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  1. Is a burst pack worth having?
  2. Anyone else think LEO mags are cool? Pictures of my sears and SBR hosts with LEO mags
  3. Has anyone read this BS over on SubGuns?
  4. MR556 video, suppressed vs un-suppressed
  5. MP5K Clone Host
  6. How hard is it to remove autosear from burst pack and re-install?
  7. 10.4" MR556 Suppressed performance?
  8. Need info on Cerakote color used by Gerard at PowerShot
  9. HK 91 extended cocking handle
  10. Form 1 hurt your HK investment?
  11. Slowing MP5 Rate of Fire Down
  12. Picked up my GEMTECH Raptor II today for 9mm today
  13. SD Barrel Port Brush Threading
  14. Comparison please, HK 33 vs M16
  15. Competition rail, fitted over suppressor....anyone done it yet?
  16. Regular USP 9 suppressed with standard recoil assembly
  17. It's back! HK MP5 and UMP Operator Course
  18. HK51 need advise on the stock
  19. DJ Getz DF89KFS SBR project
  20. Can some explain to me why this isn't a machine gun?
  21. Custom MP5K Foam for Storm im2370?
  22. My SD project - almost two years!
  23. Sear testing
  24. Need to find a stripped trigger box for a 4 position burst pack- source?
  25. Smells like a felony
  26. B&T UMP flash hider not fitting on shockwave flange mounts?
  27. MKE sp89 Host
  28. How do you divorce a sear from a HK? HELP PLEASE!!
  29. Finally! MP5K-N by TSC Form 4 Cleared
  30. MP5K trigger group
  31. OSPREY .45 - My New Purchase
  32. 10.4" mr556 with surefire 556rc or 14.5" 416 with oss suppressor?
  33. Ti-Rant 9mm Booster question???
  34. Thinking about getting my feet wet.
  35. .22 sear hosts?
  36. What go I have here?
  37. HK as a supressor host: P30L v USP Tactical
  38. RCM MP5-N Barrel w/ 3-Lug Suppressor
  39. Supressor recommendation.
  40. Semi to Sear Pack
  41. SBR direction with HK 94 or SP89.
  42. PTR32P - Second trip to the range video - first time the gun has ran - sorta
  43. Fleming MP5SD question
  44. For those times that you need to clean your HK GMG
  45. MP-5 A3 stock nubie question.
  46. PTR 32 KFR - sear ready (almost)
  47. Huh? Semi-Auto G36E for sale?
  48. Christmas in January
  49. SP 89 Host Shelf Question
  50. Co-Witness mount for Aimpoint Comp M4 on MP5
  51. Choate side folder plate question
  52. HTA Guardian 9 options
  53. UMP 45 Suppressor
  54. Which suppressor host to choose??
  55. Looking for a fair price to ask on a UMP package (post)
  56. Anything other than perhaps too hot a load cause this shell case pattern- 9mm MP5 ?
  57. Hammer spring in my trigger pack/sear
  58. How-To: SBR Walther made HK MP5A5
  59. My 1426 day frustration journey to get a SD!
  60. SBR engraving requirement for DJ Getz DF89 / MP5
  61. Has the extractor spring design ever been improved upon by HK?
  62. MR556 SBR Engraving???
  63. 7.62x39
  64. MP5k stock wobble and 9mm ejector lever marks: question. see pics
  65. need help for a friend
  66. Photo mp7 submachine gun
  67. Installing trigger housing forward takedown pin.
  68. Mickey Finn MP5SD suppressor civilian sales?
  69. Correct suppressor for HK MK 23 question
  70. Market falling out?
  71. Tall Novak night sights
  72. 1/2x28 and HK 3 lug?
