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  1. dakota tactical d54 navy videos
  2. Help me ID this MP5...
  3. MKE AT94P SBR A2 stock question
  4. Has anyone had a stripped C93 receiver built up from a kit yet?
  5. Not an Air Gun
  6. C93 Pistol Article In Current Issue of Small Arms Review
  7. My backs against a wall for buying a PTR91
  8. SAR-8 troubleshooting-questions/advice needed
  9. Welding suggestions for trunnion
  10. Building an Accurate G3SG1 Clone
  11. Why reverse stretch instead of 89K?
  12. PTR 32 wood stocks??
  13. French style aperture?
  14. What ejector is this?
  15. What is the acceptable bolt gap for an MP5K?
  16. G3K/91 Stock upgrade Modernization Project(w/ currently available products)
  17. Scope and mount
  18. Identifying 922r compliance parts in trigger group
  19. Trigger pack assembly
  20. Bolt gap questions
  21. Vector 51 Para Stock
  22. The one that started it all
  23. Why No Clone Ambi Packs?
  24. An Excellent Clip and Pin Job
  25. A picture of the family-HK and clone
  26. Norinco Schweetness!!
  27. Question about PTR PDW's
  28. C93 bayo lug?
  29. Vector V53 Flash Hider
  30. My Coharie PXP-10 report
  31. Stainless Cetme... Great deal
  32. psg-1 barrel using Douglass barrel.
  33. i custom painted my gsg 522 hk theme
  34. Locking piece and bolt gap
  35. Tell me about this Springfield SAR-8.
  36. MP5 Mag help!!!how can i make korean mp5 mags work
  37. PTR 91SC integral rail removal
  38. FMP G3, Failure to Feed
  39. bolt gap help C93 and LP info needed
  40. YAY! Got my PTR 32 PDW in!
  41. Advice PTR 91vs32
  42. Hk 90 series barrel
  43. BPP11 resale value?
  44. $799 MKE 93 type rifle
  45. Silly Questions PADDLEMAG/LEOPARTS
  46. Does anyone have thoughts on the Tac-Latch?
  47. Updated with Video - before and after - New Suppressor
  48. C93 doubling / slamfire - pics
  49. BW5 (MP5 copy) value and quality?
  50. PSG1 Clone Build
  51. roller shotgun
  52. PTR91 paddle mag release? Who? How much?
  53. What to Buy C93 or V93
  54. PTR-91 pistol, stock/recoil rod fitting issues
  55. Proud Owner of a C93!
  56. hk51 build help
  57. MM23E quick range report + pics/vid and question...
  58. Thanks for the help
  59. HK platform question... converting a 93type 5.56 into a .300blackout
  60. C93 Barrel fouling
  61. VKE 91k
  62. Bit the bullet and bought a C93P.............
  63. Big thank you to GhillieBear!
  64. New PTR-91 GI feed issue: Mags, ammo?
  65. Dakota mp5k rev stretch vid
  66. Walther/HK MP5 22lr Woes
  67. Info on a hk g-3/cetme needed
  68. .22LR UMP
  69. Can you have a clone pistol and a removable barrel extension with a stock???
  70. Looking at the .308 PTR PDW Pistol's, Looking For Info
  71. Turner fab mp5 pistol
  72. PTR 91 SC w/T1 optic help.
  73. WTK: Replacing the ugly PTR 32 metal foregrip with ....
  74. BPP 23E on the way!!!
  75. Some HK51 parts followed me home
  76. SW5 as a postie?
  77. MP5K PDW clone
  78. Any reputable builders here making a 93 that takes AR15 mags yet?
  79. MP5 End Cap Question
  80. having trouble installing heavy buffer and stock on PTR 91
  81. Ghilliebear Magic
  82. Starting to 2nd guess my PTR32 purchase,
  83. Mp5 build?
  84. How to price a clone when you sell?
  85. MP5 clone build picked up
  86. 21 non swingdown feedmech
  87. Usp match
  88. New C93 pistol and some questions
  89. Shooting Sling for MM23eK
  90. PTR 91 Pistols, what's the diff, with links???
  91. What to do with G3 kit and PTR receiver?????
  92. Weird SW5 problem
  93. Hmmmmmm... Is there such a critter as this?
  94. PTR91 Bolt Carrier Question
  95. ? about semi rate of fire.
