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  1. Anyone heard from Mike Turner recently?
  2. question about purpose of PSG1/MSG90 trunnion
  3. anyone use an aimpoint micro on their clone?
  4. Weird hiccup with my 52
  5. strange ptr91f issue
  6. New HKparts AR adapter end cap
  7. Mp5k folder
  8. Century C93 Waranty/Reciever questions
  9. For the new guys that haven't read way old posts
  10. Vollmer Mfg hk21
  11. Remove PTR91F rear sight
  12. PTR 91 furniture question
  13. Nice review and read: PTR51 PDW article
  14. PTR 91 rear sight detent ball.
  15. hdps ump receiver
  16. Century C93 yes or no?
  17. PTR upgrades: Heavy buttpad and extended cocking handle, worth it?
  18. New VKE-91 is perfection
  19. A2 stocks?
  20. New C308 CETME/G3 clone from Century Arms
  21. New HK416 22LR
  22. A3 stock locking lever
  23. CAI CETME Question
  24. A better mount for my 91 ?
  25. My new PTR91F
  26. Bought a C93 pistol... recoil assembly/locking help
  27. My first MP5K Build Questions
  28. Have any mfg's ever made a 16" .40 cal or 10mm barrel ? HK34 style?
  29. Clone Strangeness
  30. Changing out collapsible stocks
  31. Best easily buyable MP5K pistol clone?
  32. Special Weapons SW89k 10MM Question
  33. MP5 Build from Mike Turner Turner Fabrications
  34. Well, halfway to an UMP I'm wondering if what I really wanted was an MP5?
  35. Removing Special Weapons SP-10 front sight?
  36. Vector V93 receiver/barrel?
  37. So.. The next phase is achieved, but still to change!! Lol **2 New Pics**
  38. Stock useage?
  39. CDNN PTR 91K Forearm help
  40. whats the current value for a bmp 93/33 reciever.
