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Thread: HK 416 D Tactical Rimfire: The Good & Bad

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    Got to say besides the SL8 being one of the best rifles i bought, this .22 is fun, cheap, and with the eotech sighted in at 100 yard, its dead on.
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    Sadly, mine broke after 800-900 rounds. The firing pin is barely hitting the edge of the case and seems to be a

    I sent it off to Umarex after a very helpful lady at Customer Service sent me a UPS label via email.

    Worse part was that I got to sit at the range, while I cleaned my .22 to ensure being dirty was not a contributing factor, and watch my friend shoot his new Sig 522 endlessly...oh, the shame!!!

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    OK. You guys are tempting me to buy one of these little rifles. I have a Colt (Umarex) and have two pet peeves with it: the trigger requires a lot of force to pull and the stock is kinda loose in that it rattles a bit. I know it is not meant to be a match gun but how is the trigger on your 416 .22's? Is the stock pretty rattle-free on the tube or is it a little loose feeling?


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    I think the trigger on my 416D is pretty crisp for a regular AR trigger, although like most AR triggers, it's a bit on the heavy side. My stock is OK. A little bit of fore and aft play, but hardly and side wobble.

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    I've gone through 1100 rounds and I've had no problems at all, soooo pleased with my purchase. Such a fun and accurate little guy.

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    I put 600 thru mine today ,0 malfunctions !!!!!! Added an Eotech 512 & it lays down nice little groups !!!! Im very pleased

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    One thing I'll add to the discussion -

    The rear sight - while well made for an airsoft gun..... I did replace my rear fixture with an actual HK rear sight drum and base. There is minor difference between the cast aluminum 22 version and a real sight. You need to make sure you have an actual oval washer to put in when you tighten down the sight with the rear sight screw. If not - there is enough difference that the sight doesn't snug down. To be clear, you can not replace just the drum. You have to replace the whole base.

    However, I am much happier with a real rear sight because now I can adjust the elevation. Before - the manual says you can adjust the elevation by rotating the drum.... that maybe true in regards to changing the diameter of the aperture and that that aperture might be slightly higher or lower etc. However, you can not turn the drum and raise the drum like on a real sight.

    Real front sights are also slightly thicker than the rimfire versions. A quick trip to the Dremel tool or a wire brush could make it work though.

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    Don't get me wrong. Even though my rifle broke, I love it to death. I love everything about it...except those dang sights. The ones on the real deal...I'm sure are better. They gotta be....can't be worse.

    The stock is better than the one on my AR and the trigger is about the same as my AR. I cannot wait to get it back! Hurry up Umarex!!!

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    Talked to Umarex. They said the firing pin was bent, fixed it, and are sending it back. Should be back here the beginning of next week...but hopefully by Sat!

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    I'm sure the HK416 22 is a fun rifle and I was tempted to buy one myself. However, especially considering the price, I honestly think the sig522 is a much better "tacticool" 522. The 522's upper receiver is very solid aluminum, and the barrel is solid steel, not a sleeved affair; it is heavy for a 22 and I'm considering that a plus. Simple take down and easy to clean. Barrels can be swapped by the owner and sig now offers a 21" target "bull" barrel.

    My buddy went out and bought one after shooting mine. We've put thousands of rounds through them using cheap bulk, subsonics, and nicer target ammo and neither once of us has had a single problem. Good stuff!

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