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  1. Hk USP tan color
  2. homemade match
  3. Night Sights for HK 45 & .40 CCombat
  4. Chrome P7M13 from factory
  5. HK Blast 2 Holster
  6. HK P30 LEM speed
  7. HK45C Traded for
  8. weak empty case ejection - fixes/ suggestions?
  9. socom
  10. USP Tactical
  11. Tips for proper USP grip
  12. Mark 23 Purchase
  13. HK USPc 9mm trigger pulling question
  14. Mark 23 accessories
  15. Recoil spring lives?
  16. Home made lanyard ideas
  17. Need help finding a P7
  18. Quick USP tactical question
  19. P7 rear sight pusher.
  20. ??? P7 with Mismatched/Re-Stamped Serial #'s....w/ Pictures ???
  21. Sorry, double-post. Please delete.
  22. Got a P9S with my # 133 012 ?
  23. Deposit on P7 Piston
  24. KD SP89 date code When was the last year they imported SP89s?
  25. New to this forum, question about P30 magazines
  26. USP Trigger Smoothing Link Lost
  27. USP 40, what are they going for now days.
  28. HK 45 12 +1 new easy way.
  29. Just received NIB VP70Z
  30. suitable ammo for uspc45?(edited)
  31. Problems with gun purchase here on HKPRO
  32. Nights Sights for HK45 and Full Size .40 Custom Combat
  33. P7 Newbie needs info
  34. Hk 10mm conversion
  35. How can I tell the difference between a German made HK45 and a US made HK45?
  36. Which caliber came first in the HK P2000?
  37. 6 O'clock sight pic on P30
  38. What is wrong with my new P2000?
  39. Slide grease??
  40. How high are the sights on a USP SD?
  41. H**** B******** to me?
  42. Heads-up: bent Wolff mainspring
  43. Heinie sight regulation problem on P30
  44. P7 pistol question - is this a P80?
  45. All of this talk about Bill Springfield's Trigger work....
  46. Need advice on getting another USP
  47. Need HK45c LEM kit
  48. Tough Drop
  49. Question about USP?s
  50. Nylon vs. Bronze brushes
  51. P7M8 Pricing?
  52. Question on USP-C - Anyone ran CCI Shotshell through one?
  53. Went to USP armorer's school in VA, saw the infamous HQ building
  54. O ring bbl in a standard USP 9?
  55. HK45 missing barrel o-ring
  56. I have a stupid idea...
  57. Is this P30 a SCAM?
  58. what is good price for P30 P30s P30ls
  59. P30 9mm VS P30/s 9mm
  60. P7 Take Down Tool
  61. I might have need of some P7 PSP magazines in the future.
  62. chantilly?
