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  1. Difference between XM8 and G36 Magazine (Photo Comparison)
  2. You think you had a bad day at work...
  3. USP Tactical 40 silenced
  4. SP5K Form 1 OAL, with B&T long; but what if I add B&T barrel
  5. SP5K with a 4-Position Trigger Housing
  6. Host for SilencerCo Specwar 762
  7. MP5 accuracy issues. advice needed
  8. SEF lower conversion
  9. B&T 3-lug barrel x32 TP
  10. Suppressing my VP9 - RCM barrel or Silencerco barrel?
  11. DLO Conversion to 0-1-2-F Ambi
  12. MP5-40/10 thread adapter for YHM 45 can
  13. Has anyone use a Rugged Obsidian can on an HK45T? Are the sights tall enough?
  14. Need Guidance- Thread Issue with Gemtech Can and MK23
  15. HK 21E BUILD Serial Number Format
  16. SP5K 3-lug barrel from B&T
  17. Is the AAC Ti-Rant still a good option for an HK45 or 45T?
  18. MP5 SBR engrave bottom of receiver under trunion?
  19. Just bought my first can today!!!!
  20. SBRing SL8 Conversion
  21. MP5 Left handed operation
  22. Looking to buy a registered sear pack.
  23. Full Auto 416 SBR...
  24. Another SP5K Thread: Folding stock & VFG
  25. What's everyone planning on using X32 or X28 threads for their SP5K projects
  26. How "wet" should a roller locker be after cleaning
  27. having a brain fart. need fixed barrel spacer for mp5 silencer correct?
