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  1. B&T USA Suppressors
  2. P9S .45 suppressed
  3. Throw Back Thursday
  4. HK33 with S&H sear… need your opinion
  5. Trying out a DLO pack
  6. Hk94 IG, pre may?
  7. Happy Birthday to me ...
  8. couple random vids - slo mo hk 51 fireballs
  9. USC Barrel In Factory UMP 45?
  10. Southeastern PA Machine Guns Shoot Photo
  11. VP9, Osprey & X300 ultra
  12. Brugger & Thomet supressors
  13. Ambidextrous 3 position Navy and 4 position trigger box housing query
  14. USP .45T w AAC TiRant - eating Suppressor O-Rings
  15. Tax stamp day.....
  16. My HK45 w/Silencerco Osprey 45
  17. 9mm can suggestions
  18. James D Julia Auction - G3SG1
  19. looking for some help
  20. Saker 556 flash hider mount
  21. Stamp Day
  22. MP5 Wooden Handguard
  23. V53 + AAC M4 1000 suppressor - what am in for?
  24. PTR barrel chop and thread help
  25. Make a buddy smile
  26. UMP flange mount suppressors?
  27. pof-5 and k
  28. I've been searching, but still have loads of questions...I swear I'm trying
  29. Clipping lowers
  30. Light Primer Strikes in MM-11 when moving Sear from HK-94 SBR
  31. Help me with spare parts list
  32. Light primer strike issue on MP5K - Picture Inside
  33. Locking Piece ID
  34. Opinions needed for HK 45CT suppressor buy.
  35. Barrel - missing rifling?
  36. V53 Fires In FA But Will Not Reset In SA
  37. MP5K optic
  38. MP 7 A1
  39. B&T Impuls IIA for USPT Engravings
  40. VIDEO: Surefire 328LMG with Octane 3 lug mount
  41. Finally SBR'd UMP
  42. Short video of my HK53 built by Mr. Mike Otte
  43. C93 Length Question
  44. random pic of weekends hardware at the range with a friend- hk clone heavy
  45. Pic requests for a reg sear "timed" hammer pack.
  46. Hk33k or MP5k
  47. Help a new guy with an MP5SD Clone
  48. Price check Navy burst pack
  49. Another host for my two sears - My all German HK53
  50. SEF pack id .....
  51. MP5 Lighted forend/Suppressor compatible
  52. MKE 94k sear ready?
  53. SEF to Navy lower
  54. Need to insure my UMP Conversion anyone sell complete units?
  55. DLO Pack
  56. need MP5 barrel replaced
  57. Smoking Crack on Subguns: re RR PP MP5s
  58. Question regarding HK 45 Tactical and AAC Tirant
  59. HK MP5-N - redone by Gerard Miller
  60. Looking for length of mp5k Guide rod assembly
  61. PTR91 "pistol upper?"
  62. Just ordered the AAC-TIRant for my HK45 Tactical!
  63. 4 position sear pack?
