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Thread: HK45 or HK45C sale to California

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    Default HK45 or HK45C sale to California

    Is it legal to sell a HK45 or HK45C from an individual who is NOT in California to an individual who lives in California?
    I looked it up on the California Handgun Roster but couldn't find HK45 or HK45C on the list.

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    If it's not on the list then no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brownie View Post
    If it's not on the list then no.
    That is also my understanding.
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    Go to this forum and search. All the info you might need will be available. If not, post the question and you will have CA lawyers answering your question within hours:
    2nd Amend. Related Legal & Political Discussion -

    ETA: the roster is for retail sale of handguns in CA only. It does not mean handguns that are not on the roster are completely unavailable or illegal to own by CA residents. An out of state transfer to a CA resident I am just not sure of.

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    An off roster gun can be sold to a CA resident through the single shot exemption process. Shops are currently selling them here already. See Single Shot Exemption Explanation/Database Thread -
    You'd have to go through a FFL that will accept/convert the gun to SSE or ship it to a FFL that will accept an already converted SSE gun.

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    1. Physical location of the pistol, buyer, or seller is not addressed in Federal law. Transfer between unlicensed (FFLicense) residents of the same state does not require the intervention of a FFL. Makes no difference where these two residents may be. There is no interstate transfer happening here. State law applies here.

    2. Transfer between residents of different states always requires a FFL. Makes no difference where these residents may be, it always requires FFL intervention. Hand gun transactions between residents of different states must go thru a FFL in the state of residence of the person taking possession.

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    yes! you need to arrange the transfer from you to Ryan will convert it to single shot and then ship it to the FFL of the california buyer. go check out his website. this is the legal way to ship the gun to CA. also any mags over 10 rounds he will have to break down into parts kits so the new owner can permanatly alter them to hold only 10 rounds. (becuase as you know that 11th round makes you want to do evil)

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    FUD, and half the facts
    You can legally have an HK45 in Kali.
    1. Private party sale within the state
    2. LEO exemption
    3. Single shot exemption with out of state FFL
    4. Send to a Cali FFL who does the single shot in house, no third party needed, one stop shop

    Cliffs notes version:
    -Ask the purchaser if he knows what he is doing with buying an "off-roster" pistol.
    -If the answer is yes, ship it to the FFL he wants it to go to, whether it is in state, or an out of state middle man FFL. If the guy doesn't know what he is doing, it is still perfectly legal for you to ship ANY HANDGUN into California. The receiving FFL just can't transfer. No skin off you, the buyer screwed himself. Just make sure you get paid first.
    -You can legally ship ANY handgun to California, HK45 included. The FFL can not transfer it to the buyer unless it is on the safe handgun list, or unless it falls under the single shot exemption. Some FFLs in California do the "SSE" in house when it arrives, and transfer to the purchaser as a single shot pistol, no middle man needed.
    -Option B: Ship it to a third party FFL, like Table Rock Arms mentioned above, who will SSE the gun and send it in.
    -It is ONLY illegal for the FFL to transfer to the purchaser a non-exempt gun. It is NOT illegal for you to send the gun in.
    -It is all up to the purchaser to sort out how he wants to get the gun in. From the out-of-state sellers stand point, it doesn't matter. Get your money, ship to the FFL, if the receiving FFL can't transfer it to the purchaser, the buyer is stuck with a gun he can't get out of the FFL.
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    might be an hk45 in my future...
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    one can also just purchase one brand new from Tablerock arms and have it shipped SSE to you cooperative FFL . see link.

    Off roster pistols (single shot) -

    Single Shot Exemption Explanation/Database Thread -

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