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  1. P2000 / sk slide release lever on P30?
  2. So my slide is being a little funny
  3. Abnormal wear on HK45 frame?
  4. the HK BUG..
  5. HK 45c kaboom
  6. P2000SK Date code issue
  7. P7 question
  8. Who has a 9mm P30LS
  9. P30 LEM springs
  10. HK USP 45 OD Green with HK Tac Light for my Desert Eagle Mark VII 44 Mag
  11. HK 45c vs HK 45
  12. Need opinions on what trigger group to get for my wife
  13. Stainless or Blue?
  14. USPc .40 mag
  15. Grease for LEM HK45c install ????
  16. Moving USP Left side safety to Right side
  17. Saxony P7 Grip Question...
  18. Where can I find a USP firing pin
  19. PRICE CHECK: USPc 9mm
  20. Down at the Pawn Shop *Range Report!*
  21. Quick question about HK45c LEM install
  22. USPc VS P2000sk question, for you guys that own both....
  23. Dry firing a USP
  24. LED conversion
  25. P30 sight removal
  26. Smith recommendations please
  27. Moving a Safety /Decocker on USP and Trigger question
  28. Help a noob purchase the LIGHT LEM FPBS
  29. HKP30 V2 with Comparable CCW pics.
  30. New P30 LEM V2 range trip
  31. Adding ambi safety/decock to USP full size
  32. Got my Grail pistol.......
  33. Unofficial P7 FAQ updated.
  34. WOW - Interesting piece of P7 History - P7-A10 XM9 - Alas Available in Germany :(
  35. P9S Sight Tool
  36. P30 slide release question.
  37. USP variant 9
  38. How to make a USP single-action-only, and no firing-pin-block
  39. Need help with HKP7 PSP
  40. My (de?)evolution into a P7 owner
  41. Cheapest place to order P30 mags?
  42. P2000sk with XGrip over a P2000?
  43. Replacing front sight on USP Tactical models
  44. Is anyone running a P30 LEM with all three light springs (HS,TRS,FPBS)?
  45. My wife rocks. Merry Christmas to me.
  46. Single Action reset versus LEM
  47. How much is this worth?
  48. A question about LE mags....
  49. Help in determining P7 vale.
  50. OMG! What have I done???? Range Report Update
  51. Snapcapology...
  52. anyone have pictures of a match trigger install?
  53. 90k for P30 and 100k for hk45
  54. Greetings
  55. H&K P30 V3 (DA/SA)
  56. HK Brochure
  57. My appogies to George
  58. WTK: Mk23 Acurizer from AutoBurst Tecnologies
  59. So who here will have the first BB gun next month ?
  60. Merry Christmas HKPro!!
  61. The new Crimson Trace LG-645 for the HK45c
  62. P30S LEM
  63. Got a P30
  64. EFK .357Sig barrel
  65. P7 Refinish Pic Post
  66. Any problem dry-firing the P30?
  67. Intricacies of the P7?
  68. OD Green P30?!?!?!
  69. What's the deal with the P7?
  70. Flash Hinder...Needed or Not for Mark 23, Tactical ?!?
  71. P7 longevity?
  72. H&K P30 DA/SA or LEM
  73. P2000 LEM Variations
  74. HK UPS P8 & USP P10
  75. P7 finish question
  76. HK45 or P30L?
  77. Let's Talk Trigger Bar "Slop"
  78. USP compact .357Sig
  79. Woo Hoo!!!
  80. P7 in Cerakote [Pic]
  81. My first match: IDPA/IPSC Hybrid holiday shoot. (P30 did great)
  82. P30 size compared with my other CCW handguns
  83. Real or aftermarket Mags???
  84. Trigger reset on HK handguns
  85. P30 too
  86. Slip on grips
  87. Different mag styles for P30
  88. Caution -- Bill Springfield HK trigger work
  89. Comparative size of P30L to other common CCW handguns
  90. P7M8 Chantilly service/update/maintanence question.
  91. Flat base plates vs finger rest
  92. Gold dot +P too hot for P7?
  93. P30 holster, grips
  94. USP45c trade towards fullsize?
  95. HK45C LEM Kits available again
  96. Trade Deal
  97. POI and Night Sight Question for USPc and P7
  98. HK45C loose Slide Release?
  99. P30L LEM 9MM
  100. Weapon light suggestions for USP45?
  101. USP Recoil Spring
  102. New P2000 V3
  103. Should I replace my USP 45 with the new HK45? Help!!
  104. New H&K Pics
  105. Price Check (HK4)
  106. Issues with USP .45
  107. Replacing old extractor without loaded chamber indicator with a new one
  108. P2000 Sk
  109. P30 trigger question.
  110. Sportsman guide mags
  111. Range report: new USP .45
  112. P7M13 custom Micarta Grips (pete foldyna)
  113. P2000 Fiber Optic Front Sights!
  114. Mark 23 ...IS it an LEM trigger? How do you know what you have???
  115. LEM TRS
  116. European P7M8
  117. Explanation of HK P7 Operation
  118. New guy P30L options.
  119. magazine loading aid
  120. HK P30 ammunition sensitivity
  121. Are there any factory threaded P30 barrels yet?
  122. Another HK Noobie LEM Question
  123. HK4 Universal extractor not so universal?
  124. HK USP Match parts
  125. USP barrel extension
  126. Dry fire with LEM?
  127. How many VP70Zs...?
  128. Wanting my first HK...?
  129. Trijicon inserts for a P7 Part 2
  130. Recommended lubrication for a P7
  131. 357 SIG Barrel for 40 Caliber P30?
