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  1. Surefire fore-end and AAC Tirant 3lug mounted can?
  2. Best Suppressor for HK USP 45 Tactical?
  3. Any way to tell what spring is in a pack?
  4. Another MP5k question...
  5. MP5SD w/RCM Can.
  6. Any video on changing trip lever in SEF pack?
  7. Zenith MKE Z-5P A3 Stock SBR Project
  8. QUestion about pistol to rifle conversion...
  9. Zenith/MKE SBR build possible
  10. MP5 feeding issues.
  11. Burst pack reassembly tips
  12. bought a sear - need a pack
  13. Are SP89 built MP5s more reliable than other MP5 builds?
  14. I need help identifying this MP5 Flashlight
  15. MP5k Trigger Pack question
  16. Return to battery issues
  17. Anybody regret. .
  18. I think this baby is simply beautiful!
  19. Hickok45 USPT 45 Suppressed
  20. HK53 4 Prong Flash Hider Heat Damage
  21. UMP (or USC SBR conversion) extractor question
  22. ATF agent says full auto trigger groups are ILLEGAL
  23. Interest in a B&T 10mm / .40 suppressor
  24. Converting an AA 89 to shot burst option
  25. HK21 vs. HK21E bbl?
  26. Plastic Training MP5
  27. Can you recommend a quality suppressor for my 3 lug HK barrel (MP5K-N conversion)
  28. Anyone ever convert a registered receiver hk91/g3 to a 21e or similar?
  29. new sear host coming???????---- HMG’s US-Made Sturmgewehr
  30. Push Pin and Registered Sear
  31. Sear issues continue...
  32. question about rate of fire.
  33. HK imported Benelli M1S90 factory SBS home at last....
  34. MKE SBR question
  35. G36 C suffering from short recoil .....
  36. ambi vs SEF sear question
  37. Suppressor Question
  38. HK23E / MM23E owners. What are you using to load your links?
  39. HK USP suppressor
  40. H&K MP5/10 Serial Number question
  41. MP5 history - what failures happened in US SOF 1987/88?
  42. PTR x39 Gen1
  43. Suppressor noobe, a couple questions about the HK45T.
  44. Bought a Sear...having issues
  45. New Hk53 sample firing issue
  46. Knights doing another run of mp5 RAS rails
  47. History of the 3 lug
  48. The HK25 .50BMG
  49. Barrel life with suppressed USP Tactical
  50. DAG UB Training Bolt Likes/Dislikes
  51. Looking for 2 NFA guns I once built & owned
  52. Houston area HK gunsmith
  53. UB bolt for a PDW SBR
  54. .22 conversion for MP5k by Flemming...
  55. what you need for a nice range day (all included). pic only
  56. Mp5k mp5k-rs oal
  57. Sell my USc as title 1 or non converted SBR
  58. MP5 rate of fire comparison
  59. Tan tactical pair with Octane .45
  60. Pistol suppression rookie question
  61. Silencerco saker trifecta 53 clone
  62. HK Fabarms FP6 Shotgun - barrels
  63. Thinking of acquiring an HK 21...
  64. Finally after 9 months of waiting
  65. What is the difference between an HK53 and a HK53C?
  66. HK 91 to full auto with registered sear
  67. VIDEO: Rapid Fire HKs
  68. 922(r) and Sporting Purposes
  69. What's Old is New Again!
  70. MP5 flute cleaning brush adaptor?
  71. PTR-32 Suppression Questions
  72. End of the HK/OSS MR-SD rifle production?!
  73. Suppressed full size MP5. What locking piece(s)?
  74. Finally but not finished.
  75. Who can SBR an MKE MP5 for me?
  76. Suggestions for German made HK91 to SBR
  77. 10mm/40S&W 3 lug adapter from Griffin - for Octanes and Revolutions!
