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  1. NFA stamp wait time WAS 10 months
  2. Fixed barrel spacer to use Octane 45HD on UMP?
  3. Aimpoint on a UMP
  4. Shooting Hk 45c suppressed ?
  5. Finally a part of the community!
  6. Opinion, How much money would it take for you to sell your sear(s)?
  7. Timing HK Muzzle Devices
  8. SBR from PTR91-PDW
  9. Manually cutting 4 position slots on A3 stock?
  10. Sear pack with Fleming sear just sold on GB for $27000
  11. Value of Used Postie MP5SDA2
  12. 3 times NOT the charm
  13. BPP 23ek
  14. uspc 40 and compact suppressor will this work
  15. Another Registered Sear question - moving between hosts
  16. Registered receiver Santa Fe / Golden state G3
  17. Any MP7 For Sale leads?
  18. HK factory sbr roller guns?
  19. MP5SD Informational Video
  20. Sbr Mark 23? How would you acquire a stock?
  21. HK Mark 23 Piston - AAC Tirant
  22. finally!!! MP5K - added "before" pic 4-10-14
  23. Centurt C93 Pistol a good host??
  24. the start of a build
  25. 7.62 Suppressor for 15x1 RH thread
  26. HK/Vector 9/40 sear host?
  27. KCT HK416 sound suppressor
  28. Any info or ideas on this grenade launcher setup?
  29. Registered receiver vs. sear, etc...
  30. MP5SD Suppressor
  31. Barrel Extension Removal
  32. HK MP7, post dealer sample?
  33. USC/UMP SBR engraving location?
  34. USC to UMP Barrel Question
  35. Mark 23 suppressed VS HK45 suppressed
  36. Clipped and Pinned Lower "Pin"
  37. Buying a HK Flemming Sear reg in 9mm - help
  38. How much length does 9mm 3 lug break add?
  39. Tornado Tech barrel extension & threading?
  40. Is it a pistol?
  41. HK21e optics
  42. Mk 23 mod 0 suppressor on an hk 45ct?
  43. Can raised surface in HK33 HK53 bolthead face cause slam fire?
  44. Shout Out to Gerard Miller
  45. Why did the Danish Army select the M60E6 over HK121
  46. Surplus A3 stocks from HKparts.net, anyone tried one yet?
  47. Need some feedback.
  48. Issues with UMP Threaded barrel
  49. Looking for and found a Fleming Sear for sale, need help
  50. UMP 9mm flanged barrel to 3 lug?
  51. Mp5-n trigger group addition
  52. Can anyone provide info or history on this HK Oberndorf tagged MP5 vehicle case?
  53. How much for a registered sear in today's market?
  54. PTR-32 PDW Question
  55. Notes from the MP7A1 Armorer Course
  56. Just received a DJ Getz SBR very nice pics
  57. Pics/vids from RMA & rhouston8 @ Shooters World-Tampa
  58. mke at-94c sbr conversion questions
  59. G3SG/1 Info
  60. hk45 with osprey 45, best way to clean the osprey 45?
  61. Taking the plunge
  62. HK USC/UMP SBR - UMP barrel, wrong bolt...kaboom?
  63. Difference between lower push pin & double lower push pin?
  64. HK MP5K SBR Question
  65. MP5SD finally here!
  66. Future NFA Conversion
  67. N-18 locking piece?
  68. FINALLY ! SBR mp5/40 RS ....11 months . ugh
  69. TIRANT 45 on UMP barrel
  70. HK45CT: Trijicon HD's & an AAC Suppressor
  71. Knights Armament MP5 Suppressor
  72. OSS System at HK Booth SHOT Show
  73. SADJ article about HK GMG and Mk47
  74. MP5 SHOT Goodness
  75. PTR-32 Ammo Question
  76. can hk43 accept sear/ full auto pack?
