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  1. Need Tritium Night sights for HK45c
  2. P30L night sights issue
  3. HK45C Lem, Hammer not centered?
  4. HK45C grip size
  5. What Is The Minimum Number Of Magazines You Need For Your HK Sidearm?
  6. replacing USP magazine release with HK45C
  7. Spurred Hammer Question
  8. Price Check
  9. best prices on p30 mags
  10. HK45 w/ Surefire DG Remote Tailcap Switch
  11. H&K MK23
  12. Project USPf 40 is compete.....
  13. adapter rail
  14. PSP7
  15. Possible HK45 purchase but have a question about the trigger work ...
  16. New P30L - ammo etc.
  17. New "Universal" LEM Conversion Kit for USP and USP Compact Pistols
  18. P30 is +p approved correct?
  19. -New USP45C owner with questions
  20. Swapping recoil springs on a USPc9?
  21. Over the beach
  22. HK45 mag release transplant.
  23. Check this USP imposter out(sarsilmaz)
  24. Glock 19 to P30 Transition
  25. LEM Trigger vs DOA vs SA/DA ????
  26. P7m8 Night sight install. Anyone doing these?
  27. New guy on the forum. Pics of my USPs.
  28. USP 18 rn jet funnel magazine problem
  29. Difference between the USPc and P30?
  30. LEM kit is here.....any gotchas?
  31. Just a thought on teaching kids to shoot with an HK...
  32. Hk 45c grip question...
  33. HK45c- The one gun wonder?
  34. HkP30- So many Choices!
  35. Advice on Where to buy P7 and What model for Concealed Carry
  36. Has anyone ever inadvertently engaged the slide stop lever while firing?
  37. Best place to buy P30 LEM
  38. Hogue grip on USP?
  39. Is this normal on a "new" gun?
  40. detail strip P7
  41. Light LEM Kit Available for P30?
  43. New P30 9mm - The First 100 Rounds
  44. night sights for psksk
  45. CCW
  46. Slide engraving
  47. Blazer Brass Ok in HK45?
  48. USP Expert 45 magazine compatibility
  49. P30 LEM Break-in?
  50. 45C Price
  51. Lem/Match trigger
  52. HK Grey Room High Res Pic
  53. Heinie sights for P30
  54. +p+ ammo GTG?
  55. Removing firing pin on USP cOMPACT 45
  56. HK45 lem question-sear complete?
  57. Galco M7x holster for P2000sk/Safariland?
  58. Deleted till further info.
  59. Clarify difference between model #'s / sku's
  60. HK45 lem installation question
  61. Rapid acquisition night sights P7?
  62. HK45c
  63. What P30s trigger versions are actually being sold? Newbie would like to know.
  64. Unclear about HK's many triggers
  65. HK USP Compact 45 mags
  66. NJSP P7m8
  67. Another New Person Saying HI
  68. HK45 Trigger vs. USP Tatical?
  69. HK45 Trigger vs. USP Tatical?
  70. P30 pinch anyone else's trigger finger?
  71. SP89 re barrel & refinish
  72. Has anyone shot a EFK Fire Dragon Barrel for HK USPCT 45?
  73. Bobbing a spur hammer
  74. P9S
  75. I have a P7 question
  76. size hk45 and p30 grip
  77. I am hooked on HKs!
  78. HK P7 9mm
  79. Paging German members - need help locating HK45C in Germany
  80. V1 or V4 P30?
  81. How would you handle these issues (CA)
  82. P7 Piston Scraping and Cleaning Tool
  83. P40 News?
  84. Todd's P30 Featured in HK Advertisement
  85. P30 - Ammo
  86. P30 Todd green hammerspring
  87. Now I know. First trip to the range with my new HK USPc .40
  88. Seeking HK Owner Input on all metal handgun
  89. Gun newbie proud owner of a new P30
  90. HK45 or HK45c for matches?
  91. Meps or Trijicons?
  92. USPSA shooters
  93. HK LEM V?... + question
  94. USP 45 question...easy on the new guy
  95. Match trigger Hybrid
  96. What to refinish my P7M8 in?
  97. Anything New at SHOT?
  98. does anyone know the variant number of the HK45c lem
  99. Anyone use a hk45 or hk45c in 3 gun heavy metal?
  100. size of hk45c
  101. Need Advice for a HK P7 PSP Holster
  102. More great HK customer service & a trick to install the TRS
  103. Rail adapter suggestions?
  104. HKparts sight adjustment tool
  105. FTEs gone at 500 rounds and weak hand surprise at the range
  106. spacer for hk45 10 rnd mag in a hk45c????
  107. HK 2011 Price Increase
  108. H&k P30 version help
  109. Thoughts on the HK 45?
  110. Most Accurate range gun at 50-75 feet
  111. Dating a VP70z
  112. HK 45C vs. HK USP 45C
  113. NIght Sights for HK45, HK 45c and USP
  114. HK USP 9mm LEM with Match Trigger
  115. little P30 mod done...
  116. Am I the only one using 9mm and .40 S&W jet funnel mags for either caliber?
  117. Better resale value P2000sk or HK45C
  118. Should I convert my USPc LEM back to V1? What parts needed to even convert it back?
  119. Where to buy a P30 with LEM V4 trigger?
  120. how much does hk charge to install lem
  121. red dot sight
  122. What should I do?
  123. P7M8 kydex holster recommendations?
  124. p2000 V2 LEM to V1 LEM and HK45/C light LEM parts????