  78. RE: Seeking MR762 SBR/Suppressor advice....
  79. PushPin Lower with Married Sear
  80. Suggestions for MP5SD suppressor pouches needed
  81. Need Form 1 Help - Overall Lenth of Reverse Stretch with MP5 F A3 Retractable Stock
  82. Registered SEF trigger box to Ambi box
  83. Getting ready to order my MM21E/23E............Options?
  84. Is this a common problem with 4 position trigger packs?
  85. Anyone with a re-timed hammer miss the standard ROF?
  86. TPM suppressed MP5
  87. Is 922r compliance really this simple? Zenith Z-5P and Z-5RS -> SBR
  88. New HK45T was allowed visitation rights to SilencerCo Octane 45 !
  89. Surefire LM1-BK
  90. How Much Do You Like You Like Your UMP Clone??
  91. New, so not good with the local search function, need help repairing an HK53 clone.
  92. The bargain of the day!
  93. Is There Any Usable Part Here?
  94. My first outing with my VP9 and a suppressor
  95. What to buy today, OK as SEF host tomorrow, SP89 and then ...?
  96. HK 53 by Erik Kara
  97. Hk33 k e
  98. High round count P9S 9mm suppressed?
  99. Mp5SD Bullet Velocity
  100. Thanks Tom Bostic !!
  101. Kind of cool
  102. MP5 family affair
  103. Mk24 suppressed, in the wild
  104. Choosing a suppressor for the MP5K
  105. AA94A2 SBR - Need help removing pinned faux suppressor
  106. HK 91 19/74 saco
  107. My Bundle of Joy (USP9SD w/AAC TiRant9)
  108. Fleming sear engraving ???'s
  109. B&T MP5/MP9/TP9/APC9 mag loader: Have anyone see this before?
  110. Fleming SD suppressor
  111. Custom UMP Can
  112. HK day at the range pic
  113. H&k mp5 9mm sbr
  114. 3 Lug issues (end cap strike)
  115. 4 position g36 trigger pack
  116. The quiet ones
  117. HK53 Barrel Twist ID - pics included
  118. MP5 40 Bolt Hold Open Weldment Tubes
  119. Divorcing Sear from Gun
  120. MP5 sling suggestions
  121. Suppressed 91
  122. KAC USP-T Can Still Worth It?
  123. Hk g36 uv printed??
  124. Calling all B&T suppressor owners!
  125. Hk g36 cqb "nasa" model ??
  126. Return of the sub-gun?
  127. MP5 40 stuck case
  128. 40s&w subsonic through an mp5/40 ?
  129. RDIAS with MR556 lower and HK416 upper.
  130. Need Person In D/FW area
  131. P2000sk silencer
  132. MP5K/40 sear issue
  133. Vector V-53 with 8 inch barrel, collapsible stock
  134. Mark 23 KAC Suppressor Pouch
  135. Happy Days
  136. DLO trigger pack
  137. MP5SD or MP5
  138. Parts Interchangability
  139. MSG90 NFA or Not?
  140. MP5/suppressor combo problem
  141. Looking for specs and documentation for the G36E1
  142. Simple fix
  143. MP5 Hensoldt Wetzlar Scope questions
  144. Why won't a registered trigger pack physically run a G36? Know it's been discussed
  145. HK Benelli M1 Super 90 Short Barrel
  146. G36C suppressed (AAC SDN6 or Saker 556)
  147. mp5 extended stock
  148. Which Threaded barrel
  149. Octane 9 to go with my MP5-N and Qualified Sear
  150. HK MP5SD Issue
  151. HK 93 FA conversion with a Fleming Sear pack advice sought
  152. 3-Lug Suppressor Issues on MP5 and MP5 10
  153. Benelli M1S90 SBS
  154. Trigger pack question
  155. MP5K PDW Eagle Ind drop leg holsters
  156. Fleming Sear
  157. Suppressed MP5... 165gr 9mm Ammo
  158. MR556 Engraving location?
  159. HK Select Fire Range Trip
  160. How long is the free length of the recoil spring for the MP5?
  161. Hk94 into sbr. How to question
  162. Ti-Rant 45 on MP5 40 3 Lug
  163. A little 23E to 21E conversion video.....
  164. Octane 45 HD on an MP5?
  165. Knights Armament Suppressor for Mark 23 Question?
  166. VIDEO: Suppressed Mark 23 shooting - different microphones/sound
  167. Never seen one, no one makes one but i want one
  168. My TSC MP5-N and Qualified Sear are finally home!
  169. Video of Vickers and Hackathorn Shooting HK45C with AAC Tirant (s?)
  170. Interesting Conversation with ATF on HK416 SF Receivers
  171. Which 9mm HK pistol is your ideal suppressor host?
  172. Why no HK21e, HK23e, or clones of such, posts?
  173. P30 suppressor troubles
  174. Ump what am I missing
  175. Suppresed HK91
  176. FA 308 video
  177. HK33-K clone/host ready for finishing touches
  178. Length of flush barrel protruding from MP5K?
  179. KAC can for HK 9mm
  180. whats the best design for a suppessor for standard mp5?