  63. P30 and or P30L Threaded Barrel for Silencer
  64. P2000 9mm at 75 yards
  65. usp ct 45 low profile sights
  66. Question with changing USP safety variant
  67. P2000 Durbaility
  68. What have I created? (P30 question)
  69. P30 and Factory LEM
  70. Mark 23 & USC $100 rebate until 12/31/2010
  71. Working on the USP series...
  72. Picked Up the P2000SK .40 S&W LEM
  73. HK USP Jetfunnel magazines - +2, 3, 4 extensions available?
  74. USP45c trigger reset is weak. Is this normal?
  75. Who sells a V4 P2000 or P30 in 9mm
  76. Finally a USP Docter mount I am satisfied with
  77. I'm Drunk On The Kool Aid -- Another HK Came Home With Me Today! Pics Inside
  78. Qualification day w/ my P30L and P7
  79. LEM Observation
  80. Pick up my $599 USP40 Tactical with pictures.
  81. USP.45 vs USPc9: Who goes, who stays>>>?
  82. Part # and souce for Adjustable Tactical height Night Sites for HK Tacticals?
  83. Can you convert a DA/SA P30 to a P30S?
  84. Man, I'm Pissed!!! More Combat Competition Tom Foolery
  85. Mk23 magazines - will they work in a USP45/Tactical/Expert etc?
  86. Running with your HK, new product
  87. USP Compact .45
  88. First Time at Range
  89. usp 45 expert vs 45 tactical
  90. MK23 vs USP .45...size
  91. Never Before Seen P7 Malfunction
  92. USP Compact .40 - Recoil Pin Snap Ring broke off - now what?
  93. so i just scored an old school KE usp 40
  94. USP 9mm question
  95. IS the HK EXPERT .40 LEGAL for IDPA
  96. P2000 Fail to feed problem
  97. Flush magazine floor plates
  98. P2000 .40 V3 accuracy issues
  99. what all parts do i need to switch usp 40 fullsize v1 to V3?
  100. German Made - American Made
  101. What can you tell me about a P7M8...
  102. Has anyone converted their P30 to LEM? Does it leave a hole? Any Pics?
  103. HK4 problems
  104. Am I crazy that I love my P7M8 so much?
  105. OK is this a good deal? Or should I stay where I am? USP45 for VP70Z
  106. Elite 9mm convert to 40?
  107. P30 vs P30L
  108. Is 9MM+P ammo OK in a VP70Z?
  109. P2000sk Sight Picture
  110. My $599 HK USP40 Tactical is on the way!
  111. Question about the HK P30 LEM for large pocket carry
  112. usp compact will not return trigger
  113. H&K VP70z maximum number of rounds ever shot
  114. My First H&K
  115. P30S problem; wrong side panel, missing lock-out key; Buds no help
  116. A funny Realization
  117. USP Expert or P30L
  118. I was looking over at Park Cities Tactical
  119. My new P7 holster
  120. P30 shorter slide release?
  121. Will full size threaded end barrel .40 cal work with a Compact .40cal frame?
  122. Where can I find replacement Jet Funnel mag springs?
  123. When I'm buying the USP 40, how will I know I got the later ones with the polygonal?
  124. P30 holster
  125. Front sight paint
  126. New hk usp 45
  127. P30 sights
  128. P9S receiver repair
  129. P2000 .357 Sig?
  130. Mark 23 vs. USP Tactical
  131. What is the best stone: Arkansas, India or Ceramic?
  132. P7 Firing Pin Bushing Broke
  133. 9mm USP Recoil management/standard vs. compact
  134. Red dot sight for USPs?
  135. USP LEM kit on AR15 dot Com
  136. HK P7 legal to possess in Kalifornia?
  137. Lasers for HK
  138. replacing a .357 barrel with a .40 barrel
  139. I didn't know where to put this.
  140. Holster for an USP9Expert?
  141. My Next HK -- USP 45 C Or HK 45 C ?
  142. Cold Bore Customs Grip Stippling
  143. HK USP VS. Tactical, chamber indicator
  144. Have You Seen This ?
  145. Thinking about trading my P2000SK .40 LEM HELP
  146. Combat Competition - Any Modifications Recommended?
  147. Maxpedition Fatboy versipack for a USPc 45?
  148. HK USP Tactical slide hardness issues?
  149. Browning BDM - What Trade Value Against my HK?
  150. CCW with USP 40 Compact!!!
  151. What is an HK P46?
  152. Where are the LEM kits?
  154. How well does the H&K "HE" finish hold up?
  155. Hk45 grey case?
  156. Stainless USP??
  157. 1st HK handgun. What can you tell me about my P7?
