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Thread: Old Eyes/New Sights!!

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    Default Old Eyes/New Sights!!

    Hey Gang, I took my USP full size 9mm out to the range today After installing XS Big Dot sights on it last night.. Now bear in mind my title words BUT I shot MUCH Better than I have in years.. Most of my shooting is indoors at 20 yards max, and I shoot most at 10 yards and was amazed at how much they tightened the groups up and how easy they are to align.. If anyone is on the fence about trying a set of these, Don't Delay... Have Fun...

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    Good deal! Glad they are working for you.

    How much did they improve you groups?
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    Yes, we want pics dammit!!!

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    i have a set of big dots on my glock 26 and a set of standard dots on my p30. love em
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    I have the same problem, old eyes, plus a medical problem, I am learning to aim with both eyes open. I put Big Dots on my XDM/9mm and they were a definite improvement. I am waiting for "Speed Sight" to come out with their sights for HK and I am going to try them on my P30.

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    Sorry, No pics But I normally shoot at 4" square pieces of white paper attached to the targets to see them better, and was keeping everything within the 4".. For me that's Really good...

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