  181. Thanks guys, I jumped in head first.
  182. Is a burst pack worth having?
  183. Anyone else think LEO mags are cool? Pictures of my sears and SBR hosts with LEO mags
  184. Has anyone read this BS over on SubGuns?
  185. MR556 video, suppressed vs un-suppressed
  186. MP5K Clone Host
  187. How hard is it to remove autosear from burst pack and re-install?
  188. 10.4" MR556 Suppressed performance?
  189. Need info on Cerakote color used by Gerard at PowerShot
  190. HK 91 extended cocking handle
  191. Form 1 hurt your HK investment?
  192. Slowing MP5 Rate of Fire Down
  193. Picked up my GEMTECH Raptor II today for 9mm today
  194. SD Barrel Port Brush Threading
  195. Comparison please, HK 33 vs M16
  196. Competition rail, fitted over suppressor....anyone done it yet?
  197. Regular USP 9 suppressed with standard recoil assembly
  198. It's back! HK MP5 and UMP Operator Course
  199. HK51 need advise on the stock
  200. DJ Getz DF89KFS SBR project
  201. Can some explain to me why this isn't a machine gun?
  202. Custom MP5K Foam for Storm im2370?
  203. My SD project - almost two years!
  204. Sear testing
  205. Need to find a stripped trigger box for a 4 position burst pack- source?
  206. Smells like a felony
  207. B&T UMP flash hider not fitting on shockwave flange mounts?
  208. MKE sp89 Host
  209. How do you divorce a sear from a HK? HELP PLEASE!!
  210. Finally! MP5K-N by TSC Form 4 Cleared
  211. MP5K trigger group
  212. OSPREY .45 - My New Purchase
  213. 10.4" mr556 with surefire 556rc or 14.5" 416 with oss suppressor?
  214. Ti-Rant 9mm Booster question???
  215. Thinking about getting my feet wet.
  216. .22 sear hosts?
  217. What go I have here?
  218. HK as a supressor host: P30L v USP Tactical
  219. RCM MP5-N Barrel w/ 3-Lug Suppressor
  220. Supressor recommendation.
  221. Semi to Sear Pack
  222. SBR direction with HK 94 or SP89.
  223. PTR32P - Second trip to the range video - first time the gun has ran - sorta
  224. Fleming MP5SD question
  225. For those times that you need to clean your HK GMG
  226. MP-5 A3 stock nubie question.
  227. PTR 32 KFR - sear ready (almost)
  228. Huh? Semi-Auto G36E for sale?
  229. Christmas in January
  230. SP 89 Host Shelf Question
  231. Co-Witness mount for Aimpoint Comp M4 on MP5
  232. Choate side folder plate question
  233. HTA Guardian 9 options
  234. UMP 45 Suppressor
  235. Which suppressor host to choose??
  236. Looking for a fair price to ask on a UMP package (post)
  237. Anything other than perhaps too hot a load cause this shell case pattern- 9mm MP5 ?
  238. Hammer spring in my trigger pack/sear
  239. How-To: SBR Walther made HK MP5A5
  240. My 1426 day frustration journey to get a SD!
  241. SBR engraving requirement for DJ Getz DF89 / MP5
  242. Has the extractor spring design ever been improved upon by HK?
  243. MR556 SBR Engraving???
  244. 7.62x39
  245. MP5k stock wobble and 9mm ejector lever marks: question. see pics
  246. need help for a friend
  247. Photo mp7 submachine gun
  248. Installing trigger housing forward takedown pin.
  249. Mickey Finn MP5SD suppressor civilian sales?
  250. Correct suppressor for HK MK 23 question