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  1. HK 416 14.5" -- Upper wanted and needed... is this at all possible?
  2. Rounded Trigger Guard on G28 and 416 A5 - Sourcing Question
  3. i always wanted Flat Dark Earth furniture on mr MR556
  4. Spring question
  5. HK416A5
  6. LEO Marked HK 30-rd Mag value?
  7. Hk 416 Buffer Spring vs. MR 556
  8. M27 as potential replacement for Mk12
  9. MR556 vs HK416 upper receiver
  10. MR556 Rail Movement
  11. Geiselle Trigger - HK416/MR556 SSA vs Regular SSA Trgger?
  12. Spotting Scope Recomendations
  13. HK416 Round Choice ~ Other then FMJ Surplus/M855/M193/etc
  14. MR 556 Target Shooting today with Mil issue 5.56 tracers and SS109
  15. mr 416 bolt head complete
  16. Good Chest Rig for HK/7.62/417
  17. Hey guys, need help figuring out what I bought
  18. UGGH!!! Extra Hole in BBL
  19. Troy fde battle mags
  20. HK 762 triggers?
  21. SEAL pal - MR556 Break In Guidance
  22. Pin Buttstock MR556
  23. M27 extractor question
  24. Buffer tube and Magpul ASAP
  25. My MR556 has arrived!
  26. Price check on MR762
  27. MR556 Aftermarket Handguards?
  28. Building another AR, question on weight of mr556 Buttstock
  29. HK416/MR556 buttstock - What are you using?
  30. Sad Sad Day to see
  31. Finally Got an Upper
  32. M27 IAR article from Small Arms Defense Journal
  33. Factory made MR223 36cm barrel (14 inch barrel)
  34. POF 416 lower
  35. Sight Height for MR762?
  36. HK 416 D145RS Collector Question!
  37. Ordered my MR556 today
  38. Grumpys not so useless facts.....
  39. My first ar
  40. Mr762 Flip up Irons
  41. What' so special about the HK416?
  42. Installed the 4.5-14x32 Longbow Scope Package on my MR556
  43. SBR the MR556A1?
  44. HK MR Showing Up In Sons Of Guns Preview For This Wednesday
  45. Rear Sling Mount Feedback Needed
  46. Range time today with my MR556 11.5 SBR Video and pics included...
  47. 556A1 barrel reprofile calculations
  48. Reducing HK416 barrel diameter to .72" ~ Compromise integrity?
  49. Convex or concave- what stock do yoou prefer on your 416/mr?
  50. Magpul T mag video
  51. Can MR762A1 accept MR556A1 Upper??
  52. Looking at purchasing a scope for my HK MR 556 a1
  53. MR556 Exploded...
  54. MR556A1 and Tulammo
  55. Thoroughly confused about what distance to use for zero (MR556A1)
  56. Bin Laden HK416?
  57. What happened to MR556?
  58. Need To Tighten My Butt (MR556)
  59. Latest installment of Grumpys useless 416-ish facts.....
  60. Desert Storm CIB Trooper w/"v" device medal looking for info
  61. Possible Flash Supressor/Muzzle Brake Replacement
  62. having trouble removing muzzle brake on my MR556!any suggestions?