  125. The new 9mm P30 S is out
  126. Just ordered my hk45c mag release.
  127. Value/Scarcity of USP .45 in SS?
  128. P2KSK-Just bought one need information please.
  129. Variant question...
  130. HK45 LEM Help
  131. Custom finish question on P7
  132. HK P30 what is the finish...installed night sights....
  133. HK45 LEM question
  134. First time shooting an HK...
  135. Parts for P2000sk conversion V3 to LEM needs confirmation
  136. If you had to choose only 1 HK handgun
  137. New HK German HK45C Ambidextrous Mag Release
  138. p30 LEM question
  139. LEM vs DA/SA
  140. 40 Super in USP 45?
  141. Improved Trigger in P30S v3 9mm vs. P30 v3 9mm?
  142. HK parts Hard to find online
  143. HK45 Threaded Barrel
  144. Tactical sights
  145. P30- Anyone noticed the letters inside just above the trigger assembly?
  146. What I ordered was not what I got
  147. H K pistols at the Shot Show
  148. Trade value of HK .45 full size?
  149. P7M8 question
  150. US made HK's
  151. Holster For HK45c w/ Light
  152. for those that carry a USPc
  153. HK P200SK threaded Barrel
  154. Light LEM with thumb safeties on a HK45?
  155. In need of an HK edumication
  156. HK Customer Service
  157. HK Customer Service is so awesome
  158. I feel as if I cheated
  159. I know this has been covered but...
  160. HK Factory Tours?
  161. HK Elite Suggestions
  162. Ok, I have a scraper, now what?
  163. Best place (and prices?) for USPc magazines?
  164. best place to order lem for my hk45???
  165. P7- Roguard "Black Matte" Mistake?- Need Help Please
  166. Well, it only took 4 months...
  167. Scraper for the P7
  168. Comparison Info on HK 45c, and XD 45 compact
  169. Difference between USP 9mm full size mags and USP Tactical 9mm magazines?
  170. HK45 and my thoughts.
  171. P30 mag spring issue?
  172. Finding date code.
  173. New P7 Owner...need some advice
  174. HK4 Questions
  175. splain this contradiction...
  176. P2000 decocker question on V1 or V2 LEM trigger
  177. p7 HELP P7
  178. p2000sk v3 trigger job
  179. p2000sk v3 to LEM
  180. p2000sk .40 to.357sig
  181. P30 cocked and locked?
  182. USP still in production (current year date code)
  183. HK USP Match Trigger Kit
  184. P7 Trigger Return spring installation: Please help
  185. P30 or P2000
  186. P2000 Fits Like A Glove, But
  187. XS Sight System for P30
  188. Opinion from p30/L crowd
  189. changing color on USP pistol frames?
  190. Looking For A Rail Adapter
  191. HK USP 40 Tactical
  192. Has anyone NP3'd a P2000sk?
  193. Opening the rear sight to aid sighting
  194. Stripped guide strips on frame - safety concern?
  195. I'm confused about P2000sk
  196. Slide releases when inserting magazine
  197. My P30 V2-to-V4 conversion - sweet!
  198. HK45C LEM conversion... and my new carry rig...
  199. How many USP Match 9mm owners are out there?
  200. Modified Slide Release Lever *Pics Up*
  201. HK45 & 45c LEM with safety question
  202. MOD. MK23/USP CAL .45
  203. P2K Slide Release on USPC?
  204. HK 45 barrel thread
  205. P30 recoil spring and bushing removal / replacement
  206. hk45c mag release on a USPF45
  207. Different backstrap and grips on my P7's?
  208. USPc conversion to LEM question.
  209. Pistol slide engraving?
  210. H&K USP 45 in OD Green trade question.
  211. Do I modify my USPf?
  212. USP 'cuts' inside frame
  213. Range visit with P30 - mixed feelings
  214. Back to HK after a Long Absence
  215. HK P2000sk? Possibly the best HK for CCW?
  216. Hammer Spring Issue
  217. Concealed carry USP full sized tactical.... anyone doing it?
  218. New HK USP 9mm Stainless
  219. Which HK Handguns came with the black cased cleaning kit?
  220. P7M8 Chantilly
  221. Bye bye little buddy!
  222. Match Trigger Kit's trigger return spring- what's the difference?
  223. How much should I budget for one of "x of 500" NIB P7M8?
  224. Am I the only one who sees an error in the description of the Match Trigger?
  225. P30 w/ Viridian C5/C5L
  226. Bought my first Hk
  227. USP 9mm compensator
  228. Pic Request - P2000 w/ Viridian C5L
  229. Where To Buy Night Sights?
  230. 45 super question
  231. Red dot for a USP Elite ?
  232. P30 .357 SIG barrel available!!
  233. P30LS to P30L conversion?
  234. Help with variants
  235. New USP 45c
  236. What makes you like your HK?
  237. value on P7M8 w orig HK threaded barrel
  238. Private LEO Purchase in NJ
  239. Well now I'm an addict...hello my name is...
  240. P30L w/ Viridian X5L - Best Holster? Best Trigger Job?
  241. My P30
  242. HK P30 .40 cal mag capacity
  243. HK45 threaded barrel question
  244. HK 45C Mag Issue
  245. HK P30L LEM
  246. Convert a p2000sk from
  247. How does Gray Guns HK trigger work compare with a Glock or Sig SRT reset?
  248. HK p30 part numbers?
  249. Talk me out of buying another HK USP Combat Competition...
  250. LEM Trigger P30 or HK45?