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  1. HK45 won't decock after firing. - FIXED
  2. New (to me) SP89
  3. HK p9s conversion
  4. HK USP9 from SOG-Police Trade-In
  5. HK's conversion kit for USP ELITE...
  6. Who has USP v9 detent plates in stock?
  7. Who carries a P30 on duty?
  8. P30 owner's advice needed
  9. UPS 45 Tactical question
  10. I want to put a match trigger on my USP 45.
  11. Naked P7M13? Slide looks funny
  12. HK45 DIY modifications
  13. HK45 jam (cause?)
  14. What's my USP compact .45 worth?
  15. Remedy for a sore elbo - Mark23
  16. USP 40 Tactical questions
  17. Adjustable rear sights dimensions
  18. Thinking about trading my USPc for a P30.
  19. P7 Trigger Overtravel Stop?
  20. Anyone make aftermarket HK magazines?
  21. P7 Markings and Stamps
  22. HK P7 Importation Dates HELP
  23. USPc .40 extended mags
  24. Any BA coded HK45c's out there? Where?
  25. Converting a P30 V3 to LEM?
  26. HK USP/HK33E/M1S90 in Multi-gun (720p HD Video)
  27. HK4 Experts, get in here!
  28. Mark 23 Manual
  29. Longer USP 9mm fullsize magazine release?
  30. The USP and the Blackhawk Serpa cqc
  31. Who manufacturers aftermarket threaded 9mm USP barrels?
  32. HK45C Trijicon Sight Fit
  33. Having to refine my shopping list again.
  34. Best HK 9mm to run supressed
  35. USP/USP Compact Mounted light & holster combos
  36. +2nd Rng Rprt + Video: Whoo whoo USPc 9mm for my first gun.
  37. Difference Between PSP/M8 mags?
  38. USP .40 Compact info needed
  39. Question on German/W.German P7's
  40. LEM Trigger
  41. LEM Conversion
  42. USP torture testing
  43. Who has the best deal on P7s ?
  44. West German Police Trade in P7
  45. P7M8 Left side of slide blank
  46. Converting my HK45C to V3?
  47. How to tell what variant trigger a usp has
  48. HK45c hammer replacement, how hard?
  49. Best Price on LEM Kit for 45C?
  50. USP .45 magazine floorplate question
  51. ? about price
  52. P7 PSP-New Wood Grips
  53. P9S manufacture date?
  54. Help! I got Parts left over!
  55. New to H&K, possibly getting a USP 40 *UPDATE: Got it!*
  56. HK USP Compact 9, Molding Problem, Exposed Metal Insert
  57. HK Celebrities
  58. USP Question
  59. Flash supressor for a USP tactical 9 mm full size
  61. A trigger job without changing any springs?
  62. USP Match Trigger. Much better than a standard one?
  63. Thinnest IWB for a P30?
  64. P9S Sport Value Needed
  65. P30 holster
  66. HK Newb in need of some advice
  67. P2000sk Extractor has rust
  68. Price Inquiry on NIB HK SP89
  69. Opinions on CCWing a P7......
  70. P30 V2 LEM reset to that of the P2000 V2 LEM
  71. HK USP Tactical .45 Auto Magazine Question
  72. Which 3 HK pistol set should I get? (for real)
  73. H & K USP 9mm DAO from SOG $479
  74. Whats your favorite P series pistol
  75. P2000 vs hk45c
  76. HK P2000 shooting low
  77. Problem with my HK45
  78. New H&K USP9, 300 rounds with 8 stovepipes PLEASE HELP!
  79. LNIB HK USP 9MM Tactical
  80. hk45c X-Grip
  81. P30L at 100 yards?
  82. Trigger Options for HK45.
  83. Usp stainless match or mark 23
  84. USPc .45 SS
  85. Brand New P2000 SK -- Are they always this "wet" out of the box?
  86. New to me P30L 9mm
  87. Some P30/P30L Questions
  88. USPc 9 V9 range trip (pics)/What gloves do you use?
  89. P30 pics
  90. good deal for hk?
  91. P7 scraper tool.....
  92. day at the range
  93. Which HK pistols are still made in Germany?
  94. how to be a ******* at a gunshow
  95. Pic request: Heinie SlantPro Straight Eight Night Sights
  96. Look at this
  97. HKPRO FAN PAGE on Facebook
  98. Help Identify th Origen of this P7
  99. Is this P7 worth $680?
  100. Has anybody seen this?
  101. NEED HELP!!! Detail stripped my USP 45 slide...
  102. my first hk
  103. New HK guy
  104. night sight insters for mk23
  105. USP CT
  106. When the heck is the p30S 9mm coming out?!
  107. P30 Cleaning Questions
  108. Here's What an HK Can Do In Competition (Video)
  109. New (to me) HK today: P7M13
  110. Glock What?
  111. More "Combat Competition" and LEM/Hybrid Confusion
  112. USP40 KF Date Code Question:
  113. Slide Problems on my HK45c
  114. HK 45C with LEM purchase?
  115. Removing the Manual Safety from a P30
  116. 1997 Mk23 value
  117. Who would you say is HK's closest peer in the overall US firearms market?
  118. Future P7 PSP Collectibility?
  119. I was reading about an author...
  120. USP Expert Mag question
  121. wtf...
  122. new hk45(navy seals)?