  77. HK45, Osprey and Trijicon HDs
  78. compatability of black dog mags for hk93 22lr kit
  79. USP 9mm Osprey
  80. MP5 Won't Cycle
  81. MP5 .22LR Full Auto question
  82. Are the mp5 & mp5k trunnions the same?
  83. PTR-91 + Silencer
  84. Where do the New Post Samples...
  85. Vollmer HK51 muzzle brake
  86. Current Price for HK93 RR?
  87. walther mp5 22lr full auto
  88. Vector MP5/40 post sample conversion pack
  89. KAC CT suppressor.....found one for sale.
  90. LaFrance pack question
  91. Can sights HK45
  92. Ordered 2Moa. was sent a 4moa. For MP5SD and MP5 .22. Keep 4 or return for the 2?
  93. Another MP5K question.
  94. HK 33 .22LR conversion kits - any tricks to getting them to run?
  95. MP5K N barrel markings
  96. Can a sear pack be mounted to the semi-auto MP5 currently sold at Cabela's
  97. Purchasing a REAL UMP and making it semi
  98. Wow! Fifteen large for a Pre-Sample MP5!
  99. Interesting MP5 magazine follower pre 1980 is opposite of an post 1980 magazine
  100. G3 Stock Question
  101. No Rollers MP5 Bolt
  102. HK MP5K-N PDW Barrel
  103. MP5K pictogram housing with PG switch
  104. Soon to be "mp5sd owner" Minus suppressor, so who makes the "quietest can?
  105. P30 Threaded & Suppressed
  106. Supressor N00B Question....
  107. SBR'S New and Old
  108. Anyone suppress a P30/L?
  109. mp5 briefcase
  110. Hk51 ptr91 PDW recoil rod
  111. MM21e MM23e
  112. $25,995 registered sear packs: prices continue to climb
  113. HK Mp5SD mistake?
  114. my last 2 virgins
  115. Counting wheel out of alignment - Can't reinstall the selector lever
  116. WTK: Re'coloring" faded picto lowers
  117. Trigger Assembly question
  118. HK 21e/23e question
  119. WTK: HK 9x Burst Pack Sear Location
  120. Ti-RANT 45 on MP5k
  121. WTK - Going/Fair/Good price for a Terry Dyer converted G3k SBR in Like New condition?
  122. F magwell sling clip
  123. OAL of MP5K/89K with folding stock for my Form1?
  124. Is this really NFA??
  125. Still a bit confused on legalities surrounding UMP conversion.
  126. Best Suppressor for a HK45
  127. sp89 work
  128. SureFire SOCOM556 RC Suppressor/SOCOM556 MB for MR556A1
  129. USC (SBR) updated with AAC TI-RANT 45 Photos
  130. Mk23 barrel thread......
  131. need help removing fake suppressor from sw5k pdw
  132. MP5/10 self destruction?
  133. Awesome 3 Lug adapter for Ti-Rant
  134. HK MP5 .22LR Full Auto
  135. MR556/762 SD rifles at shot (details)
  136. My HK53 Tactical version
  137. Spuhr mp5 and g3 accessories at Shot
  138. H&K NFA stuff at SHOT!
  139. Pedigree of 2 HK MP5's
  140. UMP flange-mount adapter for Silencerco/SWR .45 suppressors?
  141. Atlantic Firearms AA89K - Full Auto.
  142. My New Favorite SBR SMG - Pic
  143. Cohaire as SBR host
  144. Hk MP5 .40 10mm question
  145. best suppressor for the mark23
  146. HK417 from MR762? -
  147. Ultimate Home Defense: UMP?
  148. HK G36
  149. Stalking Rhino Industries ... ?
  150. MP5 at the range with my kids-VIDEO
  151. Question on Boosters and EVO-45 on USC/UMP Clone
  152. Metalurgy difference?
  153. PTR PDW SBR Question
  154. RCM MP5SD ATF paperwork showed up at dealer this week...
  155. Looks like the HK keymod esque leaked
  156. SWR Octane 45 Suppressor
  157. HK45T Sight Picture w/ Suppressor
  158. Does anyone own a suppressor MADE by HK?
  159. Hk53/suppressor question
  160. RPM
  161. HK53 sbr?
  162. urban grey .40 just got a lot quiter (jarvis barrel )
  163. HK EGLM 40mm
  164. MP5 (HK94) build questions
  165. Clip & Pin.........need some advice/help.........
  166. MP5K classic
  167. MP5K makes me happy
  168. MP5Ks - Putting smiles on faces one magazine at time :)
  169. Shot my HK51 for the first time
  170. Dealer sample G36KE1
  171. SBR'ing a Fleming converted SP89 MP5k PDW question- possible to avoid further ....
  172. Looking for input - marking for SBR on HK 94
  173. 3 lug adapter - 13.5x1LH?