  64. HK45 Tactical Query
  65. Need advice on UMP flash hiders and barrel dimensions for cut/thread job.
  66. HK 51 Multi Cal Sear Machine Gun
  67. Troubleshooting a PTR32PDW with Sear
  68. Price check on HK transferable MGs
  69. MP5SD hates Fiocchi 115gr
  70. Different recoil rod assembly for silenced P30
  71. Is there such as thing as a pre-may registered sear?
  72. Can someone provide a list of sear hosts, manufacturers, and pricing?
  73. KAC NT4 Suppressor on G36k used by German Special Force
  74. HK45 Damage From Suppressor?
  75. HK53 clone not cycling with suppressor
  76. Finally in the club....
  77. Anyone try this setup?
  78. My own personal Machine Gun shoot (video)
  79. Time To Sell Some Stuff & Want Input
  80. Who Wants to Convert My HK94?
  81. MP5A5 NSN number?
  82. Question on Group Ind. MP5
  83. UMP .40 Barrel Threading Question
  84. Question about sear hosting on semi auto, shelf receivers
  85. Finally! Brought my sear home...
  86. Registered Sear Pack
  87. Best threaded barrel for p2000?
  88. HK45C and SWR/SilencerCo Octane 45 HD sight picture
  89. Suppressed VP9 issues
  90. G36 Info Markings
  91. HK23 Bolt Heads - What do I Have Here?
  92. full auto g36 thread pattern question
  93. full auto mp5 cycling issues on cheap ammo
  94. British mp5
  95. Interest new offering from HK MR556A1-SD
  96. Looking for MP5 NFA project
  97. Change of Fleming sear to diffrent calibers (Need Help!)
  98. MP5 : A2 or A3 stock?
  99. Completed UMP Build
  100. Factory built UMP options?
  101. WTK: Sear with Regular Hammer, gun Doesnt work...
  102. New P30 threaded barrel
  103. NFA Fun with my son
  104. MP5SD price.
  105. VP9 with RCM threaded barrel Octane 9 VIDEO PHOTOS
  106. Maybe a Possible Constructive Possession Issue?
  107. UMP SBR (what barrel?)
  108. MP5K PDW: Vert Grip or Forearm?
  109. VP9 with threaded barrel and tirant9
  110. g36C barrel
  111. Has anybody seen this post on Sturmgewehr NFA and Semi-Auto Forum?
  112. AAC Ti-Rant full-size with HK45c or HK45
  113. C93P Short Barrel Rifle
  114. WTK: B&T MP5K stock length vs Choat stock length for MP5k
  115. HK 53K
  116. Non-NFA HK 33
  117. Adapter to use an MP5 SD can on a regular MP5?
  118. KAC MK23 Suppressor Manual
  119. MP5SD from Ralph
  120. HK P30 Suppressed
  121. HK 93 and PTR 91 as sear pack hosts
  122. Need OAL for MP5 Reverse Stretch Clone with B&T #20155 Stock
  123. Where did you get your SP89 engraved for SBR and what did you use for finish touchup?
  124. Finally got my approved eform1
  125. Hk 21 Drum - Aftermarket or Hk Mfg?
  126. Anyone else ever have a hammer spring suddenly, and completely, DIE?
  127. KAC Mk23 Suppressor on HK45ct: a lot of recoil...
  128. MP5 for the introductory price of $1595.00 at FJ Vollmer & Company
  129. HK 93 original transferable full-auto?
  130. MP5K
  131. HK MP5 SD shooting all over the place...
  132. Finally broke down and ordered an MM21E today!
  133. Suppressor for MP5K
  134. Gun all over the place
  135. Hk g3 serial number
  136. Bolt bounce help needed
  137. Tungsten filled FA bolt carriers
  138. HK G36 SBR C or K Model???
  139. V-51 ... Do I need a different locking piece?
  140. Mke at94p atf form 1 - need help
  141. HK tripod for the 23e
  142. Broke my Retimed Hammer
  143. SBR/AOW question
  144. Notes from the HK416 Armorer Course
  145. Who threads p7s and is it worth it?
  146. AAC Ti-Rant 45 for my HK USP45 Tactical
  147. HK 53 SBR & Suppressors
  148. Can't wait to get back into it!
  149. Which threading is best for USP 40 and 9 for suppressors?
  150. Dumb question - How does UMP Flange mounts work?
  151. Now the second wait.........
  152. Legality of putting a registered "3 caliber sear" in a .22lr MP5?
  153. USPc threaded barrel-2 part question
  154. RCM threaded barrel question
  155. ATI MKE 94 MP5 converted to pistol?
  156. MP5K pre-sample???
  157. Married forever or not ?
