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  1. HK CLONE Question
  2. Barrel markings???
  3. UTG Rail Handguard Fitment onto Century C93
  4. Current PTR's
  5. press size needed for pressing hk barrels
  6. PTR-32 first outing --vids.
  7. G3 clip and pin help.
  8. My Cetme
  9. My Cetme
  10. How does this chamber fit look?
  11. PTR91 which model do I have?
  12. UMAREX MP5A5 & MP5SD6 BOUGHT 2-21-12 clones or not
  13. Best way to pin a fake can on a 3-lug barrel?
  14. Vector V93 Barrel Question
  15. 10 Round Mags
  16. Vector, C93 value suprise
  17. Strange malfunction w/ MKE AT94
  18. Things to look for when buying a Century C93
  19. What did this Shot Do?
  20. V51 convert to G3k
  21. D54P and suppressor, is there a different locking piece?
  22. C93 gone crazy!
  23. Faux G3 clipped/pinned frame question
  24. WTK: Value of Vector Arms V89/40 pistol builds
  25. My MM23E came in...
  26. How do I remove the Dust cover on a Vector gun?
  27. Need advice.
  28. No more Vector MP5.40's huh?
  29. hk91/ptr-91 recoil spring
  30. ATI 94P, MKE 94 arrives next week!
  31. Collapsible stock
  32. C93 UTG Claw Mount
  33. Pistol Caliber Carbine Options
  34. BMP MP5K reverse stretch bolt and locking piece
  35. Has anyone thought about manufacturing a sleeve to convert an AR15 mag into a 93 mag?
  36. Aluminum cocking tube supports
  37. Has anyone shortened the 40rd 33/53/93 metal mags to a lesser capacity?
  38. MP5 vs MP5F
  39. If you own an MKE 93 mag, you might want to see this:
  40. 500 rounds 1 "Doubled"
  41. Newbie to Clones w/ a C93
  42. MKE 94k Question
  43. .40 cal Barreled uppers vector vs. bmp.
  44. Weldment Kit for a .40/10 build
  45. GI PTR headspace
  46. Are any of the clones as well made and reliable as an original HK (91,93,94---)??
  47. Locking Piece-Comparison Measurements Needed
  48. Does a Reverse Strech MP5K use a MP5 or MP5K Bolt Carrier and Recoil Spring?
  49. So - how are the Walther/Umarex "HK416's" holding up?
  50. does anyone still want hk mp5 turkish "mke" flats?
  51. New MKE busttsock fits alittle loose on c93.
  52. MM23e has arrived
  53. New to HK looking for a clone
  54. Only roller locks for Doomsday?
  55. Am I being paranoid or.....
  56. Bobcat 89SP failure to feed
  57. V53 pistols
  58. C93 Bolt Head Face
  59. Does anyone else see something wrong with this rifle?
  60. BMP painted uppers in stock?
  61. Poly Port Buffer Problem
  62. So the wait begins.
  63. SERIOUS INPUT NEEDED, Harley or Belt Fed?
  64. H&K MP5 SD
  65. What is the Differance and why between hk mp5 and clone recievers?
  66. MKE AT94 to MP5 Spec conversion cost...
  67. JLD PTR-91A1 Qs
  68. What is the NORMAL reason for bolt gap to change?
  69. Anyone cut a PTR-32 to take 100 round drums?
  70. Atlantic Firearms
  71. Has anyone tried this stock from HKParts on their Vector V93
  72. MM13k returns home
  73. BMP painted barreled upper first range report
  74. mke mp5 clone 10 rd. only???
  75. grease gun mags for mp-45x
  76. OD of CA89SD Muzzle?
  77. US Made A3 Stock (anyone have one?)
  78. CA 94 Question
  79. Thank you Shattered! (Retaining Pin Fix)
  80. C93 question.
  81. 922r Part Identification
  82. Anyone using XS sights on your HK? Thoughts?
  83. Which receiver is typically more desirable, SW or Hesse?
  84. Dakota Tactical Padle Mag Release Install Question
  85. Do you remove your MP5 extractor for cleaning?
  86. norinco is makeing mp5's ?
  87. Trigger Group Question???
  88. Got a used c93
  89. WTK: Value of complete SW5 Cast Stainless Receiver and parts kit(Complete PICS added)
  90. hk mp5 sd
  91. Not sure what's causing rub: bolt carrier on magazine
  92. MP5 Clone 922r Question
  93. Anyone Have a White MM23e?
  94. PTR-PDW Flash hider removal
  95. Will a #20 locking piece fit in a regular carrier?
  96. Coharie PXP 10
  97. PTR 91 GI Ammo and general recommendation list
  98. What up with the TB billet bolts??
  99. Flat crack around ejection port a concern?
  100. cheap version of B&T 10266 aimpoint mount?