  28. UPDATE Need advice... Real or fake MP5 LEO mags
  29. Bowers Group 3-lug Adaptors.
  30. MR556 conversion to SBR 10.4" inquiry
  31. Co-witness question
  32. SENDING IN FORM 1's, need advise please
  33. Mr762 suppressor and keymod?
  34. Be careful when switching over to 922r compliant parts or you might get a surprise.
  35. HK53-ish clone in 300blk, suppressor attachment opinion
  36. Advice on de-milling HK MP5 / 40's
  37. Vector 53K still having fails with live round and spent crushed case inside
  38. Stamp day (finally!!!)
  39. New problem with the PTR32
  40. HK MR556SD and MR762SD
  41. hk 556 / 762 AAC suppressor question
  42. Does HK "Approve" of any 9mm Suppressors for their Handguns?
  43. Converting .223 pack to 9mm pack
  44. New guy here need advice... Real or fake MP5 mags?
  45. Memorial Day Eve night fire of the HK53 and the MP5
  46. G28 Suppressor
  47. SP5k engravings (Those that went to NRA)
  48. 2016 MP5 Suppressor Options
  49. First time shooter of Mp5. (Questions and PICS)
  50. Sear pack prices?!?!?
  51. SBR MKE Z5P & Z5RS + others
  52. Registared HK Sear Geometry Question
  53. What is a good CAN for a g36 or XM8 build
  54. Folding SB-Tactical Brace
  55. Thoughts on HK Registered Trigger/Housing/Group
  56. MP5SD suppressor questions
  57. SP5k AOW vs. SBR
  58. Tax Stamp Day! USC - UMP conversion
  59. SP5K Dealer Cost $2k
  60. SP89 to MP5K-N Country Manufacture for e-file
  61. Would you rather........
  62. My 21E.
  63. Dr Dater at NRA Show
  64. HK-94 - make it an NFA SBR or not?
  65. Burst group firing 3rb when on Semi.
  66. UMP Defender - Advanced Armament manual
  67. HK MP5K Operational Briefcase in action.
  68. USC form 1 disapproved
  69. SEF Ambi Selector?
  70. SP5K "first look" spec info
  71. SP5K stock option question
  72. Zenith z-5p with Osprey, really pleased
  73. Would you get ATI retractable stock or Fixed stock...
  74. C93 Full Auto
  75. Z-5 & Octane 9: 3-lug vs. direct thread vs. piston with spacer?
  76. Found it, "History of the MP5", the MP5K with folding stock prior to the PDW tri-lug.
  77. 21e Barrel Mystery
  78. Mounting a Surefire to MP5 with Suppressor
  79. The HK SP5K pistol
  80. Considering a used HK45C...
  81. H K 94 vs clone SBR FA
  82. Mp5/10 flash hider effectiveness
  83. Why does the MP5K have 4 different Locking Pieces, but the MP5 only has one?
  84. OFAST June 25th - in OK. Drop by Line spot #6 and say hello if you are there.
  85. TSC Machine Burnt Bronze MP5: MP5F, MP5K
  86. NFA Goodness /w Video
  87. Walther G36 .22 to G36C Conversion *Pics*
  88. Form 1'ing MKE 5RS. Using A3 stock, what is the OAL?
  89. Zenith MP5 problem
  90. sbr'd ptr91
  91. Please help identify this MP5K carrier
  92. Silencerco Hybrid on a USP Tactical
  93. Gemtech MK9k
  94. MP5SD - saved from the armory
  95. I received my MP5 today
  96. Weekend's shooting MP5 . Just a random musing and nothing else special (pic).
  97. First MP5 experiance
  98. BMP K and sear issue. Carrier riding over trip lever.
  99. MP5 & Octane 9 Owners
  100. MP5 vs MP5KN-PDW vs MP5SD
  101. Does anyone know how many USPCT cans KAC Produced?
  102. Pistol Host Dilemma
  103. So I sort of misfiled my sears. Suggestions?
  104. RE: How can a RR be in three calibers???
  105. MKE - 5RS + AAC can
  106. Help! Trigger pack with auto sear won't work after retracting hammer while cleaning
  107. So, Tom did this...
  108. Where are all the MP5's and SD's?
  109. suppressed HK 91
  110. Streamlight TLR-1 HL w/P30 & Osprey 9 (?)
  111. Question on OAL for sbr.
  112. AAC 45
  113. supressor + usp = new recoild assembly as well?
