Special Weapons SW52 7.62X39mm AK mags
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    Default Special Weapons SW52 7.62X39mm AK mags

    Anyways, I came across this auction:

    Anybody own one of these or heard of these? It looks like an MP5 take shoots 7.62X39mm ammo. Is this gun reliable or does it have some potential to work right with modifications?

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    do a search first..........lots of threads on this issue.
    HK IN AK

    Enough firepower to outfit a small country

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    Not only have I heard of them, but I own a SW32 and a SW52. The 52D means the mag well as been cut down to allow a drum mag. many of these guns have been sent back to the "factory" and rebuilt because of a few problems and restampted with a "X" added to the model number... hence now they would be called 32X and 52X. This modification cost about an additional $150. These guns were made for a short time, probably about 5 or 6 yeaars ago.
    My SW32X fires perfectly. The 52X remains unfired... others may have input on it.
    The guns appear infrequently, but have some difficulty selling... I don't know why? It's the best of both worlds.... the HK system and the inexpensive AK mags and cheap ammo. I for one have been trying to sell mine (unfired) for $1250 for sometime with out luck!
    Like the previous writer wrote, check the threads.... many swear by them, many swear at them! Most are probably like almost all the clones... they need some small part changed... mostly it seems the extractor and spring.

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