  174. gemtech halo on g36e?
  175. Mission Completed - MP5 3 position A3 Stock from HK
  176. Does anyone have the late adjustable leg bipod on their HK21e/23e?
  177. Why would someone want an HK11 or HK11e over an HK91 or a G3?
  178. HK11e or HK21e -Which one to buy?
  179. thread pich on Urbach mp5k-n barrel
  180. Could anyone develop one of THESE for an HK91/Clone?
  181. HK Sear Same as Registered Sear?
  182. Been out of the NFA game what is a Fleming HK Sear and MP5 worth?
  183. Would you guys do this if you were me?
  184. TPM MP5 is done!
  185. happy stamp day
  186. Does anyone have a photo of a factory HK21 blank firing barrel?
  187. FA/sear question
  188. Now I have a machine gun. Ho, ho, ho.
  189. HK33K Surpressed
  190. Tsc MP5K-N
  191. UMP barrel cutting question
  192. So will anyone ever make a magazine to fit a MP5/HK94 w/.22lr conversion?
  193. MARK 23 with B&T suppressor not locking open after last round fired
  194. Has anybody seen a German HK 23E barrel that sold recently?
  195. SBR'ing an SL8
  196. Registration Requirements for G3 Flat Receiver
  197. Finally, MP5-SD is here!
  198. Ah what the hell.....video of the all German HK MP5-N
  199. G3/HK91 Questions, Please
  200. Basic HK21 Questions, please
  201. What should I pay for a Hard Times HK93?
  202. Will Federal HST ammo stay subsonic?
  203. What to do with a 91 ?
  204. Considering NP3 on MP5-SD. Anyone done this?
  205. Is it all the way down!
  206. Cerakoted HK51
  207. supressor for ump and usp
  208. My all German Mp5-N - Pictures
  209. Video of the MP5K-N-PDW today. It's a sewing machine.
  210. My all German MP5K-N. It's perfect.
  211. How do I change a hammer spring in a burst pack?
  212. Permanently attached USC/UMP suppressor
  213. Advantages of the UMP from the UMP Armorer Course
  214. HK Operational Briefcase Owners: Help needed!
  215. Trimming MG3 belts for 21E?
  216. Will a Group industries registered trigger group for a 91 work in a 93 or 94 ?
  217. Which pre-dealer sample to buy a MP5 or HK33?
  218. UMP suppressor for different calibers
  219. Great Mark 23 pic with LAM and suppressor
  220. Hk51a3 (nfa)
  221. P7 threaded barrel question
  222. M249 SAW collapsible buttstock on MM23e?
  223. MP5-SD SBR Overall length?
  224. Firing the HK53 at dusk
  225. Firing the MM23e from a German Panzer 1 tank :-)
  226. Is this suppressor correct?
  227. Some MG vids from today...HK51k was the star.
  228. Thinking of buying an HK45CT to go with my AAC TiRant 45 Suppressor. Sights clear?
  229. MR762 and AAC SDN-6 which mount?
  230. buffer question for 51, 51k, 11, 91 ...
  231. Need help with G36KE
  232. HK MP5 SD without the suppressor
  233. How do i change the rate of fire on my HK
  234. Kestrel 7.62 can??
  235. HK 53 33 Push Pin Receiver Markings
  236. Suppressor Use And Warranty Issues With HK Pistols?
  237. Do you lube HK sears?
  238. Redneck Car Wash
  239. MM23e mounted on new host
  240. Another 600 rounds through the MM23E today. Video.
  241. Got a chance to shoot a UMP40 and MP5A3 yesterday
  242. New toy came in today.
  243. HK 416 Barrel Profiles
  244. New beltfed mount
  245. MP5 cocking tube hardness
  246. I want a....
  247. Switch 4 Position Pack Between Hosts
  248. suppressed HK45
  249. My dakota tactical d54 navy with fleming sear.
  250. MP5 Trigger Group ID