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  1. New member from Pennsylvania
  2. New to the forum, where do I find complete build info?
  3. price range of a HK4 pistol in very clean shap
  4. Newb from Florida
  5. Hello from Central North Carolina
  6. Newb from the central coast!
  7. Greetings from Arkansas
  8. Greetings from a new member.
  9. New Member from Wasshington State
  10. Christmas came early!!!!
  11. New to forum, looking to build a k and a2 hk 94
  12. HKWebShop shipping times?
  13. Hello from Minnesota :)
  14. Converting light LEM HK45c to V1
  15. New member Introduction
  16. HK "Official" Cleaning Kits - Any Advantage?
  17. Mark 23 soft case question
  18. 40 grain Blitz in V93?
  19. New member with a handful of HKs'!
  20. Plastic trigger pack housing to Metal housing
  21. Rookie!
  22. MP5 v. MP5K trigger pack and selector question
  23. Rookie firearm owner!
  24. Newby Here with questions as to reliability and accuracy
  25. New to this forum.
  26. M&p to HK
  27. Is the USP 45 barrel considered "full size"?
  28. Just some new guy checking in
  29. HK45/P30/P2000 diffrence questions.
  30. Just ordered a USP45...nowwww the wait...
  32. P30 V1 "one in the pipe" question
  33. HK MP5-22 Lower Help.
  34. Buying my first usp
  35. Question on P2000SK SA/DA with decocker
  36. New HK Owner here - HK45
  37. LGS has a P2000 for $499. Good Deal? What should I look for?
  38. New Member
  39. Usp match trigger install from hk
  40. New and extremely happy HK P2000SK owner from Ozark MO!
  41. Okie newbie with questions about a new obsession G3/91
  42. New to thread
  43. Another newbie to the forum..:)
  44. New forum member
  45. H&K P30S Handgun Sights
  46. I am doing this backward, but that is about normal for me.
  47. First Range Trip Tomorrow
  48. The New Boy from Fenwick Island
  49. Forgot to say howdy
  50. HK P30s 40 Cal Cleaning Kit Help
  51. USP Parts / Armorer classes?
  52. Roller delayed curious.
  53. MP5SD Cage Dimensions
  54. Noob with an MKE AT94A2 intro
  55. Greetings from Tejas
  56. H&K P30S Threaded Barrel
  57. New H&K Owner
  58. New member intro
  60. Sig to HK switch...
  61. P30S 9mm, someone help me!
  62. Hello and Thank You from PA
  63. Newbie
  64. "Born Again" Newbie from Louisiana
  65. big hello from canada
  66. pre ban compliant??
  67. Salut! HK triggers? Warning: Dead pig picture
  68. MP5 40 FTF issue, Help Please?
  69. Guten tag
  70. HK SP89 Question...
  71. New Guy From The North.
  72. Howdy y'all!
  73. New Member saying hello
  74. H&K Newb
  75. FNG here...
  76. My First H&k Pistol!
  77. New member check in
  78. New P30(v3)
  79. What to do with a new HK P30s Right out of the box?
  80. Official Rookie Corner Introduction
  81. New Guy
  82. New Member
  83. Newbie
  84. HK45T LEM
  85. Hello from Reno
  86. New guy here
  87. My trigger preferences....what version should I look for?
  88. Here's my introduction
  89. New to the forum .
  90. my only HK
  91. New owner of an old Hk
  92. too new 2
  93. New to the "new" HK world
  94. Another new guy...
  95. New to forum, and unfortunately live in Massachusetts
  96. Want my first HK 94 or clone of
  97. More MR223 Qs (with pics this time): German-US compatibility and OTB
  98. May as well introduce myself
  99. HK NEWB! HELP!
  100. What do I need for my USC conversion?
  101. Newbie with question: LEM to LEM/Match hybrid conversion
  102. New guy to HK
  103. New to the forum.
  104. Newbie makes quite an entranance - P10 Jubilee
  105. Another noob
  106. Newbie Help with Trigger Packs
  107. Soon-to-be Mark 23 owner needs advice
  108. P7M8 Aftermarket mag opinions
  109. New Old Member
  110. New member and a new HK 45 owner. Need some advice.
  111. Hello from Indiana
  112. New CA94 Owner.. Hello All
  113. New to HK
  114. New H&K P7 owner.....now what?
  115. MR223 Q: Possible causes of a Failure to Fire/Discharge?
  116. Variant 7 HK USP 40 cal trigger help
  117. USPT question
  118. Questions about an HK4
  119. HK USC and UMP bolt carrier group
  120. Almost new owner of USB 45
  121. HK MR556A1 Upper receiver questions
  122. New HK91 owner
  123. Coming from Sig to H&K.
  124. Hello from Minnesota
  125. IPSC production mods to USP
  126. Hello HK
  127. New HK45C owner
  128. First build of ptr91
  129. New HKPRO USP Compact Member/Owner/CCW Range Review
  130. New from New Orleans Area
  131. New member from St.Louis, new to the HK world as well.
  132. Hello from "the Free State" Maryland
  133. HK Hensoldt Aiming point projector
  134. Soon to be USC owner!!! With some questions of course!
  135. HK USP compact 40 LEM
  136. New HK owner
  137. Serious Problem after buying new HK45!
  138. P7 Commercial ?
  139. New to Forum and HK
  140. MP5 Trigger Pak in 89K
  141. MP5 clone - should bolt rub feed lips on mag?
  142. Hello there! Happy to join the forum!
  143. what do I have?
