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  1. HK91 Stock Questions
  2. My PSG1 is finally here!
  3. Good deal?
  4. What H&K 94 parts are usable in MP5SD
  5. Question regarding the PSG-1
  6. HK 270 .22LR
  7. HK41 What is it worth?
  8. SL8 bcg not closing all the way
  9. MR556A1 vs HK93: an observation...
  10. 416 Front Folding Sight Micro Pin- Just Tap It In?
  11. Pictures of SR9T and SR9TC Stamping
  12. MP5 bolt head difference
  13. Just scored an HK41 manual
  14. Who can build my h&k?
  15. 9X value
  16. Price Check HK93
  17. When to use an oversize barrel pin ?
  18. Building my first G3 (Need some advice)
  19. SL8 to PSG-8 Project help
  20. Brügger et Thomet mounts
  21. HK33/93 optic rail
  22. USC here I come!!!!
  23. Collapsable stock vs. fixed stock
  24. Urgent assistance with HK 93 requested...
  25. Ready to Jump In!
  26. A new HK aluminum handguard for G36E or SL8
  27. Changing your extractor spring?
  28. Best Sling Option for G36K
  29. UMP Upper Reciever
  30. HK MP5 F A2 Parts kit
  31. SL8/G36 heat shields
  32. H&K USC .45ACP and cast lead bullets
  33. B&T 21241 rail and Aimpont H-1 compatibility
  34. G3 Low-profile ACOG Mount, Picatinny Rail Forearm
  35. HK93 A2
  36. Rear sight and Claw mount question
  37. Difference between MP5/Mp5K/Sp89 action 3/F/regular Bolt Head
  38. It took a while but finally...
  39. hk94 barrel diameter?
  40. HK / Fabarm Gold LIon
  41. HK21 Buffer or US made Heavy Buffer?
  42. Confirmation of Locking Piece Interchangability Between 7.62x51 and 5.56x45 weapons
  43. What do the various letters/numbers on HK hammers mean?
  44. Any trick to removing a rubber butt pad on a HK 93 stock?
  45. HK FP6 Shotgun
  46. G36 heat shields
  47. Price check on a 416 stock
  48. B&T 21241 rail and ARMS #31 compatibility
  49. MP5 Rear Sight Question...
  50. The HK 91 and how I learned to hate bolt gap
  51. New to HK Forum!
  52. Just need a confirmation on my 91's date code.
  53. barrel markings...german? British?
  54. SL8 - G36 Conversion
  55. Chamber fluting of customer barrels for CETME/HK
  56. Roller delayed blow back, Fully auto?
  57. Need Help to ID A3 stock.
  58. Wire cutter crooked - flash hider removal
  59. Best bulk ammo to buy for HK MP 5k/Sp 89?
  60. Scope Options for HK91 - Revisted
  61. Date code question on PSG1
  62. HK 33/53/93 vented forearm stock? Approx. value????
  63. Preserve it OG value, or deck it out?? H&K SR9T
  64. HK91 Rusted, Any Hope For It?
  65. slb2000 loads and twist info
  66. A couple "new guy" questions my search didn't answer
  67. New here, checking in
  68. G36 barrel options, which is best?
  69. What size oversized rollers do I need?
  70. Who would you trust to do your rebarrel?
  71. Buying hk94 - what to look for.
  72. MP5 mag broke yesterday :(
  73. Bulletbaron HK G3 Information Request
  74. G36C stock cheekpiece screw size
  75. HK91 Wide foregrip without bipod groove?
  76. Build it or sell it?
  77. My HK91 barrel change. Need help.
  78. WTK - Fair price for Hk91 with G3 specs see txt
  79. WTK - Fair price for DOJ Hk94 with extras?
  80. $300 for this scope a good deal?
  81. Who to trust when buying original HK91?
  82. Is there a cocking knob conversion for the G36 charging handle?
  83. I the HK Parts G36 optics rail the lowest available?
  84. Need help inletting an AR Mag well in SL8 Stock
  85. SL8 Bolt to G36 bolt Parts swap Question
  86. 93-53-33 35 rd Mags?
