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  1. P2000SK Aiming help?
  2. The First Five P7's
  3. Dumb Jet Funnel question
  4. hk p7 plum slide question
  5. TLR-1 mods to fit HK45C rail
  6. LEM reset
  7. p30ls 40 cal question
  8. mp5k flat?
  9. may be getting a usp 9mm, anything to look out for?
  10. did the P30 LEM V2 to V1 conversion
  11. Got HK USP Compact in .40 caliber, want original parts to make it a 9mm USP Compact
  12. CTC Defense Laser Sight Selected by NSWC for HK45C
  13. Value question
  14. will usp full size mags fit a compact?
  15. P30L w/ X300 in HK45 w/ X300 holster?
  16. Ok, I have a question because I feel dumber now.
  17. Super fast customer service.
  18. Usp 9 ejecting rounds straight back!
  19. help with USP 45c price
  20. USP Compact 40 magazines: Convert 10 round to 12 round?
  21. Berry's copper plated bullets OK for USP Tactical?
  22. USPc mag release modification
  23. Jet Funnel: Yay or Nay?
  24. Anyone know how much replacement springs for jet funnel mags cost?
  25. USP compact .40, Recoil spring assembly fell apart!
  26. P2000sk Major Jam... HELP???
  27. p7m8...slide won't seat...please help.
  28. what is the difference between a USP 9 and a USP 9 SD?
  29. HK p30 v1 ????
  30. P30 Compact???
  31. Quck help please choose the best carry bag (not range bag)
  32. LEM conversion questions
  33. Q to those who converted HK45 to LEM
  34. Need advice on a new gun
  35. P30L LEM - I like it!
  36. Gun Juice
  37. HK45-C 10 rd Mag extension floor plates?
  38. LEM - Heavy vs. Medium vs. Light
  39. P7M8
  40. Robar
  41. hk45 lem conversion question
  42. USP 40 sights
  43. HK pistol sight alignment
  44. Broken HK 45 Trigger Guard
  45. Just a thought
  46. What do your competition rigs look like???
  47. HK USP Compact 40 vs. Sig P226 40
  48. HK 45-C Kaboom (Reloads used) pics on Firearm Blog
  49. Difference in a usp.45 CT and a usp.45 C with a threaded barrel?
  50. Wolff springs in USP .45f
  51. funny stuff
  52. Can I buy a .40 barrel for my P30?
  53. What's UP!
  54. USP 40 Tactical
  55. Need help with an HK4 firing pin
  56. HK trigger job
  57. yet another how to clean question
  58. USP custom combat?
  59. Just wanted to introduce myself...
  60. Have I lost my Mind? trade my Mark 23?
  61. Just pick up a H&K P9s, ended up being a P9, should I still shoot it?
  62. I Need Some Part Info
  63. Hammer spring change in my USPc 9mm V-1
  64. Disassembly Question
  65. P8
  66. P7 PSP vs P7m8
  67. Best / Cheapest Place for USP Magazines?
  68. Need Help Determining Fair Market Value
  69. HK Number Five
  70. Controls Switch on a USPc - RH -- LH
  71. Can't seem to get my barrel clean.. is this normal?
  72. NEED a match weight for clone build
  73. P30L difference?
  74. HK Newbie
  75. Which P7 variation would you prefer
  76. HK45c Ambidextrous safety
  77. Training with LEM trigger
  78. HK 45 C trigger reset question
  79. My First Gun - HK USPc .40
  80. HK P9S spare barrel?
  81. P2000 - getting reacquainted??
  82. New Rail-mount Tac Light
  83. Decal grips for the HK45c, will the USPc .45 fit?
  84. Need some help with an HK4
  85. No O Ring
  86. Broke my USPc..
  87. P30 vs ALL
  88. Until Mr. Diamond is done this will have to do
  89. HK45 vs USP triggers?
  90. LEM triggers and conversion to different variants
  91. Are There Low Capacity P30S .40 S&W Mags?
  92. Crossbreed Supertuck with a USP Compact - CC
  93. Match Trigger for USP 45 Full Size
  94. Clarification on USP/HK45 detent plates
  95. HK45 won't decock after firing. - FIXED
  96. New (to me) SP89
  97. HK p9s conversion
  98. HK USP9 from SOG-Police Trade-In
  99. HK's conversion kit for USP ELITE...
  100. Who has USP v9 detent plates in stock?
  101. Who carries a P30 on duty?
  102. P30 owner's advice needed
  103. UPS 45 Tactical question
  104. I want to put a match trigger on my USP 45.
  105. Naked P7M13? Slide looks funny
  106. HK45 DIY modifications
  107. HK45 jam (cause?)
  108. What's my USP compact .45 worth?
  109. Remedy for a sore elbo - Mark23
  110. USP 40 Tactical questions
  111. Adjustable rear sights dimensions
  112. Thinking about trading my USPc for a P30.
  113. P7 Trigger Overtravel Stop?
  114. Anyone make aftermarket HK magazines?
  115. P7 Markings and Stamps
  116. HK P7 Importation Dates HELP
  117. USPc .40 extended mags
  118. Any BA coded HK45c's out there? Where?
  119. Converting a P30 V3 to LEM?
  120. HK USP/HK33E/M1S90 in Multi-gun (720p HD Video)
  121. HK4 Experts, get in here!
  122. Mark 23 Manual
  123. Longer USP 9mm fullsize magazine release?
  124. The USP and the Blackhawk Serpa cqc
  125. Who manufacturers aftermarket threaded 9mm USP barrels?
  126. HK45C Trijicon Sight Fit
  127. Having to refine my shopping list again.
  128. Best HK 9mm to run supressed
  129. USP/USP Compact Mounted light & holster combos
  130. +2nd Rng Rprt + Video: Whoo whoo USPc 9mm for my first gun.
