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  1. New 7.62 rifle procurement for US military
  2. The SP5K: An HK MP5 in Civilian Clothes
  3. Finally logged back in!
  4. High round count HK rifles
  5. NRA Show...Atlanta
  6. New production HK94/SP5?
  7. Good luck to Mr. Wayne Weber !
  8. New to HK Pistols
  9. HK rear sight conversion for AK74?
  10. Difference in MP5A3 collapsible stock rails?
  11. Rest In Peace, our G3Kurz has passed away.
  12. Some 2017 IWA Swag
  13. HK facebook: Proud to announce that along with building a factory in the USA...
  14. Heckler & Koch on Instagram
  15. HK A3 stock refinish
  16. This is interesting?
  17. IWA 2017 Nuremberg report
  18. Gun Show HK21e Barrel & Bolt Find
  19. When you introduce your MP5 to a Coyote .....
  20. HK UTL Disassembly??
  21. Do ambi selector switches normally have this much movement
  22. Heckler & Koch =Damn Fine German Weapons
  23. My New Desktop Wallpaper - MP7A1
  24. How would you like to get hit by something like this? Hk doesn't think so!
  25. USMC begins process to issue M27 IAR to every rifleman
  26. Refinishing A3 Stocks?
  27. P2000SK, and gun sales are down
  28. Orbital sues H&K over XM25 weapon
  29. '80s SWAT guy with MP5 statue - cool antique store find!
  30. CDNN's SP89 new HK's?
  31. I want to hear you h&k war stories
  32. Roller Lock Cleaning Made easy
  33. MP5 Platform Magazine Changes
  34. xproducts 2017 shot show mp5 and hk93 drums
  35. Way to go Bill.
  36. HK to Spend Nearly $30mm Expanding Operations
  37. Ice Cubes MP5SD
  38. Colion Noir video with Wayne Weber
  39. Hk 91 belt buckle
  40. Mag clamps
  41. Is HK Parts site down? UPDATE Site is back online
  42. Another reason to like HK pistols
  43. A pocket HK 9mm ?
  44. Hk on the Chive, awesome pics
  45. Favorite purchase of 2016
  46. HK Boba Fett Armor
  47. Buying HK Parts In Germany or Europe????
  48. WTK: Export help for HK parts
  49. Could we see another MP5 offering?
  50. H&K Customer Service
  51. Sfp9-sf ral 8000
  52. 2017 HK Calendars
  53. HK to stop exporting to Non-NATO countries.
  54. More Gray & FDE HKs coming??
  55. Which law enforcement agencies carry H&k?
  56. Heckler & Koch Gives Up Selling Firearms to non-NATO Members/Partners
  57. THOUGHTS ON OVERALL HEALTH OF H&K (video discussion)
  58. $34K+ HK G3 3/62 Golden State on Gun Broker - Why so Expensive?
