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Thread: The P30 is a Great pistol...but...

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    Default The P30 is a Great pistol...but...

    ...Holding that awesome gun just made me lust after that HK45 more! I have to say that I am now a 100% true convert to the spidery grip.

    Let's go HK! Bring us a gun in a REAL caliber! Bring on the HK45!
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    I really like my P30 it will hold me over until the other comes out so I am not in such a hurry now. By the way Long Live the 9!

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    I have no problem with the "new" HK 45 grip design (though all and all I think I like the aesthetics of the p2000 style grip better - but I am more concerned with how a gun feels). Though I kind of wish that HK 45 included the interchangeable side panels that the P30 features (which as of the last images and reports I have seen it does not).
    So I ask you lucky P30 owners - do you like the ability to swap the side panels or is it more or less a gimmicky feature.

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    Just picked up my P30 yesterday, was trying different combination of side and back panel, came out with the large side panel and medium backstrap. The larger side panel fits me hand better. Can't wait to go to range on Fri to try out.
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    Haven't messed with it yet....I like the feel of it right out of the box. I am sure I will get around to it but I said that about my P2k, and P2ksk also and still haven't changed either of them.:o

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    I also thought the feel was great out of the box, but like the other poster above I ended up with large sides and medium back to get the best feel. Yes I think it is a very nice and worthwhile feature that really allows you to customize the grip to the way you like it and that fits you best.

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    I fondled a P30 at the local gun shop during my lunch break. Almost bought it for $839, which seems like a decent price, but I think I'll wait until there's a LEM version. I don't need another DA/SA gun right now.

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    After cleaning mine this evening, I tested a few combinations, and just holding it I like the medium side panels with the small backstrap. I'll take it to the range tomorrow and try a couple combos to see if it feels any different.

    Then I'll shoot my USP .45 Tac and see if I remember how to grip it ;)

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    I only got the P30 because I collect HK's, just like why I got the P2000 Euro. I did not think I would like it, I didn't want to like it, I just wanted to keep on loving my USP's..........but........

    WOW, I am very impressed. It feels like an extension of my hand, the side panels are a very cool feature and the decocker on the back of the slide rocks. Boy, was I wrong! It even shoots nicer than my USP SD, which I can only attribute to the ergonomic grips contouring to my hand so well (different thickness in each side palms very nicely- thicker on right medium on left).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobtheNailer View Post
    The glow worm sites are a bit odd. I wonder if a burgler will wait while I charge them with my maglite.....
    Any self-respecting P30 owner would charge his sights before retiring to slumber...and set his alarm every other hour throughout the night to get up and recharge the sights, just in case. You should know that. :D


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