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  1. LEM..... I DID IT!!!
  2. Finally back into the fold, HK USP 9 with porn!
  3. H&K PARTS
  4. Do HK45 have the same grip style and size of the P30 models..?
  5. Solid black rear sight suggestions
  6. (PICS) Is this a good deal, and what story does it tell?
  7. can't find the DIY on changing the LEM springs V2 to V1. please help.
  8. HK finish... Seem a bit "dry"?
  9. Light LEM
  10. (5) New HK USP 40's in in stock at Four Season's in Mass, yet another HK goof
  11. Converting back
  12. To Chrome or not to Chrome
  13. My first HK, someone please comfort me
  14. P9S 9mm front sight/insert help request
  15. HELP!! LEM Confusion???
  16. Best USP9 Holster?
  17. Lookie what I found.....
  18. What night sights for p30 and HK45?
  19. TLR 3 for USPc
  20. Funnel jet mags: Can I use my 40mm mags with a 9mm?
  21. long time listener first time caller
  22. sp 89 owners manual
  23. Any interest in a HK Handgun stand being offered?
  24. Price of Hk handgun mags!!!!
  25. HK USP Tactical .45 replacement barrel question
  26. Problem with my P30L not locking open
  27. Value of HK USP Expert 45ACP
  28. Anyone interested in a Quik-Comp and scope comb???
  29. Revalation... Cheap way to carry a extra 8 rounds of .45
  30. Why 90k rounds for P30 and only 50k for HK45?
  31. new p30 owner looking for tips
  32. Decal grips for a P2000
  33. Need Mark 23 help
  34. HK 45 Made in USA v Germany
  35. Good Day At the Range
  36. Is this normal "wear"?
  37. Shot my USP with new sights
  38. H&K Armorer in NY?
  39. The P30 SA/DA for lefties
  40. Grip length for full size USP .45?
  41. Another dumb Variant question...
  42. HK P7M7
  43. Price ck. P7M8 #298 of 500
  44. the HK45 is calling my name
  45. Have issues sighting in...
  46. New HK45c night sights.
  47. What to expect finish wise from a Grade C p7
  48. KF Date USP45 Full part upgrades
  49. Really digging this HK & LEM thing...
  50. I got the last one!
  51. Newbie first post,HK45
  52. Elite 9mm or HK45
  53. Umm... Where do you guys find nib HK USP tacticals?
  54. Lookie, Lookie, what I found!
  55. History and Value for H&K pistol?
  56. USP rail adaptor?
  57. H&K Newbie Here: First Post...
  58. Wolff 10lbs recoil spring results in USP Expert
  59. Tula Ammo through the P30 .40?
  60. For a P2000sk barrel change from .40 to 357 SIG
  61. KI .45 USP has the worst DA ever.
  62. Question about HK USP Tactical Magazines
  63. Trying to locate a firing pin block spring #209296
  64. HK 45 lem variant 7????
  65. Help Me Find P30LS Variant 1 or P30S variant 2 in 9mm
  66. black hawk holster wear on pistol?
  67. Docter mount for USP Expert
  68. HK Jagd und Sportwaffen marked guns?
  69. Value of LNIB P7 complete package (1983 Arlington, VA model)
  70. HK45 leo dealer/price
  71. HK45c mag release on P2000/SK
  72. Who was looking for 45C 10 round mags in here the other day?
  73. HK P2000SK V2 .40S&W LEM w/NS Photo
  74. Improving the trigger on My P30 V2 .40?
  75. Made the jump.
  76. Just finish Installing my Match trigger kit
  77. Mark 23 operators manual
  78. Uber Dumb HK Tactical Magazine Question
  79. My First H&K - P30
  80. V9 or ambi safety?
  81. Trade my USPc 9mm Stainless for HK P30?
  82. 2 Questions
  83. Variant 3 Detent Plate question/help
  84. MIM Parts in HKs?
  85. Just picked up a P7M13 laser device...Anyone know what it is?
  86. Navy Seal HK45CT spotted?
  87. Made decision...*TLR-3 Pic added*
  88. Recommended HK gunsmiths in Metro Atlanta?
  89. USP Compact night sights
  90. +1
  91. Hk P7 PSP IWB Options - Milt Sparks VM-2 or Kramer IWB #3 or Other
  92. DOH!!
  93. Possible mortal sin, but can you...
  94. TCEB Bullet type
  95. USP frame duracoat
  96. Night sights on my 45C to replace the missing dot on the back? :)
  97. Need an HK pistol recommendation
  98. P2000SK or HK45C - Flat Floor Magzine/Plate for CCW?
  99. Seeking advice setting up HD pistol.
  100. P30 vs P30L
  101. Newbie asking for help with a P7
  102. This HK45c is all mine!
  103. Heckler and Koch - Mass MA Compliant pistols finally !!
  104. Need a .45 suppressor host, USP Tactical, Mark 23 or FNP?
  105. Value HK SP89
  106. Anybody know where I can find a Lanyard Loop Insert/Pin (AKA Mainspring housing) ?
  108. Best Source for P30 Magazines
  109. new sights shooting low
  110. P30L Mags
  111. P30L .40 S&W in Combat Handguns
  112. LEM / Match Trigger Hybrid and Match trigger questions ???
  113. P30LS V3 to Light LEM w/ safetys possible???
  114. 2 is 1...1 is NONE
  115. New factory HK USP Compact .357 Sig barrel back in stock..
  116. USP series DA/SA no safety similar to V3 for a P30
  117. P2000 Mag Release Switch ?
  118. What is the Redheaded stepchild of HK?
  119. Finally Picked Up My First HK...This Thing Is SWEET
  120. P30 slide release
  121. Hornady Steel Match???
  122. USPc vs P2000sk vs P30 - as my 2nd HK pistol?
  123. modifying p7 mags to fit m8?
