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Thread: BEST way to lube your HK?

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    Default BEST way to lube your HK?

    What's your preferred method for lubing your HK.

    1) which oils/greases/lubricants/clps do you use?

    2) what tools do YOU think is the best?
    boresnakes? simple cleaning rods? q-tips?

    3) how much grease and where do you concentrate on?

    4) How dry/wet do you keep your firearm when you'll take it to the range the next day? How dry/wet if you're storing it for a period of time?

    Of course, videos would help a lot. I can't seem to find any detailed ones on google or youtube at the moment.

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    This information can be found under "Section 7" (Cleaning & Maintenance) of any P Series, HK45 Series, or USP Series manual.

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    does everyone use the HK cleaning kit? b/c I don't so far... Been using break-free CLP and hoppes9 elite. I use a boresnake in addition to the brass brushes... and I've never done a major cleaning before even though it's way overdue for one. Any suggestions on a major cleaning solvent?

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    I use the same stuff as you. I run them not quite as wet as I see guys do on their Sigs and they seem to like that.
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    You shouldn't need to use a stronger solvent. Use small amounts of Hoppes 9 and a toothbrush on the really grimey areas inside the slide. You can also use compressed air to blow out the inside of the frame.
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    do u spray CLP into the frame before blowing it out? or just blow it out w/o applying any cleaner?

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    Militec 1 treatment
    Hoppes and Eezox to clean
    TW25b and Zero Friction on vital parts

    I use swabs, brushes, flitz cloth, Q-tips, pipe cleaners, old flannel night gown my wife donated to the cause.

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    FWIW the HK repair guys use FP10 in the shop to lube the guns, including the bore for storage. I asked about the TW25b when I spoke to them, and they did not like it. Their justification was that the carbon and dirt latches on. I used to put the TW25b on the slide rails, like on my Sig, but they stated not to as it was not necessary.

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    I use Weapon Shield and really like it. It is made by the original formulator of FP-10. It is supposed to be an improved version of FP-10. It works really well in my opinion.

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    I use M-PR0 7 for general cleaning, Hoppes for the bore, Militec 1 for lube and then a little Lithishield grease when I think that it is necessary (not very often). Oh and I have needle tip applicators of both Weaponshield & Gun butter that I use for the rails.

    I make use of all of the standard tools - boresnakes, rod & patches, q-tips, toothbrushes &c and I clean each pistol after they have been shot. I shoot each gun about once a month and clean and lube them all the same way.

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