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Thread: Oops....gun pron to come

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    Cool Oops....gun pron to come

    So awhile ago I posted a thread about a USPc VS a P2000sk.....well I did it. I sold the SK....only to buy a LINB P30 .40 LEM with 7 mags. I went out on a limb here and purchased the P30 semi-blindly...I've held one once, I knew....I knew. One day it would be mine. Well, this is short and sweet, but I'll be posting some pix by the end of the week, pretty excited about it! I've heard nothing but PRAISE and WORSHIP of these guns, esp the LEM. Stay tuned.


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    Congratulations on the recent acquisition!!!


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    Default Congratulations

    My P30 felt so good out of the box I didn't even try the various side panels and back straps for months.
    To my surprize that glove like feeling got even got better when I did!

    Make sure you try out the various grip options.
    And Enjoy!

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    I don't see no pr0n yet......

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    Depending on your hand, I recommend usually taking size++ on the side of your strong arm to fill your palm.

    I use Medium left and rear, and Large on the right side to fill in my palm. Super comfortable, also aims quite naturally. Make sure you put at least 1000 rounds through it before even considering trigger work. It's a tried and proven combat trigger. After 1000 rounds, it's quite smooth and very natural. For break-in I recommend racking the slide around 100 times with oil, clean it straight out of the box before you shoot it, and go enjoy it!
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    I left my P30S 9mm grip the way it came from the box---perfect!

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