  101. Vector Arms v94?
  102. Pic request/review request.... Metro M21 on MP5 clone
  103. Could an SW45 be modified to use UMP mags?????
  104. Vector V53
  105. Loose case deflector on SW94
  106. Blackdog G3 .22 mag conversion
  107. Ammo results with newer PTR91 series
  108. Coharie CA89? Where to buy? How much?
  109. Buying help needed
  110. JLD Enterprises -- clarification question
  111. Vector V93 Serial Numbers
  112. Thank you Ghilliebear! ( C93)
  113. C93 going back
  114. CA94 price?
  115. MP5-40 #24 or #26 LP
  116. Possible C93 problem. HEEELP!!!
  117. SW-5 Question
  118. Adding additional parts to a C93.
  119. Curious. Rail question.
  120. MKE 94p 922r adventures- Advice needed!
  121. Vector mp5 clone rant
  122. PTR91 GI Accessory Compatibility?
  123. Anybody reload for a MM23E?
  124. How many of you broke in your PTR91's per the official instructions?
  125. SD build Q's
  126. Lovin my C93
  127. C93 in action
  128. 93 stock options
  129. PTR32 question
  130. Difference between ump .40 and .45 body?
  131. Genuine HK parts VS. Airsoft clone parts
  132. Scope for a G3
  133. Need to know the best options for a mp5 clone.
  134. Trigger pack question
  135. G3 Magazine Floor Plate
  136. PTR-91 pistol grip
  137. 922r parts
  138. CA53-AR Problem, Sorta
  139. Dakota Arms with RCM Parts... Performance?
  140. Need to remove the mount bracket from my stock.
  141. SW45X owners I need help with mags
  142. Semi converted pack bushing?
  143. Bending jig rental/co-op?
  144. MM23E and MM23EK weight difference?
  145. mke and its block
  146. Picked up a V93 this weekend
  147. MM23e Optics Rail Question
  148. Remarking a PTR receiver??
  149. What are the U.S. made parts used on the PTR-G.I. rifles??
  150. Making a Clipped and Pinned T/H out of a HK-93 S/A-T/H to fit on a PTR-G.I. rifle?
  151. 2012 Builds pricing For hkpro menbers
  152. few questions on a g3 sniper clone build on ptr/ msg91 New to forum
  153. CA89K PDW issues
  154. Dakota Tactical D54P Review
  155. special weapons barrel
  156. Should I get a rail on my mm23e? or use the sights.
  157. Lighten CA94 SD Suppressor
  158. RCM 40 bolt head and HK #24 LP do not fit
  159. how to make a 34 cocking tube?
  160. Any feedback on the ATI / MKE-AT 43 93/33 rifle?
  161. MKE 94K to PDW before and after pics
  162. Dakota Tactical D51 preliminary testing videos
  163. Best SD Clone and Suppressor Suggestions?
  165. non-interchangeable parts and dimensions
  166. Got my MKE94K-PDW running like a champ. Finally!
  167. PWS FSC91 comp on a PTR 91
  168. PTR 32 pistols
  169. Have you ever dealt with...
  170. Interesting...?
  171. Vector V93 or PTR 32 need help deciding!
  172. Is this a real German MP5 A3 stock?
  173. How to turn a clone pistol into a rifle???
  174. Finishing a build
  175. locking piece quesiton on a c93
  176. Trying to plan a 94
  177. C93 Sight Alignment Issue?
  178. Happy New Year to all @ HKpro!!!!
  179. trunion question trying to identify
  180. Any PTR-91 G.I. Experience ?
  181. The new D54-SD A3
  182. Ptr-32 /52k trunion kit question
  183. Halo Suppressed C93 (Range Report)
  184. HK 416D -22lr- ambi-kit?
  185. PTR91 Extractor Lever Snapped In Half.....
  186. Waiting for my new lower
  187. I need a MOD to contact me. Freebie for HKPRO inside!
  188. Broken MKE Lock Piece - Hi Res Pics
  189. Some pictures of MKE locking pieces. Crude but effective.
  190. BMP Upper question
  191. MSG-90 style Extended Selector
  193. Anyone still making PSG-1 Trunnions?
  194. Fitting HKG3 WIDE handguards to a Cetme
  195. G3 Kits?
  196. Fair price for a Vector V93? Price Check
  197. MP5/40 US Parts kit - Correcting and/or Trouble shooting info requested
  198. another great special weapons part giveaway!
  199. RCM MP5 40/10 bolt head extraction issues Vector V89-40
  200. What to look for on a used V93?
  201. One of my daughters helping me pack up for a shoot....
  202. Special Weapons SW5 Chistmas Gift
  203. MP5/40/10 Trigger pack questions
  204. How to replicate SD suppressor knurling?
  205. Merry X-Mas to all @ hkpro
  206. Vertical Stringing
  207. semi bushing?
  208. Cleaning kit or tools?
  209. Vector V53P receivers out of spec?
  210. Best bang for the buck HK93 clone
  211. Vector MP5 40 gunbroker auction gone wrong!
  212. Sl8 to g36 Magwell question
  213. MP5 rear sight question
  214. Ever have to shim a claw mount? (unfortunate pics)
  215. 3 Shot cheater group 1 MOA PTR91
  216. can you get new roll marks?
  217. WTK: Market Value of 45x guns.
  218. Clones for the budget buyer. Lots of Questions and Advice Sought
  219. Dura coating??
  220. MM23E
  221. Can anyone comment on this;
  222. HK270 barrel + G3 conversion kit = dedicated .22.....
  223. HK-93 chamber fluting
  224. Looking at having a hkpro menbers Free build weekend in 2012
  225. Problem with Todd's welded up MP5/40 clone kits on GB
  226. Hopefully, it won't be long now...
  227. Century C93 bolt gap. What to do?
  228. gonna start chopping up my kit today!!
  229. PTR-91 Trigger Pack Question
  230. Makeing a Vector MP5 .40 a rifle?
  231. C93 Bolt Carrier Question
  232. Stainless Steel MP5 recoil rods
  233. Cetme advice needed
  234. CA416 makes history..........
  235. another BMP upgrade, ctxt......
  236. HK 93 bayonet questions..
  237. New hkpro menbers build prices on Dragons
  238. RCM 51, 51K and 53K barrels are in
  239. RCM SD CANS
  240. US Made MP5 magazine floor plate... does it exist?
  241. new here
  242. Optic mount for HK MP5 22lr
  243. Whats the ID of coharie SD shroud?
  244. Black market parts barred upper build.
  245. Vector V89-40 upper w/ parts kit
  246. Yet Another Century C93 Owner
  247. MP5 sling options for a left handed shooter?
  248. Tapco T6 Stock (Drill holes)?
  250. Hmmm, a funny read