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Thread: p2000sk vs Glock 26

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    Default p2000sk vs Glock 26

    I need a new carry weapon. Ive narrowed it down to Glock 26 or p2000sk in 9mm. I am partial to hk, but hope to get a little imput from some hk owners. Is the finish durable? Is the da/sa mode a good choice?

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    1) Yes
    2) Yes if you are a cop. Otherwise go LEM and follow the four rules of firearm handling.

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    Why would DA/SA be good for a cop as opposed to a non law enforcement person? I personally like the short and light trigger pull of SA for quicker follow up shots. I thought Law enforcement agencies (some) require or prefer DAO, or LEM, to reduce the chance of accidental discharge in situations of high stress where the officer might accidently depress the trigger if it were single action.

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    Go with the Glock 26... very easy to conceal compared to the P2000SK. Lot of different trigger options. Both are great guns but if you are looking for a great CCW piece get the G26.
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    I have a P2000SK in 357sig, that I thought about making my primary carry weapon, replacing my Glock 33. (33 is the same size as the 26, only in 357Sig).

    Both hold the same number of rounds. The glock is a few ounces lighter and is a touch smaller. I find the HK a little easier to control though. I also find the HK, even being a little larger, it more comfortable in a IWB holster. The more rounded contours of the slide fit us more rounded guys.

    So, for now, I'm still carrying the Glock 33, mainly because of the holster. I don't really care for the two holsters I've tried for the HK.

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    Glock- boxy & rough tool
    HK- smooth & sexy machine

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    After 1 day of carrying the SK, I'm sold. I've carried the G19 and G26, and for me the SK is more comfortable - maybe I'm not as round as HK0001? :)

    Mine's in a $10 IWB hoster right now, can't wait to order a good one.

    Both weapons are a good choice. I've just become uncomforatable with carrying the cocked Glock over the years - I think I'm afraid that in a "panic" situation the trigger is a little to easy to make a mistake with (aka "Glock Leg").

    But, for the same price as the HK, you can get the G26, a Galco holster and about 10 boxes of range ammo...
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    Most definately get the SK I have had both and the SK is a much better weapon. As far a concealing the two I don't see much difference there. I would suggest looking at the LEM trigger system though. Everyone that tries mine falls in love with it.

    Notice HAD both the G26 was sold to make room in my safe for another HK.

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    The SK feels much less boxy and has a more comfortable grip angle than the Glock to me. For a small compact/subcompact gun, I dont think there is anything finer out there than the P2000sk.
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    Thumbs up P2000sk

    I have a HK P2000SK 9mm V3 for my off-duty carry in warmer days and love it. The P2000SK fits my hand better and is more controlable than the Glock 26.

    With the P2000SK you can have it your way:

    V2- LEM trigger. or
    V3- DA/SA trigger.

    Removable Medium or Large size backstraps.
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