  41. g3 wood stock buttplate removal
  42. Noobie question - Take down pin by mag well of DJ Getz 89k?
  43. MP5k A2 Stock build with pics. Thanks Anopstyx and Ghilliebear2000
  44. CMP 34, Nato style Ver 1.0 review/specs/pontifications. Range Report Page 2
  45. Atlantic firearms AA89/MP-5 review
  46. Is it ok to run a 94 without a buffer and where can I find this endcap?
  47. Please Help ID Manufacturer
  48. Lets talk slings
  49. PTR ejection problems
  50. A little A1 for your steak?
  51. Non Stamped Metal Receivers ?
  52. Recoil Rod Assembly and Stock/End Cap question
  53. MP5 end cap/receiver block
  54. List of Current HK91 Clone Manufacturers?
  55. My father just got a ptr91.Xmas upgrade ideas.
  56. MP5 Large Handle rear Take Down Pin?
  57. PTR91 AAC Muzzle Device Adapter. What Thread Pitch?
  58. Another MP5 Clone Scope Mount Question
  59. Mp5 stock
  60. Holographic for an mp5
  61. C-93 SBR / HK-53 Optic setups
  62. New Guy Need Help!
  63. Thordsen Custom pistol kit on a sidefold PTR91 PDW
  64. K Clone Ejection Issues
  65. HK21E-K hot off the press
  66. Did ptr chance there bolt carriers.
  67. Roller fell out of bolt head
  68. Who does the best refinishing of an MP5 clone?
  69. PTR-51P - is it tameable?
  70. Side rails for special weapons sp10?
  71. MP5 SD Shroud
  72. My DJ Getz 89k Pistol
  73. MAD 9mm Review
  74. Help Identify this clone and part.
  75. Where to find Late 80's Non F MP5 Cocking tube support?
  76. FA 91 Owner...
  77. American eagle FTE out of MP5?
  78. Questions about doing an SBR on a Special Weapons MP5 Clone
  79. PTR-32 and Yugo M67, ejection problems and solution
  80. PTR and 922r?
  81. MP5 40 kit build question
  82. MAC Military Arms Channel SAR-3 HK91 CETME REVIEW
  83. Enfield MP5 or not ?
  84. Vector V93 question and or advise?
  85. HK51-Got me one!
  86. POF-9 Sear host qustion
  87. Coharie Plastic Cocking Tube Support Problem
  88. HK Bolt Carrier Differences
  89. CA MP5K 10mm Shooting a Shotgun Pattern (now improved with a picture)
  90. Vector 93 (VKE) VEry difficult to pull charging handle
  91. Stock interchange 53 53K with Mp5 Mp5K
  92. C93P Atlantic Firearms pistol brace buffer question
  93. HK 416/417 clones
  94. WTK: a bit about Vollemer 91 to 21 conversions
  95. 53 Tri-Rail handguard
  96. What is the HK MP5 magazine forward to rearward play?
  97. How do I fix my barrel/trunnion?
  98. Trick to removing cocking tube end cap?
  99. Need Spring for Locking Ring on POF MP5 A3 Stock
  100. HK93 mag well adapter on EBAY
  101. What sling for Rev Stretch?
  102. Correct Locking piece
  103. Pof-5 ftf
  104. gentlemen, please tell me your thoughts on this.....
