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Thread: hickok45 Shoots a HK... Finally!

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    Default hickok45 Shoots a HK... Finally!

    He's shooting the P30. Enjoy! :)
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    Glad to see him try one. I'm a fan. Too bad he tried a V3 since he isn't an SA/DA fan. I would like to see him try an LEM trigger.

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    He shot it pretty well I think.

    If it's an HK I probably want one.

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    I like him, he's entertaining and he can definitely shoot. He is a likable guy!!

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    Default Hickok45 finally did us justice.

    Hey guys,
    I'm sure just about everyone knows the famous you tube gun guru and incredible shooter Hickok45. He's got a ton of videos...Glocks, XDs, 1911s, long guns, etc....
    Well, he finally got hold of an HK P30 in 9mm! He did us HK people proud as it was flawless (no surprise) and some damn good shooting. Check it out on you tube.

    BTW, my USPc .40 continues to amaze me. Awesome.
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    Oh man, I just posted a new thread before I saw this. Oh well, yeah...finally we get a little Hickok45 love!

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    Good video, hes a great guy!

    He did great with the P30! I really like his range with all the steel,
    looks like great fun!
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