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  1. Replacement hammer question
  2. MP5-40 three lug options with AAC Ti-Rant 45
  3. SP5k form 1 approved. Is Yahoo anti gun?
  4. HK33 SG1 Grip Assembly Help.
  5. HK MP5-N Subsonic Ballistics
  6. Range day video with the MM21E and C93
  7. Question about lasers and suppressors
  8. B&T Goodness for my subguns
  9. AAC Ti-Rant issue
  10. How to modify a full auto trigger group to fit on a semi only gun?
  11. AAC Triad 3 Lug Adapter
  12. OSS on a 91
  13. Is There a Difference Between Action 3 and "F" Bolt Heads?
  14. Will an MP5 trigger pack work in an SP5K?
  15. ,...................
  16. VP70M - Differences and Models
  17. B&T UMP 45 vs Gemtech UMP 45 Suppressor
  18. Mp5 serial number prefix help
  19. I want to SBR a .22lr MP5 ... help!
  20. Question about A3 vs A3 F stocks
  21. X Products X-5 Drum Full Auto Test
  22. SP5K and Choate Stock Pin Problem
  23. Difference between B&T mounts 10266 and 21222 for MP5
  24. sp5k brace, fit?
  25. HK VP9 LE shoot suppressed issue
  26. 3-Lug Comp on MP5K
  27. SP5K with Tail Hook Brace
  28. A follow up to my question about engraving.
  29. Where did you engrave your MP5?
  30. Divorcing sear from push pin receiver?
  31. MP5 .22lr cnversion kit , MAGAZINE SPACERS
  32. MKE Z-5RS SBR 922R parts question. EDIT: Now with more failure!
  33. Vector SBR 94, omega 9K
  34. SP5k SBR?
  35. Which HK's Would You Most Want HK USA to Produce
  36. MP5 22LR conversion kit
  37. SP5K SBR Complete
  38. 3 lug suppressor mount question
  39. MM23E Trigger Housing Question
  40. 10 is now complete
  41. Mark 23 and TiRant 45
  42. MP5 Dummy barrel
  43. MP5k handguard fit?
  44. H&K Branded B&T Suppressors
  45. Be a good son...take yo' mamma out to shoot HKs
  46. retimed hammer
  47. Knob creek
  48. Issues with USP .45T and Octane .45
  49. Need some HK94/ MP5 Advice
  50. SP89 Barrel Replacement
  51. Supressor for FA MP5?
  52. ....................
  53. w00t SP5K Form 1 Approved! :)
  54. HK Polymer Welding Tests and Methods
  55. MP5 10mm questions....
  56. Best 3 Lug Adapter for 1/2x28?
  57. HK MP5-N Barrels, Which One Do You Prefer?
  58. V1 vs LEM Suppressed
  59. Question about a video with Machine Gun Mike and his Fleming Sear
  60. HK MP5K-N Question
  61. MP5 Parts kit build/mag well question..
  62. Omega om9-fs mp5 wtf!?
  63. B&T MP5 Threaded Suppressor
  64. Finally!!!!!
  65. MM21/23
  66. Did HK ever make a USPC CT 9mm that came with a threaded barrel.
  67. Caldwell mag loader
  68. Another silly question Re: bbl replacement
  69. Gun Broker auction Machine gun or NOT
  70. Shooting suppressed, USP45 fullsize: change out the RSA to tactical USP45?
  71. Omega 9k or Revolution 9 for mp5k pdw clone??? tri-lug issues alloy tubes oh my!
  72. Cleaning an HK MP5SD Suppressor.
  73. SilencerCo Omega 9K w/ Omega 9-FS Questions?
  74. Sear prices stalling/falling??
  75. MP5K-N Suppressed #28 Locking Piece & 158gr Fiocchi
  76. P7K3 .380 or .32 barrel threading
  77. Anyone run MR762 with Silencerco ASR? IE What Thread/Pitch is the barrel?
  78. Safe to Clean Feed Mech in Ultrasonic Cleaner?
  79. HK Parts brand MP5K #28 (80 degree) Locking Piece
  80. Bolt Gap in a MP5
  81. Welded collapsible stock
  82. What are some of the best/must have sear hosts?
  83. Threaded barrel on MP5?
  84. having HKG3K barrel rethread to 5/8x24??