  73. Just Ordered a Tirant 45s.....
  74. Best suppressor with smallest length
  75. 3 lug on pistol for suppressor use
  76. Any safety concerns with a semi hk94 pack in a SEF contoured lower?
  77. HK 416c specs? (Barrel and rail)
  78. Hk p7m13sd pic
  79. Best HK Pistol Suppressor Host
  80. UMP Supressor advice needed
  81. Hard Times Armory MP5SD questions
  82. LAPD to issue mp7 to k9/ motor officers
  83. Is This a Sear Gun or RR?
  84. Alternatives to Gerard Miller for sear install and setup?
  85. trigger pack
  86. New Octane 9....thread protector on or off??????
  87. Some help with in-laws MP5 and MP5SD
  88. MP5 kit
  89. "Full auto Christmas in Texas video"
  90. Finally! First Outing with DLO Pack.. (Video)
  91. MP5 40 problems?
  92. HDPS UMP Barrel fitment issues
  93. POF-5 MP5 Conversion possible?
  94. MP5 trigger pack - anyone knows who made this?
  95. What is wrong with my new K gun?
  96. UMP full auto issue
  97. Shoulder firing 100 rounds through the 23E
  98. MM23e with forward rail
  99. Suppressing an HK4
  100. PTR 32 Full Auto Issues
  101. Approval....FINALLY!!!
  102. Took a friend to shoot full autos yesterday. The 23E got a little love :)
  103. SL8->G36K conversion with a lot of gas blowback in my face suppressed
  104. Latest Stamp eForm1 Approved - SW94-40 PDW-SBR
  105. Quick Info Post: HK MR556A1 and MR762A1 Barrel Thread Pitch Specs
  106. FA MP5 hammer strut coming off hammer issue
  107. Shooting VP9 Suppressed - Wear and Tear - NOT a Problem
  108. best full auto suppresor
  109. How about a SAR update as it pertains to HK from those lucky enough to have gone?
  110. USP 9 and USP .45 with an Osprey .45
  111. What is this?
  112. Perfect Solution to Surefire 628 and SilencerCo Octane!!!
  113. Knights Armament Mark 23 Suppressor work on a USP-T .45 ?
  114. 9mm NATO in MP5/MP5K?
