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    Anybody have anything good to say about the USP Expert? I'm planning to get one in .40

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    I have an Expert in .45, its a good gun, accurate. Mine likes ball ammo more than hollow points. But from what I read around here is that the Experts need more break in time than a normal USP. 2,000 rounds I believe, and if thats true than my gun was not broken in yet when feeding those reduced recoil hollow points. Everyone who has shot my gun likes it. I have one friend who is a die-hard 1911 fan and once he shot that thing I couldn't get it back from him till he ran out of 45!

    The only thing I don't like about the Expert is the plain black boring sights.
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    I have a 45 Expert, awsome gun, more accurate than my Mk23.

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    I think ameriglo makes a tritium front sight for the expert..

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    Quote Originally Posted by usp2tone View Post
    I think ameriglo makes a tritium front sight for the expert..
    That they do, I've got one sitting in my tool box.

    My Expert 45 is a fantastic pistol!


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    I have two of them in .40. I shoot IPSC with one. It's never given me a problem in or out of competition, at least not one that wasn't my fault (thumb pushing up on slide lock, assembling magazine plate backwards, etc). I've used all sort of loads--ball, hollow point, truncated cone, 155gr, 165gr, 180gr, 200gr, factory loads, handloads, full power, reduced power, etc. and never a problem with any of them.

    I bought two partially because I got a screaming deal on the second one, and partially because I'm going to start testing some minor modifications (reduced power recoil spring, trigger job, grip tape, magazine mods, etc) and didn't want to leave myself without a gun and didn't want to be using anything untested in competition.

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    Thumbs up


    Nice collection!!!

    I have an Expert in .40 and I LOVE it. It is one of my favorite pistols.
    Go for it!

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    Great guns awesome to shoot and very accurate... unfortunately I had a fail to load issue today at the range multiple times with my Expert 9mm AE date code that was supposed only had 100 rounds through it.

    Looks like the recoil spring so I have to buy a new one... any suggestions on where to go?
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    What's a break in period? My USP's skipped that stage and went right on to shooting bulleyes.


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