  85. How to correctly install a pdw 3 lug bbl ?
  86. Customer Delight
  87. Would it be foolish to convert a factory HK-91 into a G3K carbine??
  88. Locking Piece Mod
  89. Hk Tactical.45 with Osprey 45K - Happy Tax Stamp Day
  90. Omega OM9-FS SBR Question?
  91. 62- prefix on my MP5K housing?
  92. MR556 14.5" & 10.4" Barrels
  93. EN MP5
  94. Locking piece shuffle and SF Ryder 9Ti MP5 conundrum...
  95. new nfa hk mp5 owner.
  96. HK G36c Replacement Top Rail Recommendations
  97. HK 0-1-2 trigger pack - can it be converted into something useful?
  98. Want a can for my HK53 clone
  99. HK416/MR556 Compatability With NFA Lower
  100. clarification on the MP7 bolt release
  101. Choate folder for MP5k does not unfold
  102. New HK94/MP5 owner
  103. HK21 Pintle adaptor
  104. Original HK MP5 SBR at Atlantic Firearms ? What's This?
  105. SIG Sauer does not make adapter for HKG3K !
  106. Tips for installing "Stop Pin" and "clamping sleeve" in Sp5K Carrier
  107. Favorite MP5 mag loader?????
  108. I have a friend looking for a RRPP MP5 ...
  109. PTR32 + sear pack = Light Primer Strike (pic inside)
  110. AOW SP5K = Can use MP5K case?
  111. 9mm/ 158 gr safe to shoot suppressed?
  112. suggestions/advice...
  113. TPM or RCM Suppressor
  114. 53K set up
  115. 3 lug mount dimensions
  116. My MP5 is destroying locking pieces and bolts
  117. SP5K & Octane 9 HD: 3-Lug Adapter Interference?
  118. MP5-N Bolt Carrier Question
  119. Sear Hosts... some, but not others?
  120. Registered DLO Trigger Pack and the SP5K
  121. Can anyone help find this missing MP5/10?
  122. mp5-40 supressor mounting question
  123. Full auto 10mm carrier leg failure
  124. Robbie takes Larry through the HK CSASS
  125. Anybody make a center receiver section for the MP5?
  126. HKPARTS MP5 parts kits?
  127. Sweet looking TSC 53
  128. Shot Show Suppressed Pistols
  129. SP5K, Oh but ...
  130. Suppressed MP5K gas
  131. HK21 Reduce Recoil
  132. MP5SD Carbon Buildup
  133. UMP or MP5SD?
  134. How to Legally Remark Your HK
  135. Anyone in AZ with Hk transferable sear?
  136. mp5sd suppressor dimensions
  137. Help with VP9 Threaded Barrel and Suppressor.
  138. Teufelshund Tactical joins forces with Dakota Tactical for Pistol/SMG Training
  139. P30L suppressor barrel
  140. ? on MP5 A3 trigger groups
  141. To fold or not to fold?
  142. HK21 vs Sear.... what should I do?
  143. SP5K SBR Form 1 delayed by PENDING RESEARCH
  144. Michael's Machines HK94 to MP5 Conversion (Updated with Video)
  145. Easiest SP5K changes for 922r compliance
  146. Do you need the fixed spacer adapter for 9mm suppressor / mp5?
  147. Considering Suppressors for my HK SP5K: Question
  148. My Knight's can from group buy finally arrived!
  149. HK SP5K Brace Options
  150. List of Parts on HK SP5K to Change to Comply with 922(r)
  151. Lusa and a Reg sear?
  152. Mp5 bolt head question ....
  153. G36 Barrel Wrench
  154. Jingle Bells: Mp5 running in cold temps
  155. Thread on pistol suppressor problems
  156. Light strikes with S&H sear in a 4-position burst pack
  157. Did the MP5 ejector lever design change?
  158. Knight's Armament Mk23 Suppressor: Unobtanium?
  159. Anybody try this Malkoff head with a Silencerco Octane 45?
  160. holy grail for sear-ready RELIABLE 22lr mp5ish host?
  161. UMP SBR ATF approved - next steps??
  162. PTR 51P vs K3P PDW for sear host
  163. Isn't this an NFA no no?
  164. MP5K/SP89 with Octane 45HD - Full auto
  165. Suppressor Help/Questions?
  166. HK 51K Owners - Ideas/Advice Needed
  167. PTR PDW SBR Stock Question
  168. VP9 suppressed
  169. Choate Folding Stock for MP5-K
  170. Griffin Armament 3 Lug Coupler
  171. HK91 w/sear .22lr kit & suppressor
  172. Tornado Tech good for threading P7?
  173. large .45 cans work better for P7s?