  124. HK45CT
  125. New holster for my HK45c
  126. P7PSP questions
  127. tool?
  128. P7M8....What Years ?
  129. 9MM Elite Price Check
  130. P30 V3 Trigger Pull
  131. P30 triggerworx job
  132. Want an HK to carry
  133. Recommended spare parts for P9S?
  134. Light LEM Trigger Springs or Gunsmith to Perform the Work
  135. What light to hang off a USP?
  136. Potential 'heeling' fix...
  137. My first HK Pistol - USP9 LEM
  138. LEM makes me nervous
  139. Fricking TRS installation!!!
  140. H & K VP 70 Z
  141. I have a couple HK's. The trigger on my USPf s/s .45 is the same as my Tactical .45 ?
  142. Today was a good day
  143. New P30LS and it doesn't seem to fire straight. Is it me or what?
  144. Hope this works, here are pictures of the HK 2011 Catalog from the NRA show
  145. Probably a dumb question but...
  146. So Tan frame HK45 (lets beat this dead horse!)
  147. Polished the trigger on my P30 V3
  148. Can this be done with an HK45>
  149. Barrel O-ring question..
  150. P30LS V3 9mm arriving on Monday
  151. Todd's P30 thread??
  152. pistol!
  153. HK P7 PSP - Need Advice on Shooting Techniques
  154. USP 9mm SD or USP Tactical 9mm
  155. USP or P2000
  156. should I pick up a USP 45 Tactical?
  157. HK USP Compact 45 elevated sights?
  158. Is A P7 Your Primary Carry Gun?
  159. 45 Super question again
  160. Full size USP for CC
  161. Just picked up my first P7 :)
  162. Stainless or OD Green USP45
  163. Bruce Gray Competition P7
  164. anyone else having issues with the HK45C mag release on USP45
  165. Glock 33 to HK P2000SK convert
  166. Need some help choosing an OWB leather holster for my p2000sk
  168. Bill Springfield trigger job
  169. Do you own JUST HK handguns?
  170. Gun springs for a USP Expert
  171. Sight notch/post widths, P30/P30L and USPc
  172. Colored frames to make a come back???
  173. I was tricked and was never warned....
  174. favorite pistol is shredding my suit lining
  175. Suresight For HK Handguns?
  176. Oh jeez...
  177. I touched it, now I'm excited and I really want itů
  178. Mark 23 for CC?
  179. The addiction is killing me
  180. Can someone help me identify a OLD HK?
  181. Best place to find flat baseplates?
  183. What tool to install Trijicon tritium sights on HK45c and HK P30?
  184. Manufacturer number...
  185. Light LEM on p2000sk
  186. Trigger ridges?
  187. P7 piston wear gauge
  188. HK45C New Barrel
  189. BLUED FINISH?!?
  190. CCI Blazer Aluminum Ammo
  191. New HK goodness
  192. My first experiences with the P7 PSP, good and bad
  193. Ok! This sounds like BS. I need to talk to folks that use HK's with control levers
  194. new HK P30L issue
  195. P7 Magazine release failure
  196. P7M8 info please - pics inside
  197. So am I the only one who actually prefers V3?
  198. Anyone use Ballistol for HK handguns?
  199. Look what they are including in the case with the purchase of a new P30...
  200. Qualified with my HKP2000sk
  202. sight qustion for sd 9mm
  203. Photos of newly acquired HR HK4
  204. HK45 V9/detent plates for HK45
  205. HK P7 PSP - question about plam slide .
  206. What is a good price for a USPf 45 w/ Grey frame?
  207. Case cruzer 6-pistol case review and short P30 & P2000Sk update
  208. New HK Recruit
  209. 9mm conversion barrel from EFK Fire Dragon
  210. Did any P2000-style "slim grip" frames for the HK45 make out in the wild?
  211. german HK45C
  212. usp45f holster with light rail adapter?
  213. Bought used USPc.....maintenance?
  214. Bravozero you asked - USPc40 with Heinies pics
  215. V1 trigger, LEM trigger?
  217. P30-V2 to V1 (light LEM) Which springs need to be changed?
  218. USP Compact V1 to LEM ?
  219. Is there any hope for me?
  220. USP45 SS - what metal?
  221. Factory HK45C LEM ?
  222. HK P30 Ammo Questions
  223. USP Compact 9mm barrel re-chambered to 357 Sig?
  224. USP LEM conversion kit - spring question
  225. safest hand gun?
  226. DELETE
  227. HK45c: LEM to Variant 1 Conversion Questions
  228. .357 sig cal barell for P30
  229. New to HK Pro
  230. GG&G rail adapter
  231. P30 - V1 or V3 - opinions
  232. 9MM conversion?
  233. P30L in competition
  234. Thinking about...
  235. P30 lower half disassembly
  236. Threaded Barrel for P9S?
  237. HK CS order goof
  238. night sights?
  239. USP Tactical .45 Manual Supplment
  240. P30 in .40 nose dived today at the range. Anyone else have this experience?
  241. HK45C-Lights?
  242. HK P7 barrel threading
  243. FINALY! Brought home my baby.
  244. Anyone here prefer the USP45 than HK45?
  245. You were right about good customer service
  246. USP 9 offer...Is it worth it?
  247. MK23 Night Sights
  248. WTK -What is the going rate for a P10 Jubilee???
  249. Installing Heinie Straight 8's on a Compact - Don't Try It Yourself
  250. P2000 right slide release.