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  1. POF 5 for an SBR
  2. RDTS semi auto MP5SD - sold for 12K
  3. Receiver markings
  4. Thank You -
  5. HK45-Octane45
  6. New HK owner thread/suppressor question (yes another one)
  7. Anyone using a Pro Mag 73 (7.62x39) full auto in a PTR?
  8. HK94 to MP5-N Conversion Questions
  9. Vague does not even begin to cover the lack of details here......... Oh Frank
  10. H&K 23 E/21 E from TSC (Pictures added)
  11. Import/Export of MR 762 uppers
  12. MR762 Omega can trial run
  13. Griffin M4SD-II Suppressor and HK 5.56 Firearms
  14. Interesting new gun announcement
  15. VIDEO: MP5 & USP-SD (Octane 9) vs. Steel
  16. HK stock choices and suggestions
  17. Üb Training Bolt worth it now, or did I miss the boat
  18. Suppressing the VP9
  19. Suppressed P30
  20. KAC MK23 can rubs coating off barrel
  21. VIDEO: MP5 torture test teaser...
  22. Can for MP5k. Suggestions? Gemtech Mk9k; Silencerco Octane 9; Octane 45k.
  23. FTE/FTF with sear in Vector 53
  24. Registered sear trigger pack and hosts?
  25. I missed out.
  26. Epic Fail
  27. Little Dyer 93 to 33 fun while cold outside!
  28. 9mm clone suppressor (8.9" bbl)?
  29. Angela Merkel in the stan with MP7!
  30. PTR-32 Rifle
  31. Fleming sear on GB
  32. MP5 Engraving Location
  33. Nice quiet day at the range
  34. HDPS 16x1 LH UMP birdcage on 7 inch barrel
  35. SBR marking from TSC Machine and Jayson of IGF??
  36. Mm23e recoil spring?
  37. New form 4 with sear and newly SBR weapon question
  38. Flash hider or muzzle brake for suppressor use?
  39. HK MR762 A1 LRP suppressed?
  40. PTR SBR integral suppresor build
  41. HK53 clone reliability?
  42. Problems PTR32 Gen2 full size
  43. PTR32 & controllability during full-auto
  44. Vollmer HK51 A3 stock & PTR32P
  45. Any MM23e-K owners out there? Got a few questions
  46. HK91 0,1,F Ambi Pictogram Lower (C&P)
  47. New Suppressor Host - VP9 factory barrel or Silencerco?
  48. HK94 pistol with sear questions
  49. Form 1 POF-5 MP5 Specific Questions
  50. Seeking a short/fat FA capable suppressor for MP5k
  51. Sear in a Zenith Z-43P??? Suppressed???
  52. WTK: RCM MP5K-PDW barrel?
  53. So can a 33SG1 pack be converted to semi clipped/pinned?
  54. Walther G36 .22, where to engrave on gun?
  55. Mike Otte got the DAG bolt running great in my full auto HK51! Made a video of it.
  56. SBR of a Walther 416 .22 pistol
  57. Legal to convert a G3 to HK 21?
  58. Hk g36 serial numbers
  59. SBRing home built HKs
  60. Pre-86 SL6
  61. Suppressor for HK416
  62. Engraving POF MP5SK
  63. SP89; to SBR, or not?
  64. Which is the best HK full auto for proper security of small neighborhood?
  65. All MP5s go to heaven. Video.
  66. Got my VP9 silencerco barrel
  67. Decisions Decisions... MP5K or mp5?
  68. No model # on PTR
  69. G36K (12.5" barrel) shooting with no flash hider
  70. Happy to be finally in the sear club.
  71. Cutting Front Sight?
  72. Quick advise sought - SEF F/A trip lever
  73. . took the kids out for some HK MG action this past weekend (pic only)
  74. Which MKE Pistol will make the best suppressed, SBR? The 5P or the 5RS?
  75. Help me decide which MKE Pistol, the 5P or the 5RS, I should get for a suppresed, SBR
  76. Was a pretty knights day out today and snapped a few pics
  77. Can someone with a real HK23 feed mech compare something for me?
  78. Semi SEF pack sear installation
  79. Getting discouraged
  80. Sear custody?
  81. Another happy stamp day report - 8 months and two stamps in the making
  82. Santa relieving holiday stress with the 23E - video
  83. MD SBR Help!!
  84. SD Suppressor pouch - HKPro thread & member inspired
  85. Cyclic rate question
  86. HK USP 9mm > Adding Tactical Barrel Possible? For Silencer
  87. Need Help: Vector 53K starting to have FTE'S on full auto
  88. Going Full Auto
  89. drill fixture for MP5 receivers, who's got em?
