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  1. SL8 ammo issue
  2. Specs on origional psg1 tripod
  3. G3 surplus stock
  4. Valuation request HK SL7
  5. g36 conversion
  6. mp5 mags
  7. Beta HK33/93 Tower on Korean Drum?
  8. Pls help ID this MP5 variant
  9. HDPS SL8 stock block fitting question
  10. What parts do I need to make the G36 FBI parts kit exact as the SL8 parts kit.
  11. Handguard metal piece.
  12. Is the charging handle area of a G36 bolt carrier welded?
  13. Question on steel guide ring for HK91 recoil spring/rod
  14. Hk flat bending jig in so cal?
  15. Differrences Between Older and Newer A3 stocks?
  16. Scope Mount Issue / Problem
  17. MP5/HK94 A3 stock question
  18. Is there a kit or a way to convert 30 round MP5 mags to 10 rounds?
  19. Question: length of 91 recoil rod?
  20. 91 mag release flaper?
  21. HK-91 B&T picatinny rail ?
  22. Kal vs. Cal?
  23. BAT and redimag to fit on HK MR 223 / HK 416
  24. Serial number question for Hk rifles
  25. HK33 build
  26. HK G36 rail by Troy Industries
  27. Grease gun conversion kit...is what I'm hearing true???
  28. UMP Lower
  29. Wanted: Tip on mounting Harris bipod to G3 wide forearm
  30. Hk 94 Trigger Module Question
  31. G36
  32. Removing the barrel shroud on a 911
  33. USC UMP conversion legal in CT?
  34. HK Benelli Super 90 Difference between Defense and Tactical Models
  35. G36 lower hole mounting
  36. Anyone seen a UTL on a g36 or ump?
  37. Thinking of a 21E Build... How Much?
  38. WTK Wilcox Industries Nightstalker HK Barrel Weapon mount
  39. Cocking tube support ?
  40. MP5A3 case...suggestions?
  41. PTR91 Question
  42. Hard loading SL8 mags
  43. Left Hand Charging Handle Slot on a USC
  44. CETME question
  45. Is this a HK barrel?
  46. LED lights for MP5 Surefire?
  47. hk 91 (g3) mag COST
  48. Magpull G36 mags
  49. Hensoldt Scope on G36K?
  50. MP5 A2 stock "not buffer plate"
  51. Long time HK owner, never had to deal with rust... (Mags)
  52. Possible HK 43 purchase
  53. Sl-8 issues...bho on last and steel rounds
  54. Can't find Knights RAS for HK91 anywhere...
  55. Stock shopping for a friend have you seen,,,
  56. Does anyone have a G36k with a G36c handguard?
  57. HK 91 Refinishing Q's
  58. Why swap FBI lower internals?
  59. UMP conversion. On the fence.
  60. A3 Stock Tightening
  61. Mag cap. USC
  62. What happened to the MP5 collapsable stock group buy thread?
  63. H&K 91 Tungsten filled carrier
  64. You have to be $hitting me!
  65. Changing HK 94 or SP89 Pistol Grip to FBI lower
  66. Just purchased my first Hk91
  67. What is the purpose of the Locking Lever Assy in the HK USC/UMP's?
  68. G36C Barrel, NO HK Markings?
  69. Robar np3 for HK guns/parts
  70. 91 to G3 conversion pics requested
  71. AR15 magazine wells for SL8/G36
  72. Something wrong with my MP5A3... pictures included
  73. G36 Mags with US made parts, did you know?
  74. Trouble getting the hammer on my G36 to re-engage, suggestions?
  75. Is there a magzine loader for the UMP mags?
  76. Best First HK Build
  77. I stopped lubing my roller guns
  78. Another vid of my G36 in competition
  79. Finally mounted my C-More on my Hk94
  80. Thinking about picking up a USC for UMP build
  81. First build commencing, barrel marking questions
  82. HK-93 Barrel Questions ???
  83. Trying to adjust the rear sight and having one HELL of a time! Please help!
  84. Found a new bag for my HK93
  85. Does new USC come with rails?
  86. Seriously thinking of selling USC to get a Benelli M4
  87. Dual optic batteries
  88. Are there B&T stocks availible for the 93&91?
  89. Can anyone help me with Chamber Fluting questions?
  90. hk sl8-6 and the bolt won't stay open
  91. HK91 info needed
  92. The Sporting Rifles, Bling Edition
  93. USC with USC folding stock?
  94. B&T G3 Full rail
  95. Best USC dye method to retain markings?
  96. Grips For an HK 91 Navy Style Trigger
  97. HK 93 G3K slim forend info, value?
  98. MP5 A2 stock buffer plate question, 1974 stock
  99. USC to UMP Magwell Template
  100. What does a new USC come with?
  101. Check this out
  102. 91 SACO question
  103. USC Grease Gun Lower Composition
  104. HK 93 retractable stock
  105. USC Cleaning Solvent
  106. lightest trigger housing and stock? (pic)
  107. Hate USC last round bolt hold open. Way to remove?
  108. HK 91 retracting stock case
  109. Question about G3 and HK33 mags
  110. USC buffer removal
  111. HK91 SACO Question
  112. UMP Take Down Instructions
  113. What H&K Long Gun should I get?
  114. Replacing am MP5 A3 Stock Recoil H Buffer
  116. Pondering the next purchase MP5 clone or Benelli M4
  117. What solvent should I use to clean my 33 parts kit?
  118. What are UMP/USC/SL8/G36/USP etc made out of?
  119. UMP lower question.
  120. WTK: length difference in a HK-93 vs a MP5 retrac stock?
  121. Removing USC Cocking Handle
  122. 22lr Conversion Kit in SR9?