  114. Thompson Machine SG-2 Supressor on MP5 clones
  115. HK MP5/40 SD w/Fleming H Sear sold for 45K
  116. MM21e suppressed shooting
  117. DOJ HK 94 Video
  118. Totally Confused about mp5 and HK
  119. Problem with Form 3: Overall length of HK53A2
  120. HK G3 4 Position Trigger Housings
  121. Any HKpro guys headed to OFASTS this June ?
  122. HK53 Factory Correct Magwell Markings...Close up photos?
  123. Difference between Choate and Aftermarket HK style folding stock
  124. USC/UMP barrel cut and thread
  125. Help replacing buffer on B&T MP5 stock
  126. Zenith MKE MP5 SD coming?
  127. video of MP5 brass catcher I just picked up
  128. Plastic ammo in HK91
  129. Frank's trying to go to the 40's on Sear/ host combo
  130. Best Day Everů Two Form 4 approved in the same day!
  131. HK MP5K-N SBR Price
  132. Hk51 - what is it ?
  133. I wanted a new Suppressor Host...
  134. PTR 32P suppressed question
  135. Got it! :)
  136. SW5 Function Problem Running Full Auto: Need Help
  137. Engraving on Rear Pushpin Flange; Verdict?
  138. HK MP5K-PDW, best gunsmith for a tune up?
  139. Got a call the other day that my paperwork was back for my KAC suppressor...
  140. HK93 > 53 SBR process
  141. My new Omega 9K
  142. MP5SD suppressor - best option before 41p
  143. Nice MP5 German Policewoman Carrying MP5
  144. HK11 FA dead trigger problem solved
  145. Strange request I know: Does anyone still make Faux SD Cans?
  146. HK 93 Video
  147. Interesting email from the atf
  148. Zenith/MKE SBR owners, come on in!!
  149. USC/UMP barrel options
  150. Finally found the book ...
  151. QD 3 lug flash hider wont fit on a 3 lug barrel
  152. SL8-6: Permanent vs Temporary changes in SBR configuration
  153. Educate me on the MP5SD build
  154. MKE best value MP5?
  155. What Suppressors are you running on your G3Ks and HK91Ks?
  156. Hk sp5k/mp5k swap with mp5 long barrel
  157. MP5SD receiver dimensions
  158. Need help on his project
  159. Question for the experts about MP5k-pdw lower in the 90's
  160. HK MP5 - Springfield Armory import?
  161. PR 32K running 100% FA but with bolt gap less than .008"
  162. HK21e parts breakage
  163. Pros/cons of registered receiver HK93
  164. V53 SBR (New Owner) Stock Question
  165. HK93 RR Conversion
  166. Which silencer for a G3K?
  167. MP5A3 or A2?
  168. Will a hk416 upper work on a M16A1 lower?
  169. WTB: Looking for a threaded P7K3 .22 Threaded BBL
  170. CA89K SBR, Who has one? (From 1 Question, did I screw up LOL)
  171. Beta CMAG or X91 drumx2
  172. Fix for suppressing VP9 yet?
  173. Who would you choose for a usc to ump
  174. POF Green MP5 Stock Set
  175. When and why were the rear tabs added to the mp5k?
  176. Finally got my Fleming Sear: quick range trip report.
  177. suppressor for my mp5/ 9mm hand guns
  178. Lifesize HK 416D canvas print I made (pics)
  179. Suppressor for VP40
  180. How to SBR an HK MP5 22
  181. MGA MK46 beltfed for reg. hk sear - It'd be sweet if I felt good n safe for sear use
  182. Short-Barrel Suppressor?
  183. K to PDW MP5 barrel- can the barrel just be threaded for a tri-lug stump like a G3K?
  184. Suppressed UMP40 cycling issues
  185. How to differentiate MP5k and MP5
  186. Suppressed P30LS
  187. Brethren Arms built MP5s
  188. How to ID Hk registered receiver
  189. Suppressed USP 9 Expert/SD
  190. A question regarding shims.
  191. Closed a deal on an HK53
  192. POF 5 for an SBR
  193. Receiver markings
  194. Thank You -
  195. HK45-Octane45
  196. New HK owner thread/suppressor question (yes another one)
  197. Anyone using a Pro Mag 73 (7.62x39) full auto in a PTR?
  198. HK94 to MP5-N Conversion Questions
  199. Vague does not even begin to cover the lack of details here......... Oh Frank
  200. H&K 23 E/21 E from TSC (Pictures added)
  201. Import/Export of MR 762 uppers
  202. MR762 Omega can trial run
  203. Griffin M4SD-II Suppressor and HK 5.56 Firearms
  204. Interesting new gun announcement
  205. VIDEO: MP5 & USP-SD (Octane 9) vs. Steel
  206. HK stock choices and suggestions
  207. Heavy searitis infection . HK11 and HK13 input needed
  208. ▄b Training Bolt worth it now, or did I miss the boat
  209. Suppressing the VP9
  210. Suppressed P30
  211. KAC MK23 can rubs coating off barrel
  212. VIDEO: MP5 torture test teaser...
  213. Can for MP5k. Suggestions? Gemtech Mk9k; Silencerco Octane 9; Octane 45k.
  214. FTE/FTF with sear in Vector 53
  215. Registered sear trigger pack and hosts?
  216. I missed out.
  217. Epic Fail
  218. Little Dyer 93 to 33 fun while cold outside!
  219. 9mm clone suppressor (8.9" bbl)?
  220. Angela Merkel in the stan with MP7!
  221. PTR-32 Rifle
  222. Fleming sear on GB
  223. MP5 Engraving Location
  224. Nice quiet day at the range
  225. HDPS 16x1 LH UMP birdcage on 7 inch barrel
  226. SBR marking from TSC Machine and Jayson of IGF??
  227. Mm23e recoil spring?
  228. New form 4 with sear and newly SBR weapon question
  229. Flash hider or muzzle brake for suppressor use?
  230. HK MR762 A1 LRP suppressed?
  231. PTR SBR integral suppresor build
  232. HK53 clone reliability?
  233. Problems PTR32 Gen2 full size
  234. PTR32 & controllability during full-auto
  235. Vollmer HK51 A3 stock & PTR32P
  236. Any MM23e-K owners out there? Got a few questions
  237. HK91 0,1,F Ambi Pictogram Lower (C&P)
  238. New Suppressor Host - VP9 factory barrel or Silencerco?
  239. HK94 pistol with sear questions
  240. Form 1 POF-5 MP5 Specific Questions
  241. Seeking a short/fat FA capable suppressor for MP5k
  242. Sear in a Zenith Z-43P??? Suppressed???
  243. WTK: RCM MP5K-PDW barrel?
  244. So can a 33SG1 pack be converted to semi clipped/pinned?
  245. Walther G36 .22, where to engrave on gun?
  246. Mike Otte got the DAG bolt running great in my full auto HK51! Made a video of it.
  247. SBR of a Walther 416 .22 pistol
  248. Legal to convert a G3 to HK 21?
  249. Hk g36 serial numbers
  250. SBRing home built HKs