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    Default P7M13 Magazine

    Can it be blocked to accept a maximum of ten rounds ? Any kits readily avail or somewhere that does these mods ?


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    You should pickup some Hk P7M10 magazines. They are 10 rounds (40 SW) and will function in your P7M13. The mags will also hold more then 10 rounds of 9mm - but are only 10 Round Magazines. Hope that helps..

    No way to block off the magazine that I have heard about..

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    I believe 10 round P7M13 mags were being shipped into Canada at one point. The P7M10 mags do work. There are pre-ban P7M13 mags if that helps any.

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    Once it specified 13 rounds mag, you can not block it to 10 rounds and use it in the states the prohibit anything more than 10 rounds, just want to be on the safe side. Go buy mags with 10 rounds only.

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