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Thread: DPM Recoil Reducers?

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    Default DPM Recoil Reducers?

    I did a search here but found nothing on the subject. Has anyone tried the DPM recoil reducers for their HK45 full size? I have used the DPM RR on my other pistols and noticed a felt difference. Just wondering if anyone has tried it on their HK45?

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    DPM does not offer this device for the HK45, or any other Heckler und Koch pistol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kost View Post
    DPM does not offer this device for the HK45, or any other Heckler und Koch pistol
    Actually, although they do not advertise or list it in their lineup they do offer it for the HK45 full size. They indicated that they have previously made a run of them and it can be special ordered. I was impressed with their RR on my other pistols and am considering special ordering one for my HK45. I just thought I would ask for any direct experience with the DPM RR on the HK45 before I placed that special order...

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    Did they give you a cost and eta?


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    I haven't fully settled on cost yet, but I do have a contact there that I am working with to get one on my own dime to test it out for myself. If it works as well on my HK45 as it did on my other pistols and if anyone else is interested, perhaps I can provide a review (be it unscientific and subjective) and work with my contact to come here and offer something to members...

    If I understand correctly, the HK45 has a stock recoil reducing system with that nylon bushing which "cushions" the impact at the end of the spring travel. The DPM system has what can be described as 3 separate springs which provide different constants starting from light to progressively stiffer. This, at least in theory, acts much like a shock absorber and actually slows the speed of the slide travel near the end, resulting in less of an "impact" and more of a "push". I tested this theory on my Glock G26 subcompact, Beretta 96A1, and my Walther P99. I shoot local IDPA and USPSA and they all provided a noticeable difference in reduced felt recoil and muzzle rise particularly when shooting fast strings.

    I just wanted to see if anyone has tried the RR system on their HK45 already so I can have more data points?
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    I ordered and installed a Sprinco reduced recoil duel spring Assy. in my Walther PPQ 9mm. and it really works well. But sadly as of now Sprinco does not offer any for the HKs. Maybe if more HK owners contacted the owner of Sprinco Mr. Alan Dugger he might get started Designing one for theHKs.
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    DPM has serious quality/durability problems. Sprinco (new production) is better made, but I see no point in using either in HK. HK USP already has dual spring setup, more sophisticated than either DPM and Sprinco, yet HK decide to ditch it in favor of single, flat spring with polymer buffer.

    Making system for HK is not easy, actually nobody except HK, makes reliable one. Problem is that HK recoil spring guide is one piece with locking guide for barrel. I was told that DPM tried to make system for HK, by modifying original HK recoil assembly, but it had durability problems.

    I used Sprinco in my race STI, but only because I used 9lb main spring in .40SW gun - Sprinco protected frame and slide. Lot of testing made me to believe that single spring design (with proper spring) is superior to dual spring one - especially in fast (IDPA, USPSA/IPSC) shooting. Only place is in pistols that have too short action (sub-compacts). Good example of problems with dual spring setup is Glock 17 Gen4 - it does not shoot better, flatter or faster that Gen3, but have all sorts of reliability problems - all this for slightly softer perceived recoil.
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    Montrala - thanks for the reply. Would you pls elaborate on quality/durability problems you have encountered with the DPM systems? I love my HK45 and it has been 100% reliable and I do not want to affect that aspect of the pistol....If there is a system that reduces felt recoil and/or muzzle rise I would like to try it out, but not at the expense of reliability....

    Although I have not tried the Sprinco systems, there are enough bad reports of them on the net (not sure if they were old production or new), that I was reluctant to try them. The same amount of research did not yield as many negative reports of the DPM...Dunno, I realize all this is anecdotal anyways, but all data points are appreciated...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montrala View Post
    HK USP already has dual spring setup, more sophisticated than either DPM and Sprinco, yet HK decide to ditch it in favor of single, flat spring with polymer buffer.
    This is probably the biggest thing to look at. HK's recoil system has already evolved.
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    Did it evolve or was the dual system only there to begin with the to handle insane loads in the MK23 (and by default the USPf)?

    The compact developed a year later has the current recoil spring/buffer setup up. I don't think anybody (important) asked to be able to use 45 super equivalent loads in this platform for military use, otherwise I'm sure it would sport the same setup.
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