Another CAI cetme bolt gap question! and hello from a new member.
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Thread: Another CAI cetme bolt gap question! and hello from a new member.

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    Default Another CAI cetme bolt gap question! and hello from a new member.

    Hello all, i have been trolling and reading post here for a while ,it's a great site you guy's have here and i figure its time to register and say hello, i have a century cetme i bought used at a gun show that looks and shoots real nice,it looks to have some rounds through it (no idea how many) when i got it and i put another 100 or so through it,of course the bolt looks to be a little ground down,but you can still see some original steel along with the machining marks maybe .003 to .005 milled off, when i first got the rifle it had .009 bolt gap and it still does,so my question is because the bolt was ground and the bolt rollers look to be old/stained (original) should i change the bolt along with the oversize .002 rollers? im thinking that if i have a .009 gap now with the ground bolt it's actually more like a true .005 gap and if i put just .002 or .004 oversized rollers without changing the bolt it will open up the gap but it will never be a true gap, or should i just leave it alone til the gap gets smaller? and what is the down side to a tight bolt gap? or the downside to changing just the rollers and having .005 over gap due to the ground bolt? keep in mind this gun functions perfectly! and im not trying to cure a functioning problem,but i would like to make it right. thanks........fred

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    Hello and welcome! It is very important to determine if your bolt is ground and if so how much has been removed because this will give you a false bolt gap reading. I suggest that you go to Militaryfirearm you will find all of the info you need about the Cetme there including the proper bolt length. They will walk you through the whole process. If your bolt is ground you do not have to replace it as long as you know how much has been removed and you account for it when measuring bolt gap. Insuffecent bolt gap can result in a kaboom so it is very important to know what you are dealing with.

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