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  1. Green Laser for HK45C
  2. If i put low night sights on my Tactical 45 will the gun fit in a paddle holster?
  3. Age of my USP ?
  4. Anyone in ohio area that can install nights sights on my hk tactical 45?
  5. HK45C- LEM kit results in hammer offset to left?
  6. USP LEM and Match Trigger questions
  7. Optics
  8. "wore out" rifling
  9. HK45 Operators check this. . .
  10. Removing the ambi safety control levers
  11. Shot my New USP Stainless .45 the Wow Factor!!!!
  12. HK USP45C/HK45C Chronograph Results
  13. Question on HK45c backstraps
  14. USP .40 Safety question ??
  15. Picked it up Friday on my way home from Work!
  16. USP 45 for Limited 10
  17. HK45C LEM Conversion- What did I do wrong?
  18. Is there a real difference?
  19. Factory 9mm barrel in USPc .40
  20. Question about Trijicon HK 10 HK45C/P30 3-Dot Night Sights
  21. Strange P2000 Malfunction
  22. is there a uspc trigger variation where...
  23. Bought my First HKs today.
  24. P30; Bug or Feature?
  25. OK, I'm an Idiot!
  26. Nevermind.
  27. I Just Want to Confirm...
  28. Trade in P2000 for P30?
  29. What to Look for when Purchasing a Used P30
  30. Greetings and accessory rail question.
  31. 1st HK
  32. New home for my p2000sk...
  33. Time to give your P30 another hug!
  34. HK sight dovetail cuts
  35. P2000sk 357 sig barrel?
  36. Insight M3X ?
  37. P7 M13 value
  38. Picked up some Nill Grips...did I get a deal?
  39. Night sights for P2000
  40. LPA sights from Precision Sales International
  41. suggestions on p30l or expert 40
  42. USP C 45 Decocker wont work
  43. Got my usp back from Bill Springfield
  44. P2000SK V3
  45. HK45c vs. HK USP 45c ???
  46. Morre questions on LEM vs SA trigger pull.
  47. .357 Factory Barrels for .40 USP Compact
  48. What LEM do you get from HK on a stock P30?
  49. consecutive serial # vp70's value
  50. New P30, a few questions.
  51. P30S Trigger Slack
  52. Help with trigger.?.?.?
  53. Finally got a light
  54. Finally Pulled The Trigger!
  55. Advice on Value of P7s
  56. what color would the pistol case be for a USP 9mm KI code??
  57. Manual safety: what does it do exactly?
  58. Looking at a pristine blued P7M10 at my local shop -- need advice
  59. H&k tan frame usp compact 40
  60. P2000sk TRS Installation Tips
  61. Mark 23 light options?
  62. Hmmm....HK45 safety activation in MTAC
  63. HK45C dimensions
  64. HK Armorer in Columbus, Ohio?
  65. MII UTL Light for a USPf 45
  66. Ionbond DiamondBlack on a P7
  67. Shooting .357 Sig in P2000 or USP Comapct 40
  68. Rattle in Gas Piston with my OLD but Refurbished HKP7PSP
  69. Durability of the HK Mark 23
  70. Just Sharing Some HK Love!!!* Pic*
  71. HK Elite .45 vs. HK Expert .45 vs. HK 45 Tactical
  72. HKP7PSP Cleaning Tool
  73. HK45C V1- Attempt DIY LEM or Not?
  74. USP 45 with OD frame...WIW?
  75. USP .45 compact question
  76. I finally got it... Muahahahaha (evil laugh).
  77. Trigger job for a Mark 23
  78. Arlington P7 warenty transfer to new owner?
  79. WWB in my P30
  80. good price for hk?
  81. HK45 LEM
  82. My 3 HK pistols
  83. HK recoil guide rod springs
  84. Source for HK45 High Profile Sights (for Suppressor Use)
  85. German HK45 and HK45c still hitting the shelves
  86. Narrowed it down to 3
  87. HK and Umarex
  88. Polish the worn slide?
  89. P7 refinishing and fiber optics
  90. P9/S in .45 questions...
  91. P30L grip insert wobble
  92. New USP Compact/photos
  93. Mark 23 decocker?
  94. P7 Micarta Grips
  95. My USP
  96. What is different about the MARK 23?
  97. HK P7 PSP or P30 LEM - Help please!
  98. HK Shooting Team on Twitter
  99. psp p7 cycling
  100. HK P30 Long Travel single action
  101. P2000sk slide would not lock back
  102. P30L 40S&W V3
  103. P30 Recoil Rod Absorber Bushing Sleeve - how often to replace?
  104. P30 in .357 SIG
  105. Spring Ring? (e-clip?) Missing
  106. HELP- How to add a picture to post
  107. New USP45 Compact, Pics
  108. HK45c sight pattern? Shooting low...
  109. hk45c slight jamming issue
  110. USP Manuals
  111. Anyone Know if P40 striker gun will be at IDEX?
  112. P30L LEM????
  113. Heinie Straight 8's Q's.
  114. Newb with a holster question
  115. Where to get threaded barrel for P30 9mm?
  116. Holster issues for HK USP Tactical
  117. Wear on my P7
  118. Finally in the club, 3+ years later!
  119. USP 9 SD price check: Pictures as Requested#9
  120. HK Recoil Reduction System Question
  121. hickok45 Shoots a HK... Finally!
