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  1. Arrendo basepads on USP Expert mags
  2. Mark 23 "black finish" question
  3. P30 Holster Options (retention with heinies)
  4. Groove on P30 barrel
  5. Who made this Thread Protector?
  6. Price check please
  7. Routine maintenance schedule?
  8. Price Check MK23
  9. Got some range time with my USP9 today (videos)
  10. Anyone use P30 for uniformed duty?
  11. mag loaders
  12. Question about states that grandfather "hi-cap" mags
  13. P2000 Trigger Variant
  14. cheap trigger mod on the p30
  15. For sale description
  16. USP 9mm DAO to DA/SA Match trigger?
  17. P7 PSP Price Check , please
  18. Duty USP .45 parts replacement
  19. Joined the HK handgun club
  20. A 10mm usp a possibility?
  21. HK USP 45 ejecting casings forward?
  22. Question about Match Weight and an EFK Ported Barrel
  23. HK P30
  24. P30-to-LEM Conversion Kit
  25. Does this "TACTICAL" writing look off?
  26. was bored last night...
  27. Slip-on grips to tame the USP checkering
  28. CCW for my Lady!
  29. P2000 Sk Magazine Floor Plate
  30. 5 Days of Dust & Shooting with my P30
  31. HK P7 grips... which ones do you prefer the most?
  32. HK Soft Case Question(s)
  33. USPc mag release roll pin removal
  34. Replace my Glock 33 with a p2000SK in .357? Help here please...
  35. Changing slide release really worth it on uspc .45?
  36. HKpros - need help on part numbers for P30s slide release
  37. HK45c = Perfection
  38. Alot of questions
  39. Rubber on frame rails of P2000sk V3 9mm?
  40. Another LEM Question: LEM & IDPA
  41. Various Handgun trigger pull readings
  42. what does a new in box Mark 23 go for?
  43. Which Heine sights do i get?
  44. Solution for those of us who want more P7's!
  45. Where are all the uspc 357 sig barrels?
  46. Increasing USP45C LEM Trigger Weight?
  47. Does HK still refinish Mk23's?
  48. HK: Re-release an updated P7!
  49. p2000 40 jamming issues.
  50. .45 cal jet funnel
  51. Just Purchased New In Box P2000SK V3 LEM
  52. New P7 owner
  53. Shot my "unfired" P7M10 and P7M13 today
  54. Just got lucky...
  55. trigger guard channel on HK45
  56. HK P9
  57. Why doesn't HK bring back the Expert and Elite 9mm?
  58. How long to get a HK45C for a Left Handed Shooter?
  59. Is the P30LS (LEM, V1) the pistol for me?
  60. HK45C impressions
  61. P30LS Safety Removal?
  62. New Expert 40 fails during USPSA Match
  63. Do you own/ carry both LEM and V3 handguns?
  64. P30L trigger
  65. HK USP light/light bearing holster
  66. Could some one post a pic of a H&K P2000 with a rail adaptor on the rail.
  67. Safariland 6378 for P30L?
  68. Hickory, dickory, me into a Heckler and Koch....p30 V2
  69. Crimson Trace Request
  70. HK bug again.....
  71. Got Bit by the HK Bug again.
  72. Hk P2000 vs. Walther P99 for the Wife
  73. USPF .40 project/ VIDEO
  74. USP Fullsize Mag...Will it work in a USP C?
  75. 16 round HK USP .40s&w mags don't fall free
  76. HK45 w/ Surefire X200 Combo Holsters?
  77. What size brush for P7M8 on the road temp cleaning?
  78. HK4 Value
  79. USPF .40 project complete / pics
  80. How to Post in WTS forum
  81. HK 45 MAG QUESTION??
  82. Looking to upgrade my factory sights to....
  83. Convert my USPc from V7 to V1?
  84. Counterweight Question
  85. Is this (Normal)???
  86. P7 PSP mags that hold 10?
  87. Simple USP Tactical 45 question
  88. hk45c mods?
  89. P7- Refinish, Before and After
  90. MGW sight pusher question
  91. P7M8 De-Horned and Matte Chromed
  92. Unsuspected suprise with HK order.
  93. Sigh.......the times I wish I had millions of dollars.....
  94. usp sight question
  95. I wish they did I wish they didn't
  96. vp70z to add to the collection
  97. A P30s V3 .40 s&w with Bill Springfield mods W/PICS!
  98. p30 with laserlyte laser
  99. Well that did not take long. My USP had a baby
  100. New Hk Owner
  101. Holster For HK45 with Surefire X400?
  102. P2000 sight question
  103. P30 Users: What Grip Panel/Backstrap Combination do You Use?
  104. Brand New 2011 H&K P2000sk Proofmarked in '09? (AK)
  105. P7 PSP - Polygonal Barrel question?
  106. New homemade glove for p2000sk
  107. Is a FDE Mark 23 more valuable than a black one?
  108. Aftermarket Mags vs. OEM
  109. This is going to sound funny but.
  110. HK45C threaded barrel trivia...
  111. New USP .45 owner with a ?
  112. Can I make the LEM trigger lighter on usp
  113. Tight Chamber in a P2000sk 9mm
  114. P7 PSP - All matching numbers?
  115. Please help the OCD Newbie decide = )
  116. Refinish a P7
  117. Interested in getting my first HK... But which?!
  118. H&K Shooting Courses.
  119. Tactical Coffee
  120. P7M13 and nills
  121. P2000SK Magazine Question
  122. Mark 23 corrosion resistance vs USP/P30 etc.
  123. Would Ionbond re-finishing negate HK's Hostile Environment protection?
  124. Need some help buying a P7...
  125. gritty P7 triger
  126. Mk23 Socom malfunction
  127. Mark 23 magazines
  128. HK Armorer Tools?- What is a good Handgun Kit?
  129. Does HK still produce standalone 357 Compact barrels?
  130. Question about grip on HK P2000
  131. Does the LEM have any cons?
  132. Stove piped casing when firing without a magazine inserted.
  133. surefire dg switch for hk45
  134. Some questions
  135. A red letter day (my new P30 V1)
  136. USPC9 and carry conditions...
  137. Who is the company that has wholesale prices on HK pistols?
  138. New to HK and the HK45
  139. P30 hammer question...
  140. WTK...price check on a Wilcox Industries MK23 light
  141. removing the P30 slide stop /slide axle from the frame will cuase Damage? really ?
