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Thread: What is your highest round count through a HK?

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    P2000, bought new in Feb 2010: about 15,600 now. No parts replacements. Usually gets cleaned once per week after the weekly range session (150-300 rounds), but I've let it go about 3,000 or so once when I was feeling lazy and shooting a lot (that ~3000 was in 3 weeks, IIRC). My 10,000 round detail cleaning consisted of dish soap and hot water on the field stripped gun. I'm feeling lazy right now, too, so it hasn't been cleaned since taking a Shivworks course a couple weeks about 700 rounds since the last cleaning. Yesterday I popped it apart and put some lube in it, though.

    The only stoppages it has suffered was from using RUAG zinc-plated steel cases (the only steel case ammo this gun has seen, everything else has been brass). I had 4 failure to extracts within a 1000 round case of that stuff.

    Eh. The round count is going to slow down on the P2000. I've got 5000 rounds of .22 that I'm going to break into for a lot of my practice, and only shoot about 50 rounds or so through the P2000. I'll see how that bodes for me.
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    11,000+ since December 2010 through my P30
    HK VP9
    Glock 19 Gen 4

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    At or around 2,000 rds in my USP fullsize 40 in the last year. Had 3 fte in the first 200 rds. Turned out to be a weak extractor spring from the factory. Replaced the spring, gun's been flawless since. Around 1,000 rds through my usp compact .45. No issues whatsoever. I have 550 rds of 9mm for a p30 that i haven't even picked up yet, haha. These are my beater guns (I don't abuse them... cleaned after every range session - mostly)... Why? Because I know they can take it. These pistols are tanks.
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    Had over 15k rounds through my last USP .40 Tactical. No problems whatsoever. I loved that gun. Had a tear when I sold it. But I got another and hope to put more than 20k through this one.
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    A lil over 15000 rds w my P2000 9mm 'beater', and counting.....

    (I know, I kno...) Haven't cleaned it in 2 yrs. Not One Malf. NOT One.......
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    Not a high count at all but my USP .45 (date code BB) has a little over 1100 rounds through it with ZERO failures of any kind.

    Here is a quote from a thread that was posted on here about 2 years ago about a police officer with a USP .45 tactical... round count 160,000 !!!

    So I explained to some of my fellow paper punchers that I am the original owner of ths gun, that I carried it for 10 years and that it had over 160,000 rounds through it and that it only jammed on me 4 times
    Sure can. KK date code, purchased NIB by me Oct 99 for SWAT use. To date, not a single part has broke. I replaced the recoil spring at 6,505 rounds and again at 101,215. I replaced the mag springs when I bought it. Most used ammo was 185gr Gold Dot HP for the first 4 years and then 200gr +P Glod Dots and then to 230gr Gold Dots. According to my log book only 12,419 rounds of WWB and 11,200 rounds of UMC 230gr ball have been down the pipe. When I left SWAT last year I sent the gun to HK for a detailed inspection. I got it back 2 days later with a note from the armorer stating that everything was within specs, he replaced all the springs not out of necessity, but as a PM thing. The only parts that were replaced due to wear were the detent plate and the recoil spring and new night sights were installed. Cost for this 0.00. Now thats customer service! I used a supressor 4 times on actual call outs and actually pulled the trigger 3 of those times. The single action trigger pull breaks cleanly at 3.92 pounds (I haven't done anything to it). I have literaly shot/carried the crap out of this thing and it's like a Timex watch, takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. BTW three of the four times it jammed were because the slide made contact with a barricade and the fourt time was a FTF due to an extremely dirty chamber.
    4 jams in 160k rounds? UNHEARD OF and 3 of them were from the slide hitting a barricade not from the gun at all... the USP .45 wins again

    heres the link Now THIS is a sexy gun
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    P2000 has 3500 rounds through it. 2,000 with no cleaning or lube, 0 malfunctions.

    45C has 655 rounds through, 0 malfunctions.

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    22,326 through my P30LS V3 9mm. Almost entirely 115g & 147g reloads loaded light at 128 - 130 power factor. It has been flawless through four classes, two competition nights and one IDPA match where it posted the best score in the SSP division against 15 classified shooters and 14 unclassified. There have been no breakages, but a handful of failures to eject with bunny fart loads. It had a few light primer strikes while I experimented with lighter hammer springs, but has been 100% with the stock spring, an uncut Wolff 12lb spring and the HK Match spring. It goes 1,000 to 2,000 rounds between cleanings. The TRS, sear spring and FPBS were replaced at 19K as preventative maintenance and to avoid a failure during class or competition.

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    I lost count on one of my USP s @ around 3500.

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    About 5000 thru USP 40

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