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Thread: PTR91 PDW

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    Default PTR91 PDW

    Picking mine up Wednesday, now I see lots of review regarding bad performance I understand the people tend to say more when its bad, some of the reviews base the performance under the MFG like I red good things under the JDL builds who makes the PTR's nowadays and are they up to par, when did the PTR91 PDW first come out?

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    I hear you. I hope to have my PTR91 GI by Friday. I feel better since it is the GI model, but I have a little concern. I believe PTR has moved everything in house now. I'm not sure so don't quote me. I feel like I've been reading way to much about these rifles recently that everything is a little cloudy...

    Let us know how she runs... (Range Report)


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    The PTR91 PDW's were just released in the last 6 months or so. I have not seen anyone post negatively about the .308 PDWs? If I missed something, please point me to it.

    I have a PTR91 PDW and it runs great.

    All the negativity that I have seen has been around the full size PTR91's with TC barrels and their associated ammo problems....

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    You red my mind I was waiting for you to chime in since I see you have one btw nicely done on your pdw.
    good to know that I have something that will perform, thanks for the input.

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