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  1. Using Unmodified HK91 Collapsible Stock on HK93 Clone
  2. MM23Ek point of aim between long and short barrels?
  4. Can I make do with what I've begged, borrowed, or acquired?
  5. Finish for My CA89K
  6. Picked up a Coharie CA94
  7. How to pin a gsg 5 collapsable stock?
  8. ATI MKE 94a2
  10. 922r list for g3
  11. Has anyone considered a class action lawsuit for all these defective C93s?
  12. Clone upgrade parts
  13. century c93 pistol
  14. 22LR HK416 Compensator question
  15. D54P question
  16. Anyone have any experience with Lee Tools' aftermarket clone extractor springs?
  17. Difficulty Timing FSC91 Muzzle Brake on G3k
  18. Korean mags and my K
  19. Ump 45 mags
  20. Keep SD or sell for UMP
  21. Newish Clone
  22. Thank you HKPro.... for the education!
  23. PTR 32 have they fixed the drum fit issue yet?
  24. HK parts.net MP5 Kit Question
  25. F Collapsable stock from ATI; Hands On Review (w/Pics)
  26. Longtime lurker and I took the plunge with Dakota today!
  27. parts for mp5 .22lr
  28. Is the Umarex MP5 .22LR illegal in NJ?
  29. The Girls are home from Ghillie's... 53K and 52
  30. Longtime lurker with a Coharie question . . .
  31. what parts do i need?
  32. Optic on UMP on HK website
  33. SW45x k model
  34. So in Theory, This stock would work? (HK91 Collapsible + C93)
  35. my sling dont work?
  36. Halliburton Zero DZ7-Gunmetal
  37. Got my c93 from the bear!
  38. My updated PTR-32 KFR Carbine
  39. UMP or USC
  40. Extended Magazine Release Options for the HK93 and PTR91 rifles???
  41. Coharie Receiver pic/Question?
  42. MKE 94P and 3 lug
  43. Two New Models for the PTR-91
  44. Extractor spring problem
  45. ATI AT94 A2 stock question
  46. Problem with C93
  47. What is the difference between 93 & 94 contact piece?
  48. Sooo close and yet so far!
  49. umarex hk mp5 22 cal disasembly video
  50. Is 158 grain 9mm good for below weapons?
  51. Is 158 grain 9mm good for below weapons?
  52. hk/umarex 416 22
  53. Best Clone PSG Barrels
  54. Help Id these G3? parts?
  55. G3 parts kit
  56. What Locking Piece for a V51P?
  57. Thank you Jeff
  58. Question about ACE stock on C93
  59. What grease and oil to use?
  60. What do you folks think of the Bellator SP89?
  61. 14.5" barrel 91 pics
  62. Which mp5 clone is the best deal
  63. SW magazine for MP5-40/10?
  64. finally almost done.
  65. Cracked receiver, who to fix it
  66. SAR3/8 overstamp
  67. any female cut mp5k shirts available?
  68. What would cause this?
  69. How much length does a B&T add when FOLDED
  70. Best .22 clone
  71. Broken cocking tube support
  72. Bellator ba89k may have serious problem
  73. My bolt gap on my CMP MP5 went.....up????
  74. Sear capable MKE?
  75. Edited: Took the thing back - Umarex/HK/Walther 416 22LR - pics/report
  76. Does anyone have info on the RCM MP5SD can orders from months ago?
  77. PTR MSG91 New To Me
  78. Got the V93 Today - with Pics
  79. The finer points of roller delayed blowback?
  80. MKE 94 Question, problem and Help
  81. MKE parts
  82. Receiver for CETME build?
  83. shot my build saturday
  84. C93 not even a shootable parts kit
  85. Re-barreling an SP-89 Clone
  86. UMP conversion HDPS block question
  87. Stamp+CA94FS+ HackSaw+ Dremel= MP5
  88. Vecrtor Arms V93 - Good quality firearm?
  89. Where to find a CA94
  90. C93 back from Ghillie
  91. Securring buffer and clubfoot stock to backplate
  92. BPP vs RCM PSG1 trunions?
  93. HK MP5A5 .22 Fired out of Battery, damaged gun
  94. 30 rd G3/91 Mag Question
  95. Just got a Bellator BA89k
  96. newbie, and bolt gap
  97. Muzzle brakes for C93?
  98. Picked up my V51P!!
  99. Question on c93 bolt gap
  100. PTR stock replacement, not finding a solution.
  101. What all do HK extractor claws and springs fix in MP5 clones?
  102. C93 Touch Up Paint
  103. Pelican case for k clone questions
  104. CA53 AR is almost impossible to cock?? Need help.
  105. Dakota Tactical's new address?
  106. How many Bobcats?
  107. 10mm UMP??? Hmmmmm.
  108. Sad to report the death of a Cetme......
  109. who can make me this flash hider from hk to AK
  110. Need Help Removing Back plate from Mp5-a2 stock
  111. Need help accesorizing my MKE-94
  112. 51k build part list?
  113. UTG MP5 handguard on a V51?
  114. Educate Me Please
  115. ....next steps
  116. What nations armies still issue HK33 rifles?
  117. HK UMP/USC .45 mags for my conversion?
  118. MP5K questions
  119. Thinking about trying my hand at building my own G3. Tips?
  120. You know it's going to be a good day at the range
  121. MP5, Fullsize-K (Hybrid) vs True-K
  122. Scary C93 thought and more praise for Ghilliebear
  123. Trijicon HK scope mount any good?
  124. Special Weapons SW-52K Info
  125. My Carbine From DT is coming home.
  126. What would be a better clone, DP54 or another UMP conversion?
  127. MKE SBR....finally complete
  128. Update 4-25-2012:Another PTR-91F Diminishing Bolt Gap
  129. MP5 Clone Cleaning and Lubricating
  130. CAI-3 Anybody have one?
  131. Cocking handle/cocking handle support
  132. 93 to 53 carrier conversion?
