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Thread: Night Sites - HK Combat

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWD View Post
    Kimber is the importer/distributor of Meprolight, right? Do they actually own the company?
    Meprolight is an Israeli company. I don't believe Kimber has any ownership stake in it.

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    Excellent respones gentlemen.

    I noticed on the Heine's that they have the low profile standard and the higher sight pic tactical.

    What about the day light sight pic? Are the Mepro and Heine comparable in therms of crisp dot outline?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HKP30s View Post
    . . . tritium sight last many, many years and you ae very unlikey to find any that have been sitting in a warehouse long enough to be an issue. . .

    HK is the way!

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    Heinie straight 8's
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    I have a USP Tactical in .45 ACP

    Will installing the Heinie Straight 8s void my warranty?

    For those that have the straight 8s, did you opt for the standard .125 inch gap or the larger (QWIK) .140/.156 gaps?

    Do both the Heinie S8s and Meprolight sites clear a suppressor properly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ITD1944 View Post
    Good info orfeo. Can you share the date coding system Meprolight uses?

    OP, the part number I gave you is HK's part number for the gr/gr night sights.
    Just finished talking with the Meprolight rep @ Kimber. 2011 manufacture date code is "T". 2010 is "S", 2009 is "R" going all the way back to "P" for 2007, but honestly if you've get anything past "S" from a retailer, I'd send it back.

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