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  1. I was looking over at Park Cities Tactical
  2. My new P7 holster
  3. P30 shorter slide release?
  4. Will full size threaded end barrel .40 cal work with a Compact .40cal frame?
  5. Where can I find replacement Jet Funnel mag springs?
  6. When I'm buying the USP 40, how will I know I got the later ones with the polygonal?
  7. P30 holster
  8. Front sight paint
  9. New hk usp 45
  10. P30 sights
  11. P9S receiver repair
  12. P2000 .357 Sig?
  13. Mark 23 vs. USP Tactical
  14. What is the best stone: Arkansas, India or Ceramic?
  15. P7 Firing Pin Bushing Broke
  16. 9mm USP Recoil management/standard vs. compact
  17. Red dot sight for USPs?
  18. USP LEM kit on AR15 dot Com
  19. HK P7 legal to possess in Kalifornia?
  20. Lasers for HK
  21. replacing a .357 barrel with a .40 barrel
  22. I didn't know where to put this.
  23. Holster for an USP9Expert?
  24. My Next HK -- USP 45 C Or HK 45 C ?
  25. Cold Bore Customs Grip Stippling
  26. HK USP VS. Tactical, chamber indicator
  27. Have You Seen This ?
  28. Thinking about trading my P2000SK .40 LEM HELP
  29. Combat Competition - Any Modifications Recommended?
  30. Maxpedition Fatboy versipack for a USPc 45?
  31. HK USP Tactical slide hardness issues?
  32. Browning BDM - What Trade Value Against my HK?
  33. CCW with USP 40 Compact!!!
  34. What is an HK P46?
  35. Where are the LEM kits?
  37. How well does the H&K "HE" finish hold up?
  38. Hk45 grey case?
  39. Stainless USP??
  40. 1st HK handgun. What can you tell me about my P7?
  41. USP tactical with Variant 9 trigger
  42. P30L lem
  43. H&K USP 45 O-Ring barrel
  44. P30LS LEM
  45. Will USP9c fit a USP9f mag pouch?
  46. A Beginners/Buyers Guide to the HK USP Series of Handguns
  47. HK P30 variants
  48. Used P2000 9 MM
  49. Making a threaded barrel?
  50. Where Can I Get A V2 Control Lever
  51. Please educate me on USP Expert.
  52. HK USP 15+1
  53. USP rail adapters: GG&G and Surefire identical enough for holsters?
  54. HK- Please build me a P2030!
  55. erosion of bolt face
  56. Pics of TLR-3 on promised
  57. Flat Nose 9mm FMJ in P30?
  58. match trigger
  59. gun tests magazine P30 wins
  60. P2000 hammer spring
  61. Issue with light LEM (V1) TR spring part numbers
  62. Heresy: Just picked up my USP 45 Compact and the DA feels worse than my Ruger P97
  63. P7M8 paddle holster?
  64. Class is over now I want a P30 I think !
  65. Aftermarket Barrel (P30/P30L)
  66. H&K USP .40 in USPSA Competition
  67. MODERATOR: Did you remove or move the thread Concerning choice of home defense weapon
  68. HK for Sig Trade Advice
  69. Please advise on how to complete reassemble slide and frame for uspc V1
  70. Safariland 6378
  71. WTK value of German HK P9S 9mm factory threaded barrel 1/2 x 32 TPI
  72. What will the next new HK be?
  73. Drop Leg Holster for HK USP Tactical .45ACP
  74. HK45 Report
  75. USP Compact .40 Stainless???
  76. Time to play Find the USP!
  77. Anyone use their USP 40 mags in their 9mm?
  78. P7 or HK45C
  79. Silver USP
  80. Trigger return issue on USPc
  81. USP running STI magazines???
  82. Which trigger to go with on a P30?
  83. help me spend money!
  84. VP 70 Z questions ?
  85. Another P7 PSP Grip Thread ... Have some questions..
  86. P7 Collectability Questions - Police Trade-in vs. Commercial
  87. Will the HK P2000 barrel work in the HK USPC both .40
  88. Q to those with gunsmith skills
  89. amazing HE protection
  90. HK45 or HK45c
  91. Take a look, blue hammer spring, UPDATE
  92. How do you dis-assemble a HK VP 70z magazine?
  93. Has anyone here registered their H&Ks without receipt?
  94. 16 RD P2000 MAGS?
