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Thread: DIY - 'Permanently' Install and Remove barrel extension options for MP5k?

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    Also could make a washer shaped like the opening of the 3 lug extension, put it on first then after installing the fake can weld it to the back of the can covering the cutouts/openings that allow it to slip on/off the lugs.

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    The mp5k extension that jayson sells (~80$) is roughly 11.5" long so that brings the barrel length up to 16". But about being the minimum required length OAL I'm not sure. If you put one of those fixed stock adapters that would work. But if it is a folding stock and you measure from the folded position (or just back plate) then it would bring you to about 24", so I think no go.

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    Why are you measuring from folded? OAL for SBR determination is done from extended, with the exception of some states, like CA, yes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by glide View Post
    An 8.5" fake can is not going to help on an MP5K, it needs to be about 12" long to get the job done.

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    Buy two extensions. Then, cut and weld them to the proper length. Doesn't seem that difficult. Probably going to look pretty ugly.

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