Ruger 10/22 MP5sd/HK416 clone stock
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Thread: Ruger 10/22 MP5sd/HK416 clone stock

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    Default Ruger 10/22 MP5sd/HK416 clone stock

    First off, just in case the mods come by, i did ask Tom's permission to post this, and he gave his consent :D

    I came across a guy making this stock system, and Sept. 29th is the release date, but since I am local to the guy making these, I was able to pick one up today! :D

    Very cool, and i think this has the right ammount of MP5 and HK416 in it to make it a great clone, especially with ammo prices so high now!

    So first off i'll give somewhat of a review.

    The "kit" consists of a full length 1913 picatinny rail, the stock system, the handguard, a barrel shroud which is long enough to fit over an 18.5" barrel (or cut down if you have a shorter barrel) and the handguard retainer.

    The stock, barrel shroud, handguard retainer and handguard are made of plastic, and the picatinny rail is billet alluminum, milled to 1913 specs. as shown by the pictures, the aimpoint mount fit right on, although its a tad bit wider compared the the Mesa Tactical shotgun rail it is usually on, it was only 2 or 3 clicks to widen the mount (which is less than the difference between the stock benelli M4 rail, and the Mesa rail), so pretty darned close :)

    The picatinny rail is attached via 2 screws into the Ruger reciever, and one screw into the rear portion of the stock system. The handguard retainer is also attached to the picatinny rail with a screw.

    The handguard is held in place over the barrel with an internal stabaliser (it holds it tight against a bull barrel) and the handguard retainer, which slips into the front of the handguard and prevents it from moving (the handguard retainer is attached to the picatinny rail)

    The barrel shroud is a friction fit, but a VERY TIGHT one. Would not come off with any ammount of swinging i could do.

    The ruger reciever fits very tightly into the stock, and mine required a teeny bit of filing work, but locked in nice and solid! The whole setup is very "tight" which is good. no wobbling bits or anything. It uses a "Universal" AR buffer tube, and any AR15 pistol grip.

    It uses AR flat top sights very well, and the alluminum rail makes for a great optic mounting setup! The ones i have on there are just some Chicom made HK416 spinoff sights, which work really good actually! With my aimpoint and the low ADM mount, its an absolute co-witness. The aimpoint wont be sitting on there permanently, its my shotguns optic, but wanted to try the S54 out with optics :D

    Overall i love this stock! :D

    Its VERY light weight, very comfortable, and uses a lot of different AR15 parts, which makes parts availability much better!

    I will be changing it up a bit in the future when funds allow, putting a shorter barrel on, and mabey getting an ACE skeleton stock or something.

    So heres some cheap quick pics i took of me and my 10/22.

    Never mind my pose, just trying to look sorta cool :p

    Eyes are blacked out cuz im using imageshack to host pics BTW :)

    the stock is made by Specter Arms, heres the link to the website if you wanna check it out:
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    I just saw one of these for sale on Ebay.

    Probably bought himself a GSG lol!
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    Very tacticool... every armchair commando on the net will be surfacing now. All you need now is to tack on about 80 lbs. worth of clip ons to fill up the rails and get yer 15 min of fame.:D Like this guy...

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    Ist neue, und its needing some brekkin in.

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    Wow, with all those optics I bet you can see around corners!
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    My money is on through a wall or a corner!

    Or the moon, mars, saturn.......... URANUS!! :0)


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