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  1. ProMag 10rd SL8 Magazines? 922r?
  2. HK94 Chamber Fluting Question
  3. SL8-6 Handguard Rail Options
  4. Gun newbie trying to install PWS FSC91 compensator on PTR91F, Expert input needed!
  5. MP5A3 "F" Stock Repair?
  6. SK8 to G36-K conversion
  7. G36/SL8 Dual Optic questions
  8. Roller Locking Plate Question
  9. MP5 Twist Rate?
  10. Can an HK21E clubfoot stock be modified to work on an HK91?
  11. Heavy buffer help
  12. G36k clone problems
  13. HK Tan Cocking Handle
  14. HK 94 II date code DOJ right?
  15. SL-8 no longer importing..........I always wanted one for the collection
  16. Help with ID: II date coded HK93
  17. 1976 Saco shows up with special goodies!
  18. G36 sniper trigger group
  19. Who does the best work to mill UMP vents in a USC?
  20. SL8-6 in CA
  21. G3/HK91 Beta Mag
  23. HK 41 barrel marking
  24. Where are proof marks on parts of an HK94?
  25. SL8 handguard:what do you think of this?
  26. Why such a huge disparity in the price of Navy Lowers for the MP5?
  27. SR9 buffer question
  28. WTK: Question about HK 90 series rear sight assembly
  29. Sl8/G36 Bolt Carrier Question
  30. M4 tube for the G36 ???
  31. hk 41 info?
  32. Late model SL8-1s: Do they include the same changes as the SL8-6?
  33. 2011 SHOT Show Report- When can we expect a report and who from?