  123. CA DOJ HK94's
  124. HK41 SEF lower will nor fit?
  125. Anyone Have Knowledge of This Collapsable Stock for H&K-91?
  126. Best "pelican" case for a G3?
  127. MKE G3 mags, anyone try them yet?
  128. HK93 KAC RAS question
  129. G3 lower to HK91
  130. EXO Nickel Boron coating
  131. 10 rd MP5 Mag?
  132. Quick '93/'33 magazine question please
  133. SAR-8 to SSR?
  134. MKE 30 round mags, how have they worked for you...
  135. HK 91 Conversion
  136. IS date code on my MP5 A3 stock? Is this genuine German HK??
  137. Blocking down 30 round magazines
  138. Vector 53 charging handle/ bolt won't open easily
  139. Benelli/HK M3 Pump ?
  140. Price on MP5 complete bolts going up??
  141. HK 630 with an engraved receiver
  142. HK 300 with a satin finish
  143. Steel vs. Aluminum mags
  144. UMP grip size.
  145. Mag list for the PTR32?
  146. So, I got a USC!
  147. Are 10 round Thermold HK Mags any good?
  148. WTK G3k sight drum
  149. sl8 conversion -g36
  150. Who does the best g36 conversions
  151. HK G36/SL8
  152. Ghillie Buffer
  153. Need help with my new MP5 F stock
  154. Hope I got a good deal! HK93
  156. G36 Optic
  157. Ported SR9
  158. HK AR15 Mags
  159. Suggested sale price?
  160. HK MP5 FBI Lower
  161. Ammo for the 91
  162. SL8
  163. Legality of UMP conversion in Massachusetts
  164. HK91 bolt carrier spacing
  165. Help me put together a functioning a3 stock!
  166. TSC HK21E owners
  167. 91 series drum
  168. XM8 Designated Marksmen 4X Sight (Advanced Magnified Optic) Maker?
  169. Little bit of G36 for your viewing pleasure..Pix
  170. UMP9 Bolts and Barrels 16" etc.
  171. Source for Early HK M1S90 Recoil Spring
  172. Early HK Benelli M1 S90
  173. Mag well conversion kit??? 93 to AR
  174. I need to see some wood.
  175. Thread pitch on HK91 and HK93 rifle barrels.
  176. HK9x series versus FBI S/F trigger pull weight?
  177. Cutting up G36K Receivers
  178. Camo HK Rifles
  179. Surefire Flashhider for HK51/V-51?
  180. Psg1 Scope on Sr9t ?
  181. recoil HK93 vs Ar
  182. G3 SG/1 ,HK33 SG/1 Markings?
  183. HK21 barrel question
  184. xm-25 (punisher) being fielded
  185. HK-91 scratched, help
  186. HK USC stock color - grey vs black
  187. Benelli M1
  188. WTK: Bolt Pic- Factory?
  189. mke 93 tactical?
  190. HK-91 and claw mount... does your base sit level???
  191. HK 91 competition, Sig Pe 57
  192. MKE MP5 Mags Fron HKSpecialist
  193. .308 MKE Mags
  194. Long Term Effects, SL8 + G36 Grafting
  195. should i hurry?
  196. New Troy G36 railed forarm and sight rail
  197. How to replace HK-91 recoil spring
  198. Will a HK Type "F" bolt head work with a non type "F" carrier , locking pc ect. ?
  199. HK 91 fixed stock improved recoil buffers are available this Friday
  200. Difference between MP5A3 HK contract stocks?
  201. H&K G3 magazine clamp
  202. Think we can get Magpul to make UMP mags?
  203. WTK: SEF Housing Questions/Differences
  204. HK630 ejection question
  205. Legalizing hk 911 in California?
  206. POF-USA
  207. Does a factory MP5k have a front sling loop on the triple frame?
  208. Best ammo for polygonal HK91
  209. Question about G36C gas system
  210. MSG90 Scope Mount on SR9t?
  211. MP5 A3 Stock Buffer
  212. hk 91 whore barrel and scope
  213. Grey finish
  214. SEF to ambi pack parts compatability
  215. HK Fabarm FP6 Shotgun serial numbers
  216. Need help ID'ing HK91/G3 magazines
  217. SL8-1 Future Value
  218. G36 Chopstix style freezing cold.
  219. SL8 Spare Parts
  220. SAR8 fake flash hider
  221. Hensoldt Fero
  222. SL8/G36 dual optic
  223. ProMag 10rd SL8 Magazines? 922r?
  224. HK94 Chamber Fluting Question
  225. SL8-6 Handguard Rail Options
  226. Gun newbie trying to install PWS FSC91 compensator on PTR91F, Expert input needed!
  227. MP5A3 "F" Stock Repair?
  228. SK8 to G36-K conversion
  229. G36/SL8 Dual Optic questions
  230. Roller Locking Plate Question
  231. MP5 Twist Rate?
  232. Can an HK21E clubfoot stock be modified to work on an HK91?
  233. Heavy buffer help
  234. G36k clone problems
  235. HK Tan Cocking Handle
  236. HK 94 II date code DOJ right?
  237. SL-8 no longer importing..........I always wanted one for the collection
  238. Help with ID: II date coded HK93
  239. 1976 Saco shows up with special goodies!
  240. G36 sniper trigger group
  241. Who does the best work to mill UMP vents in a USC?
  242. SL8-6 in CA
  243. G3/HK91 Beta Mag
  245. HK 41 barrel marking
  246. Where are proof marks on parts of an HK94?
  247. SL8 handguard:what do you think of this?
  248. Why such a huge disparity in the price of Navy Lowers for the MP5?
  249. SR9 buffer question
  250. WTK: Question about HK 90 series rear sight assembly