  63. Anyone Cut Down their MR762 Barrel yet?
  64. HK 762 rotary + front sight
  65. Convince me to buy MR762
  66. MR556 10 rnd mag?
  67. MR223 and MR223 A1 difference
  68. In the market for MR762...
  69. Have any of you taken the MR556 through a carbine class?
  70. Rear flip up sight - Post does not stay centered
  71. SMGLee shootin HK416 with Geissele rail and AAC suppressor.
  72. How to touch up Mr556 paint?
  73. MR762 30 ROUND MAGS
  74. MR762 sling help
  75. Why don't I know about this?
  76. Trading MR556 with MR762
  77. Geissele MR762 15" Rail and SA Trigger Order List
  78. Geissele SSA 416/MR556 triggers Order List
  79. Geissele HK416/MR556 Rail Order List
  80. Questions about MR223
  81. Possibility of G28 Style Flash Hiders for MR762/417
  82. Current availibility of 556 rifles?
  83. 416 mount
  84. Which Aimpoint?
  85. My first HK, MR556A1
  86. HK 416 & MR556 FAQ Thread
  87. A question about parts
  88. Help and advice
  89. MR556 Cheek Rest & Stock
  90. HK E1 Stock VS. LMT Sopmod Stock VS. Magpul ~ Is it worth it to go with E1?
  91. Question about M27
  92. Hk416 to replace FAMAS
  93. MR556 barrel coating?
  94. where is the big boy comparison?