  131. Difference Between PSP/M8 mags?
  132. USP .40 Compact info needed
  133. Question on German/W.German P7's
  134. LEM Trigger
  135. LEM Conversion
  136. USP torture testing
  137. Who has the best deal on P7s ?
  138. West German Police Trade in P7
  139. P7M8 Left side of slide blank
  140. Converting my HK45C to V3?
  141. How to tell what variant trigger a usp has
  142. HK45c hammer replacement, how hard?
  143. Best Price on LEM Kit for 45C?
  144. USP .45 magazine floorplate question
  145. ? about price
  146. P7 PSP-New Wood Grips
  147. P9S manufacture date?
  148. Help! I got Parts left over!
  149. New to H&K, possibly getting a USP 40 *UPDATE: Got it!*
  150. HK USP Compact 9, Molding Problem, Exposed Metal Insert
  151. HK Celebrities
  152. USP Question
  153. Flash supressor for a USP tactical 9 mm full size
  155. A trigger job without changing any springs?
  156. USP Match Trigger. Much better than a standard one?
  157. Thinnest IWB for a P30?
  158. P9S Sport Value Needed
  159. P30 holster
  160. HK Newb in need of some advice
  161. P2000sk Extractor has rust
  162. Price Inquiry on NIB HK SP89
  163. Opinions on CCWing a P7......
  164. P30 V2 LEM reset to that of the P2000 V2 LEM
  165. HK USP Tactical .45 Auto Magazine Question
  166. Which 3 HK pistol set should I get? (for real)
  167. H & K USP 9mm DAO from SOG $479
  168. Whats your favorite P series pistol
  169. P2000 vs hk45c
  170. HK P2000 shooting low
  171. Problem with my HK45
  172. New H&K USP9, 300 rounds with 8 stovepipes PLEASE HELP!
  173. LNIB HK USP 9MM Tactical
  174. hk45c X-Grip
  175. P30L at 100 yards?
  176. Trigger Options for HK45.
  177. Usp stainless match or mark 23
  178. USPc .45 SS
  179. Brand New P2000 SK -- Are they always this "wet" out of the box?
  180. New to me P30L 9mm
  181. Some P30/P30L Questions
  182. USPc 9 V9 range trip (pics)/What gloves do you use?
  183. P30 pics
  184. good deal for hk?
  185. P7 scraper tool.....
  186. day at the range
  187. Which HK pistols are still made in Germany?
  188. how to be a ******* at a gunshow
  189. Pic request: Heinie SlantPro Straight Eight Night Sights
  190. Look at this
  191. HKPRO FAN PAGE on Facebook
  192. Help Identify th Origen of this P7
  193. Is this P7 worth $680?
  194. Has anybody seen this?
  195. NEED HELP!!! Detail stripped my USP 45 slide...
  196. my first hk
  197. New HK guy
  198. night sight insters for mk23
  199. USP CT
  200. When the heck is the p30S 9mm coming out?!
  201. P30 Cleaning Questions
  202. Here's What an HK Can Do In Competition (Video)
  203. New (to me) HK today: P7M13
  204. Glock What?
  205. More "Combat Competition" and LEM/Hybrid Confusion
  206. USP40 KF Date Code Question:
  207. Slide Problems on my HK45c
  208. HK 45C with LEM purchase?
  209. Removing the Manual Safety from a P30
  210. 1997 Mk23 value
  211. Who would you say is HK's closest peer in the overall US firearms market?
  212. Future P7 PSP Collectibility?
  213. I was reading about an author...
  214. USP Expert Mag question
  215. wtf...
  216. new hk45(navy seals)?
  217. My newest edition....... HK P30 V2 .40 with some pics.
  218. Experts on P7
  219. WTK: USP 9 SD Thread Pitch
  220. What year for fired cartridge with pistols?
  221. Let's Talk Triggers - Help save my USP
  222. CC'ing LEM Question
  223. HK P30sk
  224. Just received my unfired 1998 MK23 with camo bag
  225. Flush magazine floor plates
  226. Which P30 Variant AM I Looking For?
  228. New HK USP C in 40 LEM owner.
  229. Converted a die hard.....
  230. Add a Manual Safety to P2000SK?
  231. USP 45 Compact vs P2000 45 Compact...Hard to Decide
  232. P9 vs P9S box
  233. Value of p7m13 LNIB?
  234. Recoil spring for USP compact?
  235. USP CT ...or... P2000SK
  236. USP .45 Fullsize / Compact Question
  237. P7 Not Locking Open on Empty Magazine
  238. H&K Striker?
  239. Anyone have any info on this USP compensator?
  240. USP .45 Mag Carriers/Holders?
  241. P7 holster info
  242. If you could only have 2
  243. Finally back home and get to see my new HK
  244. New HK45C addict
  245. Okay... so I got really lucky...
  246. Trijicon RMR on USP?
  247. HK45 for IDPA
  248. Noobie Question about my P7m8's Help again.
  249. p30 mags in a USPc?
  250. Two different oils: Militech-1 vs Crusader Slipstream...