  123. My newest edition....... HK P30 V2 .40 with some pics.
  124. Experts on P7
  125. WTK: USP 9 SD Thread Pitch
  126. What year for fired cartridge with pistols?
  127. Let's Talk Triggers - Help save my USP
  128. CC'ing LEM Question
  129. HK P30sk
  130. Just received my unfired 1998 MK23 with camo bag
  131. Flush magazine floor plates
  132. Which P30 Variant AM I Looking For?
  134. New HK USP C in 40 LEM owner.
  135. Converted a die hard.....
  136. Add a Manual Safety to P2000SK?
  137. USP 45 Compact vs P2000 45 Compact...Hard to Decide
  138. P9 vs P9S box
  139. Value of p7m13 LNIB?
  140. Recoil spring for USP compact?
  141. USP CT ...or... P2000SK
  142. USP .45 Fullsize / Compact Question
  143. P7 Not Locking Open on Empty Magazine
  144. H&K Striker?
  145. Anyone have any info on this USP compensator?
  146. USP .45 Mag Carriers/Holders?
  147. P7 holster info
  148. If you could only have 2
  149. Finally back home and get to see my new HK
  150. New HK45C addict
  151. Okay... so I got really lucky...
  152. Trijicon RMR on USP?
  153. HK45 for IDPA
  154. Noobie Question about my P7m8's Help again.
  155. p30 mags in a USPc?
  156. Two different oils: Militech-1 vs Crusader Slipstream...
  157. I wasn't always a fan of the USP
  158. Which LEM kit to convert p2000sk?
  159. New USP 40c LEM Jams consistently on the last round of full magazines
  160. fully loaded mags issue
  161. Hammer Spring HK45
  162. P30 .40S&W Questions
  163. HK Hangun Clones?
  164. Did I damage my pistols????
  165. hk45c mag release fit usp full size?
  166. P30 .40S&W V2 range day with pics
  167. USP Grip Size and other issues
  168. Sight adjust/install tool for P30 / HK45
  169. Various LEM's ve SA/DA
  170. Weighted Magazines????
  171. Match trigger for USP45
  172. New P30 - Ejects shells into face
  173. HK P2000SK Flush Fit Magazine Base
  174. .22 kit for p7?
  175. USP 9's - KD & KE Guide rod questions
  176. P2000sk magazine capacity
  177. P30 Caliber Conversion, 40 S&W and 9mm
  179. Problem with USP 40 compact and Streamlight TLR-2
  180. different replacement bulb for hk utl?
  181. Breaking in a P30?
  182. P30L lem
  183. Which HK for the weekend
  184. Detente Plate to change variant
  185. Ceracote opinions
  186. What Model USP is this?
  187. MUWAHAHAHA!!!
  188. Hybrid LEM
  189. HK P30 w/ Streamlight TLR-2S (Pics)
  190. So is it alright to run Speer Gold Dot 200gr +P in my USPF 45?
  191. Good deal on Trijicon NS...
  192. P7 M13 KC ...
  193. HK Mark 23 question
  194. P30- Safe for concealed carry?
  195. Does a full size HK45 LEM variant with tritium sight come direct from factory?
  196. Molle Holster for P2000 Full Size
  197. USP Hammer
  198. Upgraded to a full-size USP!!! Hooray!
  199. New love for an old USP
  200. USP mag drop question
  201. USSOCOM slide for Mark 23?
  202. Combat Competition installation to older USPīs.
  203. Mark 23 Rail Adapter Thumb Wheel Screw Version Pictures
  204. Like New HK Mark 23
  205. First time out P7M8!
  206. P7M8 Piston Questions
  207. USP SD sight options?
  208. P7M8 Chantilly fat trigger @ VA gunshow
  209. P30LS 40S&W V3 arriving
  210. Got My Girl P7M8!!
  211. P7 heeler questions
  212. DONE WITH PIC! mark 23 decal grips
  213. LNIB HK P2000sk 9MM
  214. USP 45 Tool Marks
  215. Request clarification on P30L variants currently available in CONUS
  216. 147 gr ammo for M8?
  217. HK P30s 9mm status
  218. Eventful week...
  219. Factory Nickel P7 questions
  220. HKP30: 9mm or .40?
  222. Newbie questions on the P7M8
  223. HK USP Tactical Elite Dentent Plate Question
  224. HK4 Magazines
  225. HK45/P30 Convert from 3 dot to Blade
  226. HK Official Discontinues Mark 23
  227. Does LEM with a Saftey make any sense?
  228. Anyone have a P30 or L suppressed?
  229. Just got my PSP
  230. My brand new SP89
  231. Adjustable rear sight repair
  232. New HK45 owner needs advice...
  233. My P30L: What a Difference Grip Panels Make!
  234. So the USP was designed as a .40 from the beginning. What about the USPc?
  235. Why are HK boxes so cheap?
  236. Machining Mark on Slide
  237. Got my P7 back from refinishing(with M10 size compro)
  238. HK45 to Var9?
  239. Night sight options for my P2000
  240. Does anybody know how many HK45s were made in Germany before....
  241. P2000 LEM question
  242. magazine compatability
  243. LEM Options
  244. Price check in aisle 3! How did I do on my first HK purchase (USPF .45ACP FDE)?
  245. HK USPc 9mm shoots consistantly low and to the left
  246. Need expert explanation regarding malfunction!!!
  247. What's on the horizon
  248. women and Custom combats
  249. Spring part numbers P2000SK V2 to V1 ?
  250. pp30 V3 9mm LEM conversion options?