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  2. Question about P30 sights
  3. What parts need replacement trigger pack?
  4. First HKpro post!
  5. Is a BMP .40 reciever the same as all the others?
  6. New to the board--- p7m8 question
  7. Back on board
  8. 416 Upper receiver importation?
  9. New to the forum
  10. Newly jailed USP 45 compact
  11. Rookie question: are all v2's LEM?
  12. is HDPS still in business???
  13. Need Info.
  14. Can a be put on BHO on LSC flat?
  15. A question for HK women
  16. Yet another newbie from MD!
  17. Gawd I'm going to go broke!
  18. USC to UMP Conversion - USC receiver mod to accept UMP 45 mag.
  19. what have i bought?
  20. New member here!
  21. New guy from Arizona
  22. Great Site Guys
  23. new guy from Colorado
  24. how do you remove the buffer from a hk93 BCG
  25. One of "Those guys" new to HK
  26. H&K .45 back order
  27. Your advice? I'm getting started with HK: Atlantic's PTRA3R & UPGRADES
  28. New member from MD
  29. Was I spoiled?
  30. New member and new soon to be owner...
  31. New HK owner from Virginia
  32. new HK owner
  33. NEw to the forum and HK pistols!
  34. New guy up in MT w/P30
  35. Im new from Kentucky!
  36. Second HK: USP 9mm SD (Tactical)
  37. newbie in Oklahoma needs to bend a flat
  38. New member from south texas
  39. USP Match
  40. Just saying hi
  41. need help finding a bolt head for a h&k 93
  42. Long time viewer/shooter, 1st time poster.
  43. Newbie
  44. Looking to get my first HK
  45. hk newbie o ring question
  46. Fitting a C&P HK 93 lower
  47. Roller wear?
  48. HK MP7 Zeroing weapon
  49. Night sight question
  50. First gun purchase and its an hk!
  51. Member for quite some time...
  52. SL8-6 FCG Assembly Help
  53. Date Codes?
  54. LEM and DA/SA
  55. Newb from Charlotte NC
  56. B&T 10266 Mount question
  57. P30 9 MM Owner cannot find 15 round magazines?! Have mercy and help me defend myself
  58. New Member and First Time Owner of an HK :)
  59. Got my SL8 now want to convert to G36C or G36K
  60. Light LEM Trigger Question
  61. New Member
  62. I'm now part of the club....
  63. Value of an HK P7- K3 Complete kit
  64. Just found this thread!
  65. HK USP Compact - Trigger bar feels loose
  66. New guy!
  67. Ok, got the gun, now what????
  68. 93 build, Who should I go to?
  69. Can I use a MP5 bolt carrier group and recoil rod on an MP5K?
  70. P30S 40S&W and P30 40S&W
  71. Got the triji hd's on my P30
  72. Will a HK21e shroud work on standard HK21
  73. For my first...
  74. Charging Issues
  75. HK Bag question.
  76. Sight questions "help"
  77. Hewwo...
  78. Where can I find hand guards for the hk mp5 sd .22lr?
  79. SEF trigger pack
  80. New Guy with some dumb questions
  81. 91 steel trigger gousing question
  82. sl8 rear left elbow spring
  83. USP Compact Refinishing Question
  84. MAG HK P30 40SW 13RD
  85. hk ump40 and usc
  86. Building from a kit... Calling all HKsmiths!!
  87. MP5 kit barrel or new barrel?
  88. New to HK, and shooting in general. From Connecticut.
  89. Hornaday critical duty
  90. Buying springs?
  91. The best web site to Buy H&K online
  92. How to Install Semi Elbow Spring ?
  93. FNG from Austin
  94. FNG from Tampa, FL
  95. How To Remove HK91 Wide Handguard
  96. NG reporting for duty
  97. 93/53/33 charging handle removal
  98. New to Forum, from Iowa
  99. New to the forums -- kinda
  100. New here, what are my Mags worth (sorry for another one)
  101. HK noob... Second asked-a-million-times question regarding frog lube
  102. Not completely new...
  103. clip and pin question. im new im new i dont know what to do!