  96. PSG-1 CLONE build vs. PTR 91 MSG91SS super sniper?
  97. Match Weight
  98. SBR engraving on pistol by builder?
  99. PTR 91 ammo
  100. Barrel Threading in common thread pitch??
  101. and yet another C93 saved by Ghilliebear
  102. Recommendations for an HK51 Faux Suppressor?
  103. Umarex MP5SD .22LR Accessories and Red Dot Scope
  104. PTR front sight frame weld or solder?
  105. MP5K Clones
  106. Mag catch slot sits too high
  107. Deburr SD barrel ports?
  108. HK/aftermarket parts ID?
  109. mp5 40 parts kit from hkparts
  110. German G3 clone: SAR M41
  111. Source for Z24 / faux GR type scope mounts ????
  112. PSG1 556 barrel interest?
  113. Vector V93 (VKE93) Just Arived
  114. Suppressor Thoughts Titanium Q.D. Phantom 7.62 vs. AAC 762-SDN-6
  115. HK Barrel Threading & Twist vs PTR91
  116. c93 pistol, a quick review
  117. Vector 51 Pistol
  118. Is this an issue with the trigger or an issue with the US lower?
  119. MKE parts... Are some legal?
  120. Coupled MP5 Mag Pouches?
  121. C93 Build
  122. How to mod hk33 handguard for hk53?
  123. c93 pistol..here we go.
  124. PTR-32 Pistol with not ejecting with frangible ammo
  125. Just fired MP5 clone for the first time today....
  126. Vector 51 Pistol ... occasional light primer strikes
  127. HK G3 Conversion to .45 ACP
  128. Just got my new RCM Bolt head and WTF..
  129. CA53ar day at the range
  130. Anyone have "luck" with MKE 93?
  131. New and new. Hey!
  132. V93 bolt will not come out
  133. MKE 94K difficult to lock bolt back?
  134. DM-6 vs. M13 links for MM21E
  135. Anyone know why my MKE has Sand in it after firing?
  136. AMBI Selector Differences
  137. HK Muzzle Brake Positioning on a PTR91
  138. Spare Trigger Pack Thoughts
  139. 9mm Clone Big Love pic from this weekend's shoot.
  140. Trying my hand at the paddle mag release installation (need help)
  141. sd trunion vs. mp5 whats the differences ?
  142. What grain 308 does your ptr91 like best?
  143. Range report with my new Umarex HK MP5 A2 22LR
  144. 'v93 bolt question
  145. Looking for some Stock advice and adapter questions for HK-AR Lowers
  146. VKE 93 back from Vector and Promag review
  147. What is everyone using for 308 and 556 "clone" receivers now days?
  148. Who are the current HK Clone Manufacturers?
  149. MKE AT94A2 16" barrel over 26" w/ Choate Folding Stock?
  150. Touching up scratches on a PTR
  151. So I gambled with a Vector
  152. Virgin FMP G3 barrel- send out to Nitride ? Nitride recevier before build?
  153. Looking for someone to do my psg1 for me
  154. Question about C/V/HK93 accuracy?
  155. PTR91FKM4R - Suppressor Question
  156. WTK G3 kit value
  157. New barrel pin jig over at HKParts
  158. C93 Suppressor
  159. What are the use of L strengthening rails?
  160. sl8 to g36 conversion
  161. Hk94 bbl'd SW5 reciever value?
  162. NEW D54 on MKE Flat-review
  163. Will the BT21174 mount WILL WORK ON A 93?
  164. g36 clone by tbostic, absolutely perfect
  165. MFI Barrel Shroud (Umarex)
  166. ATI 94a2 922r conversion
  167. Coharie owners do your HK mags wobble?
  168. Range Report! Coharie SD
  169. DJF MP5 Magazine Roll Call and Review
  170. Vector FTE resolved
  171. Bobcat SP89 clone question
  172. reverse stretch pics ?