  59. A Letter to Heckler & Koch. Please post if you agree.
  60. USMC is looking to adopt the 416 as new service rifle
  61. Early G3/CETME scope mount
  62. SEF selector lever that can be switched with a lock key from full to semi
  63. I think the HK bug bit me
  64. Estonia is handing out AK4s to their population.
  65. MR556 Missed Out!
  66. Question Why my Mr556 has two different serial number
  67. HK BASR Brochure
  68. MP5 mag price & availability - what is going on?
  69. Fund Raising Total - 2016 Day with HK supporting Boulder Crest Retreat
  70. H&K products help pass on firearm appreciation to new shooters
  71. F.J.Vollmer
  72. HK fun day with...
  73. Cut Buffer Question
  74. Do you register new purchases with HK??
  75. HK Pro App
  76. HK Talk at the Creek
  77. Hurricane evacuation!!! What HKs to take, and why?
  78. Old HK Photos
  79. Hey crash call me when u can
  80. Night sights
  81. Finally!
  82. What would you pay more for? A Poll
  83. HK 94 Stainless Barrel
  84. I'm building an H&K themed media/gaming PC. Need some inspiratrion/ideas.
  85. HK (specific-not factory) Armorer's Kit
  86. When Did Vollmer Close Shop?
  87. HK MP5K turned in at California gun buyback
  88. End of
  89. Hk slogan in German
  90. H&K G11K2 pictures and info needed. Please help :)
  91. SIGN UP IS OPEN!!! for the 2016 "Day with HK" benefitting Boulder Crest Retreat
  92. Why is HK not submitting an entry into the competition....
  93. Why no semi MP7?
  94. HK Training
  95. WARNING ORDER!!! 24 October - 2016 "Day with HK" - Live-fire Demo & Gray Room Tour
  96. Few magazines and a book
  97. DATE STILL PENDING - 2016 Day with HK
  98. British SAS MP5's - EN manufacture or HK?
  99. Does anyone know who can install an LEM kit in my HK45? Somewhere near Phoenix, AZ?
  100. HK 36 information, NOT G36!
  101. HK License Plates!
  102. HK USA looking for a Design Engineer
  103. Illuminator for Z24
  104. Anyone else see this........
  105. HK support - fast and friendly
  106. Recent pickup - BA300 / HK53 clone
  107. HK booth at Shooting and Outdoor convention - informal questions and photos
  108. HKPro WTS Post From 9/2000
  109. My newest HK acquisition
  110. The most Expensive HK key Chain ever
  111. Very nice HK collection - Not mine
  112. delete
  113. Early HK import Benelli m1 super 90 choke
  114. ITD - HK Intl. Training division - why did this close down and go away?
  115. Visit to the "Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung Koblenz"
  116. What would you do?
  117. G3 slim black handguard date code
  118. Barrel replacement
  119. Flash Hider Rehab
  120. I am incorporating HK into a writing assignment I am doing for a summer course?
  121. SG1 claw mount vs MFI etc.
  122. A Good or Bad Idea to Sue your historically best customer?
  123. From Firearm Blog "Heckler & Koch Takes the German Government TO COURT Over Over G36"
  124. Takeover fears, not stifling journalists, sent Heckler & Koch to military intelligenc
  125. STATUS - HK Day 2016
  126. NRA Convention info
  127. " TSA reaffirms decision on German firearm supplier "