  142. Deciding between expert 40 or 45
  143. Seeing Some Nickel Plated P7s Hitting the Shelves in My Area...
  144. WTK: 94/SP89/Mp5 mags
  145. Hk USP Stainless 9mm received today
  146. No Factory LEM for P30, now what?
  147. I wasn't a stipple fan untill...
  148. P7M8 grips on PSP?
  149. H&K Shooting Team Equipment List
  150. My New HK P30
  151. HK Elite 9mm
  152. wow! finally gota P30 and LOVE the Ergonomics
  153. New to me P7M8 Chantilly
  154. Brand-New USP .45 - Range Report, First Impressions
  155. The eternal H&K P9s question...
  156. Potential issue with P7 PSP
  157. Successful Ambi-Saftey Install on HK45c
  158. Picked these accessories up today
  159. HK45C- LEM TRS Install Hammer Sprind Questions
  160. Brand-New USP .45
  161. HK P2000 SK v3 357 sig
  162. P30L LEM Model Verification
  163. HK P2000 .40s&w Variant 3 Range Report
  164. P7M13 mag weirdness
  165. 45 mags.
  166. HK45c Price
  167. USP .45
  168. Question about 40 Cal USP Compact
  169. Ambidextrous control lever choices on USPc .45
  170. Window Decal question
  171. P7PSP vs. HKUSP9mm
  172. P7 Future Parts Production
  173. Cool serial number on my P7
  174. 40 Super Barrel Arrived From EFK
  175. Why Did I Just By an Expert???
  176. HK USP 9mm compact barrel question
  177. 10 round p7 psp mag
  178. Green Laser for HK45C
  179. If i put low night sights on my Tactical 45 will the gun fit in a paddle holster?
  180. Age of my USP ?
  181. Anyone in ohio area that can install nights sights on my hk tactical 45?
  182. HK45C- LEM kit results in hammer offset to left?
  183. USP LEM and Match Trigger questions
  184. Optics
  185. "wore out" rifling
  186. HK45 Operators check this. . .
  187. Removing the ambi safety control levers
  188. Shot my New USP Stainless .45 the Wow Factor!!!!
  189. HK USP45C/HK45C Chronograph Results
  190. Question on HK45c backstraps
  191. USP .40 Safety question ??
  192. Picked it up Friday on my way home from Work!
  193. USP 45 for Limited 10
  194. HK45C LEM Conversion- What did I do wrong?
  195. Is there a real difference?
  196. Factory 9mm barrel in USPc .40
  197. Question about Trijicon HK 10 HK45C/P30 3-Dot Night Sights
  198. Strange P2000 Malfunction
  199. is there a uspc trigger variation where...
  200. Bought my First HKs today.
  201. P30; Bug or Feature?
  202. OK, I'm an Idiot!
  203. Nevermind.
  204. I Just Want to Confirm...
  205. Trade in P2000 for P30?
  206. What to Look for when Purchasing a Used P30
  207. Greetings and accessory rail question.
  208. 1st HK
  209. New home for my p2000sk...
  210. Time to give your P30 another hug!
  211. HK sight dovetail cuts
  212. P2000sk 357 sig barrel?
  213. Insight M3X ?
  214. P7 M13 value
  215. Picked up some Nill Grips...did I get a deal?
  216. Night sights for P2000
  217. LPA sights from Precision Sales International
  218. suggestions on p30l or expert 40
  219. USP C 45 Decocker wont work
  220. Got my usp back from Bill Springfield
  221. P2000SK V3
  222. HK45c vs. HK USP 45c ???
  223. Morre questions on LEM vs SA trigger pull.
  224. .357 Factory Barrels for .40 USP Compact
  225. What LEM do you get from HK on a stock P30?
  226. consecutive serial # vp70's value
  227. New P30, a few questions.
  228. P30S Trigger Slack
  229. Help with trigger.?.?.?
  230. Finally got a light
  231. Finally Pulled The Trigger!
  232. Advice on Value of P7s
  233. what color would the pistol case be for a USP 9mm KI code??
  234. Manual safety: what does it do exactly?
  235. Looking at a pristine blued P7M10 at my local shop -- need advice
  236. H&k tan frame usp compact 40
  237. P2000sk TRS Installation Tips
  238. Mark 23 light options?
  239. Hmmm....HK45 safety activation in MTAC
  240. HK45C dimensions
  241. HK Armorer in Columbus, Ohio?
  242. MII UTL Light for a USPf 45
  243. Ionbond DiamondBlack on a P7
  244. Shooting .357 Sig in P2000 or USP Comapct 40
  245. Rattle in Gas Piston with my OLD but Refurbished HKP7PSP
  246. Durability of the HK Mark 23
  247. Just Sharing Some HK Love!!!* Pic*
  248. HK Elite .45 vs. HK Expert .45 vs. HK 45 Tactical
  249. HKP7PSP Cleaning Tool
  250. HK45C V1- Attempt DIY LEM or Not?