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Thread: Pro Arms MK5 Range Report

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    Default Pro Arms MK5 Range Report

    Oops, not yet. Yeah, I know they said that it would be here by now but it's not. I just talked to Andrew and he said that they're having problems with some suppliers or something like that and they should be shipping in a couple of months.

    So you'll have to wait for that range report... from someone else. :D
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    NOT COOL MAN! I wasted a click of my mouse going here for 100% dissappointment! LOL

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    We tried calling them and got a can not connect type of message , emiailed them direct about or orders and were told

    We are having some issues with vendors, but once that's resolved, production will go smoothly in the future.

    Not sure what the timeframe is with this but hopefully they will make a go of it !!

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    Retro _ I thought that somehow you got the range time they promised you 7mos ago!



    Whaaat? Who said that? Who picked that wound open again.... dammit!?

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    Heh! Me too. Not funny, dude. :|
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    Not cool retrodog.......


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    Default Bad Dog


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    You gonna start a Pro Arms "Shrike" dealie here?

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    Shattered say hello to the.....................CROCAFROG!!! Live and in color!



    Since the post was removed within about 30minutes I'll have to whisper. Has anyone seen the new SIG 556 pistol? I have mine on order, should be at the dealer in WA tomorrow and I'll have it by Monday!! Whoohoo.

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    Atleast they're consistent, not ready then and still not ready now!

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