  133. Dumb Question
  134. Are BMP 0,1 lowers still available anywhere?
  135. Has anyone recently been in touch with Scorpion Arms or Gunclips.net?
  136. V93's and scope mounts..
  137. C93 pistol
  138. Any update on TB's replacement BH's?
  139. What's the trick?
  140. Used MP5 barrel
  141. C93 compared to HK 93
  142. Wanted to thank MG42
  143. Has anybody used SP in their PTR 32's?
  144. Ghillie shoot still on? Just verifying...
  145. Bullet Feed Guides
  146. Tracers in FA with My Clones
  147. Umarex/HK .22LR MP5 question
  148. Three lug adapter question
  149. FULL AUTO V51P
  150. WTK: Will the ICS Airsoft MP5 SEF lower (part # MP-46) fit the UMAREX MP5?
  151. C93 going back to Ghillie.... But it looks good before hand.
  152. ZF mod 1 vs Z24 vs ZF mod 2 Scope Differences
  153. Considering getting an HK clone, need some opinions
  154. mp5 build questions
  155. OK - I'm Fed up with my Vector94 (mP5-40 clone)
  156. Just picked up a ptr msg91 - groups suck any advice
  157. Vector V-93 US parts count? Want to install wood G3 stock.
  158. PTR breaking in...running good with surplus
  159. Ok, question for the gurus amoung us.
  160. Thinking about Buying a Century C93
  161. Vortex Strikefire on Ca89k
  162. My Vector V89/40 comes tomorrow
  163. Korean MP5 Mags dont seat in BA89???
  164. 1st post . mp5k40 locking piece ???
  165. Decision time, 52 or 52k?
  166. sbr ca-94 fte issues
  167. G3K Rebarrel... with a problem... who can do it?
  168. #3 and #15 LPs from RCM, Good or Bad?
  169. spare parts for new PTR91 GI?
  170. PTR91 Rear Sight Question
  171. Does Chopstix Kid Make an MP5-40? Anybody Got One?
  172. The best way of getting a 94?
  173. 1st Range report...EVER!
  174. Sending my c93 to Ghillie
  175. US made 10mm MP5 barrels
  176. Help me Bastardize my G3k Clone - Any way to have an AR stock (ACS/SOPMOD) on it?
  177. Heavy 223s - what grain weight is too long
  178. Rail systems for G36s
  179. Rebarrel PTR91 - Need Advice
  180. Coyote with CA94...
  181. And yet another c93 story
  182. Am I just lucky?
  183. Chopping HK91 Collapsible stock into C93
  184. Need OAL measurement on HK94 (clone) w/full size B&T folder.
  186. Can a G3 trigger pack fit in a C93
  187. Vector Arms 53P............
  188. Maker of this barrel?
  189. C93 no bolt gap
  190. sw flats, no top ribs?
  191. ptr pdw 32 to rifle conversion
  193. FNG, PTR91-GI from Atlantic, etc.
  194. Brugger & Thomet Sidefolding Stock for C93?
  195. Need help installing V53P cocking handle
  196. SP-89esque build question, math is hard.
  197. any barrles for HK23e tht shoot 5.45
  198. CAA Tactical
  199. PTR Announces Lifetime Warranty
  200. 922r question...
  201. HK 21 & 23 clones who makes the best
  202. D54P Rifle Porn
  203. MP5 mag question
  204. Trijicon claw mount
  205. semi shelf mounting question
  206. Rebarrel job/oversize barrel pin question: what are the limits?
  207. H&K G3 Complete Trigger pack question
  208. Range Report Vector V53K not good!!
  209. Nice necklace!
  210. Just put a Vector V-93 on layaway, wish me luck
  211. Why are German barrels so evil?
  212. US Hk93 Mag
  213. Cost of Ghillie Work
  214. Couple of PTR-32 questions
  215. MKE 94K Cocking tube detent & spring change (Now very hard to cock)
  216. how do you build a 53?
  217. New member with some PTR-91 problems.
  218. Want to turn PTR91-GI to cosmetic G3A3 - Need some historical advice
  219. DIY - 'Permanently' Install and Remove barrel extension options for MP5k?
  220. Video: D54P-N with AAC ECO-9 Silencer
  221. Finally Got my C93!
  222. promag bipods for the hk93
  223. What locking piece for an Mp5k and Mp5-40 w/ a suppressor?
  224. Ace stock
  225. MKE mags
  226. GSG-5 question
  227. Heat treating question
  228. my new C93
  229. Source for 33 Kits?
  230. How To: Clean Up this Weld Job
  231. My new 53 Clone...Sort of
  232. I want to rebarrel my PTR91 myself
  233. Match Stainless barrel problem
  234. CENTURY is out of C93 and willn't be making any more.
  235. New PTR 91F breaking in and bolt gap
  236. G3 carrier RTG parts
  237. Fleming MP5K "reverse stretch"
  238. will a #8 LP from a hk33 fit in a g3 bolt assembly?
  239. New C93 question
  240. Vector V93 Keyholing
  241. HK 91 Alternative... PTR?
  242. Plastic Fantastic PTR Magazine "NOT"
  243. PTR-32 loose magazine
  244. CA2000 worth $425?
  245. German claw mount numbering/ mount questions
  246. Removing Vector V-93 flash hider?
  247. Coharie pdw
  248. Ghilliebear in ICU...
  249. How do you clock the flash hider on a 33/53/93 series rifle?
  250. Mp5SD Questions