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  1. Refinishing Services Closest to Factory HK?
  2. HK G3 Hensoldt Scope Question
  3. G36 conversion... Lurker
  4. 30 round mags for the HK91
  5. HK barrel extension (trunnion) dimensions (for forearm fitting)
  6. Weight of the MP5 bolt carrier group?
  7. USC is back, 1 day service by HK!
  8. Is this a real German HK MP5 A3 stock?
  9. MR556A1 barrel question
  10. (HK91) With 14" barrel can I still use standard backplate/recoil spring?
  11. Rather impressive ballistics video iincluding MP5 &G36
  12. WTK what are the Date Codes for the HK94 Doj's that were released...?
  13. HK M3 shotgun
  14. UMP 9 mm
  15. What locking piece do you run in your 33k ??
  16. Scope recommendation for SL7
  17. HK-91 Cocking Tube Question
  18. USC woke up from winter with a problem
  19. I'm actually thinking about selling my UMP...am I crazy?
  20. Recoil buffer for Sl7 same as SL6 same?
  21. G3 Scope Mount ID
  22. USC/UMP Magazine Question
  23. G36 Site Rail ID?
  24. Advice please. Im new here
  25. RTG's Hensoldt Scopes
  26. Washing G36 Magazines in the dishwasher?
  27. Are G36 clones duty capable?
  28. HK Smooth, tapered cocking tube
  29. No bolt gap on HK91
  30. HK Style Flash Hider Effective?
  31. My New PSG-8 (tbostic built stock)
  32. SL8 trigger group install question
  33. G36 FCG Q?
  34. 223 bolt stuck in 308 gun
  35. H&K 53 Recoil rod problems
  36. My New (to Me) HK-91
  37. Question about HK 91 ODG vs a 94 A3 for future purchase.
  38. HK 91 Date code and Collectability/Value
  39. HK 91 Bolt carrier Question
  40. Is this Normal? Cracked Trigger Housing on HK 91
  41. Is this Normal? Cracked Trigger Housing on HK 91
  42. HK Manual for the G3 Family
  43. New ACOG w/ MF'ing screws that are put on with Loctite?
  44. Did a HK 91 manual come with a HK 911?
  45. HK53 Marking Question
  46. Is this USC 922 Compliant?
  47. G3FS - Background of the "FS" marking
  48. Ever had your extractor and spring fly out?
  49. HK 91 and 93 appeal
  50. HK AR lower
  51. What is this?
  52. What's a good deal on a like new HK-91
  53. Is this possible to do on a USC upper?
  54. HK sling hooks in 1.25"?
  55. 9mm UMP Magazines
  56. How to check Head space on HK-91
  57. G36 pistol grip and trigger pack questions
  58. UMP adoption
  59. Are these U.S.-made trigger housings?
  60. Can anyone identify this HK UMP Barrel? Top Notch maybe?
  61. G36 Fixed stock
  62. HK scope ring breakage
  63. G36 Magwell for Sl8 conversion
  64. HK Customer Service Is The Best!
  65. HK factory G3/HK91 handguard missing date code?
  66. Rail Thickness
  67. HK 43 Trade Value?
  68. Whos G36 is this? I know I've seen it before
  69. Need some help on an HK93 and SP89
  70. MP5 holo sight mount and still use iron sights?
  71. Bayonet lug under a g36e handgaurd
  72. Will solvent hurt parkerizing?
  73. How are the MKE polymer 33/93 mags ????
  74. G36 Platform VS AR15 Platform in 3 gun matches/service rifle
  75. Hensoldt Fero or Z24
  76. UMP folding stock question..
  77. Help with HK91 collapsable stock that won't collapse...
  78. New 9mm UMP conversion kits at HKPARTS.net under $1000
  79. anyone with a G36 KV stock?? got a question...
  80. So, did the noob get a good deal here?
  81. g36e suppressed or g36k not suppressed?
