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Thread: GMJ ammo in HK?

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    Default GMJ ammo in HK?

    Ok, Wally World has this: 9mm 100-Round GMJ Ammunition Pack: Hunting : for a good price locally. Question is, is GMJ ok to shoot in HK's? I have honestly never even heard of GMJ ammunition until just now. Oh yeah, and what's the difference between GMJ and FMJ?
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    I've shot that stuff before. No Problems

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    I believe it has to do with the copper content of the jacket. Instead of pure copper, there's some zinc in there, I believe. I think FMJs are pure copper.

    I would not worry about putting GMJs through my HKs. Your mileage may vary.

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    GJM Gilded Metal Jacket. Thats all I know

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    It's safe to shoot.

    I shot 2000 rounds or so of it. It's the only ammunition I can say is actually inaccurate. On the same day, compared next to 2-3 other types of ammo, I couldn't get it to group under 5" at 5 or 7 yards. Pathetic.

    I've heard similar stories of horrible accuracy from other guys who train/shoot a heavy amount: Federal Champion 9mm keyholing
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    Jacketed ammo exists for a purposeful, functional, performance-oriented reason. The only reason plated bullets exist is cheapness. . . they are cheaper to produce than authentic jacketed bullets are. When the only reason for existance is cheapness, you are bound to get an inferior product.
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