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  1. p30 mags in a USPc?
  2. Two different oils: Militech-1 vs Crusader Slipstream...
  3. I wasn't always a fan of the USP
  4. Which LEM kit to convert p2000sk?
  5. New USP 40c LEM Jams consistently on the last round of full magazines
  6. fully loaded mags issue
  7. Hammer Spring HK45
  8. P30 .40S&W Questions
  9. HK Hangun Clones?
  10. Did I damage my pistols????
  11. hk45c mag release fit usp full size?
  12. P30 .40S&W V2 range day with pics
  13. USP Grip Size and other issues
  14. Sight adjust/install tool for P30 / HK45
  15. Various LEM's ve SA/DA
  16. Weighted Magazines????
  17. Match trigger for USP45
  18. New P30 - Ejects shells into face
  19. HK P2000SK Flush Fit Magazine Base
  20. .22 kit for p7?
  21. USP 9's - KD & KE Guide rod questions
  22. P2000sk magazine capacity
  23. P30 Caliber Conversion, 40 S&W and 9mm
  25. Problem with USP 40 compact and Streamlight TLR-2
  26. different replacement bulb for hk utl?
  27. Breaking in a P30?
  28. P30L lem
  29. Which HK for the weekend
  30. Detente Plate to change variant
  31. Ceracote opinions
  32. What Model USP is this?
  34. Hybrid LEM
  35. HK P30 w/ Streamlight TLR-2S (Pics)
  36. So is it alright to run Speer Gold Dot 200gr +P in my USPF 45?
  37. Good deal on Trijicon NS...
  38. P7 M13 KC ...
  39. HK Mark 23 question
  40. P30- Safe for concealed carry?
  41. Does a full size HK45 LEM variant with tritium sight come direct from factory?
  42. Molle Holster for P2000 Full Size
  43. USP Hammer
  44. Upgraded to a full-size USP!!! Hooray!
  45. New love for an old USP
  46. USP mag drop question
  47. USSOCOM slide for Mark 23?
  48. Combat Competition installation to older USPīs.
  49. Mark 23 Rail Adapter Thumb Wheel Screw Version Pictures
  50. Like New HK Mark 23
  51. First time out P7M8!
  52. P7M8 Piston Questions
  53. USP SD sight options?
  54. P7M8 Chantilly fat trigger @ VA gunshow
  55. P30LS 40S&W V3 arriving
  56. Got My Girl P7M8!!
  57. P7 heeler questions
  58. DONE WITH PIC! mark 23 decal grips
  59. LNIB HK P2000sk 9MM
  60. USP 45 Tool Marks
  61. Request clarification on P30L variants currently available in CONUS
  62. 147 gr ammo for M8?
  63. HK P30s 9mm status
  64. Eventful week...
  65. Factory Nickel P7 questions
  66. HKP30: 9mm or .40?
  68. Newbie questions on the P7M8
  69. HK USP Tactical Elite Dentent Plate Question
  70. HK4 Magazines
  71. HK45/P30 Convert from 3 dot to Blade
  72. HK Official Discontinues Mark 23
  73. Does LEM with a Saftey make any sense?
  74. Anyone have a P30 or L suppressed?
  75. Just got my PSP
  76. My brand new SP89
  77. Adjustable rear sight repair
  78. New HK45 owner needs advice...
  79. My P30L: What a Difference Grip Panels Make!
  80. So the USP was designed as a .40 from the beginning. What about the USPc?
  81. Why are HK boxes so cheap?
  82. Machining Mark on Slide
  83. Got my P7 back from refinishing(with M10 size compro)
  84. HK45 to Var9?
  85. Night sight options for my P2000
  86. Does anybody know how many HK45s were made in Germany before....
  87. P2000 LEM question
  88. magazine compatability
  89. LEM Options
  90. Price check in aisle 3! How did I do on my first HK purchase (USPF .45ACP FDE)?
  91. HK USPc 9mm shoots consistantly low and to the left
  92. Need expert explanation regarding malfunction!!!
  93. What's on the horizon
  94. women and Custom combats
  95. Spring part numbers P2000SK V2 to V1 ?
  96. pp30 V3 9mm LEM conversion options?