  95. Most ergonmic/best balanced/hndling/nicest looking tactical light for a P30
  96. IWB holster for P30 that does NOT require a belt?
  97. Trigger job vs dry firing
  98. Is the usp 45 compact tactical any more or less reliable than the fullsize?
  99. What rail adapter for a USPc and TLR-1s?
  100. Pic request...Mk23 with Osprey can
  101. TLR-3 for P2000
  102. HK USP 9mm magazines pre 1994.
  103. Anyone had to contact H&K for internal lock key?
  104. USPs
  105. Convert P2000 V2 to V1, possible?
  106. How to tell the difference between a HK45 mag and a USP mag
  107. P30 - No locking mechanism
  108. HK P7
  109. Handgun Shipping Questions
  110. Which USP to buy?
  111. USP firing pin.
  112. Bigger Backstrap = BETTER
  113. Positive, HK CS
  114. P30, HK45, and HK45c night sights?
  115. Can you buy a factory LEM V1?
  116. Anyone had durability issues with USP poly magazines?
  117. Barrel crowning or GunKote
  118. Are HK german proof marks limited to hk?
  119. Micro90 weapon light for P2000
  120. Does HK still manufacture the USP?
  121. Wolfe Springs update
  122. Looking at Getting My First P7...... New Pics Page 2
  123. HK P30L Range Report
  124. What were the changes H&K made to USP over the years?
  125. P2000 or P30?
  126. Anyone have the "match trigger" job done by Bill Springfield?
  127. USP Tactical .45 in Stainless?
  128. Kind of a neat thing
  129. P30LS?
  130. P7 Reborn.... Hypothetical Question
  131. USP match trigger overtravel screw
  132. Thread Pitch Mark 23 vs. USP45 C/T
  133. NIB Mark 23 questions..
  134. USP 45 CT or HK 45 C?
  135. P2000 or P2000SK for carry?
  136. Using 40 cal. mags as 9mm mags for USPc?
  137. Can someone recommend a shop that i can pre order a p30L in .40?
  138. Spacer for Jet funnel mags
  139. H&K P2000 Performance Is Obvious
  140. SP89 owners
  141. HK USP polygonal barrel
  142. P2000 40 vs HK45C
  143. LEM in USPSA. Update with results.
  144. USP9 LEM JF are all over right now
  145. got my usp
  146. USP SS 40 ?
  147. USPC .40 w/Meps
  148. P30 LS 40sw conversion to 357 sig
  149. Hmmm... Full size and compact magazine talk.
  150. Problem with my USP frame? I hope not!
  151. Popped my cherry today.....
  152. Have about 1k rounds threw my USP9. Should I clean my extractor and firing pin?
  153. Broken USP, HK CS sucks
  154. A good smith near Atlanta?
  155. Help ID this Delfatti holster for the P7
  156. Were HK USP Match pistols ever made in solid black?
  157. Looking to purchase a fullsize usp 40...
  158. I'll Just leave My Flashlight...
  159. Picture Request, P30 and USP compact
  160. SP89 receiver question
  161. Good Bye USPC SS 40
  162. Best ammunition for P7 longevity
  163. Help! Me Too!
  164. need honest opinions from hk ppl - help me decide on my next hk
  165. Match trigger for USPc9???
  166. HELP!!!
  167. Aftermarket Barrel for European P2000 ?
  168. gray guns modded p7m8
  169. Just got my HK45c back from HK with my LEM conversion!
  170. Unconverted Saxony P7 PSP
  171. more regarding usp compact from .40 to 9mm
  172. P2000SK Aiming help?
  173. The First Five P7's
  174. Dumb Jet Funnel question
  175. hk p7 plum slide question
  176. TLR-1 mods to fit HK45C rail
  177. LEM reset
  178. p30ls 40 cal question
  179. mp5k flat?
  180. may be getting a usp 9mm, anything to look out for?
  181. did the P30 LEM V2 to V1 conversion
  182. Got HK USP Compact in .40 caliber, want original parts to make it a 9mm USP Compact
  183. CTC Defense Laser Sight Selected by NSWC for HK45C
  184. Value question
  185. will usp full size mags fit a compact?
  186. P30L w/ X300 in HK45 w/ X300 holster?
  187. Ok, I have a question because I feel dumber now.
  188. Super fast customer service.
  189. Usp 9 ejecting rounds straight back!
  190. help with USP 45c price
  191. USP Compact 40 magazines: Convert 10 round to 12 round?
  192. Berry's copper plated bullets OK for USP Tactical?
  193. USPc mag release modification
  194. Jet Funnel: Yay or Nay?
  195. Anyone know how much replacement springs for jet funnel mags cost?
  196. USP compact .40, Recoil spring assembly fell apart!
  197. P2000sk Major Jam... HELP???
  198. p7m8...slide won't seat...please help.
  199. what is the difference between a USP 9 and a USP 9 SD?
  200. HK p30 v1 ????
  201. P30 Compact???
  202. Quck help please choose the best carry bag (not range bag)
  203. LEM conversion questions
  204. Q to those who converted HK45 to LEM
  205. Need advice on a new gun
  206. P30L LEM - I like it!
  207. Gun Juice
  208. HK45-C 10 rd Mag extension floor plates?
  209. LEM - Heavy vs. Medium vs. Light
  210. P7M8
  211. Robar
  212. hk45 lem conversion question
  213. USP 40 sights
  214. HK pistol sight alignment
  215. Broken HK 45 Trigger Guard
  216. Just a thought
  217. What do your competition rigs look like???
  218. HK USP Compact 40 vs. Sig P226 40
  219. HK 45-C Kaboom (Reloads used) pics on Firearm Blog
  220. Difference in a usp.45 CT and a usp.45 C with a threaded barrel?
  221. Wolff springs in USP .45f
  222. funny stuff
  223. Can I buy a .40 barrel for my P30?
  224. What's UP!
  225. USP 40 Tactical
  226. Need help with an HK4 firing pin
  227. HK trigger job
  228. yet another how to clean question
  229. USP custom combat?
  230. Just wanted to introduce myself...
  231. Have I lost my Mind? trade my Mark 23?
  232. Just pick up a H&K P9s, ended up being a P9, should I still shoot it?
  233. I Need Some Part Info
  234. Hammer spring change in my USPc 9mm V-1
  235. Disassembly Question
  236. P8
  237. P7 PSP vs P7m8
  238. Best / Cheapest Place for USP Magazines?
  239. Need Help Determining Fair Market Value
  240. HK Number Five
  241. Controls Switch on a USPc - RH -- LH
  242. Can't seem to get my barrel clean.. is this normal?
  243. NEED a match weight for clone build
  244. P30L difference?
  245. HK Newbie
  246. Which P7 variation would you prefer
  247. HK45c Ambidextrous safety
  248. Training with LEM trigger
  249. HK 45 C trigger reset question
  250. My First Gun - HK USPc .40