  115. MP5SD "post or pre-sample" Pictures request
  116. Mp5 or Mp5SD mistake
  117. How are MP5's currently being stamped?
  118. Wife's first time with a USP9SD
  119. Who makes this MP5SD light mount?
  120. Hammer for timed sear?
  121. Turkish MP5 A4-fixed stock: Non transferable..any interest?
  122. Failure to extract on a Fleming MP5
  123. Ammo Question for MP5K
  124. Best tool kit for full-auto MP5SD?
  125. NP5SD newbie questions
  126. HK MP5SD markings
  127. VIDEO: Suppressed MP5 shooting
  128. Full Auto Mag issue 33k w/MKE mags
  129. Question about barrel length on Benelli M1 for SBS
  130. Possible mr556 sbr's
  131. 158gr in MP5K
  132. Carbon Fouling: Cut Down MR556 w/SilencerCo Saker
  133. MP5 SMG clone diagnosis
  134. MP5/40 clone with F/A SEF trigger pack - bolt rides over ejector and jams
  135. Stamp day
  136. AAC 3 Lug Adapter -_finally for MP5
  137. Cowittness Aimpoint M2 Ring Size for MP5 Cowittness on B&T Mount?
  138. dumb MP5K stock question
  139. HK SBR (PTR91PDW) in 7.62x51mm NATO and suppressor
  140. Burst Pack Problem
  141. Octane 45 On USP45CT Sight Question
  142. Can you convert a friction sear pack to a roller one?
  143. Crazy Price for HK21 Trigger Pack
  144. Grip compatibility
  145. HK G3SD? Anyone have one?
  146. Converting Registered Sear Pack from 9mm to .40 cal
  147. 4 new SBR
  148. VIDEO: UMP front sight cut
  149. Fleming K-Stock
  150. Ever any HKpro MG shoots ?
  151. Finally Joined the HK NFA Club!
  152. suggest a MP5K clone for SBR
  153. Hk53 handstop
  154. Ok folks, let's talk suppressors for the mr762a1
  155. Suppressor on standard USP9 Yes or no?
  156. USP CT 45 and suppressor options?
  157. How to register together HK sear and a SBR or rilfe (I Need Help)
  158. MP5 suppressor question?
  159. Can a FA HK51 be a practical weapon?
  160. Sorry for the post, Just got my first stamp *SBR* now to turn my g36 clone into a C
  161. Supressor with G28 Rail on MR762
  162. Anybody bid at the Corbett Auctions Proxibid today?
  163. P9S .45 suppressed
  164. Throw Back Thursday
  165. HK33 with S&H searů need your opinion
  166. Trying out a DLO pack
  167. Hk94 IG, pre may?
  168. Happy Birthday to me ...
  169. couple random vids - slo mo hk 51 fireballs
  170. USC Barrel In Factory UMP 45?
  171. Southeastern PA Machine Guns Shoot Photo
  172. VP9, Osprey & X300 ultra
  173. Brugger & Thomet supressors
  174. Ambidextrous 3 position Navy and 4 position trigger box housing query
  175. USP .45T w AAC TiRant - eating Suppressor O-Rings
  176. Tax stamp day.....
  177. My HK45 w/Silencerco Osprey 45
  178. 9mm can suggestions
  179. James D Julia Auction - G3SG1
  180. looking for some help
  181. Saker 556 flash hider mount
  182. Stamp Day
  183. MP5 Wooden Handguard
  184. V53 + AAC M4 1000 suppressor - what am in for?
  185. PTR barrel chop and thread help
  186. Make a buddy smile
  187. UMP flange mount suppressors?
  188. pof-5 and k
  189. I've been searching, but still have loads of questions...I swear I'm trying
  190. Clipping lowers
  191. Light Primer Strikes in MM-11 when moving Sear from HK-94 SBR
  192. Help me with spare parts list
  193. Light primer strike issue on MP5K - Picture Inside
  194. Locking Piece ID
  195. Opinions needed for HK 45CT suppressor buy.
  196. Barrel - missing rifling?
  197. V53 Fires In FA But Will Not Reset In SA
  198. MP5K optic
  199. MP 7 A1
  200. B&T Impuls IIA for USPT Engravings
  201. VIDEO: Surefire 328LMG with Octane 3 lug mount
  202. Finally SBR'd UMP
  203. Short video of my HK53 built by Mr. Mike Otte
  204. C93 Length Question
  205. random pic of weekends hardware at the range with a friend- hk clone heavy
  206. Pic requests for a reg sear "timed" hammer pack.
  207. Hk33k or MP5k
  208. Help a new guy with an MP5SD Clone
  209. Price check Navy burst pack
  210. Another host for my two sears - My all German HK53
  211. SEF pack id .....
  212. MP5 Lighted forend/Suppressor compatible
  213. MKE 94k sear ready?
  214. SEF to Navy lower
  215. Need to insure my UMP Conversion anyone sell complete units?
  216. DLO Pack
  217. need MP5 barrel replaced
  218. Smoking Crack on Subguns: re RR PP MP5s
  219. Question regarding HK 45 Tactical and AAC Tirant
  220. HK MP5-N - redone by Gerard Miller
  221. Looking for length of mp5k Guide rod assembly
  222. PTR91 "pistol upper?"
  223. Just ordered the AAC-TIRant for my HK45 Tactical!
  224. 4 position sear pack?
  225. HK45 Tactical Query
  226. Need advice on UMP flash hiders and barrel dimensions for cut/thread job.
  227. HK 51 Multi Cal Sear Machine Gun
  228. Troubleshooting a PTR32PDW with Sear
  229. Price check on HK transferable MGs
  230. MP5SD hates Fiocchi 115gr
  231. Different recoil rod assembly for silenced P30
  232. Is there such as thing as a pre-may registered sear?
  233. Can someone provide a list of sear hosts, manufacturers, and pricing?
  234. KAC NT4 Suppressor on G36k used by German Special Force
  235. HK45 Damage From Suppressor?
  236. HK53 clone not cycling with suppressor
  237. Finally in the club....
  238. Anyone try this setup?
  239. My own personal Machine Gun shoot (video)
  240. Time To Sell Some Stuff & Want Input
  241. Who Wants to Convert My HK94?
  242. MP5A5 NSN number?
  243. Question on Group Ind. MP5
  244. UMP .40 Barrel Threading Question
  245. Question about sear hosting on semi auto, shelf receivers
  246. Finally! Brought my sear home...
  247. Registered Sear Pack
  248. Best threaded barrel for p2000?
  249. HK45C and SWR/SilencerCo Octane 45 HD sight picture
  250. Suppressed VP9 issues