  87. G36K barrel diameter ?
  88. So why are the MR556 being parted out?
  89. Well I did it
  90. Factory HK93 trigger housing assembly on an HK94??
  91. HK91 Rifling
  92. What are these?
  93. SL8 optics question
  94. HK91 wood furniture?
  95. HK 91 Stampings?
  96. Hk 300 charging lever.
  97. Notes installing a heavy buffer in an HK91 with Clubfoot Stock
  98. Umarex .22 ammo compatibility and accuracy...?
  99. Cool thread on ar15
  100. HK UMP stock
  101. Does this make sense to anyone else?
  102. Question on HK93 welds
  103. Next HK rifle to buy
  104. Locking peice for longbarrel PSG-1 or MSG-90 clone build
  105. Need info on these MP5 mags
  106. New to HK's and have a difficult to actuate cocking handle on a HK91
  107. FMP XG3S
  108. G3 Green Stock Set W/ Wide Forearm
  109. HK940
  110. Dual Optic Worth?
  111. PSG1 questions
  112. Is there a difference between rail dimensions on B&T Mounts MP5?
  113. Replacing the stock on an SL8-1
  114. Does SR9 metal trigger housing compatible with PSG-1 trigger pack
  115. Hello... SL8 and G36 Conversion Content
  116. $1200 a good price for a used sl8-1?
  117. SL-8/G36 "Ping"
  118. UMP Bolt carrier material question
  119. Hera-Arms USC Folding Stock
  120. Price check 94, 93, mr556
  121. 93 a3 stock question on a v53
  122. Looking for Chopstix Kid or Tom Bostic for my SL8 to G36 Conversion
  124. New Scope on the 91
  125. Re: Installation of MSG90 buffer, assistance requested
  126. claw mount
  127. Problems with my SLB2000..
  128. Looking for a magazine loader for this .45 carbine.
  129. USC UMP Conversion
  130. Hk buis and cowitnessing a eotech 552
  131. RTG Parts AR to HK thread adaptor report
  132. Heavy Buffer installed in a MagPul stock!
  133. Promag light bipod for HK SR9
  134. usc high capacity magazines?