  122. Any departments have hk
  123. HK45c Drawing from Holster and timing of taking sefety off during draw
  124. New (used) p2000 owner
  125. USP LEM Question...???
  126. USP .40 question
  127. P2000SK holster question
  128. HKP30L vs. Sign P226 Elite Dark with Threaded Barrel
  129. Just picked up my first P7!!! I know nothing about it yet... But I like it!
  130. Mark 23
  131. USP Compact Question
  132. Differences between Mk23 and USP
  133. Holster for P2000
  134. Refinishing Mark 23 barrel
  135. New additions... Mostly HK...
  136. Springs for P30 & P2000SK light LEM conversion?
  137. P30 Fiber Optic Front Sights?
  138. replacing P2000 recoil spring
  139. Converting usp v2 back to v1- dummies guide
  141. Upgrade my SP89?
  142. P7 PSP magazine question
  143. P7M13 Factory Threaded Barrel
  144. P30 Light LEM TRS
  145. value of a 1981 IB psp/p7? Buying?
  146. Replacing sights on USP .45
  147. Snap Caps for P30
  148. Sight Help Please
  149. No more Combat Competition option????
  151. Help me choose a compact
  152. P30S vs. P30L SA/DA
  153. match trigger done!
  154. HK USP Custom Combat 9mm users opinions request
  155. In the market for my first HK
  156. HK45 problem: slide does not stay back on the last round
  157. P30 9mm and Glock 19 gen 4 malfunctions
  158. Wood Grips other than Nill for P7? Please help
  159. I got LEM'd!
  160. P30 V1 Springs In-Stock
  161. HK "Junky" needs advice
  162. P30 V3 to LEM ?
  163. USP 45 CT barrel fits HK45C, right?
  164. Is HK the best production Handgun?
  165. P30 LEM V2 to V4 parts from
  166. Handgun recommendations
  167. well, this is strange...
  168. USP Expert in .40 S&W
  169. P30 LEM 9mm or 40 S&W?
  170. X200/300 on a HK45C (Done)
  171. Hk45 and CC
  172. New to HK, just bought a P7 PSP
  173. USPC 9mm threaded barrel
  174. Prospective USP owner seeking advice
  175. P30 LEM conversion from DA/SA? Is it safe?
  176. PD Trade in maintenance
  177. Anyone know if Truglo is coming out with TFOs for the P30?
  178. Which HK is on your nightstand
  179. Help with USP
  180. p2000 back strap??
  181. Shot my P7 for the first time...
  182. HK45C in use by the SEALS? Any info or pics?
  183. Converting an Elite .40 or .45 to a 9mm
  184. HK says the P30 uses the same mags as the USPc?
  185. Viridian lasers
  186. Heard the funniest thing today
  187. Just installed a USP Match Trigger...
  188. My new HK's
  189. USP Compact LEM trigger pull?
  190. Pricing my HK USP 45 CT-help
  191. Hk P4...
  192. New HK45c and P2000sk
  193. HK45- Issues and questions
  194. VP70Z 9X21 Registry
  195. P2000SK mag relase swap?
  196. OD Krylonn fusion on frame?
  197. P7 Issues - Trigger Sticks After Firing a Round
  198. Magazine base pads
  199. AMMO Recall: .45ACP
  200. Strange serial number ..... "/2" at the end
  201. Anyone mind taking pictures of your P2000/USPc floorplates?
  202. Wear or Break in?
  203. 31 rounds 9mm USP mag loaded with 40 rounds?
  204. P30L
  205. Naval Special Warfare Picks Crimson Trace for HK45C pistols
  206. 45c, P30, or ?
  207. P30 or P2000sk for concealed carry - Please recommend
  208. Carry gun: HK45C versus P2000SK
  209. BackStrap gap
  210. hk45/c to light LEM
  211. HK45 Slide Release Lever Right Side NO MORE MOVEMENT!
  212. My HK P7
  213. Hopefully one of you can be my saviour!!!
  214. 11 Rounds in a HK45 10 Round Magazine
  215. P30LS LEM V1 9 & 40 Is back! Is this now part of the lineup?
  216. New USP 40 with some questions
  217. Transfer bar safety?
  218. Question on value of P7
  219. Rear Sight Fell out
  220. P2000 Night Sights
  221. HK45C German LEM Kit VS Standard LEM Kit
  222. Anyone have a WORKING link to an HK45 PDF Manual?
  223. Site recommendations for USP Compact swap out
  224. P30 armorer's manual
  225. Plain black adjustable sights for HK45
  226. HK threaded barrels live-fire tested?
  227. Missing part in USP LEM kit?
  228. P7M8/13
  229. P2000 accuracy/sight picture help
  230. Can I order a HK45C in V7?
  231. Slide release lever on HK45c
  232. P7M13SD barrel threading
  233. Early USP 45 Compact Problems
  234. PSP Front Sight Dimensions
  235. P30LS LEM question
  236. P2000 grip comparison HK45c
  237. HK45 vickers mod. anybody have this?
  238. Question re: engraving on new HKs
  239. Price Check P30
  240. P-30L safety's and chamber indicators
  241. Finally, My first HK!!!_ Updated with Range Report
  242. MGW USP Sight Tool
  243. Variant conversion
  244. are the parts available for a P30 LEM change fm V2 to V1 ? if so where? and how much?
  245. will the mag from a P2000 fit a p2000sk?
  246. P7 scraper tool
  247. Need advice on from the HK Pros on Heine Sights
  248. P2000 heavier LEM pull or even swap to V1 or add safety?
  249. Got my first H&K!
  250. where can I find exact HK model numbers?