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Thread: P30S vs VP9 Slide Lock Issue

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    I have a ppq, and have never had the issue with that gun.
    I agree it is an issue with me, not the gun. I just can't find anywhere else to put my thumbs.

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    I agree, I moved my thumb and never had a issue again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josefius View Post
    It's a training issue, nothing wrong with the platform. I had issues with the Walther PPQ and H&K P30, I adjust my grip and it magically goes away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jslinger View Post
    It sucks, because I love the gun otherwise. I find it uncomfortable to put my thumbs anywhere else. They just naturally want to rest right on the lever.
    Same here. I use thumbs forward grip and I have very fat thumbs. I have other pistols where it is no issue with smaller/out of the way slide stops. SIG redesigned the slide stop TWICE on the P320 because of shooters (on their P320 shooting team working with Bruce Gray I believe) complaining about the same thing.
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    We all know that HK won't be redesigning the pistol. Upgrades are not their style. They are a once it's done, it's done company. Aftermarket upgrade parts also very rare to happen. There is only one way to fix it. Learn to point those thumbs down.

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    My EDC is a USP c in 9mm and I've never has a problem with the slide stop, nor have I had any problems with a friend's P30S, but with the VP9 about 30% of the time the slide won't lock back. Now my daughter has no problem with this same pistol, but she's 7" shorter than me.

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