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  1. H&K stuff
  2. new guy from Michigan vp9
  3. From Spain, new in the forum.
  4. Hello From Southern New England
  5. HK Newbie from California .. My current Pistols & Rifles
  6. noob with a project
  7. Help! I've got my bolt stuck inside the carrier! newb
  8. New guy from Arizona, checking in
  9. New guy from Ca.
  10. Old "Newbie" looking for some help and advice....
  11. Newbie In Arizona With Registered Sear cost Question
  12. New guy from Georgia
  13. New Forum user from Indiana
  14. Difference between MP5K and Reverse Stretch
  15. First time HK buyer, looking for advice.
  16. Individual LEO/Mil Pricing?
  17. New HK VP9 From Illinois!
  18. Dumb Question - Unlocking C93 bolt in gun in battery without cocking tube suppoty
  19. New guy part question SL-6 front sight
  20. New VP9 Owner in Tampa
  21. FNG in North Florida
  22. newest noob
  23. Looking to buy parts kit and build a full on SA MP5N
  24. New from TN
  25. New H&K owner from NJ
  26. Hello from Washington State
  27. New guy in kentucky
  28. Love the HK45 but was wondering...
  29. Rookie is looking at a P2000SK
  30. About Time to Introduce Myself
  31. New PTR owner looking for advice
  32. HK Mags rattle sound
  33. Hk 93 vs ghilliebear rolling one up for me.
  34. new to hkf. where is the best place to send an mp5 thats got issues?