  90. NFA Prices
  91. Made machine gun salsa today with the MM23E - Video
  92. Rate of fire is wonky - Update page 3
  93. HK Stolen Gun in the News
  94. Does anyone shoot an UMP better than an MP5?
  95. Name My Next Build . . .
  96. Just bought a new Mark 23 and Knights suppressor.
  97. HK Sear & 53 Vollmer Build $1,995
  98. Where to find full-auto carrier for PTR32-K
  99. Cetme Hk G3?
  100. First round cycling issue hk53 MG
  101. sear pack question
  102. If you owned both a HK-94 carbine and a POF-MP5 pistol, which one would you SBR??
  103. Help with FA HK93 or 33
  104. DAP ammo in other HK and German guns?
  105. Trouble shooting a 53 / sear combo
  106. Bolt carrier for DAP ammo. How to cut down?
  107. Video of how an HK sear works
  108. Gemtech Raptor vs. MK9K Comparison
  109. HK53 Locking Piece Question
  110. Is it possible to tell if a HK Factory G3 is pre or post samples by the markings.
  111. Raptor 40 suppressor
  112. SEF to 4 position pack
  113. planning to have bbl cut to SBR a 94 clone - looking for guidance
  114. wtk hk kac mk23 supp on sig p220
  115. HK 53 Form 1 (online forms) Caliber
  116. WTK: How to tell if 3 round burst pack is factory HK?
  117. RE: How do you identify genuine MP5K barrel
  118. Walther/Umarex 3 Lug tube for MP5 22lr
  119. Will the lugs on an MP5 barrel wear out with 3-lug mount use?
  120. Has anyone SBR'd a MKE Z-5P?
  121. Is a JRW HK sear same as a Fleming ? see pics
  122. hk 9mm for suppression, vp9 vs. usp t
  123. Here is a picture of a Left hand MP-5
  124. C93 Pistol F/A Bolt Carrier
  125. MP5 / 10mm Identification
  126. MP5 mag tutorial needed
  127. Who do I need to talk to/ship my MP5/K to for a full auto job?
  128. Suppressor sights for a VP9
  129. DLO Trigger housing (metal frame) vs. Fleming Sear
  130. Can a regular person get an Mp5?
  131. 53 muzzle break question
  132. HK21 parts interchangeability question
  133. Need help identifying 3 MP-5 retrac stocks, see pics.
  134. On the Fence
  135. MP5-SD questions
  136. Mp5k sear.
  137. usp suppressor height sights - fiber optic options / heights
  138. Knights MP5 Navy Suppressor and MP5/10 Suppressor
  139. Mark 23 Sights for Running Suppressed
  140. Swapping transferable trigger frame between 2 & 3 round burst 4-pos trigger groups
  141. HK armorers course Open To The General Public?
  142. Will the Silencero Octane 45 damage my USP?
  143. MP5 engraving
  144. Easing MP5-SD Cleaning Chores
  145. Smooth sided grip for HK metal lower
  146. Old School HK21
  147. looking to send my g36 to get a tommy built conersion, which shipping and supressor ?
  148. Form 1 - Manufacturer v. Importer
  149. Finally got my hands on my KAC USPCT Can!
  150. Suppressor recommendations for HK USP Tactical .45
  151. Stamp came in today for this MP5 clone (Turner Fab) with HK factory A3 F stock
  152. What's wrong with this Picture?
  153. Who does HK-94 to MP-5 conversions
  154. Registered Receiver MP5 vs sear
  155. What is the transferable part on this?
  156. WTK: Clip and pin a metal trigger group for MP5
  157. Sear install check list and tips
  158. Best Ammo for MP5 with Sear & Heavy Hammer Spring
  159. HK45CT V3, With Ti-Rant 45M.
  160. Which LP for HK51 full auto?
  161. Took My kid out to shoot some HK toys
  162. MM23E First Impressions.
  163. Picture Request: Post, Pre-Sample MP5, MP5SD Pictures
  164. VP9 quiet as a mouse
  165. Sear/Pistol/SBR question
  166. How Do You Verify that an "HK" MP5 is genuine HK?
  167. Hk293 select fire conversion
  168. G36C/ AAC mini-4
  169. High-speed watermelon hunting
  170. NFA FUN, see if you can spot the violation...
  171. PTR32P as sear host
  172. UMP fusion vs stock block?
  173. Ambidextrous selector for SEF pack
  174. Sear Pack Question
  175. g36"C" food ....
