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Thread: HK P9S (Target) in 45 acp

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    Default HK P9S (Target) in 45 acp

    Hi Guys,

    I came across a 1981 (IB) Arlington, VA marked P9S in .45 ACP. It has the adj rear sight and the white shark fin front so I assume it is a target model. I have been doing some research on this gun as I am not that familiar with this model. I have P7's, USP's and P30 models but this would be my first P9S. In reading up on these, I familiarized myself with the recoil buffer issue and was able to look at the gun and check the buffer. The buffer in the gun is solid and appears to be intact but I can replace it with no problem anyway. I read where if the buffer is bad it will raise two points on the flat machined surface on the front inside of the slide that matches the points on the saddle of the buffer housing. It appears that at some point this might have happened (see photo) Is this amount of contact anything to worry about? The ears on the buffer housing are not deformed at all and show no signs of any wear. The gun is in 98% otherwise and has 3 mags. Looking for some feedback from those who are more familiar with this than I am.....which should be most of you. Thanks in advance for any and all help. Anything else I should look out for? I have not purchased this gun yet......

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    Great find. You'll be really happy with it, as the P9S is one of the smoothest and accurate pistols to shoot, especially in .45
    The best bet when purchasing a P9S is to just go ahead and replace the buffer, whether or not you think you need to.
    I can't tell from the single photo, but I'd be happy to take a look or offer any further advice, as I am nearby and in Raleigh often.



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    Thanks for the offer...Semper Fi!

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    You're good to go... run it.

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    if you decide you don't like it, count me in as one of those who want to buy it from you.

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    Sounds like a solid sidearm, but what is the price???


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    Default I purchased the gun.

    Thanks for the feedback and comments. Now what do you think of her?

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    It looks just like my P9S 45 ACP. They shoot very nicely, indeed.

    ETA: I bumped this thread because of the excellent photograph in the OP, of the marks in in the slide, so people could see what happens when the shock buffer gives up the ghost, and check their P9S's. Also the great pics of the P9S 45 ACP Target.
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    That's just downright beautiful.

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