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Thread: New additions to the HK pistol line up

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    Why no HK45 with ergonomics of HK45c like originally designed? I'd rather have that pistol.

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    Where's the official announcement or proof?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cervantes View Post
    did the H&K rep say when they will be releasing a official press release stating this
    I only ask because I will be buying a new carry piece next year and im thinking of
    Getting a P2000sk but im curious about a P30sk and if it is indeed available next
    year I may want a P30sk instead of a P2000sk ....thanks for your time

    I wouldn't hold off on getting a P2000SK. you won't be disappointed in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolvee View Post
    Where's the official announcement or proof?

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    If it's true, but P200SK for now and a P30SK later. Best of both the worlds IMO....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramkatral View Post
    Me neither. I don't get the striker craze. I traded an FNS9 for an FNX 9 just for the sole purpose of having a hammer instead of a striker.
    I hear that ! I myself ran into a BerettaUSA rep talking about Beretta doing a striker very soon, if I want a striker I got my G19 but, I love my HK and will have more on the way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolvee View Post
    Where's the official announcement or proof?
    Patience...SHOT 2014 or bust! I highly doubt we will hear anything remotely official prior to SHOT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtmtnbiker98 View Post
    Believe it when I see it.

    Unfortunately I believe this is once again a whole lot of hype and excitement that I will believe when I see it. However, one can only hope. I will continue to hope.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew99 View Post
    Ok, with regards to why I, at least, want a striker-fired P30 and would prefer it over the hammer-fired version: primarily because it makes the pistol shorter height-wise (because you get rid of the hammer and its mechanism resulting in both the frame and slide being shorter while still allowing for the same grip size). This results in two benefits:

    1. Lower bore axis which = less perceived recoil and muzzle flip which = faster follow-up shots.

    2. More concealable. The most important factor, the most important measurement, that most affects how concealable a pistol is, is its height, not its thickness or overall length. For example, the most concealable pistol you can get right now that still allows you to get a full and proper 3-fingers-on-the-grip grip is the Glock 19 which clocks in at 5.00 inches exactly in height (and that's with a magazine inserted, I've measured it myself). For comparison a Sig P228/229 is 5.4", a Glock 17 is 5.4", and most full-size pistols including the 1911, Beretta 92/96, Sig P226, etc. all come in at exactly 5.5". The P30, right now, is 5.43" tall--that just about makes it a full-size service pistol height-wise, that's the same height as a Glock 17. If HK were to make it striker-fired they could easily trim a quarter inch or more off the height thereby bringing the P30 down to 5.0-5.2", which would make it, in my opinion, much more competitive with the Glock 19 as a concealed-carry pistol. Oh, I should point out that all of this presumes that you're carrying strong-side on the hip at around 3:00 for righties or 9:00 for lefties, I have no comment about how this and other measurements on the pistol affect other methods of carry.

    I've been carrying a Sig P229 40cal IWB at 3:00 under a Tshirt for a long time now. Height is perfect for me = 5.4 inches Holster = Discontinued BladeTech IWB Pull Dot Loop with a real low ride

    Bought a HK P30S 9mm recently. Height is 5.43. Just enough for it to print. I will just wear a larger shirt. Holster = The newer BladeTech NANO IWB

    I draw the line at 5.4 when carried at 3:00 IWB unless you don't mind going with a baggy shirt

    As far as lower bore axis and so called faster follow up shots. I don't know about that.

    Striker Fired Pistol VS Double Action Pistol
    Gock 19 vs steel frame Sig P226

    couldn't weight tame recoil as well?

    And of coarse it depends on the operator.

    Since Buying a P30S

    I don't know if I would by a sub compact version.

    Really I use a S&W Jframe as a bug .

    And would be better off with buying another P30S to use for practice only

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolvee View Post
    Where's the official announcement or proof?
    Official announcement? Proof? I have neither. I make no claim to have either. Pick up the phone and call HK USA and ask them for documentation if you want. Or track down and ask your local HK Rep.

    What I do know is that I took the initiative to contact my HK rep and spent a quarter hour talking about what was coming down the pipe. I doubt he was lying to me, I don't understand what would be gained by that. I doubt he was being directed by HK corporate to mislead his customers. He volunteered the information about the P30X and P30SK while I was speaking with him. My initial inquiry was along the lines of "HK hinted that there are big announcements coming, do you have any info you can share?" The Rep then said 3 things were coming next year, G36, P30X, P30SK.

    The only thing he was remotely evasive on was pricing. He just didn't know what the MSRPs were, only that HK wanted a lower price point than currently exist. Maybe his timeline is optimistic. Maybe HK will have a change of heart. Maybe they are waiting for shot show to announce the product line. Maybe they are waiting for import approval. Maybe they just love dealing in suspense and intrigue. I don't know. All I am sure of is the conversation I had with my local rep as related in the original post. That's all I've got... you want proof one way or the other? Wait for shot show and see what, if anything, HK announces- it's not that far away.
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