  174. How to convert MP5k to full auto?
  175. P7 a fine or poor candidate for suppressing?
  176. What happened??
  177. MARK 23 w Knights Armament
  178. Suppressor for VP9
  179. 0-1-2-F Complete Lower Questions
  180. FA G3K mag dump using DAG training ammo
  181. So this little guy came in the other day.........
  182. Trijicon Suppressor Night Sights VP9, P30 & 45's
  183. Advanced Heckler and Koch Sub-Machinegun Training Next Week
  184. VP9, RCM Barrel, AAC Illusion 9, original recoil spring
  185. Length of MP5K-N and MP5
  186. Ptr 32 with dlo registered pack first time set up question
  187. I see the light!!!
  188. Hk23e TSC build color- Updated
  189. P&S Bill Blowers Talks MP5
  190. Goodbye, PTR. Hello, PTR.
  191. USP Heinie Straight 8 suppressor-height... Meh.
  192. Hk desert or woodland cammo finsh for my mp5sd.
  193. MP5K-PDW regular and slwo mo video,
  194. Suppressing a P30sk
  195. Refinish question
  196. HK 53 assistance, knowledge and help. Please
  197. Converting the SP5K to the MP5K: Deciding on 3 Lug vs Flush Barrel
  198. Odd issues with my all German sp89 converted to MP5K-N with DLO frame
  199. PTR PDW SBR Conversion Question
  200. These HKs are Kinda Boring
  201. HK 51 Barrel Question
  202. Omega MP5 SD + RCM can issue
  203. HK94, Where to Cut the Barrel?
  204. I have a "Gun Doctor" RCM SD can. Safe for Ultrasonic cleaning ?????
  205. Dakota Tactical D54-N Hurricane Matthew 3 Gun Nation
  206. Suppressed UMP SBR accuracy problems
  207. B&T Mount
  208. G3 Re-barrel - Opinions Sought
  209. SP5K considerations
  210. MP5K Blackwing Hammer from RTGParts
  211. SP5K Suppressor question
  212. MP5SD Build - B&T or RDTS HE for suppressor?
  213. hk 416 receiver ........
  214. Bobcat clone with an odd trigger pack issue
  215. Titanium Firing Pin, Worth it or Not?
  216. Anybody Experiencing Sear Anxiety Yet?
  217. Light primer strikes with burst pack
  218. Demilled G36C - The Horror
  219. Tested VP9 w/ VP40 Spring and Suppressor
  220. Finally got my AAC Tirant 45 for my USPs and MP5s
  221. RE: Compatibility between 416 upper and M16 lower?
  222. SP5k detachable foregrip - AOW?
  223. Silencer / Suppressor suggestions?
  224. Poll: Which B&T Suppressor for your HK?
  225. Grip Stippling on MP5 SEF Navy or Ambi
  226. one of the worst (low quality) reviews/vids ever on HK- MP5k on Recoil TV
  227. Want to get a grip for MP5 sbr (Have German grips vanished?)
  228. HK53 true effectiveness
  229. WTK: Can a Post May DS HK 33 be demilled to make a semi Sear Host?
  230. What’s on your NFA wish list? HK specific only!!!
  231. Full auto MP5, need some help/advice
  232. Coharie SD suppressor possible problem...
  233. Replacement plugs for MP5K operational briefcase
  234. Looking for a SP5K Folding Stock Part Number
  235. Can I put a G36K stock on my USC/UMP ?
  236. Do any members own my old HK FA's?
  237. Gun Lab M27 links?
  238. FA pack in C/P Housing
  239. HDPS UMP barrel and 16x1 LH piston gap
  240. Gemtech MK9K
  241. MR762 + RDIAS = 417 Can it be done?
  242. SP5K trigger group question
  243. Is the Roller-Locking system really superior to AR type assault rifles.
  244. Unported MP-5SD's anyone? 9mm or 40S&W?
  245. VP9 Tacticol ???
  246. MK23 KAC Suppressor
  247. Issue with 4 POS Navy Pack
  248. AccuBeam in Sarasota
  249. RDTS MP-5SD 'HE' owners?
  250. HK MP5 question I'm new here and new to HK rifles so I'll probably ask some dumb ques