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Thread: HK G3 Receiver Flats

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    Default HK G3 Receiver Flats

    Wow... how are these so cheap and so plentiful and the others in other calibers are so hard to get and so expensive compared to these?

    And how did they get genuine HK dies to stamp them with and they cant get them in other calibers?

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    Those are actually from ORF (HKPro member "Todd"), and they are made from POF tooling.
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    Aren't they also the ones with the "rounded" stock rail guides, instead of the "squared" rail guides?

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    But if they are from an actual HK die, how are they off?

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    been trying to figure out how exactly to square off the rails myself. if they could do the rest to the work why not the rails?????????? 70 is nicer than 220 but its annoying. no a4 stock................. home builds are still sick.
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    What problems arise from having "rounded" stock rail guides, instead of the "squared" rail guides?

    Does it have to with collaspable stock arms not seating correcting in "rounded" stock rails?

    If I don't go with some sort of collaspable stock there should not be an issue correct?

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    Thumbs up Squaring the rails.


    Individuals over on have successfully bending there flats and using a very inexpensive piece of flat stock steel cut and squared the correct lengths of the rails and using the same 10 and/or 20 ton press that they use with the bending jig.

    So what they state is that it is an additional step. They still have been 99.7% times correct with no issues using this cheap technique.

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    I sucessfully squared the rails on my Turkey MP5 flat by milling some steel bar stock to proper size, sliding a sized peice of steel steel bar stock in the receiver and then clamping everything down using a long vice.
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