  95. 416 flip up front sight question
  96. G27K? (Shorty G28)
  97. Cleaning and preventive maintenance of MR556
  98. MR556 Ambi Safety
  99. Any Source for the HK-417 Extended Forend (Quad Rail) in the US yet?
  100. Today is the day!! Just got my MR556 SBR back from Jayson Cotter at IGF *Pics incl*
  101. Geissle rail available?
  102. New rail & Gas block
  103. HK416/MR556 Barrel Wrench
  104. Calif compliant Emags for MR556
  105. Who Can Refinish a 416 Upper
  106. MR223 with selfmade handguard in action
  107. Good non-US HK parts webstore
  108. HK 416 Beta C mag Q
  109. MR5.56/Geissele S3G Trigger
  110. Changing a barrel later?.....
  111. Slowly shooting MR(223)
  112. MR308 Scope Decisions - Final Two
  113. HK416 retractable rail stock
  114. HK416 Barrel Turn Down Question
  115. New Setup
  116. Geissele HK416 10.5" rail pics and specs
  117. MR223/MR556 Chamfering muzzle barrel
  118. Factory Rail covers
  119. Gewehr G28
  120. 417 short uppers
  121. Zeiss Victory HT 1.14x24 on MR308/762
  122. M27 IAR and HK417 Barrel Profiles
  123. Question about 416 telescoping stock. which stock is it?
  124. Hk416 Barrel Reprofile?
  125. How can I tell if I have appropriate sights for barrel length?
  126. MR308 Sight Options
  127. Will PMags work in Hk416 Upper w/ standard AR lower?
  128. Soft Storage Case for 2 HK416 Uppers
  129. HK416 front BUIS height/clearance problem...
  130. MR762 accuracy
  131. Buying a MR556 soon NC?
  132. MR762A1 Ammo (.308 Winchester vs. 7.62x51mm NATO)
  133. Are the iron sights interchangeable from an MR556 to a MR762?
  134. Does anyone have the HK416/417 Armorers manual?
  135. Does anyone know more about this part?
  136. Want G28 parts? Stock, rail, flash hider, etc?
  137. Lightweight quad rail
  138. MR308 ---> G28 conversion
  139. HK MR556 extractor spring /buffer
  140. Mr556
  141. "MR 416" Build
  142. Weight of HK416 ~ different barrels profiles?
  143. Article about the MR556A1 on HK website
  144. tidbit from larry vickers
  145. HK416IC entry, and questions
  146. question about HK416 bolt life
  147. Piston gas ring test today...
  148. Palm shelf for a MR556 grip?
  149. MR762 rear flip up sight suggestions for use with 28mm front sight
  150. MR762 - Fixed or flip up sights?
  152. Why higher rail on HK416?
  153. Will a CMMG Lower Parts kit run a HK416 Upper?
  154. MR308 20" Barrel
  155. MR762 Optics selection
  156. HK417 unit cost
  157. MR762....Mounting the Scope advice
  159. question about HK416 bolt components
  160. Just got this in for a demo
  161. Geissele HK416/MR556 14.5" rail on a 14.5 bbl
  162. Club 556 (MR556/MR223 photo gallery)
  163. Extractor Axle Pin needs to be replaced when removed?
  164. Who prefers the stock pistol grip?
  165. Question for MR762 417 Owners
  166. Armscor USA .223 Rem FMJ 55 grn.
  167. MR556 lower rail and Tangodown grip - anyone else have trouble with this?
  168. MR 7.62 RIFLE
  169. Best Ammo for MR 762?
  170. AGR Gas blocks
  171. Castle nut loose
  172. HK417 accuracy
  173. Group Nitriding??
  174. Cleaning the MR762
  175. Don't cut your MR556 MR762 barrels!
  176. Geissele Custom Long Rails for HK Shooting Team
  177. What to include in a spare parts kit for the MR556?
  178. HK416/MR556 parts vs. DI compatibility. Update in post # 7
  179. HK417/762 Rail Covers?
  180. Cheap magnifier in a pinch
  181. MR556 and drum mags - Are they worth it?
  182. MR556 prices/MSRP
  183. Took a while but worth the wait on a MR556
  184. MR762 ammo question
  185. MR 556 / 223 A2 Stock?
  186. HK 417/ G 28 Stock
  187. Not that any of us are surprised, but James Bond uses a HK-416
  188. MR556 Nitiride and Reprofile Questions
  189. 556 cover model
  190. MR556A1 Picture (with the rest of my Hk family)
  191. Intro to Forum
  192. MR556 trigger swap
  193. MR556 - what is supposed to be in the box?
  194. What is the most accurate ammo in the 10 inch 416?
  195. MR556 opinions
  196. Bridge For MR556, HK762 Lower
  197. MR762 serialized parts
  198. HK416 IC Moves on to Phase II of the US Army Individual Carbine Comp
  199. What needs to be modified.. Pmags & MR556
  200. Kitted out MR556 (optics) "Canadian Style"
  201. What screw is this for on my MR762?
  202. HK 416 mags price
  203. I need some MR556 and MR762 ammo advice
  204. Anyone ran the MR762 suppressed Yet?
  205. HK416 equivalent of MR762?
  206. MR762 Pricing - It seems they're not selling well but why
  207. MR556 Rails?
  208. MR556 pricing
  209. MR556 or LWRC SPR
  210. Trouble Brewin'
  211. Market value of a MR556 upper
  212. MR762 Mags?
  213. Aftermarket Product idea for the MR556
  214. M27 IAR on Tac TV
  215. MR762A1 backplate for sling
  216. 416 laser etching
  217. HK put the MR762 scopes on crooked
  218. Help Please! MR556 rear take down pin stuck.
  219. Transplanting an hk piston assy
  220. Wilson TTU & MR556A1 Does Not Work (Update 4: Works!)
  221. What sets the HK416 apart?
  222. Comparison btw HK 416 buffer/spring vs stock carbine setup
  223. Will the HK diopter sights cowitness with an AR-height Aimpoint M2 mount?
  224. Aimpoint Compm3 co-witness
  225. MR566 uppers to non HK lowers
  226. MR223 with AR-15 lower misfires
  227. Who has cut down the barrel on their MR556?
  228. Who says these things aren't accurate?
  229. Answer for selector MR223 A1
  230. HK MR556 vs Sig Sauer 516
  231. New to Club 556
  232. Tac TV: HK 416/MR556
  233. New MR308 -how do you think I should set it up?
  234. HK416N or M27 bayonet lug
  235. USING BOTH HK416 Flip-up Rear Sight AND MR556 Diopter for 3 Gun??? Let me explain...
  236. MR556 Ambi Safety and Mil-Spec trigger/hammer difference
  237. HKParts: HK417 20 round mags in stock
  238. MR762 and MR308
  239. Zeroing Iron Sights on a HK MR556
  240. MR762 Overview (pic heavy)
  241. MR556 / HK 416 Sear Gun - Video
  242. HK MR556 Upper Reciever and Top of the Line AR Lower/ Not Firing need Help!
  243. Upgraded HK416N
  244. Height of HK 416/417 flip up rear sight?
  245. Wilson Combat TTU 3G
  246. HK416 and G36 performance when using steel cased ammo
  247. question about M27 service life
  248. Considering this scope for my MR 762A1
  249. polymer vs metal ejection port cover ?
  250. HK416 10.4" iron sights