  35. Good Morning - New HK owner from VA
  36. hk45 FDE Cerakote questions
  37. New member
  38. New to HKPRO MP5K-n and belt fed question
  39. Another new HK owner from NC - question on upgrades you've done to the VP9
  40. Rook in NC and new HK45 Tactical owner
  41. Bought my first H&K
  42. Rookie in Kansas
  43. Hey All
  44. Discounts-Rebates-Sales
  45. First time gun owner
  46. First HK!! UMP conversion
  47. NOOB PTR91 owner. please tell me what exactly i have.
  48. HK MR556 A1 ( CR Version ) Keyhole system - "picatinny" rail adaptors ??
  49. HK94 Knowledge
  50. First H&K - VP9 Now have HK Bug - What's Next. - North Carolina
  51. New from AL. Looking for a new carry.
  52. Rookie from VA
  53. New HK owner from PA
  54. Greetings from a newbie to the site and handguns from tampabay
  55. Full Auto vs Semi Bolt Verification
  56. New to HK (P30S)
  57. How far to bend mp5k flat?
  58. New from Raleigh, NC
  59. New VP9 owner new to handguns as well!
  60. Looking for actual Part Specifications
  61. New HK owner from NC
  62. What paint to use?
  63. New to HK, but think I'll stick around
  64. First time HK owner, east central PA
  65. USP45T mag. compatability?
  66. How to tell if this mp5 is original hk
  67. New Girl - p30s v3 - stove pipes galore!
  68. Used handgun inspection
  69. new to hk pro
  70. New to H & K but also new to gun ownership
  71. New Guy from North Carolina
  72. Newbie to HK 4
  73. Hello all! New and just bought my first HK pistol....
  74. New H&K owner P30L in .40 Cal
  75. New shooter from NJ
  76. New guy saying hello. Columbia SC
  77. New Member and HK Owner
  78. New guy from The Netherlands
  79. Just got my first HK this year and loving it!
  80. New guy from West Michigan
  81. New member checking in from Maryland
  82. new member from NC
  83. New guy from Ohio
  84. New from South Africa
  85. New Guy from Montana with a question.
  86. New guy
  87. New guy from Buffalo, NY
  88. New HK Owner from Connecticut
  89. Howdy from Central Texas
  90. New hk vp9 and first handgun owner. Wa state
  91. New HK owner from the Great State of Georgia!!
  92. New member from Louisiana
  93. New Guy...New to Forum and HK!!
  94. New Guy from IN
  95. New Dude from Ohio
  96. New to forum; VP9 Owner
  97. Proud HK Newbie In Oregon
  98. Hello and help.
  99. VP9 break in period + NATO round question.
  100. New Member From Kentucky
  101. MP5 10mm Questions
  102. New member from louisiana
  103. Hi new from WA state
  104. assembly mistake
  105. Firing Pin Finish Wear
  106. New guy from the Dayton, Ohio region.
  107. Been around for a while
  108. Need build quote
  109. Formal Introduction
  110. soon to be owner of hk45t
  111. New HK owner from Pittsburgh
  112. New Member in Arizona
  113. HK usa website
  114. New guy from Texas
  115. New guy from behind enemy lines, CA.
  116. Hello from Alabama NewVP9 owner
  117. Barrel replacement on SL6/SL7/630/770/940 recomend a smith?
  118. Hello from Central Florida
  119. Hello from Texas
  120. Is this possible: SEF to pictogram conversion
  121. Hk p30 mini red dot mount
  122. Hk45 magazines questions.
  123. New Member from NW Florida
  124. Looking at a PTR91, Questions (buffers, scopes, etc)
  125. HK USP .45 with HK USP Expert Barrel
  126. Hi, nos member here
  127. New VP9 owner...need magazines...
  128. New guy from Kentucky
  129. New from Iowa with question about ammo
  130. USPc Lover in SoCal (Ventura County)
  131. First Gun, need accessories
  132. The stupid thing I did about my new vp9
  133. New from Texas
  134. Just in from Woodstock, Georgia
  135. Lots of homework after joining HK family
  136. New member from SW Missouri
  137. New noob from Southern California
  138. New from Atlanta
  139. New from New York
  140. VP9 LEM vs standard...Pardon my newb
  141. New guy from New Jersey
  142. Hello From Tennessee !
  143. Just joined the HK club!
  144. Just My Kinda Luck!
  145. First purchase is the VP9
  146. Hello from Central PA
  147. Howdy From Katy, Tx !!
  148. Hi guys, another newbie question...
  149. New VP-9 owner from the northeast
  150. New from Colorado Springs, Colorado
  151. Hi guys newb here with a question...
  152. New guy from Indiana
  153. Hello from NC
  154. New Member from Minnesota
  155. HI FROM SPAIN, with question about IPSC
  156. Hello from Chicago
  157. Bought A VP9 - New To Striker Fire - Trigger Question
  158. Noob with P30s V3
  159. Greetings from Commiefornia!
  160. Over cleaning
  161. Long time troller, first time caller er.. poster
  162. MP5 .22 Sighting
  163. Hello from Missoula, MT!
  164. Hello from West Georgia!
  165. Hello from Maryland
  166. First HK from Auburn, AL
  167. New Member First HK VP9
  168. First-time HK and Handgun Owner from Los Angeles with Question about Cleaning
  169. New member...previous owner.
  170. new from tn
  171. New Member From Virginia
  172. New from No.. Ca
  173. Lurker saying hi
  174. New member from Ventura County, CA
  175. Newbie in DFW
  176. New member from Nevada
  177. New Member from Florida
  178. What the HK Model trades / sells?
  179. Greetings from Alaska
  180. Hello from the sunshine (rainy) state
  181. hello there! from Maine
  182. Hello from the Grand Canyon State.
  183. Aquaman1135
  184. Hello from Idaho
  185. Forum Rookie, Hi from NC
  186. Hello from WA
  187. US webshop HK?
  188. Salutations from San Mateo, CA
  189. Aloha from Hawaii
  190. Hello from IL
  191. Hello from Michigan!
  192. Hello from NC
  193. Hello from NY
  194. Hello from SoCal!
  195. I have had my HKs for several years but need more training.
  196. Hello From Michigan.
  197. New to this place...
  198. Reputable HK Armorer in SE FL?
  199. New from Kansas
  200. New From Nashville
  201. bolt head locking lever on HK 91
  202. Hk usp compact. 40 night sights
  203. New guy, new gun
  204. VP9 with Factory Night Sights
  205. HK USP rookie with variation question
  206. First time with used uspc .45 at range
  207. Semi-new to this forum, and new to HK.
  208. New from MI - First HK Purchase
  209. can I change a V1 trigger to a V3 trigger
  210. New here from Cali with an MR762A1.
  211. Question regarding "V1" and "V3"
  212. Hk model 4 ?
  213. New from St. Louis
  214. Need Some Advice
  215. Another new VP9 finds a home
  216. First Handgun Purchase - P30S
  217. H&K 91 Rookie needs Help and info !!
  218. 147gr ammo in a USPc
  219. New dude from the 405
  220. On the verge of buying my first HK
  221. Quality of machining on new P30S...
  222. New member
  223. Why the price variance
  224. Noob here, hi.
  225. New HK P30S 9mm owner from STL
  226. Newb from NC
  227. Noob Greetings from NE
  228. Newbie from Iowa
  229. Checking in from ohio!
  230. Greetings From CA, Neutered Compliant Toys Inside.
  231. future hk newbie
  232. New Member from a South Carolna
  233. Factory LEM trigger pull?
  234. Question About Factory Night Sights
  235. New P30 owner...
  236. New Member from Kansas
  237. Hk newbie
  238. Problem with adding the Xgrip to the 13 rd mag/ loading problem
  239. Hello and which HK MP5 .22lr should I get for the best accuracy?
  240. New to the Forum and H&K
  241. How do I replace my usp .45f 10 round magazine floor plate?
  242. Cleaning question
  243. New to the forum
  244. HK13E
  245. newbie question on scope mounts
  246. USP for USC?
  247. New guy here USP in my future.......
  248. New VP9
  249. Can someone tell me what this is plz
  250. New MP5 pistol owner in CA with mag questions