  135. Polymer Port buffer (shell deflector)
  136. Trijicon SRS on UMP?
  137. SL8 Questions
  138. My submission for the Newbie Questions Thread ;)
  139. Collapsible vs Side-Folding stocks
  140. Mags fit tightly in and out of magwell (HK91)
  141. HK93 F/A UPGRADE ?
  142. Please Delete
  143. USC/UMP Conversion Punch Set
  144. H&K MP5 Magazine Info Thread
  145. Question about T-1 on a USC/UMP...yes I searched ;)
  146. Possibility of restoring G36 parts kit: minus full auto of course.
  147. HK rear sight? 91 v 94
  148. HK93A3 Value Question
  150. Anyone using Micro T1 (Aimpoint) with their 93 cowitnessed?
  151. HK 41 Trigger group ?
  152. SL-8/G36
  153. Firing pin export to Norway
  154. Breaking in the new USC
  155. HK93 came with brass deflector, some questions
  156. I am an SL8 modiholic. My SL8KV
  157. MSG90 Stock Markings Question
  158. Need pics of Scoped HK91s Please
  159. HK 94 Slight Play/Looseness in Cocking Lever and Handle
  160. How to disassemble G36 trigger group
  161. Got an HK91!
  162. Questions on the 93 parts
  163. Need help on how to fix engraving in USC receiver
  164. My new HK 93
  165. Is a USC/UMP Conversion a True HK or a Clone
  166. Is it possible to buy a replacement barrel for my SR9?
  167. SLB 2000 Base Plate???
  168. ATI MP5/HK94 mags
  169. mp5 22 legal short rifle options
  170. I'm going to look at this rifle
  171. Hera Arms BCK Gen. 2 for the SL8
  172. Getting a Hk 91 and HK 93 is this a good price?
  173. To shoot or not to shoot?
  174. Value of a real HK G3/91 50 round drum
  175. Yet another bolt-gap question
  176. Acog on a G36
  177. Picked up an HK93 today
  178. MP5 9mm Mag Pouch options?
  179. HK Bayonet Who made them?
  180. MP5, 9mm Mag Loaders & UnLoader What's their worth?
  181. Clipped and Pinned Metal Service?
  182. Chops"pics" request
  183. Identify M1 S90 Barrel on New Tactical Shotgun
  184. MP5 Surefire forearm question about carbon buildup.
  185. MP5's rear sight drum HOW TO REPLACE?
  186. Roller lock reliability
  187. how to tell if I have an 'action 3' bolt head
  188. XS sight for the USC question.... *NOW with report*
  189. G36 with aimpoint offset mount video
  190. HK USC Discontinued?
  191. Looking to eventually build a G36c but have some questions...
  192. Geniune German parts or not?
  193. HK93 help needed - Need worth and identification help
  194. MP5 kit is off to Ghillie
  195. Benelli M1 Hard Chrome
  196. HK-91 Project Gun. What should I build??
  197. G3 Bolt Head Differences: Polygonal vs. 4 groove rifling
  198. HK Gun smithing for SL8 G36 Conversion.
  199. What Laser for my HK93A3 and V53?
  200. cutting sl8 barrel effect on accuracy
  201. Going price for new HK91 aluminum mags?
  202. Hk 91 number of mags from factory
  203. The USC as a self defense weapon.
  204. Hydro Dip Camo G36
  205. USC Trigger Resseting Problem
  206. usc bolt vs ump bolt
  207. Introduction of HK Sporting rifles
  208. Does anyone sell replacement springs for HK93/33/53 magazines?
  209. Is this a German HK 93 A3 stock without buffer ???
  210. Help Just purchased a HK91 from gunbroker do you think i got a good deal.
  211. Took the plunge and bought a HK G36 K Parts Kit
  212. Anyone else notice something in this auction?
  213. Haintenance on a HK33
  214. HK 33/93 Loader/Unloader Tools
  215. SL8 to G36 Conversion looking for Chopstix Kid or Tom Bostic
  216. Remove buffer in HK33 buffered carrier?
  217. HK 93 53 A3 Stock difference
  218. Steel alloys used in HK receivers and clone receivers & heat treatment question
  219. Please Delete
  221. Who makes this optic mount?
  222. UMP safety removable
  223. SL8, why does it have a slide? and....
  224. Small hump on HK 53 receiver. Not roller marks.
  225. The H&K Bipod
  226. The H&K A3 retractable Stock...
  227. Single point sling mounting options
  228. How much does SL8 barrel with gas block cost?
  229. PTR 91 MSG sight picture...
  230. preban hk91, just bought a hensoldt fero z24 and surprise surprise i have questions
  231. Picitanny Rail for H&K Mount
  232. Old or New?
  233. How to clean an H&K really quick...
  234. What HK stock is this? - Three pins ?
  235. G36 AR Magwell
  236. Cheek rest on a G36k stock?
  237. Did H&K ever make an SL-8 in green?
  238. Sighting in a new MR556A1.
  239. Where can I get a Knights Armament Ras Tri Rail or something similiar for my mp5?
  240. Need help, How many HK 93's were manufactured in 1974?
  241. Minor errors in World of HK
  242. Quality on US-Made HK94 barrels?
  243. H&K 93, and 33's, the Red Headed Step Childred of the H&K Rifles..
  244. FYI Aftermarket MP5 F Stock 2nd Prototype
  245. H-K 91 bayonet question?
  246. German surplus 7.62x51- "tar"
  247. MP5 A2 buttstock with H-buffer?
  248. New USC45
  249. If my M1 super 90...
  250. 1/89 FMP G3S...What is it worth?