  104. New member/New HK
  105. Mp5 noob going to Germany... Would like to buy magazines...
  106. Hello Eveyone
  107. Identify
  108. Out of stock
  109. Another HK newbie from the sunshine state
  110. Howdy
  111. New P30 Owner - need Kydex
  112. Greetings from a young old man
  113. I'm hooked
  114. new HK45 thanks to the HK heads up section on HKPRO
  115. Just got my first HK, and new to the forum!
  116. Rookie is right...
  117. Howdy
  118. Brown Safe's new here!
  119. SL8 barrel harmonics?
  120. HKPRO Newb in AZ..
  121. HK Date Codes?
  122. Another new guy
  123. New guy checking in
  124. New to Forum
  125. New to HK (Sorry!!) Cant wait to learn more
  126. HK Gunsmith in SE Louisiana?
  127. HK45c? Where R U...
  128. Just Ordered a New HK45
  129. Pinky pinch
  130. Building my first mp5 kit and my parts kit selection, 5 total kits
  131. Shooting my hk for the first time
  132. New HK .45 vs USP
  133. Importers?
  134. Finally! Home at last!
  135. New addition to my HK family!
  136. Getting the HK bug again
  137. What kind of fouling/mark is this?
  138. What can I expect to pay?
  139. FINALLY Went to the Range...
  140. Rookie question
  141. DOJ HK94 Looking to rplace rear site
  142. ORF Flats - rail squaring
  143. Could use some LEM conversion clarification
  144. Can someone help me please!
  145. JAFNG
  146. Intro thread: Seen it before I'm sure
  147. Mark 23 price check
  148. 357 Sig magazine
  149. HK94 Help...
  150. Just got a KE stamped (94) USP 40 full size- a few ?'s
  151. New P30 Owner - Concealed Carry
  152. P7M13 safe with 9mm Winchester Ranger 127 grain +P+ T-RA9TA ? 9mm Recommendations?
  153. Greetings from New Member Kkage911, USPc 40
  154. Looking to buy my first HK need help please
  155. New (old) member
  156. Which grip?
  157. Brand new hand gun owner, recommended break in tips, cleaning, and maintanence?
  158. P2000 Hammer Strut Problem
  159. Rookie found a new HK45, is this a good deal? BNIB
  160. FP on mark23's
  161. New Member saying HELLO
  162. Intro: Forum N00b, HK Vet
  163. Just won a bid on GB for a used P30 V3
  164. USP 40 C Price
  165. Did NIB HK P7M8 P7M13 P7M10 come with a factory test target for USA sale?
  166. first mp5 parts kit build, need a little trigger help
  167. Advice for buying HK parts...
  168. PTR-91
  169. P7 help please
  170. Greetings!
  171. USP: Swapping slides on SA/DA and LEM frames
  172. HK Variations link?
  173. FTEs in my HK PL30
  174. Ready to buy, but...
  175. Good buys for start of USC to UMP conversion?
  176. First time HK owner
  177. Low and left
  178. Need assistance in identifying this part HK 91 / G3
  179. looking to buy my first H&K. looking for P30L. best place?
  180. Working the P30 trigger
  181. Gun History
  182. MR556 & MR762 Lower Receiver Magazine Well Vise Block & Armorers Wrench
  184. THINKING ABOUT BUYING A Heckler & Koch USP45 Compact STAINLESS ?
  185. Purchase
  186. P30 sight question
  187. New guy here
  188. Forgot my intro, so here it is
  189. New to HKs and HKPro... and Love It!
  190. New to HK and HK PRO .com
  191. Unloading & Clearing A Handgun (USP Compact .45 ACP)
  192. Who clips and pins metal trigger housings?
  193. Just "pulled the trigger" on a new PTR91
  194. First H&K yesterday
  195. New to forum
  196. Looking for confirmation on Bolt gap change.
  197. HK USP 40
  198. MP5 sliding stock
  199. 91 clone stovepiping problem - what to adjust
  200. Newbie with color filled P30
  201. New to HKPRO
  202. New P30!
  203. New guy from KY
  204. Umarex HK 416 .22lr
  205. Is a flash hider required with Surefire 628?
  206. Double action smoother with use?
  207. Parts compatability? (PTR/G3)
  208. Noob Here
  209. usp firing pin question
  210. HK USP Tactical 45 Value
  211. 1st Post - Question
  212. SP89 conversion
  213. Noob p2000sk question?
  214. Verifying USP Manufacture date
  215. Height adapter
  216. Is it normal for black finish to wear on inside of barrel? (photo)
  217. A perhaps odd question
  218. HK 91 parts kit?
  219. What kind of HK 5.56 mags do I have?
  220. Normal wear and tear on a USP question
  221. MARK 23 in aluminum box?
  222. Help identifying P2000 version
  223. Trying to clean a P30 for the first time
  224. How tight should the claw scope mount clamp on the receiver ?
  225. New to site from NC
  226. 416D Scope mount
  227. Hk45c fde
  228. I wanted a first pistol, so I got a HK .45 USP Tactical
  229. My first gun..a HK45. Need a mentor now :)
  230. Mp5K/40 build questions
  231. New Member, New PTR MSG-91-Super Sniper .308 Win
  232. Discoloration/wear on barrel
  233. mp5 suppressor purchase help
  234. MK23--In with both feet!!!.. Couple questions
  235. HK45 hammer Q
  236. Howzit
  237. Santa came early
  238. Proud New HK USP 45 Owner
  239. Proud new HK Owner. P30s V3
  240. Newbie here
  241. Hello from newbie from VA.
  242. Good Evening Everyone, "FNG" to this GREAT Site, but not to HKs.....
  243. Hello, from an HK newbie.
  244. Jumped in, Head First.....HK45CT v3
  245. Wear in a new P2000 V2 9mm
  246. Night sights
  247. New HK owner in Phoenix
  248. Is the a proper way to break in a P30
  249. Confusion with P30 box
  250. Hello All!