  105. Front sling eyebolt install?
  106. EZ HK 91 Bolt assembly
  107. MP5 Clone Lower Housing Fit Angle
  108. Real H&K MP5 Magazine Works
  109. C93 Locking Piece Question
  110. Tired of the wait, so...53 clone?
  111. Another great build by ghilliebear2000
  112. Shorter fixed stock for PTR 91?
  113. Securing flash supressor on PTR-91
  114. mp5k cocking tube differences
  115. PTR91 Weapon Light and Build Questions
  116. 93 K Rifle Input Needed
  117. PTR 91 front sight removal?
  118. Ace stock adapter problem
  119. MP5 SBR Build - COMPLETE!
  120. HK clone Newbie, I need C93/HK33 Bolt carrier reassembly help please
  121. MAD 9mm Carbine
  122. Clone Idea....
  123. C93 as your do it all rifle?
  124. Vector V94 Barrel Swap
  125. Need Help With A Dummy
  126. Brethren Armament
  127. GSG MP5 "K" style pistol.Trigger sticking after shooting gun
  128. Steel Lower Housing Install Issue
  129. MP5 Tactical Side Folding stock thoughts?
  130. PTR91 claw mounts
  131. Factory HK94 Lower Housing Fitment
  132. Took my CA94 out with POF magazine
  133. Vector V51 or PTR 51P .308 pistol?
  134. AA5 Arm Brace Video Review
  135. Wood stock
  136. Pof5pk sbr
  137. Origin of this MP5 clone trigger group?
  138. How do I attach a sling to my MP5 middle sling mount?
  139. HK 93/91 Cocking Tube Compatability
  140. MP5 / G3 buffer?
  141. Are The Glory Days Of 5.56 Roller Locks In The Past, Or Yet To Come?
  142. Breaking out Special Weapons MSG90 from 10 years ago
  143. MP5 clones share bolt
  144. Clone Build Resale Value
  145. PTR 91 A3R Scope Options
  146. New mp5 clone question
  147. German MP5 40 parts and SW Reciever parts evaluation
  148. PTR91 Welded Rail and Port Buffer Project
  149. New LP = light primer strikes
  150. Smooth thread protector for POF 5PK?
  151. Coharie CA94 FTF Issue, HELP!
  152. Quick review of bmp barreled mp5k upper completely rebuilt by Jeff Walters
  153. Cant Tighten Allen Screws on US made Trigger Box
  154. Is it possible to build this/source the factory parts to convert? MP5 MLI RAL-8000
  155. Question about extended safety for my PTR91
  156. PTR 51 suppressed?
  157. MP5 Clone SBR with KAC Rail and Trijicon
  158. Stupid Stupid Stupid Question, but just gotta ask (40/10 mag for 9mm)
  159. Vector V94 rifle barrel diameter
  160. Can I take the trigger group out of a century and into a surplus hk housing?
  161. PTR91 w/Welded Rail: Port Buffer and Brass Catcher Advice Requested
  162. New POF Magazine and a Question
  163. Light for MP5
  164. Vector V94 Rifle
  165. C93P Parts Questions
  166. Advantage to Installing Clipped and Pinned Lower Housing on Coharie CA-94
  167. hk usc/ump conversion
  168. ZQ 123gr NATO 9mm FMJ and a Coharie CA94
  169. JLD PTR91 value?
  170. POF-5 will not feed flat nose or JHP ammo
  171. Best 10rd Mag
  172. Fitting the collapsible stock
  173. suppressor compatibility with surefire 328lmg
  174. New problem with old clone
  175. Which one of you guys bought the PTR 32 PDW?
  176. I have a couple of questions before I buy a PTR 91
  177. Got my CA94 back from Brethren Arms
  178. PTR 91 bolt gap
  179. Review of Atlantic Arms AA 89 pistol and AA5-PSB arm brace
  180. PTR-32 Chamber Flute Cleaning Brush?
  181. what are my options w/ regard to engraving SBR MP5K clone?
  182. Tritium front sight for roller locks..?
  183. MP5SD... Bunch Metal Shreds
  184. Erick Sellars & turner fabrications
  185. POf-5 & POf-5pk shooting video
  186. How to keep running smooth with suppressor
  187. Engraving location of a MP5A3 after converting from a MP5A1
  188. US built MP5 clones
  189. AA 94 help
  190. Bolt gap for SW 94kfs
  191. Coharie CA94 Fake Suppressor Info
  192. Parabellum repair rework 53
  193. New to me cetme problems.
  194. Need Advice on a PTR 32KFR bought from Budsguns
  195. Please help id'ing MC51 parts.
  196. Housings
  197. Head Spacing & the Bolt Carrier
  198. Have a ptr 16" match barrel need g3 barrel diameter?
  199. As good as it DF89 rocks
  200. POF G3 bipod question
  201. Semi-auto shelf for AT-43
  202. Barrel Work
  203. MP5 F Ambidextrous Sling Loop
  204. POF parts quality
  205. Mp5sd locking piece?
  206. Msg 90 barrels - interest?
  207. Handguard fit with faux suppressor
  208. Which firing pin spring?
  209. My POF 5PK SBR
  210. Strange problem on last round 89 fullsize
  211. Folder for Stabilizing Brace, who makes it?
  212. V93 and promag tuning
  213. Ub training bolt HK91
  214. Ever replace a triple frame front sight?
  215. Negatives to B&T mount?
  216. CA BB for DJ Getz 89K?
  217. Ever thought about adding a welded optic rail to your clone?
  218. got the 21 to eat now it wont excreat the empty
  219. My New POF MP5 K
  220. Any ideas when more POF-5 pistols will arrive in the country??
  221. 32/52 BHO followers!
  222. Ptr-91 dust cap issue
  223. Century rolled receiver opinion
  224. PTR k3p vs PTR 51p from Atlantic Arms
  225. Which clone to put factory HK bolt head on?
  226. HK 416-22 Buffer Tube/Stock Help
  227. Cocking Handle ID
  228. Trying my hand at a simple PTR, MSG clone.
  229. Rail mounted port buffer
  230. Running through some clone thoughts - looking for opinions
  231. Opinions on POF A2 Fixed Stock
  232. POF-5 Issue with Failure to Fire
  233. PTR-91 Failure to Feed/Chamber
  234. V89-40 Questions
  235. USP .40 Match compensator
  236. mp5 extraction issues. Review and tell me if I am right or wrong
  237. What year did hk introduce the polymer Navy lowers for the mp5 and G3?
  238. CA94 roller retainer plate
  239. PTR-32 KFR is Back
  240. ar type lower for ptr 91
  241. WTK Hammer Spring?
  242. Form 1 came back on my pof-5 today
  243. MP5 F A3 vs MP5 A3?
  244. laser engraving SW5 before i refinish in duracoat
  245. Choate Side Folding Mp5 stock opinions?
  246. PTR91 shell case damage upon ejection
  247. PTR Questions
  248. Atlantic Arms AA89 Pistol review
  249. PTR91 paddle-mag... botched?
  250. PTR 91 GI back from the factory working on accuracy now. ADVICE