  205. HK45/HK45C design question.
  206. Trigger with shortest reset for fullsize USP
  207. Hk p30 mag in hk uspc
  208. My new to me P7
  209. Where to get a USP 45 Compact, Variant 6 ?
  210. Factory Setup
  211. Lego Replica HK USP45
  212. HK MK23 Detail Strip
  213. year my P7 was made
  214. USP 45 compact CCW
  215. HK UTL update pics/review
  216. Factory P30 threaded barrels available now!!!
  217. Luminova sights on HK45C
  218. USPc magazine problem??
  219. My first P7
  220. Shaving down backstrap of P2000sk to make smaller? Aftermarket?
  221. Can I put a LEM trigger system in my USP-45 V1?
  222. usp 45c trigger pull? Can ANYONE answer this?
  223. NP3 Robar
  224. P2000sk hammer spring
  225. night sites
  226. p30 match weight
  228. 45c first time out
  229. do any HKS mag loaders work with the HK45
  230. Holster for hk usp 45 full size?
  231. Goodbye Gen4 G19, hello P2000
  232. Something must be wrong with my HK!
  233. Correct break in for HK P30?
  234. THANKS! help me decide, keep the HK Custom Combat or the Glock
  235. USP 9mm/.40 Full Size Extended Floor Plates
  236. Slide / frame fit HK45 ?
  237. P7 question
  238. Ahhhhh FINALLY got a HK45C!
  239. hk45 v1 decocker only decocks half cock?
  240. Range trip with pic!
  241. V0 Spurred LEM hammer
  242. USP Dirt Test Fail????
  243. Which H&K 45 ACP?
  244. P30 mag release on a P2000?
  245. if it fits a tactical it fits an expert?
  246. couldnt help myself...
  247. Gotta question for P30S owners.
  248. HK Manufacture Questions
  249. how many of you have put the slides on funny? :P
  250. New Lefty