  82. Lancer Mag issue/question
  83. Need advice on an optic for my USC/UMP
  84. HK91 30 rd magazines
  85. MR556A1 Serial #978 Spotted
  86. Quick question about an MP5
  87. G36C & ACOG Problem
  88. Newly registered member, trying to post in FS forum.
  89. G36 Top Rail
  90. Aimpoint ml2 mount for usc
  91. HK rifles and purchase
  92. What is the best drop in (no permenant modification) buffer upgrade for HK91 rifles?
  93. Preferred sling for MP-5 model guns ?
  94. HK/Benelli M1 Refinishing question
  95. Assembling a complete lower for a HK-type weapon
  96. 1200 meter Sight
  97. Loaner G36 Barrel Wrench? Athens, GA
  98. WTK: Value of a DOJ marked HK-94?
  99. The Gun That Killed Osama bin Laden Revealed
  100. MP5 Surefire Light and suppressor usage
  101. How tough is the Hk91?
  102. MP5 A3 Stock legal in NY state?
  103. Cool slow mo video of the MG4...but its in German
  104. HK91 Date Code HK
  105. So is this a '93 or '91 charging handle?
  106. has anyone tried the Weaver shotgun red-green dor scope for the sl8 or mr556?
  107. delete
  108. HK MR556 Mag question??
  109. Discontinued guns and parts availability
  110. Suggestions for a good case for a stock USC?
  111. Some pics of the HK-93 I picked up today!
  112. HK416 vs M&P15 .22LR
  113. 3-position picto housing question
  114. Will G36 Parts Dry up with SL8 Discontinuation
  115. sl8, anyone know where to get a hk rifle case, and better optics help needed thanks
  116. Finished my USC to UMP Conversion
  117. Got a pleasant call from our HK rep today re: MR762...
  118. AAC Blackout Flash Hider? Feedback?
  119. g3 scope
  120. HK-91 after market muzzle brake
  121. Can someone ID these flip up iron sights?
  122. 16in bbl g36
  123. Can someone ID the maker of this SL8 bolt catch?
  124. SL8 - AR15 to G36 Mags?
  125. SL8 magazine price jump in Canada
  126. ump folding stock question
  127. H&K USC stock ID
  128. Convert G3 A3 stock to fit V51?
  129. USC/UMP Template Question
  130. HDPS stock block question
  131. H&K 770 corrosion
  132. HK-91 advice
  133. mount on 91 without marks to receiver
  134. HK 91 polymer port buffer?
  135. WTB MP5 30rds mags , any reliable EU online retailer ?
  136. HK 300 Manual?
  137. HK21 factory and FMP barrel question
  138. WTK values of a factory sealed in plastic G3 mag (1963 vintage).
  139. SL8/G36 Bullpup Project
  140. SL8 Hammer modification
  141. UMP Buffer Block Cutout
  142. Looking to build my own HK33
  143. mg4 vs mp5 recoil
  144. How to remove the G36k flash hider?
  145. Ideas on bending the hk91 carry handle?
  146. MR556 VERSUS LWRC ??
  147. Hk91 destroys a hard drive.
  148. HK 416 in .22lr
  149. new guy gauging interest in hk91 5 & 10 round mags.
  150. SL8 ammo issue
  151. Specs on origional psg1 tripod
  152. G3 surplus stock
  153. Valuation request HK SL7
  154. g36 conversion
  155. mp5 mags
  156. Beta HK33/93 Tower on Korean Drum?
  157. Pls help ID this MP5 variant
  158. HDPS SL8 stock block fitting question
  159. What parts do I need to make the G36 FBI parts kit exact as the SL8 parts kit.
  160. Handguard metal piece.
  161. Is the charging handle area of a G36 bolt carrier welded?
  162. Question on steel guide ring for HK91 recoil spring/rod
  163. Hk flat bending jig in so cal?
  164. Differrences Between Older and Newer A3 stocks?
  165. Scope Mount Issue / Problem
  166. MP5/HK94 A3 stock question
  167. Is there a kit or a way to convert 30 round MP5 mags to 10 rounds?
  168. Question: length of 91 recoil rod?
  169. 91 mag release flaper?
