Best Decal grips for USP?
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Thread: Best Decal grips for USP?

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    Default Best Decal grips for USP?

    I few months ago I purchased the decal grips (HK USP Compact Grip Decal - HKPARTS.NET) for my USPc, but they have been starting to come off around the edges. I'd like to find something with a stronger adhesive. I used to have a Hogue Hand All Universal on there, but it kept slipping off at the range so I no longer have that on there. I find that I have about medium sized hands, and the Hogue was just a little too wide for me, plus the slipping started to really piss me off. Without the decal grips, I find the frame stippling a little too "sandpaper-ey" and even though the added with is only about 2mm, the decals really give me a combination of great rubber like texture and added width. I just wish I could keep them from coming off on the sides. I resorted to putting RTV silicone on the sticky side of one decal, but its starting to come off again. That's going to be fun getting off the frame when I find a new decal grip.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to better decals? Talon grips doesn't make anything for HKs, but I bet if I got the material in a square I could trace it out and cut it with an xacto.
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    Can't help with the decal grips.. but....

    Question - did you have the full size or junior handall grip on there? I have both... supposedly the "full size" one the "right" one... but I greatly prefer the junior one on the USPc. It's REALLY tight to get on, but it adds just the right amount of fatness, one finger ridge and will NEVER slip. It's on my carry gun and I love it.

    My nephew (a LEO who used to carry the USPc) turned me onto it.

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    Hi there mvwilkin, one thing you can try is get a new set of decal grips, but before you put them on, use isopropyl alcohol and an old tooth brush to scrub the factory grip panels clean of any oil that may be trapped in the divets of the factory stippling. Any oil in there will make the adhesive come loose rather quickly. That all being said, over time, any self adhesive grips will eventually come loose because of the oils in your hands and the oils used to lube the gun.

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