  97. USP Tactical Accessories
  98. P7 spare sparts
  99. Might just be the best deal on a HK USP9 Ever ... or did I get taken
  100. Well, I've Finally Done It (first HK)
  101. Rubber Hammer ?
  102. I'm innocent! - why go LEM?
  103. HK model "life"
  104. H&K 45 for CCW
  105. Date Code Thread
  106. american made HKs
  107. Will mags for the full size USP 45 work in the full size HK45?
  108. Advice on USPc 9 DA trigger.
  109. HK Price increase 8/1/10
  110. HK45 45C scope mount using lower rail?
  111. Auto Slide release
  112. HK P30 V1
  113. New USPc
  114. Great Experience with HK Customer Service
  115. HK P7 Date and Info
  116. MK23 and MARK 23 designations
  117. Keep the USPf 9mm SS or Get Something Else?
  118. USP .45 Match Trigger in HK45?
  119. a different hk usp light adapter question-
  120. No more HK's at work.....WTF!
  121. HK Number Two
  122. Lightening up the hammer spring
  123. P7 Mag
  124. Ambi Safety works different, what is up??
  125. HK USP Ful l Size - 9mm - New HK Owner needs some input
  126. P7 Re-Assembly Problem
  127. Barrel life?
  128. wes p7
  129. Not sure which HK
  130. Should I LEM my USP Compact?
  131. Replacement Hard Case with Matching Serial Number
  132. Quick aesthetics poll for P2000
  133. Convert P30S
  134. Just bought this, and I am STOKED!!!
  135. Proud new owner of an HK 45C!
  136. HK USP Match
  137. Dry Firing
  138. Which Variant P2000?
  139. Limitted-Run P7 PSP
  140. HK P7 M10 questions
  142. HK Marked Laser Devices Blast...Picked one up
  143. Specific cleaning No-No's for P7's
  144. HK45 Match
  145. New Dude in Nashville With grip screw question
  146. NEW to HK have some questions.
  147. Violation of your loved ones...
  148. I'm looking in from the outside (no HK's) but like what I see...
  149. Removing right slide release on P2000
  150. Improving the P30 DA/SA trigger and reset
  151. Interesting USP Variant?
  152. Why oh why oh why are the P7M8's SOOOO expensive?
  153. Deal of a lfetime!
  154. Best Price for NIB HK P30 and HK45
  155. Question about EARLY date-coded (KE) USP's
  156. P7 Heat Shield Question.
  157. USP Rail Conversion Question
  158. VP70 Stainless Color Slide
  159. Supressed P7
  160. HK P7 PSP Questions
  161. Real, or not?
  162. Help with the P7M13.
  163. HK P9S
  164. Match Hammer Spring lbs?
  165. LEM trigger and mystery spring
  166. Is HK the last firearms manufacturer to...
  167. USP Compact .45 questions
  168. P7 M8 NIB Question
  169. funny USP .45 compact review vid
  170. New P30
  171. P7 Problem
  172. True polymer-safe cleaners?
  173. I can only buy 1 HK 9mm... so which one??
  174. US Customs and Boarder Patrol
  175. Anyone Replace Hammerspring With Lighter (LEM) Spring?
  176. P30 Rail: Is This Normal?
  177. Tactical Soft + Hard Cases for USP
  178. New Family Member
  179. Tell me about the stainless Steel finish on USPs
  180. Derfective Match Trigger kit spring
  181. New P30s 40 Cal
  182. HK45C Ambidextrous Mag Release Also works for P2000SK
  183. HK Newbie - Early USP replacement parts?
  184. TRS Differences?
  185. Hello and a Question About My New H&K USP
  186. HK UCP??
  187. Replacing Expert Sights
  188. Finally, I got my tactical bag!
  189. Looking for floor plates - Need help
  190. Refinishing HK45 Slide Release Lever?
  191. HKP30 9mm vs. P30 .40
  192. Want to convert my P7 to org grip panel and mag release
  193. What to convert my P7 to org grip panel and mag release
  194. finally checked out the p7 and......
  195. Problem with USP45 Compact.......
  196. Ford's Black Nickel Finish?
  197. Why won't my P7M8 cock?
  198. HK.45C When Cleaning the Frame Complete Strip, applying slide glide.. ?
  199. HK45 compensator ?
  200. Need instrucions.....USP Tactical .45
  201. HK lights
  202. My HK's B-day
  203. Few pix of my railed P7
  204. It took long enough...
  205. 11 Rounds in a HK45 magazine?
  206. DO LEM models come with a safety?
  207. Removing safety on HK P30LS V1 (light LEM)
  208. P7M8 firing pin assembly in a P7?
  209. SF P301
  210. P30 or P2000
  211. Question on a P7 PSP's authenticity
  212. Problem with HK 45 tactical decock
  213. Problem with KH 45 decock
  214. P7 Variant?
  215. USPc Stainless Value
  216. The HK diet
  217. LEM Long Term Reliability & Safety
  218. hk45 heavy V1 lem to lite lem
  219. HK 45 10 Rounds
  220. And this is why I like HK's
  221. My first P7
  222. P30 LEM trigger modification question
  223. P30 Slide Release Sagging Down
  224. HK45 Ambi Control Lever Kit installation instructions requested
  225. HK P7 PSP
  227. P30 Slide stuck in battery
  228. Germany still producing HK45c's???
  229. Found this online... I like it cause it's subtle : )
  230. Looking For P30 V2 to V1 Conversion Instructions
  231. New HK45C + Metal Inserts in Frame Coated with POLYMER ?
  232. Success with Lighter LEM
  233. Muzzle Brakes?
  234. P7 Issues... Slide Is Stuck?
  235. First trip out with my new HK45C didnt go so good
  236. Pics of my Textured HK45
  237. Love My New P2000 SK !
  238. School Me On HK's Polymer
  239. Look what I found perching on my bamboo tree...
  240. Lots of Used Hk USP .45's
  241. New to HK - Looking at USP Compact 9
  242. USP45 holsters ? ? ?
  243. Sight Dovetails?
  244. Removing the Safety from a P30S .40
  245. HK45C LEM to V1
  246. P30 slide stop ?'s
  247. Will There Be a .45 P30???
  248. First USP 9MM??
  249. RWS ammo Reliability in HK Pistols
  250. Colored P7 Grips?