Any feedback on the ATI / MKE-AT 43 93/33 rifle?
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Thread: Any feedback on the ATI / MKE-AT 43 93/33 rifle?

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    Default Any feedback on the ATI / MKE-AT 43 93/33 rifle?

    I did a few quick searches on here, but couldn't find any posts. Anyone buy one of these? How are they?

    Looking for some feedback.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Page two has some pretty detailed pics by an AT43 owner detailing what parts will and will not fit.

    mke 93 tactical?

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    I have one, my thoughts:
    For the price of the gun, plus US parts and fixer upper parts (and especially if you pay a smith to fix the magwell), you are better off finding a real -93, or getting a nice AR, or a chopstix built gun. I live in Cali, and I got it because a -93 is specifically named as an AW.
    It turns out on mine, the turks got the receiver a little too hot when they welded in the sear block. The receiver is *slightly* tweaked. Can't fix that. Runs fine though.
    In the end, the stock fit is still just as tight as many clones. Hopefully it will loosen up. And you have to use a steel end cap to get the buffer, unless you change to a buffered carrier, but that is just even more money.

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    I just bought this rifle and think it's OK for my purposes other than the magwell. Does grinding off the two side notches in the magwell allow it to fit a normal magazine or does it need further work? Especially asking people who have owned this model and successfully loaded regular magazines into it.
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    yeah, you can do it and mags fit fine. What I realized is that the outside of the magwell has dimples where the weld blew through. When you grind down the steel inserts it is a pain to get them smooth and then the metal is real thin in that area. Should be no prob if you are a skilled welder and can rebuild the thickness from the outside of the magwell. I am not such a person so I packed it up and sent it to Mike Otte to fix that and weld in the holes in the upper rear of the receiver.
    Not 100% sure but I think grinding out the bars in the magwell may require 922R compliance at that point. I know you didn't ask that but I ran into that when looking for US made parts for compliance. the cocking tube and charging handle are hk21 like and I couldn't find one. Luckily the smith I sent mine to is the manufacturer for the US made HK21 handles, so if someone has one it would most likely be him.

    Good luck with your 43, and just in case you have not asked yourself this question yet.... the barrel twist is 1/9.

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    Thanks for the info, that was all very helpful! I actually found a website where I can order 30 round magazines that fit the rifle. Hopefully they still have some in stock because then I might just not grind out the bars and use those mags if I can grab two or three of them.

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