  158. Ptr 91KF to G3K
  159. Just when you think HK sear/trigger pack prices have leveled off this happens.....
  160. Shhhhhh... Finally got my white whale: KAC Navy 9mm Can
  161. HK51 FA Fireworks….
  162. 3 lug mounted suppressor and light
  163. Octane 45 on mp-5/.40 I have solution!
  164. I don't know how excited to get honestly (MR556A1-SD)
  165. Shooting my MM21e for the first time
  166. 3 New NFA Guns - Range Report w/Issues
  167. quick vid of DJ Getz MP5 SD w/ RCM can and sear
  168. Surefire socom FH for 15x1 on PTR91
  169. MP7 Why not HK53?
  170. Best MP5 SBR?
  171. (Expetives Deleted), I may need an MP5 barrel installed
  172. HKMP5SD I need help
  173. SW89KFS Reverse Stretch overall length with A3
  174. Suppressors & sights P-series
  175. Can anyone identify these MP5K-pdw parts for my newly transfered HK?
  176. DAW MP5SD Suppressor
  177. DLO HK trigger group on GB
  178. Does anyone have photos of Original HK23e barrel markings?
  179. P30 & VP9 Threaded Barrel
  180. H&K KAC-Navy
  181. Fleming Sear on GB
  182. MP5 SD Cans
  183. Going rate for a MP5SD by S&H?
  184. Is HK 416 FA fire control parts same as US mil spec?
  185. HK 93 Quandary
  186. The wait was worth it...
  187. Which locking piece to slow down HK53?
  188. $25k and no buyers.....
  189. MP5 A3 ? stock locking notches compatibility
  190. OAL Of HK 30rd Straight Mag
  191. HK 11 / G8 Markings
  192. MP5 vs. MP5K SBR
  193. Metal inside K stock?
  194. MR556 Suppressed Reviews??
  195. Pakistan forces pic from WSJ today...with HKs
  196. Taller sights for HK45C Tac
  197. Package Deal....worth it?
  198. B&T Side Folder - MP5K/SP89
  199. HK91 conversion
  200. MP5 Flash "Hider" Timing
  201. Octane 9 with 3Lug adapter has some wobble when mounted.
  202. Suppressor sights 45t
  203. Factory G3 full-auto pack in HK91 on GB?
  204. current vaue for a hk p7m13sd + vaime can ...
  205. MP5 SBR Rail help
  206. Shopping list for mp5 parts - new!
  207. If you had 2 HK sears would you trade one for a RDIAS...if you already had a RLL?
  208. Ejection issue
  209. Seeking help with HK 91 with mods
  210. Please share your opinion
  211. Please help gentleman
  212. MP5 getting some love
  213. Auto Sear Questions
  214. will a MP5/40 bolt carrier run FA OK or not in a MP5 9mm ?
  215. HK 223 barrel burner
  216. Help with HK MP5SD Purchase
  217. Mark 23 & AAC Tirant
  218. UMP .45 SBR and suppressed
  219. Neal Smith Registered Trigger Packs
  220. UMP Conversion 9mm Supressed, 147grn?
  221. MR762 SBR suppressed field report anyone?
  222. Finally have my G36c suppressed!
  223. Finally to the range - MM23E with Gemtech G5 Suppressor
  224. Eureka P7 Suppressed
  225. want to cut my g36 to a "C" model. ? on engraving.
  226. USP 9mm full size and Osprey 9 too much back pressure??
  227. Suppressor, surefire handguard, and laser device
  228. Been a good week
  229. Change HK45 barrel thread
  230. well, I broke down and SBR'd all my HK pistol hosts
  231. Xray Guns MP5 SD prints coming out. Trying to get a nonbinding idea of how many ....
  232. My MKE-94k 4 years later
  233. Will a DIAS in an MR556 Lower with a 416 Upper attached run OK as a Machinegun?
  234. Anyone have OSS Suppressor system experience yet?
  235. MR762 SBR questions
  236. Mod 4 suppressor
  237. Want to make a V93 a sear host...but don't know how.
  238. USP 40 Tactical suppressor question
  239. Recommend machine shop to thread USC?
  240. 10.4" 416 vs Cut Down MR556
  241. SEF pack with registered sear issues.....
  242. abnormal extractor wear on sp89 conversion
  243. Knights MP5 40/10 suppressor cost?
  244. UMP with Tirant .45 range report with video!!
  245. Finally in the nfa game
  246. Three lug problem...Help?
  247. What's the deal with this UMP cyclic rate?
  248. Happiness is a belt-fed Machine Gun (MM23e)
  249. She's Gorgeous, She's Back, & She's Mine
  250. HK416 10.4" overgassing with Surefire SOCOM 556