  170. HK-91 B&T picatinny rail ?
  171. Kal vs. Cal?
  172. BAT and redimag to fit on HK MR 223 / HK 416
  173. Serial number question for Hk rifles
  174. HK33 build
  175. HK G36 rail by Troy Industries
  176. Grease gun conversion kit...is what I'm hearing true???
  177. UMP Lower
  178. Wanted: Tip on mounting Harris bipod to G3 wide forearm
  179. Hk 94 Trigger Module Question
  180. G36
  181. Removing the barrel shroud on a 911
  182. USC UMP conversion legal in CT?
  183. HK Benelli Super 90 Difference between Defense and Tactical Models
  184. G36 lower hole mounting
  185. Anyone seen a UTL on a g36 or ump?
  186. Thinking of a 21E Build... How Much?
  187. WTK Wilcox Industries Nightstalker HK Barrel Weapon mount
  188. Cocking tube support ?
  189. MP5A3 case...suggestions?
  190. PTR91 Question
  191. Hard loading SL8 mags
  192. Left Hand Charging Handle Slot on a USC
  193. CETME question
  194. Is this a HK barrel?
  195. LED lights for MP5 Surefire?
  196. hk 91 (g3) mag COST
  197. Magpull G36 mags
  198. Hensoldt Scope on G36K?
  199. MP5 A2 stock "not buffer plate"
  200. Long time HK owner, never had to deal with rust... (Mags)
  201. Possible HK 43 purchase
  202. Sl-8 issues...bho on last and steel rounds
  203. Can't find Knights RAS for HK91 anywhere...
  204. Stock shopping for a friend have you seen,,,
  205. Does anyone have a G36k with a G36c handguard?
  206. HK 91 Refinishing Q's
  207. Why swap FBI lower internals?
  208. UMP conversion. On the fence.
  209. A3 Stock Tightening
  210. Mag cap. USC
  211. What happened to the MP5 collapsable stock group buy thread?
  212. H&K 91 Tungsten filled carrier
  213. You have to be $hitting me!
  214. Changing HK 94 or SP89 Pistol Grip to FBI lower
  215. Just purchased my first Hk91
  216. What is the purpose of the Locking Lever Assy in the HK USC/UMP's?
  217. G36C Barrel, NO HK Markings?
  218. Robar np3 for HK guns/parts
  219. 91 to G3 conversion pics requested
  220. AR15 magazine wells for SL8/G36
  221. Something wrong with my MP5A3... pictures included
  222. G36 Mags with US made parts, did you know?
  223. Trouble getting the hammer on my G36 to re-engage, suggestions?
  224. Is there a magzine loader for the UMP mags?
  225. Best First HK Build
  226. I stopped lubing my roller guns
  227. Another vid of my G36 in competition
  228. Finally mounted my C-More on my Hk94
  229. Thinking about picking up a USC for UMP build
  230. First build commencing, barrel marking questions
  231. HK-93 Barrel Questions ???
  232. Trying to adjust the rear sight and having one HELL of a time! Please help!
  233. Found a new bag for my HK93
  234. Does new USC come with rails?
  235. Seriously thinking of selling USC to get a Benelli M4
  236. Dual optic batteries
  237. Are there B&T stocks availible for the 93&91?
  238. Can anyone help me with Chamber Fluting questions?
  239. hk sl8-6 and the bolt won't stay open
  240. HK91 info needed
  241. The Sporting Rifles, Bling Edition
  242. USC with USC folding stock?
  243. B&T G3 Full rail
  244. Best USC dye method to retain markings?
  245. Grips For an HK 91 Navy Style Trigger
  246. HK 93 G3K slim forend info, value?
  247. MP5 A2 stock buffer plate question, 1974 stock
  248. USC to UMP Magwell Template
  249. What does a new USC come with?
  250. Check this out