  176. Mp7 whereabouts ?
  177. White print vs all black USC and changing out lower pictogram on UMP conversion.
  178. 185 gr. flat point 45 with HDPS UMP Barrel
  179. Octane 45 HD with Griffin Armament Revolution 3 Lug Adapter for 10mm/40S&W
  180. USC Barrel Thread / QD Mount Install
  181. Trigger pack on subguns
  182. HK94 to MP5 - who did the work?
  183. HK USP9SD with tri-lug adapter for suppressor...advice needed
  184. MP5-SD Ammunition (Clean Burning)
  185. MP5 Battle Belts / Training Setup
  186. Any concerns with firing either VP9 or P30 or USPc suppressed?
  187. Who is still building H&K 51B?
  188. 416 question
  189. Opinions on the following
  190. Suggestions for my first HK NFA purchase?
  191. 3 lug adapter question - IGF Navy-style?
  192. Reverse Stretch SBR and Octane 9HD
  193. JB Tactical 3 lug adaptor on Tirant 9 - help needed
  194. Newbie Question -- Please forgive :-)
  195. Look at those flames!
  196. Anything I need to know about suppressing an HK91?
  197. Has anyone.....thru their suppressor
  198. I really need some advice in an area I know nothing about..
  199. MP5k with TiRant 9mm
  200. MP5 Bolt open....how to
  201. Suppressor for VP 9. A few questions
  202. MP5K thread protector when suppressed
  203. VIDEO: running the MP5 at a Subgun Match!
  204. subgun match: MP5 or UMP?
  205. HK (Walther) .22 416D with GemTech G5 suppressor
  206. Where can we discuss about the HK sears possibly becoming post samples?
  207. P7 threaded barrels and a can?
  208. Silencerco Octane 45 on MP5 question
  209. HK SP89 with Interesting History
  210. 21/23 E Gun in the White
  211. Best suppressor for 3-lug mounting on a MP5?
  212. My inbound Gemtech MK-9K
  213. how many round on full auto to ruin the mp5 barrel?
  214. HK 45CT w/ AAC Tirant 45
  215. MP5 22LR Umarex
  216. Sear vs DLO? Information sought
  217. 2 sears. 6 hosts. Life is good.
  218. Barrel swap vector 51 to g3k length
  219. MP5k Foregrip laser??
  220. Broken firing pin spring
  221. Dakota Tactical D300 Is Alive !
  222. My MP5K is a Marley Variant or How Constant Frustrations with Your First SMG ...
  223. MP5 vs MP5K handling/reliability
  224. Registered sear on a pistol
  225. Living & Learning...sear swap ?
  226. Quick video with MP7A1 and Griffin Armament
  227. Daughter shooting my MP5K for the first time
  228. G-3 Trigger Group
  229. Bill Fleming's 51k
  230. KA Problem
  231. best 3 lug adaptor ....
  232. Surefire fore-end and AAC Tirant 3lug mounted can?
  233. Best Suppressor for HK USP 45 Tactical?
  234. Any way to tell what spring is in a pack?
  235. Another MP5k question...
  236. MP5SD w/RCM Can.
  237. Any video on changing trip lever in SEF pack?
  238. Zenith MKE Z-5P A3 Stock SBR Project
  239. QUestion about pistol to rifle conversion...
  240. Zenith/MKE SBR build possible
  241. MP5 feeding issues.
  242. Burst pack reassembly tips
  243. bought a sear - need a pack
  244. Are SP89 built MP5s more reliable than other MP5 builds?
  245. I need help identifying this MP5 Flashlight
  246. MP5k Trigger Pack question
  247. Return to battery issues
  248. Anybody regret. .
  249. I think this baby is simply beautiful!
  250. Hickok45 USPT 45 Suppressed