  173. FNG with Coharie CA89 usual issues
  174. Bipod for PTR-91F
  175. Scope Mount for SS 3-9x42 on new PTR-91
  176. C93 Mag
  177. Got my MM23e back...
  178. Fail to Feed issues - help needed
  179. bw5 trigger box
  180. Need help/Century Cetme bolt not going into battery.
  181. New here, need advice
  182. There is NO Selling in This Section
  183. My twin Dakota Tactical D54P's
  184. Trigger Fails To Reset
  185. Umarex Hk Mp5 A2 22LR accesories
  186. C93 Ammo Question
  187. New Vector V93 soon to be 33K
  188. [SOLVED] Locking Piece on MP5 10
  189. Vector V53 chamber
  190. Orion 80/I fit on PTR MSG 91
  191. MKE as Sear Host
  192. Vector V53 Issues
  193. Who makes the Best Quality HK53 Clones
  194. MKE 94A2 Receiver Woes
  195. Regarding Investment Grade Firearms?
  196. Anyone Xrayed a SL8/G36 or the UMP/USC RESIN receiver??
  197. PTR trunions...??
  198. Hammer Spring--Rifle or Pistol Cal Spring?
  199. New to the world of HK clones,hopefully got some good ones.
  200. Sillly question about PTR91 magazines
  201. Question about MKE MP5 clone
  202. PTR GI + HK Training Bolt w/ DAG blue plastic training rounds = runaway gun
  203. Where to Find G36 Rear Stub ???
  204. PTR 32 redux?
  205. Looking for some INPUT ???????
  206. Fired my ATI MKE AT94A3 this weekend
  207. trigger won't reset fully
  208. C93s final evolution
  209. Hk91 surplus magazine fail to feed, steel
  210. Remember the G3 shotgun clone idea/thread?
  211. US parts content for a 40S&W or 10mm clone build?
  212. H&K parts kit questions...
  213. Surefire handguard...Options for laser or other attachments
  214. SW94 Reverse Stretch day at the range
  215. Curious about reliability
  216. SD questions
  217. G3 hammer spring in an MP5 clone
  218. hollow point ammo in mp5 clone
  219. US made MP5 Magazines for 922R.
  220. Trunion Options for MP5 10mm build
  221. Can someone please explain to me the importance of headspacing in the G3 clones?
  222. Need a value estimation
  223. What types of slings are you running on your A3 collapsible stocks?
  224. umarex hk416 bayonet lug
  225. TWIN MM21EK's
  226. I think I'm ready!
  227. Oh my which to buy?
  228. GSG New one or look for original?
  229. Next clone project
  230. Older JLD Price Check
  231. Kongsberg AG3 BOLT markings
  232. What can we do to get HK/Umarex/Walther to build an MP7 in .22LR???
  233. Extractor ~ Which is German HK and Which is US Made? HELP
  234. HK MP5 .22lr
  235. Wouldn't it be nice to have "left" and "right" rear sights?
  236. WTK new RCM vs used HK MP5 carrier
  237. Replacement US Coharie BCG ~ How much should I pay?
  238. CETME kit
  239. Completed 922(r) compliant conversion of ATI MKE AT94A2
  240. MSG91 Range report
  241. K questions
  242. Title II arms extensions ! great work ...pics
  243. What's it worth; mp5 clone?
  244. What trigger do I have?
  245. Vector Mp5 40 parts needed
  246. Finally got the V93 to choke today
  247. SP10 surgery
  248. Has anyone done a complete RCM build?
  249. PSG1 Barrels
  250. 93 buffered bolt carrier questions