Best light for USP 45 Tactical
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Thread: Best light for USP 45 Tactical

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    Default Best light for USP 45 Tactical

    I am shopping for a light for my new Tactical. I have seen lots of photos of lights and a few of them are HK branded lights. However, I have not found any of these for sale. I have been told an adaptor is needed for the Tactical.

    In any event, I want a good solid light. I have two other tactical lights (a Fenix TK 10 on my AR and a Pelican hand held) I have read about some of the handgun mounted lights being easy to shake apart by recoil.

    Are the light/laser packages any good?

    Thanks for your help.
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    The HK light is OK, but it is exactly the same light as the Insight M2, which cost about $30 less due to no "HK" branding on the off side. It also does not need an adapter.
    If you are anti-adapter then you really limit your choices. Laser Devices makes a couple but the BLAST unit is huge. Excellent quality but very large, but it does not need an adapter. SureFire also makes one that is a direct fit but you will have to research that one. Last time I looked I couldn't find it.
    As to adapters. There is nothing wrong with them. I like the GG&G best followed by the equally good but more expensive SureFire. LaserMax has one that looks to be slim-lined also but I have not tried it. The Pro-Mag adapter works good too, is only $20, but is large and hangs the light down pretty far. I don't like it only because of that.
    As to lights, I have a few but really cannot recommend any for serious use. I much prefer night sights and a hand held light, especially for civilians. Be truthful, as a civilian you are not going to be sweeping crack houses, office buildings, and warehouses, and if you are sweeping a room, it is more likely a bedroom in your home so better to do it with a hand held light so you do not end up pointing your gun at a family member which is more than likely what you are going to find.
    Be that as it may, the lights I like best are the Insight/Streamlight line, the TLR-1 for light only, TLR-2 for light and laser, and the TLR-3 for a diode light. I have and use the TLR_1 and 2 and love them for a kicks and giggles toy. They are metal housed and have stood up to anything I have thrown at them. The laser also holds zero. The TLR-3 I have not seen but if it is anything like the TLR-1 and 2 it is a dandy.
    The Insight/M6 was a good light at first, but mine is the old spring loaded plunger type and it has gotten loose so it really does not hold zero any more. At first it was tight but with time it works loose and zero on the laser shifts. I kept moving from gun to gun and from rail to rail, finding a tighter rail each time and now it only fits the HK rail on the USC, so I guess it will stay there until time for the trash heap. IMO get one that clamps on instead of using a spring loaded bar to hold it on. You can get the M6 either way now and except for the unit getting loose it works just fine. I don't think it can take a blow like the TLRs can since it has a plastic housing like the HK and the M2. But I have a feeling that anything that would put them out of commission would be so serious that lack of a light would be the least of your worries.
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    Thanks so much for taking time to give me such a detailed response.

    Your practical observations are on the mark. I do have a hand held Pelican 60lumen that I keep with me a lot. I was just wanting the convenience of having the light already on the weapon and not having to look for one more piece of hardware.

    I figured that direct mount lights for the USP would be limited. I do not mind an adaptor. I have one on the way with some extra mags. I love the HK, but they could have standardized the rail.

    Good to hear the TLR-2 laser holds zero.

    I took a look at the BLAST, not only is it very large it is much more expensive than the TLR-2.

    Thanks again and I will continue to look and listen.

    This is a great forum. When I had my first HK (P9S in the 70s) not only did I not have a computer...Al Gore had not yet invented the Internet!

    These modern times do have some benefits in gathering information.

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    I put the Insight UTL M2 on mine - I figured it should be good since it was specifically designed for the USP series of HK guns. No adapters needed whatsoever. Mounts like a charm and I've fired over 500 rounds through it since mounting and it still performs like a Swiss watch and is rock solid. Sometimes I "practice" at night in my house, and this thing is blindingly bright.
    On my Beretta Vertec (upstairs gun), I mounted the new 135 lumen Streamlight TLR-1 and I've been VERY happy with that light as well. Seriously, if you nail a BG just with this light alone, he won't be able to see at all at least for a couple minutes. Comes with 4 different keys - I used the 1913 rail key so I didn't try and see if any would fit on the USP. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bore View Post
    if you are sweeping a room, it is more likely a bedroom in your home so better to do it with a hand held light so you do not end up pointing your gun at a family member which is more than likely what you are going to find
    I have often wondered why so many of the LEO's encourage us Civi's to use hand held lights instead of weapon mounted ones. what you bring up here never even occured to me, but as a lot of things do, it just makes sense. Looks like I don't need that expensive LAM for my Mark23 home defense anymore! Will just go with my Surefire hand held light. Too bad I haven't found good night sights for the Mark 23 yet.

    Thank you again for the extra advise, that is exactly why I appreciate this forum so much.


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    The Surefire X300 is probably the best of the handgun Tac lights. The new X400 is the same thing but with a laser. For $450 I don't know if the laser is worth it. The X300 is $250 but has no laser. These are both LED lights which are much brighter than any of the incandescent bulb lights used in the Insight lights. LED light is also bright white in color instead of yellow and the actual beam is smoother and extends further.

    I've also had the Streamlight TLR-2 which is also an LED light with a laser. For $250 this is the best bang for your buck.

    If you just want a light get the Surefire X300. If you want a light and laser get the TLR-2. If you wan the best of the best and want to blow $450, get the X400. You will need the Surefire adapter which runs around $50-$70.

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    I have a new Insight M2 UTL (the light that was designed for the USP) available in original box with extra bulb if you're interested its yours for $150 delivered. Just lemme know. Good luck!
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    I use the UTL light.

    Works great, nice controls, very bright, no need to deal with adapters/holster issues, and looks good IMO.

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    Default New LED upgrade for M3/M6 workes for USP UTL (aka M2)

    Hey guys... I just took the plunge after reading that the original replacement bezel for the m2 was also the bezel for the m3, and m6.

    I bought the UTL from -nice guy and good prices- as well as the m3/m6 LED upgrade. Took the bezel off the UTL and put the new bezel on and score! It worked!

    Now I finally have a decent, bright LED light for my USP that fits well! :)
    Then I went and got my new 6280 holster from opticsplanet :)

    As far as brightness, they say 125. It's more than enough for house clearing and almost but not quite as bright as my sl90 streamlight.
    Though, there is the color shift and that may be part of what makes it look dimmer.

    The upgraded LED bezel claims 2x the runtime on the M3/M6... so I expect the same increase on the UTL since they all use 2 cr123's.
    (60 min to 120min)


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    I like the Insight M2 as well. If you look around you can get great deals on them.

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