  144. Nubie want to build a '53
  145. Trouble after first cleaning (noob)
  146. Hello HK Forum new member here
  147. New member
  148. Another one of those "New HK" threads.
  149. HK Rookie Here
  150. First new HK
  151. Questioning a P7 ad
  152. Converted to HK in 24 Hours
  153. putting Toe in H&K waters
  154. My first Heckler & Kock
  155. My first HK
  156. Considering trading a 93 for a 91
  157. H&K G3 question
  158. WTK: Is this a HK P7M13 Fat Wide Trigger?
  159. New HK45CT, my TSD G17 is crying
  160. Newbie here
  162. MO Rookie
  163. New here- Any OTHER 4.7x30 Weapons/conversions out there?
  164. P7M8 marking and origins
  165. Deciding to buy an HK and need help
  166. FBI selector/01F Pack
  167. First HK
  168. First HK Owner
  169. German police ammo MEN 9mm 91g - safe to shoot?
  170. leaning question
  171. Wood Stock Set ?
  172. MR223 Question: Can't get handrail to slide off
  174. Question about P30 sights
  175. What parts need replacement trigger pack?
  176. First HKpro post!
  177. Is a BMP .40 reciever the same as all the others?
  178. New to the board--- p7m8 question
  179. Back on board
  180. 416 Upper receiver importation?
  181. New to the forum
  182. Newly jailed USP 45 compact
  183. Rookie question: are all v2's LEM?
  184. is HDPS still in business???
  185. Need Info.
  186. Can a be put on BHO on LSC flat?
  187. A question for HK women
  188. Yet another newbie from MD!
  189. Gawd I'm going to go broke!
  190. USC to UMP Conversion - USC receiver mod to accept UMP 45 mag.
  191. what have i bought?
  192. New member here!
  193. New guy from Arizona
  194. Great Site Guys
  195. new guy from Colorado
  196. how do you remove the buffer from a hk93 BCG
  197. One of "Those guys" new to HK
  198. H&K .45 back order
  199. Your advice? I'm getting started with HK: Atlantic's PTRA3R & UPGRADES
  200. New member from MD
  201. Was I spoiled?
  202. New member and new soon to be owner...
  203. New HK owner from Virginia
  204. new HK owner
  205. NEw to the forum and HK pistols!
  206. New guy up in MT w/P30
  207. Im new from Kentucky!
  208. Second HK: USP 9mm SD (Tactical)
  209. newbie in Oklahoma needs to bend a flat
  210. New member from south texas
  211. USP Match
  212. Just saying hi
  213. need help finding a bolt head for a h&k 93
  214. Long time viewer/shooter, 1st time poster.
  215. Newbie
  216. Looking to get my first HK
  217. hk newbie o ring question
  218. Fitting a C&P HK 93 lower
  219. Roller wear?
  220. HK MP7 Zeroing weapon
  221. Night sight question
  222. First gun purchase and its an hk!
  223. Member for quite some time...
  224. SL8-6 FCG Assembly Help
  225. Date Codes?
  226. LEM and DA/SA
  227. Newb from Charlotte NC
  228. B&T 10266 Mount question
  229. P30 9 MM Owner cannot find 15 round magazines?! Have mercy and help me defend myself
  230. New Member and First Time Owner of an HK :)
  231. Got my SL8 now want to convert to G36C or G36K
  232. Light LEM Trigger Question
  233. New Member
  234. I'm now part of the club....
  235. Value of an HK P7- K3 Complete kit
  236. Just found this thread!
  237. HK USP Compact - Trigger bar feels loose
  238. New guy!
  239. Ok, got the gun, now what????
  240. 93 build, Who should I go to?
  241. Can I use a MP5 bolt carrier group and recoil rod on an MP5K?
  242. P30S 40S&W and P30 40S&W
  243. Got the triji hd's on my P30
  244. Will a HK21e shroud work on standard HK21
  245. For my first...
  246. Charging Issues
  247. HK Bag question.
  248. Sight questions "help"
  249. Hewwo...
  250. Where can I find hand guards for the hk mp5 sd .22lr?