PSG1 complete trigger & PTR91 compatibility issue
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Thread: PSG1 complete trigger & PTR91 compatibility issue

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    Unhappy PSG1 complete trigger & PTR91 compatibility issue

    I recently purchased an HK German PSG-1 Trigger Group Complete for my PTR, and have encountered some issues when trying to install it on the rifle, and when charging the bolt/bolt carrier.

    new trigger group:

    My first problem with the PSG-1 trigger group is that it does not appear to fit properly with the ptr's upper reciever, preventing the stock locking pin closest to the trigger from being inserted. This should be visible in the following two photos (I hope).

    I was told by a friend of mine who is an engineer and also claims to occasionally do a bit of gunsmithing for G3 type rifles that this is not uncommon, and that each trigger assembly is inspected for this issue. he went on to say that if the issue exists, the trigger group is carefully filed down until it allows the pin to pass through. Given the incredible price of this thing I'm a bit hesitant to start taking away material without a second opinion. does anyone else know if this is true, or has anyone herd this rumor before?

    My first thought when encountering the problem was that the trigger group wasn't seated properly and that perhaps the ptr's upper receiver is slightly oversized. In support of this theory I became suspicious of a small gap between the upper and lower receiver, near the magazine release; however I also recall seeing such a gap on previous threads, from various people showing off there psg1 clones.

    The second issue I am somewhat hesitant to bring up, given that it might be a result of insufficiently restraining the trigger group. I had foolishly allowed a friend to inspect the rifle with the trigger group assembled (with only the rear pin in place). Unsurprisingly the first thing he did was pull back the charging handle (I had not wanted to mess with the rifle too much in it's current condition). After pulling back the charging handle however, the bolt carrier becomes stuck in the open position.

    There does seem to be a difference in several of the components between the old navy style trigger group and the new psg one, however I am unable to see where the hangup is. of the differences, the most notible is that the hammer on the psg trigger sits at a higher angle when in the cocked position (however it will easily lie flat). The second difference is a circular shaped piece of metal which is attached to the actual trigger on the psg trigger group.

    So... has anyone else ever encountered either of these problems, especaly between the PSG-1 trigger group and a PTR91?

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    Based on your detailed pictures, this appears to be a PTR trigger shelf issue. It could be that it is a little to thick or to high to go all the way into the PSG-1 metal trigger pack frame.

    I have a PTR with a MSG-90 pack on it. I would purchase a stripped HK91 metal housing and make modifications to it to fit your shelf then move your PSG-1 parts over to that frame.
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    First, The only mod would have to be to the housing in order for it to fit the gun. It is not unusual to find a non-German gun to be slightly out of spec. The high dollar parts are the actual trigger group, selector, and grip. The housing is not that big of a deal, however once it is massaged to fit your rifle it will not fit right on a German gun if you ever wanted to sell it. The rest could be sold but the housing would be tough to get rid of.

    Second the PSG1 uses a slightly different bolt head and thus has a different ejector lever. Sell the ejector lever from the PSG1 group and install the standard ejector lever from the other pack. That should take care of the problem with the bolt hanging open.

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