  158. USP tactical with Variant 9 trigger
  159. P30L lem
  160. H&K USP 45 O-Ring barrel
  161. P30LS LEM
  162. Will USP9c fit a USP9f mag pouch?
  163. A Beginners/Buyers Guide to the HK USP Series of Handguns
  164. HK P30 variants
  165. Used P2000 9 MM
  166. Making a threaded barrel?
  167. Where Can I Get A V2 Control Lever
  168. Please educate me on USP Expert.
  169. HK USP 15+1
  170. USP rail adapters: GG&G and Surefire identical enough for holsters?
  171. HK- Please build me a P2030!
  172. erosion of bolt face
  173. Pics of TLR-3 on promised
  174. Flat Nose 9mm FMJ in P30?
  175. match trigger
  176. gun tests magazine P30 wins
  177. P2000 hammer spring
  178. Issue with light LEM (V1) TR spring part numbers
  179. Heresy: Just picked up my USP 45 Compact and the DA feels worse than my Ruger P97
  180. P7M8 paddle holster?
  181. Class is over now I want a P30 I think !
  182. Aftermarket Barrel (P30/P30L)
  183. H&K USP .40 in USPSA Competition
  184. MODERATOR: Did you remove or move the thread Concerning choice of home defense weapon
  185. HK for Sig Trade Advice
  186. Please advise on how to complete reassemble slide and frame for uspc V1
  187. Safariland 6378
  188. WTK value of German HK P9S 9mm factory threaded barrel 1/2 x 32 TPI
  189. What will the next new HK be?
  190. Drop Leg Holster for HK USP Tactical .45ACP
  191. HK45 Report
  192. USP Compact .40 Stainless???
  193. Time to play Find the USP!
  194. Anyone use their USP 40 mags in their 9mm?
  195. P7 or HK45C
  196. Silver USP
  197. Trigger return issue on USPc
  198. USP running STI magazines???
  199. Which trigger to go with on a P30?
  200. help me spend money!
  201. VP 70 Z questions ?
  202. Another P7 PSP Grip Thread ... Have some questions..
  203. P7 Collectability Questions - Police Trade-in vs. Commercial
  204. Will the HK P2000 barrel work in the HK USPC both .40
  205. Q to those with gunsmith skills
  206. amazing HE protection
  207. HK45 or HK45c
  208. Take a look, blue hammer spring, UPDATE
  209. How do you dis-assemble a HK VP 70z magazine?
  210. Has anyone here registered their H&Ks without receipt?
  211. 16 RD P2000 MAGS?
  212. Most ergonmic/best balanced/hndling/nicest looking tactical light for a P30
  213. IWB holster for P30 that does NOT require a belt?
  214. Trigger job vs dry firing
  215. Is the usp 45 compact tactical any more or less reliable than the fullsize?
  216. What rail adapter for a USPc and TLR-1s?
  217. Pic request...Mk23 with Osprey can
  218. TLR-3 for P2000
  219. HK USP 9mm magazines pre 1994.
  220. Anyone had to contact H&K for internal lock key?
  221. USPs
  222. Convert P2000 V2 to V1, possible?
  223. How to tell the difference between a HK45 mag and a USP mag
  224. P30 - No locking mechanism
  225. HK P7
  226. Handgun Shipping Questions
  227. Which USP to buy?
  228. USP firing pin.
  229. Bigger Backstrap = BETTER
  230. Positive, HK CS
  231. P30, HK45, and HK45c night sights?
  232. Can you buy a factory LEM V1?
  233. Anyone had durability issues with USP poly magazines?
  234. Barrel crowning or GunKote
  235. Are HK german proof marks limited to hk?
  236. Micro90 weapon light for P2000
  237. Does HK still manufacture the USP?
  238. Wolfe Springs update
  239. Looking at Getting My First P7...... New Pics Page 2
  240. HK P30L Range Report
  241. What were the changes H&K made to USP over the years?
  242. P2000 or P30?
  243. Anyone have the "match trigger" job done by Bill Springfield?
  244. USP Tactical .45 in Stainless?
  245. Kind of a neat thing
  246. P30LS?
  247. P7 Reborn.... Hypothetical Question
  248. USP match trigger overtravel screw
  249. Thread Pitch Mark 23 vs. USP45 C/T
  250. NIB Mark 23 questions..