  34. 9X Rifle/Pistol Scope Mount
  35. SR9 In Canada Got Questions for Hunting
  36. G36e Barrel Question
  37. WTK: How Many Rounds on a 9MM Extractor spring?
  38. Want to borrow a SL8/G36 barrel wrench
  39. Brass Catchers....Do they work or jam up!!!
  40. Longevity of loaded G3/HK91 aluminium magazies
  41. New G36 Drum mag
  42. HK 94 Barrel
  43. Date codes question
  44. Questions about US made Clubfoot Stock
  45. HK G3 Schematic Drawings
  46. what spare parts should a hk94 owner have what wares out first
  47. HK-91 Port Buffer Trouble
  48. HK Drum sight tool 1013-W4 is the piece on the rear supposed to come off?
  49. HK91/G3 A3 telescoping recoil buffer upgrade available Wednesday 1/11/11
  50. New G36 stock?
  51. Can anyone tell me the exact deminsions of the hk ump stock hinge pin?
  52. MR 223 and MR 308
  53. HK 41 Magazine?
  54. USC Soft Gun Case Options?
  55. SL8 or HK 93
  56. HK G3 Tungsten Carrier??
  57. B&T parts importer?
  58. Does anyone know the length of a standard H&K MP5 3-lug flash hider?
  59. Is the PSG-1 scope removable or not?
  60. hk 93 with accessories price check
  61. G3 scores shell casings during extraction.....
  62. SL8 Conversion Questions
  63. UMP Magazine Modification
  64. Will a PSG/1 selector lever work in a regular HK91 trigger pack?
  65. Looking for the Heavy page pictures HK of
  66. Benelli M1 Super 90 Tactical - good deal or not?
  67. Outstanding Hunting Season with My 91
  68. DLASK ARMS Parts Review
  69. MP5 Flat Recommendations
  70. MFS Ammunition video w/some HK's
  71. T1 Mount for MP5
  72. .22 conversion G3/91 question
  73. HK 53/93 Ejector
  74. HK93A3 Original Configuration Questions
  75. barrel change question
  76. USC to UMP conversion completed... Value??
  77. Old school G36 clones
  78. HKPro dropped the ball: SLB 2000 Precision
  79. New HK-91
  80. HK Steel vs Aluminum Mags Why did they make both?
  81. H&K G36KV parts kits
  82. So what would you call it ? a MP5 SW5 HK94 clone or what
  83. .300 AAC BLK/ .300 whisper SL8
  84. WTF? Should I be able to disassemble this H&K magazine?
  85. what is the going rate for an HK-91
  87. USC trigger reset problem
  88. WTK: HK 90 Series Rear Sight
  89. MSG90 Scope Mount Option?
  90. Will a G-3 mag release fit in a MP-5
  91. HK53K end-cap?
  92. HK 51
  93. Differences in HK 33 & 33K?
  94. Steel vs. Aluminum cocking tube end cap?
  95. Options for an HK94 "adjustable" stock?
  96. SL8/G36 Conversion Photos
  97. SL8 sling setup picture
  98. Can .308 extractor be used in 9mm?
  99. Name this MP5 Rail mount
  100. MP5 vs G3 triple sight comparison
  101. G36/SL8 bolt carrier
  102. HK91/G3 A3 telescoping recoil buffer upgrade progress
  103. Late Model HK53 "Warning Message"
  104. Got a "clipped and pinned " poly lower for my G3--now I have Light primer hits.
  105. FOUND
  106. Value of a CA89K complete trigger group...
  107. Who can refinish an HK91/G3 wood stock set?
  108. WTK Anyone have any idea what the deal is with Hk stocks/ buffers c-txt
  109. HK 91/G3
  110. Need some help...
  111. Is this an HK94SG1?
  112. Trigger packs
  113. Dissasemble A3 F-style stock for refinishing
  114. WTK why G36 parts kits are so damned expensive?
  115. g3 mainspring assembly/stock replacement technical assistance
  116. MKE
  117. Another beautiful job by Chopstix
  118. WTK- what's a G36E Barrel worth
  119. New 9mm UMP barrel from SEF Tactical
  120. Does anyone have receiver dimensions for a 33/53/93 series (or have a link that does)
  121. Would you get in trouble
  122. Hensoldt Z24 on HK93
  123. Whats a .45 USC/UMP Bolt and Barrel Worth?
  124. H&K 9MM Carbine
  125. top rail for G-36 optic?
  126. Can you remove duracote from an HK USC?
  127. Swapping trigger housings on a HDPS G36 conversion?
  128. Help to identify MP5 bolt head
  129. HK USC Prices
  130. SL8 Vs -6
  131. USC assembly help please
  132. years of import
  133. When Will We Get a New .308?
  134. hdps vs hkparts.net
  135. mp5 clone problem
  136. 53 vs 93...Parts differences
  137. ammo question
  138. 91 future scope setup feedback!?
  139. What is a 14" M1 S90 entry gun worth these days?
  140. Hensoldt Mounting Issues
  141. Are USC rifles still being sold commercially?
  142. First was the SL8, Now it's my USC (MP5 stock) USC45A2
  143. machining a FA g3 carrier to SA.
  144. hk self regulating piston and long stroke question
  145. How do you tell the difference between Malaysian and German HK parts (93)
  146. Crap, I lost my Detent Ball for my rear sight!!
  147. Identifying HK94 SP89 MP5 9mm barrels ? on one of these
  148. HK self regulating gas system question
  149. Which rifle is better ?
  150. USC Magazine Clamp
  151. Trijicon Rear Sight experience on 91F
  152. Recs for somebody to re-park a bolt carrier
  153. HK/Benelli M1 and M3 sight question
  154. PSG1 stock vs MSG90
  155. Model 770 Rollers Size?
  156. Help me decide on which Eotech for my UMP (557 or XPS2) Mucho Pix inside!
  157. HK 630
  158. Placing retractable buttstock on PTR-91
  159. Bolt head question
  160. I need some help with a G36 please...
  161. which USC recoil buffer?
  162. Carrier swap, does it require new rollers?
  163. PSG1 Clone Conversion I did for a Customer
  164. What can be done to improve the trigger pull on HK roller style rifles?
  165. Sources for German A2 stock butt plate Green?
  166. Question about XM8 PCAPS and ISM
  167. Proper sight picture for 100 M "V" Notch HK rifle sights?
  168. HK SL8/G36 Conversion Questions
  169. How much/little to lube on the roller-locked HK9X rifles?
  170. my USC/UMP conversion....well kinda...