  132. Best video of a P30 on youtube
  133. SP89 in.357 Sig and .40 Conversions.
  134. Keeping a mag full with one in the chamber. Bad for mag?
  135. New Member, New HK Owner
  136. HK USP .45 Compact anniversary edition price check
  137. Grayguns P30 vs Factory P30
  138. USP .45 Markings
  139. Before/After Pics of P2000 w/ HK45c Mag release?
  140. Competition Holster for HK45
  141. How easy is it to switch safety from LH to RH?
  142. Converting a P30 V3 to LEM
  143. How much would you pay for this?
  144. Looky what I found in the bottom of the closet!
  145. LNIB HK P30 40 S&W
  146. Want to try X/S Express sights on my P7PSP
  147. Revolutionary design is a matter of perspective.
  148. Question: about converting a USP expert 40cal
  149. who can machine my p2000 to allow different sights?
  150. Do all P7s have the barrel proof marking? Or were they removed at some point?
  151. Can someone please post some comparison pics?
  152. HK USP Expert price check!
  153. Good price for used 9mm USPs?
  154. New HK
  155. Heinie straight 8's question
  156. High bore axis
  157. New guy with new P2K SK 40. In reading the manual, it looks like I can get a 357 SIG
  158. HK 45C Trigger Question
  159. Lucked into a commercial P7 with all the accessories!
  160. Got Wood?
  161. TRUGLO Brite Site for UPSf
  162. Just Picked up my P30S .40 S&W...
  163. +P ammo in an P7 PSP
  164. European P2000 (GPM) Owners, Previous Owners, or People with Pics!
  165. What's the best night sights for the..
  166. Just received my HK USP Match 45!
  167. p2000 tactical sights other than XS?
  168. HK45 vs P30 LEM
  169. USP Compact .40 V1... a good deal???
  170. New hammer
  171. USPc .45 similar size to 9mm version
  172. Buying a P7psp
  173. LPA Sights Queston.
  174. P30: left slide release loose
  175. Hk P9S Trigger Guard Replacement
  176. P2000 SK Slide Cosmetic question
  177. Somewhat new to the site
  178. My cup overfloweth with .45 compactness.
  179. Latest railed P7 pix
  180. HK ALuminum case question
  181. To trade or not
  182. New HK/Handgun Owner
  183. Which tactical light laser combo for hk45c
  184. HK P7M13 for $1295 good or bad price?
  185. LEM???
  186. Looking for supressor options for USP9SD...
  187. Rare HK Handgun
  188. Difference between HK45 & HK45C LEM Kit?
  189. Help to decide - should HK45C replace P2000SK 9mm
  190. Need your help to Identify this Flash hider
  191. Considering either a NIB USP 9mm or .45 Expert. Values? Collectibility?
  192. USP .45 Match value
  193. Mag. Floorplate
  194. Holster dilemma
  195. My HK45 with a new "twist"
  196. Looking for a USP Combat Competition 9mm
  197. 9mmx19 mags and 9mmx21 compatibility?
  198. Help, I think I ruined my USP! (Pics included)
  199. P7 PSP reloading techniques
  200. Installed HK45c magazine release on my USPc
  201. Grip techniques
  202. USP 9mm vs compact size comparison
  203. Another HK45 LEM thread, but different, Pics
  204. The next run or P30s
  205. New HK!
  206. I think I like the .40 now!
  207. New HK owner with a few questions
  208. Tactical night sights
  209. P7K3 questions - USA serial #?
  210. Fixed / Re-Assembly Problem / USPc
  211. Ammo for your HK?
  212. weak hands-reduced springs
  213. I picked up a SP89 LNIB today at auction
  214. LEM to DAO
  215. HK45 5.5lb LEM
  216. HK Pistols in MTAC - Safety Question
  218. Does Bill Springfield talents void HK lifetime warranty?
  219. HK45 Wow!
  220. P2000 Conversion barrels?
  221. HK P30L vs. HK 45 Ergonomics
  222. Question: P2000 slide not locking back after last round when using new factory mag?
  223. next HK 9mm? P30S or P30 V1 LEM ?
  224. New to Hk
  225. Gun trades?
  226. USPc 40, trigger improvement and the LEM trigger
  227. Anyone know where to get V1 LEM springs for the P30?
  228. USP Tactical 9mm owner reviews
  229. Question regarding USP police trade-ins: what to expect
  230. Where are all the threads?
  231. Adding an external safty to a P30
  232. How long has your usp lasted?
  233. Mastering the HK USP dvd???
  234. Good HK Service Call
  235. TLR-1 + adapter = fit USP compact?
  236. Am I Crazy?
  237. Hallo allerseits
  238. USPc .45 + USPc Tactical Barrel?
  239. H&K USP Tactical .45 Auto Muzzle Brake
  240. Any issuse when buying used H&K with no warranty card?
  241. HK45c w/ Streamlight TLR-3 Holster
  242. Added a new 45 to the stable!
  243. USP9 owners...
  244. HK USP 45 - Holy Moly
  245. p7 / IDPA question
  246. Question about 45 ammo
  247. Machining/gunsmithing a P7 for concealed carry
  248. HK USP Compact 9mm leather holster for IDPA ?
  249. P9S Variations
  250. HEAVY Pictures- Help me with my P7PSP...