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Thread: Buy HK 91 Clone or Parts Kit??

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    Default Buy HK 91 Clone or Parts Kit??

    I have been a big fan of H&K products for a long time. I own a USP Compact 45 and a USP Tactical 45. I have long marveled the H&K 91, but I haven't ponied up for one yet. Lately, prices on all firearms has been going through the roof, and any hopes of me buying a pre-ban 91 are pretty much gone. I have decided that a well built, tight shooting 91 clone would satisfy me, and I wonder what the most economical route to attain a decent clone would be. I see Adam at HKparts will be offering some more H&K 91 kits for $479 which I could put on a new PTR receiver $239 + a few 922r compliant parts and gunsmith fees to assemble for me. I also saw that Atlantic Firearms offers a JDL PTR91F with a flash hider for $1099.
    I know there is a certain satisfaction in getting a gun built just for you, but if what I really want is a a decent shooting clone at a reasonable price, what is the best way to go? (I am also up for other suggestions). Thanks!

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    The PTR91 is a decent shooter out of the box. I don't know if they're worth the price I've been seeing in a lot of places lately (PTR website is 1250 MSRP). I've heard there is a pretty long waiting list with all the online distributers. For the best quality, there's nothing like having one built by someone that knows HKs.

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    I'd buy a PTR 91. Great gun well made & mine has never missed a beat. There are plenty of used ones on various nets that can be purchased today, so waiting is not a problem. They aren't problem childs being sold, just people having problems paying bills. I'm very happy with mine, & I'd put it up against any HK91 out there. GARY N4KVE.

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    Thanks, Gary. Even the used ones seem to be holding their value. I haven't seen any used ones for much less than $1000. I am just guessing , but the gunsmith fee to assemble the barrel and receiver, and clip and pin the fire control group will probably cost me at least $400 on a kit. Being a newbie to H&K 91 builds, I still don't completely understand what goes into a build, nor do I know which builders are good. I am having an AMD-65 built by Overland Industries, and I have great confidence in Gary, the owner and builder. He is meticulous and thorough, but hasn't built any H&K 91s. Since PTR has a great reputation, I am leaning toward purchasing one of their rifles, but there is a backlog on their stock right now, so I am still undecided which way to go.

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    If I would like to make a G3/HK 91 clone (semi ver. only), which PTR I should buy? PTR 91 F,C,KF,KC....?

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