  171. Paddle Mag Contact Piece?
  172. MP5 Mags
  173. Need help zeroing HK91/416 sights - any advice would be appreciated
  174. HK 93 Beta Mag
  175. G36 engraving fun!
  176. How can you determine locking piece number?
  177. Handguard and Stock Markings, HK or not?
  178. POF HK Rear BUIS
  179. What's it worth?
  180. Changing sl8 caliber?
  181. Which is better Psg-1 or Heavy 2 stage buffer in 91 heavy buffer stock?
  182. WTK: Does removing the rollers from the bolt head make the rifle a single shot?
  183. SL8 = G36?
  184. Need some advice Re: HK 416 sights
  185. Rear Sight Questions
  186. Safety of Using a Cracked SL8-1 Lower Receiver/Butstock Assy
  187. Orion 80/I (Fero Z51) Night Scope
  188. 91 brass bag
  189. HK USC broke already
  190. Semi trigger pack conversion ?s
  191. Fun with plastic!
  192. **New UMP Stock for my MP5 / PICS**
  193. HK91 SBF?
  194. I dyed it
  195. metal sear for USC or trigger?
  196. Any ideas on where to find 16" .40 UMP/ USC barrels
  197. Is the MG4 3x optical sight the same at the G36 optical sight, but in a new housing?
  198. Flat Top UMP-ish Or
  199. Help with USC ejector installation
  200. Bayonet adaptor and slings...
  201. Adjusting sights - up & down
  202. Hk21 FMP barrel turned down to heavy or sniper barrel
  203. USC/UMP questions
  204. HK G36 Rail By TDIarms
  205. SR9 Questions
  206. Need advice on HK rifle build costs
  207. USC/UMP Aimpoint micro
  208. SG1 stock with the heavy 2 stage buffer on a HK93?
  209. USC 20rd mag
  210. Pic request for G36 sling
  211. So if a G36 and a SCAR had sex, and moved to Mexico...
  212. Why not further develop the G3/91 platform?
  213. Factory pinned/hinged HK93 SACO 1976 gun...what do I have here.
  214. g3 fs
  215. Taking a G3 for a swim
  216. A quick vid running the SL8 G36 at this weekends multigun
  217. HK510 12ga single shot info?
  218. SL8-1 Stock Cracking Issue
  219. Pic Request ~ Did anyone save the pic that was on the front "page" of the French SOF?
  220. The Standard H&K 91 Trigger
  221. HK German PSG-1 Bolt Carrier Group Complete ~ Swap In PTR91
  222. G36 mag thickness
  223. MSG90 Complete Trigger Group vs. PTR91 Complete Trigger Group ~ Differences?
  225. Is there a thread on G36 conversions for newbies?
  226. Just anyone have SIG550-style stock for G3/91?
  227. WTK: Sling attachment points on HK a good idea?
  228. Shameless Plug and Question about HK 940
  229. U.S. made SL8/G36 USC/UMP sear
  230. H&K SL8-1 Optics
  231. Input please: rust on this 91 or?
  232. $16 UTG Scope Mount from Outdoor Bunker Is Good to Go!
  233. Nooby question G36 mags Double stacked?
  234. Found the G36 rail that we have all been looking for
  235. WHY?
  236. CETME Spanish made .308 why are they in such demand
  237. SL8 barrel wrench
  238. G36 conversion parts compliance
  239. 630 Stuff
  240. Folding stock on SL8 / G36 conversion interfering with operation when folded
  241. Having an issue with the Bolt Head Locking Rollers on a 93
  242. HK93 Question
  243. New to everything H&K
  244. G3/91 .22 LR conversion: Whom to buy from?
  245. Help with first HK long gun purchase
  246. 167 yd shot ,250.00 /lb meat
  247. HK Benelli on the Range (Video)
  248. picked up a FERO Z-24 scope today.
  249. Anyone try the B&T folder on their HK93?
  250. anyone want to try one of these roll pins?