  128. Unhappy Anniversary
  129. mp5 a3 stock
  130. New HK Commercial on YouTube Channel
  131. Instead of the SP5K...
  132. What else may we see from HK in the upcoming weeks?
  133. Why is hk releasing the sp5k with that crappy optics mount
  134. Anyone wanna place a bet on future availablility of sp5k 3 lug barrel
  135. SP5k Spec Sheet from Hk USA
  136. SP5k and the HK Marketplace
  137. H&K G11 - Information needed
  138. not 1, not 2, ore even 3 but 4 HK41s at my LGS
  139. Someone Got Hosed
  140. The number '2' in front of Eagle proof on slide?
  141. MP5K specific discussion and questions.
  142. Tom Bostic on TV
  143. Unimog + HK = Awesome
  144. Continuing my TEUFELSHUND TACTICAL training
  145. Hk Mp5 Folding Stock Question ? What brand is this ?
  146. German beauties
  147. HK Instagram oops
  148. German police....
  149. Spuhr G3 stock
  150. Nitride MP5 barrel?
  151. Interesting Article That Discusses How HK Epoxy Powder Coats Their Rifles
  152. What do people use demil receiver sections for?!
  153. Repro patches
  154. HK wins US Army sniper rifle contract
  155. World of hk
  156. 100 Best Gun Rooms - HK USA "Gray Room" Makes the List
  157. MP5 Mags - why so damn expensive?
  158. Hammer Markings X vs XX; whats the difference?
  159. Ultrasonic Cleaning of Roller Lock Guns (Hornady Hot Tub?)
  160. Apex Gun Parts
  161. HK stuff in Germany??? whree at?
  162. HK MG43 torture test
  163. HK21 and HK23 questions
  164. HK Pistol Bag Picture
  165. How difficult would it be to get a job at HK?
  166. Check out this rig a guy is selling on Gun Broker. HELLO!
  167. SP5K
  168. IWA 2016 photos
  169. Local HK dealer freebie
  170. What did I buy? Magazine question.
  171. SP5k is now listed on the German Hk website
  172. Updates - Proof Marks (Do I have it right?)
  173. HK Serial Number Prefix – Update 2016
  174. Books
  175. G3 factory video from 1970
  176. HK Visor
  177. Did HK have a team in Iraq servicing guns?
  178. LOL HK94 a3 576.00 new!!!!!
  179. HK Lapel Pins
  180. Practice pays off! We have a new junior hooked on HK and USPSA!
  181. New Pistol Caliber Carbine shooter getting ready for her 1st match Sunday at USPSA!
  182. Replacing MP5K Buffer
  183. HK steel bipod ID
  184. HK to attend Marine West exhibition at Camp Pendleton CA, Feb 3-4
  185. HK Emblem
  186. HK GalacTac
  187. HK pistol
  188. HK-Telux Watch Battery
  189. HK WEBSHOP Backorders
  190. Sunday/FUNday!
  191. Drank more kool aid today!
  192. Corrected 2004 SHOT show catalog
  193. MP5 Magazine Speed Loaders
  194. Bathroom Reading Material
  195. HK 34 Barrels
  196. Christmas Cookies
  197. HK Laser?
  198. Shooting my first USPSA match with an HK this comming week
  199. Why did HK stop using the 110* LP in the MP5K?
  200. WTK HK/Marine M27 Challenge Coin
  201. new video on delayed roller blowback system
  202. Open Carry Demonstration with the H&K
  203. Ahhh...the Germans and their beautiful subguns...
  204. Teufelshund Tactical MP5-UMP Training is coming to North Florida April 2016
  205. Latest HK Financial News: Heeschen Injects 60 million Euro into Heckler & Koch
  206. Saxony Police adopts HK SFP9 as new sidearm
  207. HK live fire and Gray Room tour 2015
  208. First Pic from HK Day 2015!
  209. Just something I saw.
  210. hk webstore
  211. New Hk hitch?
  212. Worst HK firearm?
  213. HK Lawsuit against Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle
  214. B&T forends/handguards
  215. New items and old favorites at HK
  216. g36 in the news
  217. Ral8000 - usa
  218. 100th birthday of the HK cake ;o)
  219. Is This HK? Any Details?
  220. Hmmm...which pistol to send to Gray guns? VP9?
  221. Magazine Musings: MP-5 mags - Why so expensive?
  222. Good thing the zombie apocalypse didn't happen!
  223. Black aluminum G3 sight tool?
  224. Guess the equipment
  225. HK Eagle Urban Camo Prototype Case
  226. Can't catch a break
  227. My fanboyism runs deep
  228. HK Rebate
  229. H&K Webshop
  230. Saudi G3 rifles in Yemen?
  231. Today's smile...
  232. Most "gun people" are clueless about HK firearms
  233. HK Columbus, GA
  234. HK armorers course????
  235. the elusive HK Key ring .....
  236. HK money trouble
  237. HK Oberndorf G3 rifle Inspection documents.
  238. HK Firing Range Techs
  239. G3 .22lr Range Day with Questions
  240. HK heavy buffer vs Enhanced Heavy Buffer
  241. Custom Trigger Group Stand
  242. Green HK53 wide handguard
  243. My small collection
  244. Hesitant to order from HK webshop
  245. Today's HK Deal of the Day
  246. HK USA Gray Room pictures
  247. Hk512: Kiesler Letter of Authenticity 1990
  248. WSJ article with NATO G36 carrying soldier
  249. HK History Book
  250. G3 Kurz's "Where to Now" NDIA Presentation